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Webstore Update / 12.04.15
First off - a huge thanks to everyone who picked up some stuff (as well as help me spread the word) during last weekend's Black Friday Sale! Hopefully you were able to grab some sick records for a good price, and I had a blast shipping so many great releases out the door this week! All of the Black Friday weekend orders have shipped as of today, so order shipping is back on a normal schedule.
Hopefully this email doesn't put you into distro overload, but I've got yet another webstore update for you! There are a few things are from last week that may have already caught your eye, plus I just added some new stuff today like the MOMMY 7" on Toxic State, the punishing new LP from CONDITION, some copies of the CROW Who Killed Dove 7", tapes from CIVIC DUTY and NOSEBLEED, plus a bunch of restocks from Not Normal Tapes which include the BIG ZIT 7", SIN MOTIVO 7", SIN ORDEN 7", THE BUG demo, and BBUGHOUSE I MIXTAPE. Not to mention the new stuff from last week like the POWER LP, SACRILEGE 2xLP reissue, YOUTH BRIGADE Demo 7" reissue, THE MODERNS 7" reissue, the BLACK PANTIES "Future" 7" on Windian, MUFF DIVERS 7" on Lumpy, new LP from Japan's LIFE,  PROTESTER, STAND OFF, CLEAR, and MIGHT tapes on Mosher's Delight, CORRECTIVE MEASURE demo, plus restocks on the NASTY FACTS and PUBLIC DISTURBANCE 7"s.

A few more new releases and restocks in the store on top of those, so check out the full list below!

I'm gonna cut it here … thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Alex / Grave Mistake

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New Webstore Titles for 12/4/15:

MOMMY "S/T" 7" (Toxic State Records)
Mommy are undoubtedly one of the most difficult bands to stylistically pin down within the contemporary NYC hardcore punk scene. Still, with their demo from earlier in the year and their intense live show, we knew they would be a force to be reckoned with and their debut 7" on Toxic State more than proves this. Standing far and above the demo in recording, songwriting, and performance, this is one of the strangest, wildest, and (oddly enough) emotionally revealing records to come out this year. As always, the packaging, much like the music of Mommy, is strangely beautiful. Essential.

POWER "Electric Glitter Boogie" LP
(Cool Death Records)
Brilliant debut LP from the hard rocking Australian trio that is POWER. Since releasing a two song demo last year, POWER hit the Melbourne scene with a fury, tightening the screws on their raucous brand of rock'n'roll fury. Electric Glitter Boogie captures POWER at the top of their game, a fast and loose machine running through eight cuts of dynamic hard rock that has garnered comparison to the legendary COLOURED BALLS. This recording captures the intensity and confidence that few modern bands possess and even fewer can exhibit to such effect. Call it hard rock, call it punk, the fact remains that Electric Glitter Boogie is truly something original and worth your ear. This is Australian rock'n'roll delivered with true raw POWER. Mastered by Mikey Young (ECSR, TOTAL CONTROL) for maximum effect and packaged in deluxe snakeskin-embossed gatefold jackets.

CROW "Who Killed Dove?" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Spot on fanclub repro of this 80's Japanese ripper!

YOUTH BRIGADE "Complete First Demo" 7" (Dischord Records)
When The Teen Idles and The Untouchables split up in 1980, singer Nathan Strejcek and drummer Danny Ingram – two of the first punk kids at Wilson High – formed a new band, Youth Brigade. The duo played with a few different bass and guitar players before settling on Bert Queiroz (also of The Untouchables) and Tom Clinton to complete the lineup. Complete First Demo collects eight songs that Youth Brigade recorded with Don Zientara and Skip Groff in the summer of 1981 during its first recording session. “I Object” appeared on the 20 Years of Dischord box set and “Last Word” was included on Flex Your Head. All other material is previously unreleased.

CONDITION "Actual Hell" LP
(Iron Lung Records)
Big as a pig and vicious as hell. The torturous maelstrom sounds of bone breaks and thuggish isolationism. Howling feedback underscores the massive swirling riffs and relentless battery of drums. Foul, tumultuous vocals made entirely of the final exhalations of humanity really send this opus to the apex. A perfect band. For those unfamiliar, CØNDITIØN are a raging south Californian corpse-beat unit more akin to the likes of BASTARD than DISCHARGE. Fucking heavy. We couldn't be more excited about this LP. 800 copies on black vinyl come housed in a heavy duty tip-on jacket featuring art by Matthew Adis complimented nicely by a 24x36 poster insert with art by Abe Social & Madison East.

