Friday, May 30, 2014

VC-004: CRETINS "S/T E.P." 7" Out Soon

We've posted a track to the next release on the Vinyl Conflict Label - the debut S/T 7" E.P. from Richmond's own CRETINS. Give it a listen below (or on the Bandcamp page) ... we just got everything in so expect ordering info up SOON. 

VC-004: CRETINS "S/T E.P." 7"
"Ah, CRETINS...the runts of the litter, one of Richmond's few remaining hardcorepunk bands in 2014.  After unleashing a pummeling demo tape, CRETINS return with this six song EP – a barrage of rough, uncompromising HC punk drawing from the no-frills approach and raw power of golden era American hardcore.  CRETINS are tight as nails on this EP, a wrecking machine fronted by a singer who's clearly mad at the fucking world.  Throw this record on, drop out, and tune in to CRETINS.  Artwork by Yecatl Peña of INSERVIBLES."

For you Richmonders and folks coming into town Monday to see LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS, you'll be able to grab a copy in person at the show or from Vinyl Conflict. For the rest of you in internet land, we are hoping to have the record available for order next week.


A few additions to the webstore this week (click the title to go to the page in the store):

PROXY "West Coast Tour" 7" (Discos MMM Records)
Two new songs from Montreal's Proxy. These are the remaining copies from Proxy's recent West Coast tour ending in Tijuana at the Burnouts En Baja Fest. 300 pressed with stamped covers and labels, and "fine wine" stain unique to each record.

PERDITION "4th EP" 7" (Toxic State Records)
This is the U.S. pressing of the final (and best?) Perdition record that was released by Hardcore Survives in conjunction with their Japanese tour. This particular pressing has a beautiful Toxic State layout and, more importantly, has been remastered by Josh Bonati and sounds miles ahead of the Japanese pressing.

DAWN OF HUMANS "Blurst of the Birdfish" 7" (Toxic State Records)
Crazy Spirit may get all of the attention (how could they not with that male model singer??), but everyone in NYC knows that Dawn Of Humans are the trueborn kings of mutant hardcore punk in the city. True freaks in every sense of the word, Dawn Of Humans plays aggressively naive hardcore that sounds like it exists in an alternate universe. Nothing about it make sense. The vocals are the most immediate part about the music, which have become so unhinged and wild that I really don't know how to describe them other than that they are perfect for this. The music itself has grown increasingly complex (sort of?) in a stupid sort of way. I truly hate myself for not being able to do this record justice with my words, as it will definitely appear high up on my top ten records of the year list. This record is just that unbelievable and is beyond any sort of categorization I can provide for it. I am confident that this is my favorite of the four new Toxic State releases. Their last 7 is one of the best punk records to have come out in 2010 and they may have just topped it with their new 7". Hopefully, this band stays together for at least thirty more years." -

DAMAGES "Reality Disease" 7" (Damaging Noise Records)
Debut EP from Santa Ana punks Damages is here after a demo on Silenzio Statico last year and recent tours across the West and East Coast. 5 tracks of fast catchy punk with hints of 80's Southern California HC/Punk and UK82.  One time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl with stamped center labels, insert and housed in thick glue pocket covers.

CAUSE FOR ALARM "S/T" 7" (Victory Records)
Classic NY hardcore circa 1983. This is "real" hardcore: speed, power and fun. Re-enter the circle pit. Now available again on vinyl. 7" includes digital download.

PAGAN RITUALS "Hallowed Ground" 7" (Mad at the World Records)
Made up of ex-members of early 00's hardcore punk luminaries like Tear it Up, Dead Nation (three-quarters of P.R. played on the now-classic "Dead End" LP, for those who pay attention to these things), and Splitting Headache, Pagan Rituals dial up the reverb and feedback on their debut 7". The result is noisy and cavernous punk, drawing on the likes of Rudimentary Peni, Amebix, Rikk Agnew's guitar work in Christian Death, and Killing Joke. It's dark and distorted, goth-y but aggressive, and the opening salvo in a slew of music we'll be hearing from these folks.

ALTERED BOYS "Left Behind" 7" (Mad at the World Records)
In the spring of 2013, New Jersey's Altered Boys quickly followed up their debut 7"s on Katorga Works and Deranged with a two-song cassette on NJ cassette label Bleeding Edges. It was limited to 250 copies and sold out quickly. But damn was this a good package: incredible artwork and two bona-fide ragers-- a mid paced stomper on side A and a fast thrasher on side B. It begged to be released on vinyl-- or at least we thought so. We're happy to give it the vinyl treatment with a one time pressing of 500 copies. If you're not already familiar with Altered Boys, they play a raw and vigorous style of hardcore that recalls the period of the early 2000's when the likes of Tear it Up and Shark Attack sped things up and reinjected a healthy dose of punk into your hardcore.

HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS "Go Home" LP (Toxic State Records)
While there are a plethora of bands in NYC that make it so very easy to just attach oneself to (through either their approachable personalities or catchy tunes), there are almost as many that make it just as difficult. Then, to take things to a whole new level of distaste, there's Hank Wood & the Hammerheads. No other NYC band commands such vitriol outside of the city (not in NYC, though, since no one in the city seems to have anything resembling ideals if it compromises their cool points) due to some less-than-tasteful antics and attitude, and no other band revels in it more. As such, it (barely) pains me to admit that this is ranks just behind the new Dawn Of Humans 7 as the best record out of the new batch of Toxic State records and, frankly, is one of the best NYC punk records to come out in a LONG time. After some unimpressive comp tracks, a fun and solid 7", the band has put forth its definitive statement with Go Home. It's weird, it's raucous, it's dirty, it's extremely catchy. The vocals are less cartoony than they were on the 7", spouting off "superior" lyrics of hatred and self-deprecation, all with an appropriate amount of grime. The music backing these vocals is loaded with pop sensibilities. Dual percussion, frenetic bass, and even tasteful and awesome keyboard playing. The element that truly lifts things over the edge, though, is the guitar playing; the guitar lines and riffs on this record are some of the best you will hear all year. I can't level enough praise in Go Home's direction, but I will also say that, at its best, the band resembles Kill From The Heart-era Dicks." -

Pleasure Industry releases this new cassette EP (it's different than a demo!) of superior material to their first demo of riffy hardcore punk. This was also a New York's Alright 2014 release, where they killed it at ABC No Rio. This band just keeps getting better and better.

Knuckle-dragging punk from Northern California. Five drug-addled stomps for meatheads and slammers … NORMIES STAY HOME.

GAS RAG "6 Song EP" 7"


Friday, May 23, 2014


Here's a pretty nice webstore update for you today!  I'm splitting up the webstore update and Grave Mistake label news this time to (hopefully) prevent bombarding you with too much of my rambling all at once, so keep an eye out for that later today. This email is all about the the distro records so let's get to it …

WHAT'S NEW FOR MAY 23, 2014:

A quick (but jam packed) update for you this week - two awesome 7"s from Warthog Speak Records; the debut 7"s from NYC's MISSIONARY and Olympia's STERILIZED - two hardcore punk slabs you should definitely check out! Also picked up the newest 7" from MN's CONDOMINIUM and now back in print HOUNDS OF HATE 7" and first ALTERED BOYS 7" on Katorga Works.

Scored a nice little haul from the wonderful Tankcrimes including the cassette versions of both NIGHT BIRDS "Born to Die in Suburbia" and "The Other Side of Darkness" LPs, the incredible reissue of classic / essential FINAL CONFLICT "Ashes to Ashes" LP - hell even if you have an original copy this reissue is necessary because it comes with an insane 24 page booklet AND poster! Also grabbed that latest FUCKED UP 12" (with Flexi), a couple of GHOUL LPs, the OBSESSOR LP collection, EXHUMED/IRON REAGAN 12" as well as tapes from THE SHRINE and BAT.

A few more LPs of note include some rad reissues from Canada's Supreme Echo Records - the brand new DISHRAGS reissue (been spinning this a bunch since I got it yesterday) and the JERK WARD reissue; some awesome reissue material from Six Feet Under as well like the OXYMORON LP and EVIL CONDUCT Best of 2xLP collection (also grabbed a few more SFU releases as well from the likes of BLACKLISTED, VIGILANTE, WRITTEN OFF, and OUTCROWD).  Picked up the two newest releases from Dirtnap - the brand new LPs from Portland's ESTRANGED and Montreal's SONIC AVENUES, and a few more new tapes like the demo from TX's DYE and the NO POWER / CHAOS DESTROY split tape.

Oh also restocked some recent gems like the new GOOSEBUMPS 7" and IN SCHOOL 7",  and some older titles I've been out of for a little while like the wonderful TENEMENT "Napalm Dream" LP, a ton of Dirtnap titles from the likes of RADIOACTIVITY, BAD SPORTS, RED DONS, CAREER SUICIDE, and MEAN JEANS, and some classics from THE DICKS, ZERO BOYS, CHRIST ON PARADE, and the ADOLESCENTS.

Thanks for reading!



MISSIONARY "American Strike E.P." 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
I'm more than stoked to deliver to this world the vinyl debut—and follow-up to what I can only describe as a stellar demo—from this Brooklyn, New York band. By acknowledging, and referencing the sonic-successes of vicious packs of go-nowhere teens from decades passed that stomped their indelible marks into 7th & A, Georgetown, Kenmore Square, and the East End, MISSIONARY has managed in their own special way to craft a great tone and created a hook-filled, Oi!-hued, North Eastern American hardcore sound that's as timeless and familiar as it is a crucial and fresh. W/ 14"x28" poster insert.

