Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GRAVE MISTAKE Full Label Update / Summer TOUR DATES!

Figured it would make sense to do a quick mid-year "check in" / round-up for everyone, plus we've got a bunch of bands going on tour this summer (some of which are leaving this week) so it would be good to keep you informed all that is happening with the label!

2013 as promised has been our busiest year to date ... So far we've released the following:

GRAVE059: BIG EYES "Almost Famous" LP/CD
GRAVE058: SICKOIDS "No Home" 12"
GRAVE057: BIG EYES "Demo 2010" 7"
VC-001: BARGE "No Gain" 7"

The feedback on all of these has been incredible, so thanks to every single one of you who have given any of these releases a listen, purchased a copy, distroed them, wrote a review, played them on a radio show, made a positive Facebook post about em, sent me a drunken text message about them, etc etc ... can't tell you how much that means to both myself and the bands so a sincere thanks to every one of you!

For those of you who still need to play catch up, you can stream all of these releases over at the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page or purchase them in the Grave Mistake Webstore. They are also available from many fine distributors, stores, labels, and digital outlets (Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc).

First thing, a bunch of Grave Mistake bands are going on tour very soon! BIG EYES, SICKOIDS, COKE BUST, NIGHT BIRDS, SCHOOL JERKS, and RED DONS (I'll get to that!) will all be heading out on tours this summer - all of the full info for each bands' tour is below, so PLEASE check these bands out if they come through your city!  They are all incredible!

Second, I wanted to fill you in on what's coming up over the next few months here at GMHQ ... I still have a ton in the works so here is the rundown!

GRAVE062: KREMLIN "Will You Feed Me" 7" - the US pressing of last year's EP will be available NEXT WEEK! This record rips! Released on HARDWARE RECORDS out of Germany last year, we are taking care of a new North American press because it's been getting harder and harder to get imported records due to the always increasing international shipping rates. You can check out the full EP over at the GM Bandcamp, and be sure to check out their new "Drunk in the Gulag" LP, which came out last month on BEACH IMPEDIMENT RECORDS.

GRAVE065: NIGHT BIRDS "Born to Die in Suburbia" LP/CD - yes, a new NIGHT BIRDS full length! I can't tell you how excited I am to be releasing yet another incredible release from these dudes. The follow up to their 2011 "The Other Side of Darkness" LP, for those of you who questioned how this band could possibly get any better, well they did it! I'm not going to gush too much here, but definitely check out their "Maimed for the Masses" 7" which came out on FAT WRECK CHORDS earlier this month. It's a single to the LP (with 3 non-LP b-sides) and you can check that out at the Night Birds Bandcamp page. "Born to Die in Suburbia" has a release date set for July 9th so expect to hear plenty more updates over the course of the next month.  European release will be handled by TAKEN BY SURPRISE RECORDS.

GRAVE066: RED DONS "Notes on the Underground" 7" - it's an honor to be releasing the newest single from this band! RED DONS have consistently blown me away with each release and this new single is no exception. I'm going to cut it there and just tell you to go do your research if you aren't familiar with this band, because you've been missing out! They have 2 LPs and 4 7" singles and you should check them ALL out! We are shooting to have copies for the RED DONS tour this July, and hope to have an "official" release date in early August.  Michl / TAKEN BY SURPRISE will also be releasing this 7" in Europe as well.

GRAVE067: COKE BUST "Confined" 12"/CD - Thrilled to be doing another release for DC's one and only COKE BUST!  This one is fucking BRUTAL ... they manage to once again deliver a severe hc beating and are out before you even knew what hit you. Damn, that was super corny, but oh well ... Coke Bust will be touring their asses off this summer and we are hoping to get them some vinyl for tour. We will also be releasing a CD version that will also contain the tracks from their "Degradation" 7", their split with Vaccine, and their set from the "Live on WMUC" 7".  REFUSE RECORDS will be handling a European version (on both formats) as well!

GRAVE061: 86 MENTALITY "Goin' Nowhere Fast" 12" - probably the release that I have been bugged about the most this year, and for good reason (because 86 Mentality RULES) Also, I've been talking about it for a few years and even teased everyone with a limited version at DAMAGED CITY FEST last month. We have had the vinyl in house, but the layout still needs to be finalized, so once that happens, we'll be good to go. I'm hoping to have this one out by early August as well but do not fear, it WILL happen and it will happen this summer! Thanks to everyone who made their surprise reunion set at Damaged City Fest a blast!

GRAVE063: STRIKING DISTANCE "March to your Grave" LP - the reissue of this 2001 YOUNGBLOOD RECORDS release (who are also assisting in the re-release) will also see the light of day once we get the artwork finalized, but we were lucky enough to get some limited copies to coincide with their reunion shows at United Blood Fest and Damaged City Fest. I believe SD are slated to play one more set this year at THIS IS HARDCORE fest, and we are hoping to have the real version ready to roll by then (hopefully soon)! HATED!

VC-002: DEVIL'S HAND "Welcome the Slaughter" 7" - the second release on the new VINYL CONFLICT LABEL is a three song rager from RVA's own DEVIL'S HAND. Once again, we are trying to finalize the artwork on this one but are hoping to have it out hopefully by the end of June! DEVIL'S HAND are one of the most intense bands Richmond has to offer, both live and on record, so we can't wait to get this one out to you all!

VC-003: HARD STRIPES 7" - one of Richmond's best and brightest new (well, new-ish) hardcorepunkmetal acts HARD STRIPES was kind enough to let VC handle the release their first EP! This band has made quite a name for themselves and hopefully you've checked em out or will check them out after you read this because you won't be disappointed! You can catch them at CHAOS IN TEJAS this weekend ... they are playing with BUSHWICK FUCKING BILL ... I thought my mind was playin tricks on me when I first heard that, but it's goin down for real!  Anyways, we hope to get cracking on this 7" in early June and are shooting for a release before the summer is up!