SACRILEGE "Behind the Realms of Madness" 2xLP (Relapse Records)
Relapse is honored to present the first ever fully authorized reissue of the legendary UK band Sacrilege's landmark debut 'Behind The Realms Of Madness'.  Originally released in 1985, Sacrilege were one of the first bands of the 80s that both punks and metalheads rallied behind.  Propelled by singer Lynda 'Tam' Simpson's ferocious vocals and polticically charged lyrics, 'Behind The Realms of Madness' blended crust, thrash, hardcore, doom and death-metal to create a timeless album that has directly influenced scores of punks and heshers alike.  Now fully remastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Hooded Menace, Obituary) with SEVEN previously unreleased bonus tracks and expanded art and liner notes!

DIAT "Positive Energy" LP (Iron Lung Records)
The long awaited debut full length has finally arrived. And the wait was well worth it. Diät have worked, worked and reworked these 8 songs until they were perfect. Who is this band you ask? Let us introduce you:  "Brought together by a shared enthusiasm for bleak UK punk and a history of playing in hardcore bands, Berlin based DIÄT have created a sound that they have described, perhaps not entirely seriously, as ‘tough new wave’. Fans of Crisis, Killing Joke and The Mob (UK) should be pleased by the band’s unlikely synthesis of depressive drift and cranked, accelerated energy. ‘Positive Energy’ was recorded last Winter while huddled in a practice space overlooking the industrial landscape of frozen East Berlin, the album finds Diät reining in the threads of malignant enthusiasm still peppered throughout their earlier recordings (both 7"s previously released on this fine imprint) to focus on the cynicism and dejectedness that binds them as a band." Packaged in a high quality reverse board jacket with a 12 page lyric booklet only available in this version of the LP. All copies on black vinyl. The download comes with the "Hurricane" video as well.

MODERNS, THE "Year of Today" 7"
(Hosehead Records)
Originally self released by the band in 1979, the debut EP by Sweden’s The Moderns is available and in print in North America for the first time ever. Immortalized on a slew of mod revival and power pop comps including landing the cover of Power Pearls Volume 2, The Moderns’ EP has become an undeniable collector’s prize record. Fetching $500+ USD when it does show up for sale, the original 500 copies self released by the band in Sweden has turned this power pop masterpiece into an obscure, unknown hit. Barely cracking the 9-minute mark, this four-song 7” features one of the all time greatest power pop songs, “Got To Have Pop”, a song that still infects today, more than 35 years later. The success of this EP in Sweden landed them a major label deal with Parlophone, which saw the release of their sole Swedish-language record in 1981, after which they quickly faded.

BLACK PANTIES "Future" 7" (Windian Records)
I assume i'll be coming back here and editing this to say something polite/pr friendly about this release, but right now i'm too deep on a binge, so fuck all that noise. This is one of the best 7" windian has put out this year, and is based on pure hatred stemming from the blood of a man that neither has nor wants friends, only enemies black has wasted time backing up lumpy from the dumpsters and other yada yadas, and this'll be his longest and strongest release yet. Pure piss and aggression, ltd to 500 copies w/ art by mac blackout...

MUFF DIVERS "No Muff Too Tuff" 7"
(Lumpy Records)
Beefy drum-machine-fueled punk with hooks, could it be the new Coneheads? The new Dickies? The new Jay Reatard? WE SHALL SEE!

Q "S/T" 7" (Lumpy Records)
Closest thing to a Dbeat band St Louis has ever had.

GIBBOUS "Mortal Crust" 7" (Lumpy Records)
Genius boy Gib from many stl bands you love playing warped space punk all by himself. Brilliant. Hand stamped covers.

LIFE "Violence, Peace, and Peace Research" LP (Desolate Records)
US pressing of the amazing 2013 full length from these Tokyo punk bastard masters. 22 tracks ranging from raw punk to classic UK crust.

DISENGAGE "S/T" 7" (Youngblood Records)
Youngblood Records is extremely proud to bring you the latest EP from Disengage. Six songs of absolutely raging hardcore from this Wilkes-Barre. PA straight edge band. For fans of Youth Of Today, Bold, Title Fight, Cold War and Stick Together.