STERILIZED "Zero Sum Game" 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
I could try to sugarcoat STERILIZED as some sort of neo-god game-changer of [insert silly genre title here], but I'm not going to, 'cause all it would do is waste your time and my energy. The bottom line is that this Olympia, WA trio plays rather straightforward Scandinavian-influenced D-beat hardcore and they are GREAT at it. Let the tunes speak for themselves.

CONDOMINIUM "Thug" 7" (Condominium Records)
The seventh year of Condominium brings their 7th record, another 7". Entitled "Thug," it offers three new tracks of hardcore music. Self-released with hand-stamped picture sleeve in a first pressing of 600 copies.

ALTERED BOYS "S/T" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Back in print!  Originating from Newbridge, NJ, Altered Boys plays a supreme brand of hardcore that's heavily-inspired by fast, early 2000s NJHC that has helped rejuvenate a once (temporarily) stagnant scene into something that is once more interesting and vital. This EP, their vinyl debut, builds upon the sound of their demo and their appearance on the legendary Omegas' Joy Boy, Vol. 3 comp with superior recording quality and songwriting.

HOUNDS OF HATE "No Redemption" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Back in print! No Redemption is the debut 7" from Braddock, PA/NYC's Hounds of Hate. The band plays unrepentantly straight edge hardcore in the vein of late 80s NYHC, particularly that of Sick of It All and Warzone with a production striving for a sound akin to the Free For All comp.

FINAL CONFLICT "Ashes to Ashes" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
Los Angeles, California’s FINAL CONFLICT were highly influenced by British punk bands like DISCHARGE and one of the first bands to blend hardcore’s simplistic and manic sound and heavy metal's musicianship with any degree of success. These spiky haired punks created a sound that would go on to be emulated by hundreds of bands, none ever reaching the level of raw power that this LP contained. Originally issued on Pushead’s Pusmort Records in 1987 then later issued via Relapse Records in 1994, this stellar album now find’s a new home at Tankcrimes Records. Includes 24 page booklet with old photos, flyers and interviews plus lyrics and fold out poster.

FUCKED UP "Year of the Dragon" 12" w/ Flexi (Tankcrimes Records)
FUCKED UP return with the 6th record in the “Zodiac Series”. The A side, “Year of the Dragon” is a 17 and a half-minute epic anthem about dreams, expectations, compromise and hypocricy. Already well known for being dynamic, FUCKED UP melds efforts of rock, psychedelic, punk and metal into a comprehensive and  imposing opus. Side B is rounded out with 2 classic Canadian punk covers from CARDBOARD BRAINS and THE UGLY. First pressing includes a 6 minute edit of “Year of the Dragon” included on a separate Flexi disc.

DISHRAGS "Three (1978-1979)" LP (Supreme Echo Records)
Formed in 1976 in Victoria then relocating to Vancouver, The Dishrags were the opening group at Vancouver's first ever punk rock gig, they outlived every other first wave Vancouver punk act, performed with The Clash, The Ramones, The Dils, Black Flag, co-wrote songs with Avengers members, and may very well be the first all women punk rock group in North America.  The original power trio, containing 14 unreleased recordings in very clear powerful quality, their 3 song debut 7", 2 songs recorded for Vancouver Complication, and 1 live bonus from their oop CD. 16 pg booklet with detailed history & tons of photos!  First press 550 copies.

JERK WARD "Too Young to Thrash" 12" (Supreme Echo Records)
A teenage adrenalin overdose of hardcore thrash with Steve McBean of Black Mountain / Pink Mountaintops and Neos members.  Contains full “Flesh & Bones” ‘84 demo except one song replaced by an early version from “BYO - Medium Raw” comp tape ‘82, and one unreleased track.  “this LP sounds great considering it’s comprised of demo recordings... Jerk Ward varies the tempos and also throws in weird guitar work to keep you on your toes. Lovingly compiled and well worth tracking down.” (MRR). 17 songs, fold-out cover with heaps of original artwork + photos circa ‘82-84, plus a mini-booklet with interview + art.

ESTRANGED, THE "S/T" LP (Dirtnap Records)
The Estranged return with their 3rd (4th, if you count the Singles Comp LP) album for Dirtnap!  Continuing in The Estranged’s tradition of mutating and evolving with each subsequent release, the new album is an epic, sprawling masterpiece of tense, ominous angst-ridden postpunk.  They’ve heavily toned down both the Wipers influence of the 1st album and the blatant death-rock vibe of the 2nd. Instead, this one finds the band establishing a streamlined, punchier sound that both rocks a little harder than the last album, while retaining some of the textured soundscape feel which fans of that record have come to expect.