On top of these, I've got a few more things in the works.  No joke, THE THUMBS "All Lesser Devils" 12" will see the light of day this year I PROMISE!!! Also ... I will be teaming up with one of my favorite men in hardcore today, Mr. Sam Yarmuth of TRIPLE B RECORDS fame to bring you an IRON BOOTS DISCOGRAPHY LP!!! After an incredible reunion set at United Blood this year, we all realized that the legacy of IRON BOOTS must live on and with all of their 7"s now out of print, what better time then now to get these all on one convenient LP. This LP will contain their "2004 Demo" tracks, "Weight of the World" 7", and "Easy Green" 7", and in addition to those, REVELATION RECORDS was also nice enough to let us throw the "Generations: A Hardcore Compilation" tracks on there as well! We are going to get the ball rolling on this sometime this summer, no ETA for this LP at the moment, but if all goes according to plan it should be out before the year is up.

Well, that's all for now, tour dates are below and once again, thank you all for your continued support ... this label would not exist without it! I thank you and all the bands thank you!



Weds May 29 - Portland, OR @ The Know
Thurs May 30 - Boise, ID @ The Crux
Fri May 31 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Blue Star Cafe
Sat June 1 - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
Sun June 2 - Omaha, NE @ Middle House
Mon June 3- Iowa City, IA @ Public Space One
Tues June 4 - Chicago, IL @ 86 Mets
Weds June 5 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project
Thurs June 6 - Philly, PA @ The Great Indoors
Fri June 7 - Washington, DC @ Casa Fiesta * w/ Night Birds
Sat June 8 - Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 * w/ Night Birds
Sun June 9 - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio
Mon June 10 - Boston, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen
Tues June 11 - Montreal, QC @ TRH Bar
Weds June 12 - Ottawa, ON @ Pressed
Thurs June 13 - Toronto, ON @ Skramden Yards
Fri June 14 - Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex
Sat June 15 - Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep (Dumb Fest)
Sun June 16 - Milwaukee, WI @ Cocoon Room
Sun June 16 - Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman's
Mon June 17 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
Tues June 18 - Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
Weds June 19 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Windsor Hotel
Thurs June 20 - Regina, SK @ The Mercury Cafe
Fri June 21 - Calgary, AB @ Sled Island
Sat June 22 - Calgary, AB @ Sled Island


Fr. 31.05.2013 Amsterdam - Occii
Sa. 01.06.2013 Herrenberg - New Direction Fest
So. 02.06.2013 Basel - Hirscheneck
Mo. 03.06.2013 Lyon - Rock'n'Roll Vengeance
Di. 04.06.2013 Barcelona - CSO La Astilla
Mi. 05.06.2013 Bordeaux - L'Antidote
Do. 06.06.2013 Paris - La Miroiterie
Fr. 07.06.2013 Kortrijk - The Pits
Sa. 08.06.2013 Eindhoven - Dynamo
So. 09.06.2013 Erlangen - Jugendhaus
Mo. 10.06.2013 Munich - Kafe Kult
Di. 11.06.2013 Milano - Villa Vegan
Mi. 12.06.2013 Zagreb - Grey Room
Do. 13.06.2013 Szeged - Club Noir
Fr. 14.06.2013 Budapest - Óbudai Próbatermek
Sa. 15.06.2013 Vienna - Venster
So. 16.06.2013 Wroclaw - Zle Mieso
Mo. 17.06.2013 Warsaw - Przychodnia
Di. 18.06.2013 Berlin - Bei Ruth
Mi. 19.06.2013 Leipzig - tba
Do. 20.06.2013 Hamburg - Ms Hedi
Fr. 21.06.2013 Copenhagen - K-Town Fest (@ Ungdomshuset)
Sa. 22.06.2013 Bremen - G 18

For Info: /


USA TOUR - Most dates already booked, but contact:
June 13 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Magrudergrind, Unholy Thoughts, Hard Stripes, Meth Lab
June 14 - Atlanta, GA @ Under the Couch w/ Dead in the Dirt, Snakes, Fever Dreams
June 15 - Gainesville, FL @ Boca Fiesta w/ Captive Bolt, Radiation, Tedious Reality
June 16 - Miami, FL @ Churchill's w/ Holly Hunt, Awkward Kisser
June 17 - Tampa, FL @ Epic Problem (Transitions Skate Park) w/ Traitor Crucifix
June 18 - Tallahassee @ The Ghazi House w/ No Exit, Webcam Teens
June 19 - New Orleans, LA @ Fairgrounds Coffee House w/ Bloody Mummers
June 20 - Houston, TX @ Mangos w/ Impalers, Oath of Cruelty, Black Coffee
June 21 - San Antonio, TX @ TBA w/ Chest Pain, Kruds, Scumacide
June 22 - Austin, TX w/ Mindless, Guilt, xoffedx, Chest Pain
June 23 - Dallas, TX w/ Mindless
June 24 - El Paso, TX w/ Mindless, Sick Breath, Hypatia, Low Culture, Low Point
June 25 - Phoenix @ WALLSTREET w/ Mindless, Magnum Force, Perditus, Berith
June 26 - Tijuana, MEXICO! @ Revolution Bar w/ Calafia Puta, Teenage Kicks, Injury
June 27 - Pamona, CA @ Alladin's Jr. w/ Punch, Holy, La Bella, Stresscase, Headwind
June 28 - LA, CA @ 501 S Ave 17 w/ Despise You, ACxDC, To the Point
June 29 - Berkeley, CA @ GILMAN [This is not a Step Fest]
June 30 - San Jose, CA @ House of the Dead Rat w/ In Disgust, Secret People, Slag
July 1 - Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge w/ Big Eyes, Growing Stronger, Flesh Lights, Drug Culture
July 2 - Vancouver, BC @ Zoo Zhop w/ Growing Stronger, Obacha, Out of Sight
July 3 - Olympia, WA w/ Growing Stronger
July 4 - Boise, ID @ The Wavepop House
July 5 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Salt Haus w/ Youth Choir, Relentless Approach
July 6 - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis w/ Negative Degree, Civilized, Rsnn
July 7 - Kansas City, MO @ Bad House
July 8 - Minneapolis, MN
July 9 - Milwaukee, WI @ Cocoon Room w/ Tenement, Short Walk, Milorganaut, Lifes
July 10 - Chicago, IL
July 11 - Toronto, ON
July 12 - Boston, MA @ Elk’s Lodge