NUCLEAR AGE "The Distinct Sounds of ..." 7" (React! Records)
It was a cold April night the first time I saw Nuclear Age. These Washingtonians took the stage with such intensity, such fire that I fell to my knees in excitement. The Distinct Sound of Nuclear Age can only be surmised as Youth encapsulated on vinyl. The fear, frustration and fury can be felt but the overall message that these 5 want you to dig is this: Hope. Nuclear Age sells hope in a hopeless time. You may look at yourself in the mirror and see only the devil. Look closer. Nuclear Age demands you see hope. See. Hear. Look. Listen. And when, for those lucky few, you experience the band live you will also realize that Nuclear Age demands your soul.

(Suburban Fight Records)
Three songs from this DC/OC straight edge hybrid. Nothing but Confront and Brotherhood worship on this tape but really what else would you want. Featuring current members of Fury, Red Death, Pure Disgust, Protester, Hard Stripes, Response and about 100 other bands.

CLEAR "Youth to Youth Promo 2015" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
Alright, you've heard about CLEAR's upcoming LP for some time, and you're just as excited about it as us, right? Now it's finally coming to fruition, with 2 brand new, bad ass tracks and a sick cover to tide us over until the formal release on Triple B Records. If you're searching for hidden metaphors, you'll need to look elsewhere because this is pissed-off straight edge hardcore for the common man in its purest, stripped down form - exactly the way we like it at MDR.

STAND OFF "Mosher's Delight Live Series" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
Side A contains a live STAND OFF set from Washington DC 9/26/15, side B contains an Audio interview.

PROTESTER "Mosher's Delight Live Series" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
Side A contains a live PROTESTER set from Washington DC 9/26/15, side B contains an Audio interview.

MIGHT "… is Right" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
After carefully studying Rev #1-10, Skiz #1-4, Step Forward #3, and Hi-Impact #1 comes an entity that presents itself at this point in time, right NOW. Raw, unabashed, insightful energy from Houston, Texas surely to put the X back on the map with an unadulterated late 80s vibin' straight edge hardcore demo.

Brand new hardcore band out of Maine that delivers 4 short-and-sweet straight edge anthems and a cover by everyone's favorite NYHC band.

NIGHT SHANK Demo Tape (Demo)
Brand new HC from Richmond, VA featuring members of BARGE.

NOSEBLEED Demo Tape (Demo)
New ripper from Richmond!

BLISTERED "The Poison of Self Confinement" LP (6133 Records)
Picking up the torch of Florida's unique brand of metallic hardcore, Blistered have raged to the forefront of today's scene with incredible fervor. Their songs simultaneously feel unearthed from some '90s time capsule and surprisingly current, perfectly capturing a balance of influences and innovations. Following their critically acclaimed Soul Erosion EP (April 2014 on 6131 Records) and extensive touring, Blistered began plotting what would become their first proper full length. Entitled The Poison of Self Confinement and masterfully recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Red Death, Noisem, Pulling Teeth, Mindset), the album demonstrates an even more honed songwriting prowess. The result is an album that lives up to the band's moniker, delivering break-neck metal-infused riffage matched with pummeling breakdowns. Blistered have created a vital release that defies easy classification, appealing to both sides of the metal / hardcore sounds from which they draw.

BLISTERED "Soul Erosion" LP (6132 Records)
Picking up the torch of Florida's unique brand of metallic hardcore, Blistered has crafted an awe-inspiring new EP, "Soul Erosion." Mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Tragedy, Modern Life Is War), these five songs simultaneously feel unearthed from some '90s time capsule and surprisingly current. This knack for songwriting, matched with their incredible live shows, makes it no surprise Blistered is quickly becoming one of the most popular, up-and-coming hardcore bands.

HANDSOME "S/T" LP (6131 Records)
It's with an unbelievable amount of excitement that 6131 Records is releasing the long out-of-print and often overlooked self-titled album by Handsome, originally released by Epic Records in 1997 only on CD. This monolith of a full-length never quite made the lasting impression of some of the members' other projects, yet has stood the test of time - proving it's deserving of such acclaim. For those previously unfamiliar with the group (some might even say "supergroup") the members of Handsome were: Jeremy Chatelain (Jets To Brazil, Iceburn, Cub Country), Tom Capone (Quicksand, Bold, Beyond), Peter Mengede (Helmet), Pete Hines (Cro-Mags, Murphy's Law) and Eddie Nappi (Mark Lanegan Band).