SONIC AVENUES "Mistakes" LP (Dirtnap Records)
Having delivered the quintessential powerpop/punk album in 2012's Dirtnap released burner Television Youth, Montreal's Sonic Avenues take it to another level on their third LP Mistakes. Building on their signature melodic style, the Aves return with an evolved and considerably more varied effort that resulted from dropping all preconceived notions of how a "punk" record should sound. The band made a concerted effort to not repeat itself, and it shows. While no doubt teeming with energy and hooks, Mistakes eases off the light speed tempos of previous releases and shows greater sophistication in both songwriting and production. Self-produced by the band in singer Max's apartment, Mistakes was written over a period of 7 months and produced in less than three. Mixing together songs dark, bright, short, and long, this release really finds the band coming into its own and claiming a distinct niche within the contemporary pop/punk pantheon. Fans of previous Sonic Avenues efforts will discover treats both familiar ("Waiting For A Change") and completely unexpected ("Better Days To Come") on this album - by far the band's best to date!

OXYMORON "Fuck the 90's, Here's Our Noize" LP (Six Feet Under Records)
Considered by many to be the best streetpunk record of the 90's, "Fuck The 90's" is Oxymoron's debut full length. Originally release in 1995 on Helen Of Oi and later pressed again on Knockout Records, it has been out of print for a long time. SFU has gotten the vinyl remastered and gotten Sucker to provide a new gatefold layout with new photos and artwork. Poster included in LP.

EVIL CONDUCT "Oi! Scorchers: The Best of Evil Conduct" 2LP (Six Feet Under Records)
Hailing from The Netherlands, Evil Conduct is one of Europe's longest running skinhead bands. Having been originally conceived in 1984, the band has a long history, numerous EP and LP release and as a result, a large following worldwide.

EXHUMED / IRON REAGAN Split LP (Tankcrimes Records)
Two of the undergrounds hardest working bands team up for a split 12” on Tankcrimes. 4 tracks each, gore soaked death metal (and a taste of hardcore) from EXHUMED and crossover metal punk from IRON REAGAN.

GHOUL "Maniaxe" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
Two parts Bay Area thrash/crossover worship. One part mid-period Carcass worship. One part horror flick. Everyday is Halloween. That is the concept behind Ghoul, the bastard stepchild of California's clever Carcass copies Impaled. On their sophomore splatter Maniaxe, this concept has been finely chiseled like an icepick to the eye of a zombie.

OBSESSOR "Obsession" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
OBSESSOR is a metal punk band from Richmond, VA influenced by ENGLISH DOGS and VENOM - dirty and punk.  All instruments and vocals done in the studio by Brandon "The Obsessor" Ferrell whos strong pedigree includes the bands DIRECT CONTROL, GOVERNMENT WARNING, MUNICIPAL WASTE and more. 4 panels of stunning art by Andrei Bouzikov. Limited colored vinyl with download card included.

BLACKLISTED "Live on BBC 1" 7" (Six Feet Under Records)
In the fall of 2010 Blacklisted was in the middle of a European tour. After missing a a flight to Ireland, deciding to break up outside of an Urban Outfitters in London, and running into Liam Gallagher, the band entered the legendary BBC studios at Maida Vale and recorded 4 songs. Three of them were later broadcast on the Punk Show with Mike Davies.

BLACKLISTED "So, You Are a Magician?" 7" (Six Feet Under Records)
So, You Are A Magician is the latest offering from Philadelphia's Blacklisted. Representing the first new recordings from the band in over 2 years, the three songs on this ep vary in style and influence from early Bad Brains to Exploited to Nirvana to Life Of Agony. Containing a more stripped down sound and less instrumentation than their last lp (NODTBHMTM), S,YAAM? is sure to please any current Blacklisted fan amd probably win some new ones.

VIGILANTE "Quality of Life" LP (Six Feet Under Records)
Comprised of some notorious individuals from Sydney, Australia and beyond, Vigilante has injected the Australian hardcore punk scene with a much needed boost of classic New York hardcore-inspired jams with a significant dose of social justice messaging. Reinforced by members who served time in hardcore bands dating back to the mid '90s including Urban Mayhem, Right Idea, The Deadwalk, Last Nerve, Bad Blood, and Ill Brigade, Vigilante embody a once infamous Sydney hardcore style.

WRITTEN OFF "S/T II" 7" (Six Feet Under Records)
In the summer of 2009, inspired by the growing scene in Louisville, KY, Written Off began writing music in the vein of hardcore most recognized in Boston and other areas of the Northeast. After self-releasing the "Louisville Straight Edge" demo cassette tape, a self-titled 7" on Iron Mind Crew Records and a split with Atlanta's Out Crowd on Iron Mind Crew/Like Glue Records, Written Off started writing new material that would define their sound and prove to be their best material thus far. In six fast-paced, straight-to-the-point tracks, Written Off proves with their second self-titled record the potential of Midwest Hardcore in 2013. This is that record.