European Tour - Contact Flo -
July 15 - Reykjavik, Iceland
July 16 - Bremen, Germany
July 17 - Hamburg, Germany @ Ms Hedi
July 18 - Malmö, Sweden
July 19 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Dödsmaskinen
July 20 - Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia - Refuse Records Fest 20th Anniversary Festival w/ Vitamin X, Hounds of Hate, Violent Reaction, Stay Hungry and more
July 21 - Münster, Germany @ Cafe Lorenz
July 22 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ OCCI
July 23 - Paris, France @ La Miroiterie w/ Youth Avoiders, Bacon Fudge, Los Valientes
July 24 - Offenburg, Germany @ Kessel
July 25 - Prague, Czech @ Pre Fluff fest w/ Enough, Agent Attitude, +More
July 26 - Rozykany, Czech @ Fluff Fest
July 27 - Helsinki, Finland @ Puntala Rock Festival
July 28 - Tampere, Finland @ Puntala Rock Festival Aftershow
July 29 - Monza, Italy @ CS Boccaccio
July 30 - Balogna, Italy @ Freakout Club
July 31 - Padova, Italy @ Seven Live
August 1 - Vienna, Austria @ TBA
August 2 - Žilina, Slovakia @ Bullwar Bar w/ Boiling Point
August 3 - Warsaw, Poland @ Refuse Records Fest 20th Anniversary Festival w/ ANCHOR + More
August 4 - Poznan, Poland @ Rozbrat Squat
August 5 - Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro
August 6 - Dresden, Germany
August 7 - Darmstadt, Germany


::::Sat. 6/1 - Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas (Chaos in Tejas)
::::Sun. 6/2 - Austin, TX @ Mohawk (Chaos in Tejas)
::::Fri. 6/7 - Washington, DC @ Casa Fiesta #
::::Sat. 6/8 - Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 #
::::Sat. 6/15 - New Brunswick, NJ @ Cooler Ranch
::::Fri. 6/28 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar (Insubordination Fest)
::::Thu. 7/11 - Philly, PA @ Golden Tea House (RECORD RELEASE WEEKEND) %
::::Fri. 7/12 - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio (RECORD RELEASE WEEKEND) w/ Host CHRIS GETHARD %
::::Sat. 7/13 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes  (RECORD RELEASE WEEKEND) %
::::Wed. 7/24 - New Brunswick, NJ @ Alamo*
::::Thu. 7/25 - NYC, NY @ Cake Shop*
::::Fri. 7/26 - Long Island, NY @ No Fun Club*
::::Sat. 7/27 (early show) - Boston, MA @ The Middle East*
::::Sat. 7/27 (late show) - Boston, MA @ O'Briens*
::::Fri. 8/23 - Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups
::::Sat. 8/24 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
::::Sun. 8/25 - Pittsburgh, PA @  Belvedere's (Skull Fest 4)
::::Mon. 8/26 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
::::Tue. 8/27 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
::::Wed. 8/28 - TBA
::::Thu. 8/29 - Brooklyn, NY @ Europa
::::Fri. 8/30 - Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater (2000 Tons Of TNT Fest)
::::Sat. 8/31 - Philly, PA @ Voltage

% = w/ Omegas
* = w/ Red Dons
$ = w/ Zero Boys
# = w/ Big Eyes


7/17 Brooklyn @ Death By Audio
7/18 Philadelphia @ Golden Tea House
7/19 Washington D.C. @ Casa Fiesta
7/20 Richmond @ TBA
7/21 Raleigh @ Slims Downtown
7/22 Richmond (Revisions) @ TBA
7/23 Baltimore @ Golden West Café
7/24 New Brunswick @ The Alamo (w/ Night Birds)7/25 Manhattan @ The Cake Shop (w/ Night Birds)
7/26 Long Island @ No Fun Club (w/ Night Birds)
7/27 Boston @ The Middle East (all ages) (w/ Night Birds)
7/27 Boston @ O’Briens ( 21+ ) (w/ Night Birds)


July 15th - Vancouver - Iron Road Studios w/ Needles, Manipulation, Total War, Rapid Loss
July 16th - Kamloops
July 17th - Calgary
July 18th - Regina - The Mercury
July 19th - Winnipeg
July 20th - Edmonton - Allendale Community Hall

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BIG EYES "Almost Famous" LP/CD Out Now!

That's right! The second full length from BIG EYES, "Almost Famous," is officially out now! All of the preorders have shipped and the record should be popping up in your favorite local shops, distros, and online sites over the course of the next few weeks!  Taken By Surprise Records will be handling the European pressing of the LP, and their version should be available later this month!

"Almost Famous" is streaming in full over at, you can check that out HERE. The release is also streaming on the Grave Mistake BANDCAMP page!

I still have a chunk of the limited GOLD VINYL left (but it's going fast) so if you weren't able to preorder the record, you still have time to grab one! I've also set up a few package deals in case you needed to scoop up any of the older BIG EYES releases along with this new one. You can order "Almost Famous" HERE!

In addition to the LP/CD, "Almost Famous" is available for full Download over at the Grave Mistake Bandcamp. You can also find the record in iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, and other fun sites!

BIG EYES will be hitting the road at the end of the month, and have a few Seattle shows lined up as well before they leave, including an "Almost Famous" record release show with TOYS THAT KILL on 5/17, with PAUL COLLINS BEAT on 5/18, and with THE KIDS on 5/24. Damn Seattle, you are lucky!

GRAVE059: BIG EYES "Almost Famous" LP/CD
The highly anticipated sophomore full length from Seattle's BIG EYES! With a solidified West Coast lineup, BIG EYES have stepped up their game with a more definitive sound and unified vision. "ALMOST FAMOUS" finds the band drawing even more of a hard rock influence, while maintaining both the pop sensibility and punk edge that you've come to know and love. Taking inspiration from a wide variety of bands ranging from 70's rock and roll staples like Kiss and Blue Oyster Cult, 70's and 80's power pop classics like The Nerves, The Shivvers and The Undertones, and 90's pop punk bands like Scared of Chaka and Mr. T Experience, the trio continue to develop their signature style - tastefully embracing the more glamorous aspects of rock and roll without compromising the attitude and grit. *CD version contains two bonus tracks from the "Back from the Moon" single!