SHADOW AGE "Silaluk" 7" (6131 Records)
Shadow Age have emerged from Richmond, Virginia, playing cold, darkly melodic post-punk, and offering an astoundingly cohesive debut EP that owes more to the sounds of Manchester’s industrial sprawl than Richmond’s southern charms. While Shadow Age are certainly indebted to the UK post-punk classics, the band’s debut release originates from an even more unlikely place than where they call home. While spending a harsh winter working on a fishing boat in Alaska, singer/guitarst Aaron Tyree was injured. He then spent four harrowing days waiting out an ice storm so that he could be flown out of Dutch Harbor for medial attention. During this time Tyree wrote the title track of Shadow Age's debut EP, Silaluk. Taking it’s name from the Inuit word for storm, Silaluk is three uncompromisingly dark tracks that swallow the listener in shimmering guitars, pulsating synths, and haunting vocals. Tyree’s affecting voice paints a desperate picture that is perfectly layered amongst the sheets of reverb and angular guitar lines. Shadow Age offer more than just intense atmosphere, though. The band is adept at crafting a hook and despite the EP's brooding tone, some of the driving beats found on Silaluk are arguably danceable. With disparate influences converge with stunning cohesion, Silaluk is an impressive debut that hints at Shadow Age’s potential.

CULTURE ABUSE "Spray Paint the Dog" 7" (6131 Records)
San Francisco Bay area band Culture Abuse are a wild pack of animals that have been stirring things up along the West Coast since Fall 2013. Their amalgamation of hardcore / punk with an almost psychedelic rock vibe is unlike anything ever heard before, feeling both vitally important and on the brink of disaster all at once. Recorded in the Fall of 2014 at Nu-Tone Studios (Iggy Pop, Green Day, Against Me!), the songs on Spray Paint The Dog, “Nicotine” and “Perfect Light”, demonstrate their ever-evolving style, moving deeper into a pop-driven aesthetic. Culture Abuse are channeling the drugged-out, melodic sounds the Bay area delivered in the late ’60s, yet are still remarkably refreshing.

(Wrong Ones Records)
Split 7" from Virginia's PAPER TRAIL and Oklahoma's IRON BORN. 100% Hardand heavy pit action.

NUTS #17 Zine (Nuts)
DX writes about the New York City feeling. Alex Simon interviews Ellie from GOOD THROB. Mark Winter, the songwriter behind CONEHEADS, CCTV, BIG ZIT, and OOZE, is interviewed. Mateo from DAWN OF HUMANS writes about his fav records he got when he was on tour in Europe. Artwork by Cecilia Caldera and Sam Ryser.

It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #391, the December 2015 issue of punk’s longest continuously running fanzine! This one is loaded. In these pages you will find what may be the most in-depth correspondence with the MINNEAPOLIS URANIUM CLUB BAND you’ll find anywhere—their parent company and attorneys are notoriously cagey, so read here for more on this Midwestern rock group, their origins, and their sponsors. We’ve also got interviews with Finnish hardcore lifers SA-INT, Alabama antagonist GARY WRONG, the minds behind the radical and labyrinthine Texas hardcore of SIN MOTIVO, the jagged noiseniks of Oakland’s MANSION, and outsider San Francisco hardcore punks TSA. There’s even more! For our first ever interview with any Cuban band in these pages we sat down with ADICTOX and ARRABIO during their Canadian tour, and capping it all off is an incredible interview with Zoë Dodd, Toronto harm reduction worker, activist, and punk. Also included: a scene report from Andalusia as well as photo spreads from Not Dead Yet 2015 and All Punks Go For It, a raw punk rager in the heart of California’s Central Valley. All your favorite columnists are here too, along with punk’s most comprehensive and unsparing reviews section.
Restocks for 12/4/15:

BIG ZIT "Electric Zit Vol. 1" 7"
BREAK AWAY "Face Aggression" LP
BUG, THE "What's Buggin' You?" Tape
CULTURE ABUSE "The Day Dreams of Nothing" 12"
HERESY  "1985-1987" LP
NASTY FACTS "Drive My Car" 7"
NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990 by Tony Rettman
SADO-NATION "Disruptive Pattern" LP
SIN MOTIVO "Laberinto b/w Tierra Del Deseo" 7”
SIN ORDEN "Ha Llegado El Momento" 7"
TEEN DEATH "Crawling" 7"
V/A "Bughouse I Mixtape" Compilation Tape