OUTCROWD / WRITTEN OFF Split 7" (Six Feet Under Records)
OUTCROWD from Atlanta and WRITTEN OFF from Louisville are both great friends of ours so its with pride that we bring you this one. Originally released on Iron Mind Crew Records, this split went through two pressings before it went out of print. The cover art should be a good indicator of what to expect - some raw hardcore that posi kids and skinheads will want to play tug of war with a chain.

NIGHT BIRDS "Born to Die in Suburbia" Tape (Tankcrimes Records)
You know what this is friends - an official cassette release of NIGHT BIRDS incredible 2013 "Born to Die in Suburbia" full length on the mighty Tankcrimes Records … very glad they were the label that took care of this one and they have done an incredible job with it as expected!  

NIGHT BIRDS "The Other Side of Darkness" Tape (Tankcrimes Records)
NIGHT BIRDS 2011 masterpiece of a full length finally sees an official cassette release courtesy of Tankcrimes Records. Pick this one up along with the "Born to Die … " tape, just in time for summer!

DYE Demo Tape (Todo Destruido Records)
Punk from Austin, TX - Current and ex-members of Deskonocidos, The Young, Vaaska, Criaturas, and Suburban Void.

NO POWER / CHAOS DESTROY "Splitting Noise" Split Tape (Vile Audio Label)
A release that's been kicked around for the last two years has finally reached fruition. While a little bit different stylistically, both bands share a knack for savage sonic destruction, and this split tape captures that perfectly. No Power turns in 5 tracks of noisy, Discharge/Totalitar influenced hardcore. These songs were recorded in the same session as 2013's "No Peace" LP that Sorry State released, and didn't quite make the cut. These aren't throw away tracks though, and in listening to them now, I feel are just as strong as any of the LP tracks. Chaos Destroy, on the flip side turns in 5 tracks of bouncy, psyched out noisecore. Their affinity for bands like Swanky's and Confuse is still apparent, but with some of these tracks, they really branch out with some great bass driven tunes that reach an almost dreamy, psychedelic climax. Chaos Destroy is still absolutely killing it.

BAT "Primitive Age" Tape (Tankcrimes Records)
An unholy union of Municipal Waste guitarist Ryan Waste on bass/vocals, former DRI drummer Felix Griffin and Volture guitarist Nick Poulos, the Virginia/Texas punk metal marauders invoke the spirits of Venom, Hellhammer, Motörhead and Discharge with their Primitive Age demo EP. Featuring five tracks of filthy, fuck-all, debauchery, Primitive Age is a primal outpouring of molten metal riffs, confrontational Kill ‘Em All angst and enough vocal venom to level a nation.  

SHRINE, THE "Bless Off" Tape (Tankcrimes Records)
The Shrine burst onto the global heavy rock scene with a guitar in one hand and a skateboard in the other. Seemingly a fully formed outfit with outrageously killer tunes, a riotous stage show and a fun-thirsty license to thrill, this was the doped-up boogie van so many had been waiting for; delightfully resurrecting a vintage sound which combined an almost literal shrine to Black Flag with the fuzzy, chunky grooves of Fu Manchu, the soulful, impassioned heartbeat of Thin Lizzy and the spit-in-a-barrel volume abuse of Motörhead.


RESTOCKS 5.23.14:

BAD SPORTS "Kings of the Weekend" LP
BROKEN PATTERNS "Pattern Interrupt" LP
CAREER SUICIDE "Cherry Beach" 7"
CHRIST ON PARADE "Sounds of Nature" LP
DESCENDENTS "Cool to be You" LP
DICKS "Hate the Police" 7"
GHOUL "Splatterthrash" LP
GOOSEBUMPS "Scared to See a Doctor" 7"
HARD SKIN "We are the Wankers" 7"
MEAN JEANS "Are You Serious?" LP
POST TEENS "The Heat" 7"
RED DONS "Auslander" 7"
TENEMENT "Napalm Dream" LP
ZERO BOYS "Livin in the 80's" 7"

Thursday, May 22, 2014

BARGE East Coast / Midwest Tour May 25 - June 5th 2014

BARGE is heading out on a nice 12 day tour that starts this weekend. Their first show is in DC on Sunday 5/25 with VIOLENT REACTION and THE FLEX ... it's the UK bands' FINAL show of their full US tour, so you better do your best to be there if you live within a 5 hour radius of DC.

BARGE will have copies of their newly repressed No Gain E.P. as well as some other cool shit for sale so come on out.