BIG EYES / Upcoming Shows and Tour Dates

Fri May 17 - Seattle, WA @ The Highline (Record Release w/ TOYS THAT KILL)
Sat May 18 - Seattle, WA @ The Comet (w/ PAUL COLLINS BEAT)
Fri May 24 - Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey (w/ THE KIDS)

29 Weds - Portland, OR @ The Know
30 Thurs - Boise, ID @ The Crux
31 Fri - Salt Lake City, UT

1 Sat - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
2 Sun - Omaha, NE @ Middle House
3 Mon - Iowa City, IA @ Public Space One
4 Tues - Chicago, IL @ 86 Mets
5 Weds - Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project
6 Thurs - Philly, PA @ Barrett's House
7 Fri - Washington, DC @ Casa Fiesta (*w/ NIGHT BIRDS)
8 Sat - Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 (*w/ NIGHT BIRDS)
9 Sun - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio
10 Mon - Boston, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen
11 Tues - Montreal, QC, Canada @ TRH Bar
12 Weds - Ottawa, ON, Canada @ Pressed
13 Thurs - Toronto, ON, Canada @ Skramden Yards
14 Fri - Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex
15 Sat - Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep (Dumb Fest)
16 Sun - Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman's
17 Mon - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
18 Tues - Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
19 Weds - Winnipeg, MB, Canada @ The Windsor Hotel
20 Thurs - Regina, SK, Canada @ The Mercury Cafe
21 Fri - Calgary, AB, Canada @ Bamboo (Sled Island)
22 Sat - Calgary, AB, Canada @ The Palomino (Sled Island)

As I mentioned in my last update, I'll have a full Grave Mistake label update coming up very soon so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 10, 2013

WEBSTORE UPDATE for May 10, 2013!

Hello! Bothering you twice this week, so my apologies for that but I warned you earlier that this year was going to be a BUSY one! Enough small talk, let's get down to it!  Bringing you a nice little webstore update today, I'll get to that in a minute though.

In case you haven't been paying attention (or have been busy with work, school, or other more "important" things), I've got a few NEW Grave Mistake releases out now!  Most recently, the BIG EYES "Almost Famous" LP/CD which is officially out next week! We've been working on this new full length for a while now, and both myself and the band are all thrilled with the final product and I assure you will be too.  The record begins shipping on Monday, so head on over to the webstore and pick up a copy! We've still got a few left on the limited Gold Vinyl, and I've also set up a few package deals in case you needed to grab any other Big Eyes releases along with this new LP.

The SECTARIAN VIOLENCE "Upward Hostility" LP and SICKOIDS "No Home" 12" are still fresh as well! Two raging hardcore slabs that you need to have on your turntable (you can alternate between the two) ... we've still got a few copies of the SxV LP on nice Blue Vinyl, sadly the SICKOIDS 12" on Clear w/ OBI strip is sold out from us but the regular Black vinyl version rages just as hard, trust me. Finally, the BARGE "No Gain" 7" on RVA locals label VINYL CONFLICT is still pretty fresh as well! I've got a small amount left on the limited Red vinyl for you slackers. BARGE are hands down one of the best (if not the best) new hardcore bands coming out of RVA these days ... but don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

Anyways, if you've already picked up these new releases ... THANK YOU!!! If you want to check out some tunes, head on over to the Grave Mistake Records Bandcamp page - the BARGE, SECTARIAN VIOLENCE, and SICKOIDS records are all streaming in full and we've got a couple of tracks from the BIG EYES LP up too (we'll have a full stream next week).

I've got a few more releases to announce as well as some big summertime plans (most of which you've already heard me mention) but I'm going to save that until next week so stay tuned! Well, since I have you here, peep a new BRAIN F≠ track from their upcoming "Empty Set" LP!  Now, on to the webstore update ...

WHAT'S NEW FOR 5/10/2013:

Some killer new releases in this update as well as a ton of essential reissues! On the 7" front we've got the brand new single from the UK's GOOD THROB! Their first EP didn't leave my turntable for a while, so it's good to see that they are still delivering!  Grabbed a couple of 7"s I've been slacking on picking up, including the second single from Toronto's PURITY CONTROL, the limited CRIMINAL CODE 7" on Inimical, the FLIP SHIT 7", and the HYSTERICS 7" (saw this band at DAMAGED CITY FEST last month, they RULED!) to name a few.  Grabbed some other new HC slabs including the newest from BAD AMERICAN, the WORD ON THE STREET / RECKONING FORCE 7" (I back any record with a STRAIGHT AHEAD cover on it), and the newest ALTERED BOYS Tape (I'll have their newest 7" on DERANGED in here SOON I promise).

Also picked up a bunch of LPs, including two new ones from HARD SKIN,  the FAILURE FACE Discography LP, the newest from IRON LUNG, a long overdue reissue / US pressing of one of my favorites - SAMIAM'S "You Are Freaking Me Out" LP (how can you NOT love SAMIAM? I hope No Idea reissues "Astray" as well!); the newest SUGAR STEMS LP on DIRTNAP, a few rad 12"s from M'LADY'S RECORDS including releases from TYVEK, COASTING, and THE GOLDEN AWESOME; and a few GIVE PRAISE titles I've been slacking on picking up including releases from GASH, NO QUALMS, ACCION MUTANTE, MELLOW HARSHER, and a few more.

Finally, stocked up on the reissues (as always) including the two newest from UGLY POP - the BLITZ "All Out Attack" 7" and PARTISANS "Police Story" 7"; a slew of classic HC 12"s from TAANG including the BATTALION OF SAINTS "Second Coming" LP, FU's "Kill For Christ" LP, DYS "Brotherhood" LP, GANG GREEN "Another Wasted Night" LP, and a killer NEGATIVE APPROACH collection LP! I also restocked on the POISON IDEA "Kings of Punk" LP; and from ALONA'S DREAM Records I've got the BORED YOUTH and JJ-180 reissues, as well as a restock on the NECROS "Ambionic Sound" 7".

Full list with descriptions is below, check it out and thanks for reading and for your support! Expect a more detailed GM label update next week, I'll fill you in on when you can expect the STRIKING DISTANCE and 86 MENTALITY records, as well as the new BRAIN F≠, NIGHT BIRDS, and COKE BUST ... PLUS I've got a couple more announcements you may or may not have heard me rambling about on the GM Facebook page.

Have a great weekend!



Good Throb take you on a day out for this, the second single from one of our house bands. Unsurprisingly, it’s off to the British Museum and then on to a club with a civil servant that likes to be dominated. Three songs; a re-imagining of a demo track and two new ones on the flip. Here is the soundtrack to building a prison out of your own painstakingly-refined tastes, described as “the missing link between Flipper and 4-Skins”; a surreal yet tuneful racket. The depraved artwork was dreamt up by the band, riso printed at home and the single was mastered by Sned.

Massively influential UK outfit Blitz dropped this four-song beast of a debut in 1981, the first release on definitive UK82 label No Future. Sales quickly out-paced demand and the record went on to shift over 25000 copies. Nonetheless, it's been unavailable in its intended format ever since, and with eBay prices steadily creeping higher, this seemed as good a time as any to reissue it properly. A relentlessly tough slab of raw hardcore punk that sits a lot closer to the likes of Negative Approach and early Agnostic Front than to most of its UK contemporaries, this was a huge favourite of mine as a teenager and I'm truly stoked to be reissuing it!

Devastating first single from these teen Welsh punks, blazing through a quick set of peerless first-generation hardcore. Racing drums, desperate vocals and an absolutely incendiary chainsaw guitar attack make this one for the ages, sounding as every bit as vital and powerful now as it did back then. Another reissue culled from the No Future archives and getting the proper format it deserves for the first time in over thirty years! High quality pressing in repro sleeve with insert.

JJ 180 "S/T" 7" (ALONAS DREAM)
JJ180 got its start in 1977 when a group of teenagers came together around the art and music that had influenced them growing up in the 1970’s in Santa Cruz, CA. They were: Polio Ferrari (keyboards), Wally Sound (guitar), Tora Brooks (bass), Walter McKee (guitar) and Caker Calloway (drums). Their music was a hybrid of the then emerging punk sound as well as 1960’s surf, garage and psychedelic music.  The band was a keystone of the Santa Cruz punk scene and organized many important early punk & new wave shows in their hometown.  After establishing a local following, they released a single and a few songs on compilations. The original line up lasted until 1979, when Walter left the band and they changed their name to “The Realtors.”  A search of the band’s archive has yielded two unreleased gems from their original recording session in March 1978: “Talk Talk,” a cover of the classic Music Machine song and “Classroom” a JJ 180 original featuring the band’s trademark dueling guitar solos and confrontational attitude.

Bored Youth’s scorching first recording from November 1981.   A key document of the early Detroit punk scene.  Grab one before they are gone again.

"Split 7" between these two Canadian bands. Reckoning Force are ex-Weak Link, whose tapes I carried in the distro, and they play thick, mid-paced hardcore with a distinct skinhead element. While there's a similar thing going on to bands like 86 mentality and Violent Future, RF are a bit more straight up oi! than any of those bands, which I like. As for Word on the Street, they're billed as a Straight Ahead rip, and that couldn't really be more accurate. I've never heard a band imitate Straight Ahead with the same level of precision and detail that bands put into aping Discharge, but WITS have done it with aplomb. Excellent, explosive HC." -

In time for their spring tour, New Jersey's Altered Boys have recorded 2 new songs which are housed in an cassingle style cover. You may be already familiar with AB from their 7"s on Katorga Works and Deranged Records. They play a style of HC reminiscent of the early 2000 era HC bands like Shark Attack, Knife Fight, Tear It Up, etc... These 2 new songs were recorded after their 2 EPs, and are exclusive to this release. Side A is a mid-paced stomper, side B is a fast thrasher.  Limited to 250 copies on pro duplicated yellow cassettes, with screened shells and wraparound covers .

Six more tracks from Toronto's "low-fi grind for creeps" Purity Control. This release is the pairing to the bands "Coping" 7" on Chris Colohan's label High Anxiety/No Idea released late 2012. For fans of INFEST and MIND ERASER with bleeding heart lyrics. Recorded at Audiolab by Chris Hegge (Fucked Up, Career Suicide), Mixed and Mastered at Dead Air by Will Killingsworth (Orchid/Ampere). Self released limited to 313.

They have set the West Coast on fire, and by all accounts have had people foaming at the mouth. SAY HELLO TO HYSTERICS. Six insane HC blasts, 1981-style, Wilson Center-style. The sound of total dissatisfaction!

Nine years on from the stunning second album 'Same Meat, Different Gravy', lazy south London oi! legends hard skin return with not one but two albums. 'Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear' is the female version of this soon to be household oi! classic. it features versions of the tracks from 'On The Balls' but with with female vocals from Becki Bondage, Joanna Newsom, Miki from Lush, Sandy from Fucked Up, Veronica Falls, Beckie from Chaos UK, Alison from the Kills, Manda Rin from Bis, Liela from Duke Spirit, Debbie from the Nuns / Echobelly / Curve, Beth Jeans Houghton and Alela Diane.  It's 12 instant anthems about council estates, sausages, the kids, cunts, the filth and gipsy hill.  The sound is massive, the songs catchy and they'll stick in yer head for years.  This is the first ever album to be released in both male and female form.

Nine years on from the stunning second album 'Same Meat, Different Gravy', lazy south London oi! legends Hard Skin return with not one but two albums. 'On The Balls' is the male version of this soon to be household oi! classic. it's 12 instant anthems about council estates, sausages, the kids, cunts, the filth and gipsy hill. the sound is massive, the songs catchy and they'll stick in yer head for years.  No one does anthemic oi! better than Hard Skin and the world will once again rejoice at these three diamond geezers.  Hard Skin are the world’s premier oi! punk band.  No-one is better or harder. With their amazing live concerts they continue to build on their huge following of punks, skinheads, indie people and other pop stars. It's been 9 years since their last album, the massive “Same Meat Different Gravy”. That makes it 17 years since their enormous hit debut album “Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts”, one of the most legendary albums in rock music history which has kept the oi! genre alive since the glory days of the Cockney Rejects and Cock Sparrer who both went terrible after also starting out very good.