BARGE East Coast / Midwest Tour May - June 2014

5/25 - Washington, DC @ Union Arts w/Violent Reaction, The Flex, Zoom

5/26 - Brooklyn, NY @ Lulu’s w/Brain Tumors, Howitzer, Limbs Bin

5/27 - New Brunswick, NJ @ Cooler Ranch w/Altered Boys, Razorheads, Brain Tumors

5/28 - Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/Brain Tumors, Congenital Death, Stuck Pig

5/29 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/Hounds of Hate, Brain Tumors, Rabid Pigs

5/30 - Indianapolis, IN @ Ye Old Belt & Leather Shoppe w/CC Murder Dogs

5/31 - Schereville, IN @ Atkinson Household w/No Time, Dick Nixon and the Pentagrams, Shitkickers

6/1 - St. Louis, MO @ River Generator Spot w/CC Murder Dogs, Cardiac Arrest, The Warden, Liquor Lord

6/2 - Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar w/Another Mistake, Trigger Men, Ill Advised

6/3 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/Cheap Art, Paradox

6/4 - Birmingham, AL @ The Forge w/Know Your Rights, Moral Authority, Hooded Prisoner, The Slam Brigade

6/5 - Raleigh, NC @ Nice Price Books w/Prosthesis, Pure Disgust, Vacant Planet

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


No, sadly they won't be touring together but how sick would that be? Both COKE BUST and NIGHT BIRDS have separate little West Coast (and surrounding areas) tours which begin today.  You can check out the info below!

NIGHT BIRDS West Coast Tour Spring 2014

Wed. May 21st
Sacramento, CA
@ The Blue Lamp
(1400Alhambra Blvd)
8pm / $10 Presale at / $12 @ the door

Thu. May 22nd
San Francisco, CA
@ Fat Warehouse (EARLY SHOW)
(2196 Palou Ave)

Thu. May 22nd
San Francisco, CA
@ Thee Parkside
(1600 17th Ave)
9PM / $13

Fri. May 23rd
Santa Ana, CA
@ The Observatory
(3503 S. Harbor Ave)
7PM / $25

Sat. May 24th
Las Vegas, NV
@ Country Saloon

Sun. May 25th
Los Angeles, CA
@ E7th
7PM / $8


COKE BUST West Coast US / Canada / Mexico Tour Spring 2014

Thurs, May 22 - Victoria, BC @ Sunset Room w/ Sixbrewantha, Bungus, Amnesian


Fri, May 23 - Vancouver, BC @ 333 w/ Write Off, Throat Slitter, Subsist


Sat, May 24 - Seattle, WA Rainfest


Sun, May 25 - Portland, OR @ Slaptown w/ Replica, Brain Slug, Raw Nerves, The Stops


Mon, May 26 - Oakland, CA @ Eli's w/ Verbal Abuse, Zero Progress, Reckless **THIS SHOW IS ALL AGES**

Tues, May 27 - Sacramento, CA @ The Colony w/ Rad, Rat Damage, XtomhanX, Livestock


Wed, May 28 - Concord, CA @ The Hauz of Rice w/ Volatile substance + TBA

Thurs, May 29 - Bakersfield, CA @ Munoz Gym w/ Elephant Skin, Gorilla Stomp, Mobius Dick, Bottom Line


Fri, May 30- Pomona, CA @ VLHS w/ Cave State, Meth Breat, Drug Control, Deadbeat


Sat, May 31 (MATINEE) - Los Angeles, CA @The Redwood w/ acxdc, Nomads, Generacion Suicida, Banned for Life, Syntax


Sat, May 31 (EVENING SHOW) - Los Angeles, CA @
E. 7th St. Punx w/ Despise You, Radiation, Kaiten, Blazing Eye, Bombsplinter, Mutant Itch, Stark Moon.


Sun, June 1- Tijuana, Mexico @ You Revolution w/ TBA

Mon, June 2 - San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe w/ Impulse, Crime Desire, Meth Breath, Leechbath


Friday, May 16, 2014


Webstore Update - 05.16.2014

It's been a little while, but I finally have a new webstore update here.  I'm slowly getting settled in to the new GMHQ, but things seem to be working out well enough so far. All orders placed in the past few weeks have been shipped and I am completely caught up with mailorder, so orders are currently shipping immediately!  Thanks to everyone who waited on their order from me, it's appreciated.  I have a quick bit of label news before we get into the new stuff ...

COKE BUST heads out on a quick West Coast / Canada / Mexico tour next week and you can find all of the dates HERE. NIGHT BIRDS will also be heading out west as well, and you can find their tour info HERE.  The preorders came and went for their "Monster Surf" 7" due out on Wallride Records next month, so act fast when that hits the shelves because it's a one time pressing and most likely won't stick around for long! And of course, BIG EYES are currently midway through their US tour with Against Me and Tony Molina, you can check out the remaining dates HERE. Their split 7" w/ Post Teens should be out very soon, and is up for preorder on the No Idea Records website - you can check out a brand new Big Eyes track from the record there too.