The Samiam record that never saw a proper vinyl release in the USA finally occurs, fully remastered and better than ever!! In the words of an upstanding band member, "hmmm....shitty old band of can we effectively promote that....." Yes indeed, NO WAITAMINUTE! This record is crucial! Come and get it!!

"White Glove Test" is the third studio album by Seattle-San Francisco power violence duo IRON LUNG, and a follow up to 2007's "Sexless, No Sex". A claustrophobic, paranoid attack of water tight stop-start intense hardcore hammered between crushing sludge bits mixed with hardcore pummel. Artwork by FEEDING.

Betsy (The Flips) and Jon (Teenage Rejects, Catholic Boys, Tuff Bananas, Sticks'n'Stones, Rumble) Heibler started the Sugar Stems in the fall of 2007 with bassist Steph Swinney Conard (also of The Flips). The band released its debut single, "Beat Beat Beat" b/w "Crybaby", on Bachelor Records in 2009 and a year later issued its full-length debut Sweet Songs of the Sugar Stems on Bachelor and Dusty Medical Records. Those of us who'd been long awaiting an heir apparent to The Shivvers and Nikki and the Corvettes literally jumped for joy when we heard Sweet Songs, spending the subsequent months dancing in the streets and angrily rebuking local radio stations for failing to play "I Gotta Know". If you think it's a stretch to call said album a modern classic of power pop, you probably haven't heard it! The Sugar Stems returned in 2012 with a pair of incredible singles on Certified PR Records that suggested the band had somehow managed to improve upon perfection. It was perfectly appropriate, then, that the title of the band's long-awaited sophomore album would be Can't Wait. Released at the tail end of 2012 by Screaming Apple Records (Germany) and Dream On Records (Japan), Can't Wait now gets an American release on Dirtnap. This terrific LP shows "growth" in all the best ways. Without abandoning its signature honeyed melodies and high-spirited candy pop style, the band has made a more mature and consistent album that's definitely its best to date. The production has been stepped up another notch, and every song sounds like a hit. If you missed the singles "Greatest Pretender" and "Like I Do", they're here in all their infectious glory. But it's the more melancholy tracks that really showcase Betsy Heibler's development into one of the finest songwriters working today. Songs like "Make Up Your Mind" and the gorgeous "Love You To Pieces" are steeped in the timeless traditions of Brill Building and British Invasion pop, yet feel entirely fresh in the year 2013. Even when the songs themselves are not exactly happy, there's something about the Sugar Stems' music that just makes you feel good. No sophomore jinx here, folks. Can't Wait was totally worth the wait. Why is this band not huge?!

Two songs from the same recording session as the recent Deranged debut EP "Hollowed". One is a melodic hardcore song that has become their signature, featuring equal parts Husker Du, Replacements and the Wipers. The B side gets much darker, exploring their post punk side, Criminal Code's take on Bauhaus meets My Bloody Valentine. Two outstanding new songs from a band that is always pushing forward. One time press limited to 372 copies.

Latest 7" from this Pennsylvania hardcore band. This is some dark, noisy, and dirgey stuff with a really unique sound. Bad American exist somewhere about halfway between the lurching, noisy grime of Pissed Jeans and the brooding quality of bands that take inspiration from the later Black Flag sound. A really pushing 7"... excellent stuff.

Flip Shit are part of the new breed of Rotcore that's coming out in the wake of Rational Animals' disintegration. Actually, they were a band way before that and probably aren't influenced by that, but whatever. This is some rockin' punk stuff that, if you've seen life, know is very impressive.

From Florida, Failure Face existed from '93 - '96. They played in-your-face and down-your-throat hardcore. Fueled by the sounds of punk rock inspired hardcore that moves along as a guide to original hardcore music. Fast, combined with catchy elements and negative lyrics to get you angry about the state of the world around you - this is a statement of early 90's hardcore. With sound elements of INFEST, Failure Face proudly makes it's claim on the hardcore map.

At long last, the vinyl debut of this flawless compilation of Tyvek's early singles. Unstoppable, much like a juggernaut or an avalanche. An avalanche of hits! People have been asking us about this record for over two years now, so we're really excited to finally have it here. Deluxe tip-on sleeve, with lyrics for the first time! Issued in conjunction with our comrades at Water Wing Records in Portland, a subsidiary of Mississippi Records! Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk and Bob Weston for maximum scree and scrum.

Two of our favorite groups in America team up to turn on ALL the lights. Grass Widow's debut side for us is beyond our wildest dreams: it's called "Disappearing Industries", and it's our favorite song by them yet, brimming over with great ideas. Likewise for Nature! "In A Place" sounds like secret societies wielding wild energy underground. Mystery and magick and brilliance in abundance. Entire pressing limited to 1000 copies worldwide. St. Valentine never had it so good.

It makes sense that a band like Coasting would be vaguely fixated on the concept of places. The duo, guitarist/vocalist Madison Farmer from Memphis and drummer/vocalist Fiona Campbell from New Zealand, met and began playing while both were living in Brooklyn before Fiona relocated to Portland, writing songs and touring when Campbell wasn't trotting the globe for her other gig as Vivian Girls' drummer. The incredibly complex and transient nature of the bandmembers was bound to sneak into the songwriting at some point, and Coasting's debut album, You're Never Going Back, is thick with references to home, leaving, staying, and all the various places in between. Sonically, Coasting weaves a weird combination of garage punk energy and indie laissez-faire. The bass-free instrumentation immediately suggests stripped-down garage rock, and there's a garagey backbone, to be sure, but intricate girl group-style harmony vocals wind through almost every song, filling some of the negative space with a layer of mysterious beauty. Album highlight "Portland" finds the duo lamenting displacement and looking for a true sense of home over an incredibly catchy, soaring chorus of "Where should we go?" Farmer's one-string riffs make plenty of space for Campbell's subtly complex drums and even more slight touches of organ. This canvas makes the most of dynamics on songs like "For Hours" and "Been Here Before," where the uncrowded sound makes slight shifts in both playing and production pop brightly. Coasting often get lumped in with neo-girl group contemporaries such as Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, Vivian Girls, and the like, but the wide open spaces and considered songwriting bring to mind the last generation's punking up of girl group moments more than trends toward bedroom ennui. Campbell's steadfast drumming is a cousin to Sara Lund's playing in northwestern '90s luminaries Unwound, and the minimal, sometimes spooky drum and guitar interplay isn't too far removed from D.C. all-girl punk trio Slant 6 or even early Sleater-Kinney. Coasting steers clear of any trendy trappings on You're Never Going Back, opting instead to cultivate a unique, nervy sound and paint a picture of restlessness and searching that feels as honest as it does urgent.