In Grave Mistake release news, I'll have a bunch of releases coming up in the next month! First up will be the SUPERCRUSH "Lifted" 7" repress (GRAVE068), and that should hopefully be available before the month is up.  The repress is very similar to the original press, although we nerded out and did a few copies on color vinyl. Then in June we will have the debut 7" from Chicago's EARTH GIRLS (GRAVE070), as well as the CRETINS debut 7" on Vinyl Conflict (VC-004).  The test pressings for the first volume of TENEMENT singles collection 12"s have been approved, so we will hopefully see that before mid-summer hits.  THE LADIES discography tape is still on deck, although we still need to sort art and liner notes for it - looks like it's being pushed back to a June release as well. I also just recently repressed the GOVERNMENT WARNING "No Way Out" 7" last month, and that is currently available in the webstore now.

Anyone looking to get Grave Mistake (or related) releases for their distro, webstore, or record store, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

I'll have a few more announcements in the near future, and we will hopefully have some tracks from a couple of these upcoming releases available to you shortly, but that's all for now. 
Let's get to what's new in the webstore …


WHAT'S NEW FOR MAY 16, 2014:

The hardcore has been piling up over here and we've got some killer releases in this update. I've got the brand new WARTHOG "Prison" 7" (recorded in the same session as their Katorga Works EP); the debut 7" from VA's VIOLENT OUTBURST (this one is top notch - the long awaited follow up to their awesome demo a few years back); and the ripping INFERNOH / NOMAD split. I scored a TON of tapes and demos this round, including a slew of releases from DC's own Mosher's Delight Zine / Label - those include the US version of the demo from the UK's SHRAPNEL (definitely recommended), the latest INTENT demo, plus demo tapes from FURY and UNIFIED RIGHT.  Also stocked up on the 2x4 Demo courtesy of Xploit Tapes. This one comes HIGHLY recommended as well and I was also lucky enough to grab a small number of SAVAGEHEADS and CONTINGENT demos too from the label.

Not too many LP's in this update, but I have a few tour versions of the newest LP from Poland's GOVERNMENT FLU (hopefully some of you were lucky enough to catch em in the states last month), as well as the US pressing of the great debut LP from Sweden's ALLVARET.  I also picked up a few more tapes like the FLEABITE demo, the second tape from DC's PRIESTS, and restocked on the MARKED MEN cassettes on Dirt Cult; picked up another newish single from RVA's own AR-KAICS (all three of their singles are recommended for you 60's garage aficionados), plus some cool singles like THE TERRORISTS reissue and THE ACHTUNGS 7" on Going Underground.  My pal FLO from Germany was over for some fest action last month and I was able to grab some stuff off his label Cut the Cord That … Records, which include 7"s from REPLICA, SYNTHETIC ID, and LEVITATIONS, plus a 1981 tape, THE NEW FLESH 2012 Demo, and a few more copies of the demo from Cleveland's WETBRAIN.

Finally, restocked on some of my favorites from 2014 so far, like the BREAKOUT 7", S.H.I.T. 7", GAS RAG LP, and SOA Demos 7" …

Thanks for reading!



WARTHOG "Prison" 7"  (Iron Lung Records)
It blows my mind that a single person, let alone a group of people, is able to get anything done in New York City. It's a non-stop claustrophobic hustle. You gotta fight just to get to the train that will probably be delayed and covered in a stranger's blood. Isn't everyone a stranger? Maybe it is that very environment that influences some of the best music of the Americas. It would certainly explain WARTHOG's brutish hardcore punk wildness. Our boys are gearing up to hurt some people. Get mean.  Recorded and mastered at the same sessions as the Exterminate Me 7" on Katorga Works.

VIOLENT OUTBURST "S/T" 7"  (Agitate Records)
Here it is, after what seemed like forever, the 7" e.p. by Virginia's Violent Outburst. Recorded after 2012's demo and after some minor lineup changes, here you get a similar fix of rough, fast hc akin to the demo tape; two quick pummeling ragers and a couple mid-tempo fist pumpers, however this time with a stepped up, chunkier, beefed up production. For those that care about such things, members of Wasted Time and various other lowlife VAHC bands from recent years.

INFERNOH / NOMAD - SPLIT 7"  (Brain Solvent Propaganda)
New Boston label BSP continues their winning streak of banger after banger with this phenomenal pairing. Nomad is one of NYC's finest bands, purveyors of the best noise punk. Infernoh is hands down one of the best bands in the world and they play the best Swedish d-beat you will hear in this day and age. Essential.

TERRORISTS, THE "Crazy Life" 7"  (Going Underground Records)
The Terrorists were a group that existed in Bakersfield, California in the Early 80's. They were part of the same (small) Punk scene as the Lizerds and (the amazing) Teen Suicide, like the former The Terrorists were very elusive and unliked locally...or maybe Punk in Bakersfield was highly unpopular...i'll go with the latter. The groups headmaster Eddie pressed up a little over 100 copies (110 to be exact) of the Crazy Life 45, sold 12 copies worldwide , gave away around 50 and destroyed the rest after a "Life changing" experience in the mid 80's. The track itself is a sinister drum machine stab at punk, it represents so much about how i've felt about my hometown, it's amazing to me how in 1982 they felt the same way. We've replaced the original b-side with an unheard live recording of "Crazy Life", we felt this song is far superior to the original new-wave b-side. Alot of love and care went into this reissue, it's raw still but that's the best you are gonna get. The sound is low fi and raw. There are no master tapes no mint copies of the 45 nothing. This is the best it's going to get. Largely under the radar for most collectors, we tried to keep this a secret for as long as possible to obtain personal copies.  Authorized by the Group, Glued Pocket sleeve with the original art. Edition of 400 copies.