Being in a shoegaze band in 2011 is roughly the equivalent of being in a rockabilly band in the 1980s. You either end up sounding like a musty museum piece, trotting out the same clichés to diminishing effect, or you can somehow transcend the inherent creepiness of slavishly keeping a long dormant style alive by adding something new to the routine or by writing amazing songs and playing the hell out of them. On their debut album, Autumn, New Zealand’s the Golden Awesome escape residing in the shoegaze trash heap by doing the latter with extreme levels of skill. The record is filled with songs that burrow into your brain easily, like termites into rotted wood but much more pleasantly than that imagery might suggest. Whether slow and dreamy (“Where to Begin,” “Highlife”), midtempo and dreamy (“Autumn”), or fast and dreamy (“Astronomy”), there is a whole lot of dreaminess on Autumn. The layers of overdriven (but not too processed-sounding) guitars add to the dreamlike state and the swooning female vocals give the songs an aching beauty and a gracefully mysterious undertone that, when combined with the welcome sense of urgency and drama the band plays with throughout, give the impression that the songs actually mean something to them; they aren’t just re-creating the sounds of their favorite albums for kicks. There is a level of emotion and power to Autumn that most shoegaze bands (past and present) totally bypass in favor of monkeying with pedals and trying to out-reverse-reverb each other. You could argue all day long over the merits of rehashing old musical ideas and reanimating the corpses of dead Valentines, but when a band does that with the ability, passion, and undeniable knack for crafting beautiful songs that the Golden Awesome do here, it kind of makes all the debate irrelevant.

Finally available again after being out of print for over 20 years! Reissued with a gatefold edition with inner sleeve and lyrics. The Battalion of Saints are one of the more hard core punk bands from there time.  Starting in 1980 out of San Diego, their songs were nonstop blasts of adrenaline and raw power. The Batts were one of the most furious and nihilistic bands that were ahead of there time. In 5 years the band accomplished unforgettable performance's leaving a deep impression and influence on the punk rock scene.

A reissue of the amazing 1982 "Kill For Christ" album by one of the finest hardcore bands to ever come out of Boston. Includes all the tracks from the original release, along with the band's songs from the "This Is Boston Not LA" and "Unsafe At Any Speed" compilations, as well as the group's first demo recordings. Nineteen tracks in all. Packaged with the original Pushead artwork.

A reissue of the debut "brotherhood" album from Boston straight-edge hardcore pioneers DYS. Originally released on X-Claim in 1983. This is classic Boston hardcore from Dave Smalley and company. Essential not only to any straight-edger but also to anyone with a slight intrest in the roots of hardcore.

Limited edition of 1000. Negative Approach are known as one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time. They challenge the ranks of Black Flag, SSD, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Poison Idea although they only made one 7" and one LP in the 80's the recently found 1984 session Friends Of No One has prompted Lead Vocalist John Brannon to unveil the earliest works of the band. From 1981's first known recording to the first gig to the two songs that were outtakes from the 7" as well as the two classic live performances in their entirety, this 53-song compilation stretches all the recordings leading up to their first album.

"Perhaps best remembered for the fine hardcore rendition of "Voices Carry" -- the song made famous in the '80s by 'Til Tuesday -- Another Wasted Night is the debut recording for Taang! records from Boston punk legends Gang Green. This rambunctious young punk band did for the East Coast what J.F.A. were doing for the Southwest in Phoenix: helping to create skatepunk music without as much of the apocalyptic, angry, or depressed sentiment that many L.A. punk and metal groups seemed obsessed with at the time. While not quite as overtly negative, the music on Another Wasted Night certainly doesn't lack ferocity. Standout tracks include the title cut "Another Wasted Night," some party-themed numbers like "19th Hole," and other high-speed sendups like "Sold Out Alabama" and "Protect and Serve." Like many debuts, Another Wasted Night successfully captures its creators at their rawest and most inflammatory. Even throwaway cuts like the sophomoric "Skate to Hell" and "Crocodile Rock" burn with a kind of goofball passion. While it might not be a masterpiece, this record is critical for fans of the band and early East Coast hardcore and punk. " -

Classic hardcore/punk compilation from 1982 and the first ever release from BYO Records featuring 18 songs by 8 bands including Adolescents, Aggression, Bad Religion, Battalion Of Saints, Blades, Joneses, Social Distortion and Youth Brigade.

New west/midwest punk/hc band featuring ex and current members of Herds, Call Me Lightning, Manipulation, Condenada, Zebras, Permanent Ruin, and more.  A passionate, melodic, stirring and heavy 10 song debut LP made up of equal parts heavy US hardcore and European melodic punk.  Think Ballast meets From Ashes Rise meets Gorilla Biscuits.

After their full length in 2011 ("Hell is Other People" - Southern Lord) Heartless returns with 8 new blasts of steel city hardcore. this is the pure relentless fury that they've built a reputation on show after show, tour after tour.  Possibly the most under-rated band playing heavy hardcore on this side of the atlantic.

Self-proclaimed free-edge from Wisconsin. Brutal and punishing straight forward fastcore. This will put a hole in the new FREE-EDGE system! Features members of SFN and Copeater.

NO QUALMS from Florida play angry hardcore ripped down to the core! They bring a array of guttural vocals, crust coated, fastcore anthems! NO QUALMS take elements of bands like INFEST and CAPITALIST CASUALTIES and lay it over with a original crust based simplistic hardcore. They push the boundaries of their respective genres and create a sound all their own.

GASH are a three piece out of Philadelphia that play some fast as hell hardcore-punk with a heavy '70s rock influence tied in. This 5 song 7" clocks in just under 5min. with each track nicely flowing into the next and leaves you begging for more. It’s like throwing BUDGIE and BLACK SABBATH into a blender with RUPTURE and INFEST. Pissed off, loud and original fastcore for all you speedfreaks.

Finally re-pressed and available: the first LP of the German-American cross section. Skate Punk at its finest. Mix DRI, Black Flag, Verbal Abuse and grab the skateboard!

After nineteen years of skull smashing, extreme crust the German crust veterans ACCION MUTANTE release their first full length “ Worse than a Virus” on Power It Up Records and Give Praise Records. 17 new blast attacks of ripping, intense, pulverizing d- deat crust. The song structure is similar to that of say “DESTROY!” with distorted, growled vocals. Full-on, raging political crust with enough variety and anger to really make it interesting. The band’s self-proclaimed influences are DISCHARGE, DOOM, and EXTREME NOISE TERROR. Throw in some NAPALM DEATH and ACCION MUTANTE is what you get.

Blasting circle-pit infused hardcore! Featuring members of Alarme! Along the lines of 80's American influenced hardcore and the bandana thrash circuit!

Hate Your Friends is the debut album of the American alternative rock band The Lemonheads. The album showcases their early punk roots, and is one of only three albums to feature the full original lineup of Evan Dando, Ben Deily, and Jesse Peretz.

"Demonstrating an increased sense of pop, not only in their songwriting but also in their relatively measured performances, the Lemonheads turn in a winning second album with Creator. Although they still spend a little too much time mucking around with sub-hardcore noise, Evan Dando's gentler pop numbers are quite appealing, even when he treads a little too closely to dippy-hippie clichés, and they certainly point the way to the engaging punk-pop of Lick." -Stephen Erlewine, AllMusic Guide

Not a historical account but a personal one: a collection of reflections and memories on bands like Black Sabbath, Bad Brains, and Agnostic Front, along with memories of hanging out at CBGB's HC matinees in the mid to late '80s and playing in a HC band (OUR GANG).  Cover art by Sean Taggart.

RESTOCKS 05.10.13




Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BIG EYES "Almost Famous" LP/CD Now Available for PREORDER!

Yup, that's right! We've been talking about and hyping this release for a while now, and couldn't be more thrilled to announce that the BIG EYES "Almost Famous" LP/CD is now available for order! The official release date is next Tuesday, May 14th and you can preorder the LP today in the Grave Mistake Webstore! And by "preorder" ... let me assure you that the records are in house, assembled, and ready to ship first thing next week!
You can order the BIG EYES "Almost Famous" LP/CD HERE!!
We've got some nice limited GOLD VINYL for the mailorder customers, and I've also put up a bunch of cool package bundles in case you needed to scoop up any earlier BIG EYES releases as well (and if you order any of the bundles, you'll get the LP on colored vinyl). The release also comes with a killer double sided 24x16 poster in case you've got some empty wall space that needs decorating!

If you have yet to hear any of the new BIG EYES tracks, you can head over to the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page and check out a couple of songs from the new record, and we'll have the full LP streaming next week (more info on that when it's up)!  I've also begun shipping the record out to distros and stores, so hopefully you'll be able to find the record at your favorite local record shop or distro in the coming weeks. Finally, our best bud Michl over at TAKEN BY SURPRISE Records will be handling a European Pressing of the LP and his version should be ready later this month as well.

GRAVE059: BIG EYES "Almost Famous" LP/CD
The highly anticipated sophomore full length from Seattle's BIG EYES! With a solidified West Coast lineup, BIG EYES have stepped up their game with a more definitive sound and unified vision. "ALMOST FAMOUS" finds the band drawing even more of a hard rock influence, while maintaining both the pop sensibility and punk edge that you've come to know and love. Taking inspiration from a wide variety of bands ranging from 70's rock and roll staples like Kiss and Blue Oyster Cult, 70's and 80's power pop classics like The Nerves, The Shivvers and The Undertones, and 90's pop punk bands like Scared of Chaka and Mr. T Experience, the trio continue to develop their signature style - tastefully embracing the more glamorous aspects of rock and roll without compromising the attitude and grit.

BIG EYES are gearing up for another tour through the midwest and over to the East Coast, so check the dates below and mark your calendars! They'll have copies of "Almost Famous" with them as well!

Also if you live in the Seattle area, BIG EYES will be playing a record release show for "Almost Famous" on May 17th at The Highline w/ TOYS THAT KILL!

One last thing before I go!  In case you've been slacking on picking up any other new Grave Mistake Releases, we still have a few copies of the SECTARIAN VIOLENCE "Upward Hostility" LP on Blue Vinyl, BARGE "No Gain" 7" on Red Vinyl, and I thought I was sold out but I found a small batch of SICKOIDS "No Home" 12" on Clear Vinyl w/ the Silkscreened OBI Strip ... so pick up ALL of these if you haven't yet!!!!!

That's all for now, but trust me I'll have a few more updates for you within the next week or so!  Thanks for reading!


/ Upcoming Tour Dates

29 Weds - Portland, OR @ The Know
30 Thurs - Boise, ID @ The Crux
31 Fri - Salt Lake City, UT

1 Sat - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
2 Sun - Omaha, NE @ Middle House
3 Mon - Iowa City, IA @ Public Space One
4 Tues - Chicago, IL @ 86 Mets
5 Weds - Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project
6 Thurs - Philly, PA @ Barrett's House
7 Fri - Washington, DC @ Casa Fiesta (*w/ NIGHT BIRDS)
8 Sat - Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 (*w/ NIGHT BIRDS)
9 Sun - Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio
10 Mon - Boston, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen
11 Tues - Montreal, QC, Canada @ TRH Bar
12 Weds - Ottawa, ON, Canada @ Pressed
13 Thurs - Toronto, ON, Canada @ Skramden Yards
14 Fri - Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex
15 Sat - Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep (Dumb Fest)
16 Sun - Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman's
17 Mon - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
18 Tues - Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
19 Weds - Winnipeg, MB, Canada @ The Windsor Hotel
20 Thurs - Regina, SK, Canada @ The Mercury Cafe
21 Fri - Calgary, AB, Canada @ Bamboo (Sled Island)
22 Sat - Calgary, AB, Canada @ The Palomino (Sled Island)