ACTHUNGS, THE "S/T" 7"  (Going Underground Records)
Blown out raw PUNK from Finland, not "RAW PUNK" mind you...this is 2nd Wave style PUNK.Bloodstains Style.  This is a US pressing of a fantastic 45 that went under the radar of many people when it originally came out (Including myself) Upcoming Lp this summer on Going Underground. Get Ready. Edition of 400 Copies.

AR-KAICS "Why Should I?" 7"  (Windian Records)
On "Why Should I?" the Richmond, VA-based Ar-Kaics' follows up its first 7" with more well written and well executed fuzz/jangle/dropout pop. Features members of the Shirks and Chain & the Gang.

PENETRATORS, THE "Shopping Bag" 7"  (Windian Records)
The great unreleased 45 from Syracuse, NY-based garage/punk band, The Penetrators. Recorded in 1981, the single was ultimately shelved when the band opted to use the pressing funds in order to shoot a video. Now it can finally be heard in its intended format.

CATHOLIC GUILT "Futile Attempts" 7"  (Cut the Cord that Records)
CATHOLIC GUILT is a young band from Graz, Austria playing fast and snotty '80s-style US-hardcore. Highly reminiscent of the early FRREZE, DIE KREUZEN, and similar sounding bands from that period.

LEVITATIONS "Partners in Crime" 7"  (Cut the Cord that Records)
For quite some time there are again great bands coming from Berlin. Levitations are my latest discovery and their debut 7" is probably one of the best German punk records of the year 2013. This four-piece plays melodic indie-punk, but with a fresh and unique sound. If I wouldn't know it better, I would think these four tunes were written in Australia or Brooklyn, because they somewhat sound reminiscent of Super Wild Horses, Golden Staph and Vivian Girls. At the same time Levitations don't forget to add their own special flavour with some hints of postpunk simular to Slant 6, Kleenex and The Slits. The multi-voiced vocal harmonies are absolutely outstanding and they are one of the main secrets of this highly recommended 7". Don't miss it!

REPLICA "S/T (European Press)" 7"  (Cut the Cord that Records)
The debut 7" EP from the San Francisco Bay Area's REPLICA is fueled by searing guitar, fast blasting drum beats, sturdy tough bass lines and brash, raw vocals. Five tracks that thread many different hardcore influences and sounds - from the metallic thrash and high energy of current Brazilian hardcore to a raw, straight forward punk attack like early LA proto-hardcore or east bay punk to the wild unpredictability of 90's thrash, to make a unique whole. Members from DUCK AND COVER, INFECT, NO STATIK.

SYNTHETIC ID "S/T" 7"  (Cut the Cord that Records)
There’s a new best band in San Francisco. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it every time. SYNTHETIC ID play jerky and genuine jams for fans of WIPERS, THE FALL, PERE UBU and OBSERVERS. “Throwaway” is among the greatest songs I’ve heard in years - this three song banger is angular and deliberate, and the guitars are brilliant. Speaking of guitars, they are handled by the most understated and prolific musicians I’ve ever come across, who is also a contributing member of FACE THE RAIL, ECOLI, YADOKAI, and HUNTING PARTY. This demo is short, to be sure, but so very sweet. Band also features members of Deadfall & Nightstick Justice.

PIECE BY PIECE "Primitive as Fuck" 7"  (Solid Bond Records)
8 brand new songs of Piece By Piece's finely tuned formula for punishing hardcore with catchy leads and fiercely honest vocals have come here to kick you in your fucking face.

CREEM "Curator" 7"  (Static Shock Records)
BACK IN STOCK! New York's Creem return in 2013 with a brand new 4 track ep. Keeping with their now trademark sound of Boston influenced hardcore punk with touches of UK82, there are now additional touches of Kings Of Punk-era Poison Idea in the mix, especially on the title track. Everyone who writes label release descriptions love dropping stuff like this, but this is honestly their strongest material yet.

SHIRKS, THE "Disease" 7"  (Windian Records)
BACK IN STOCK! Third swinger of a single from this ex-Problematics DC outfit. Disease" has a blazing NYC guitar-rock style, sort of Heartbreakers via Devil Dogs with some hot lixx and nice and dirty Bowery hook. "Negative Reaction" goes in a more Infections-like nasty punk direction (with better guitar playing) slathered with a sleazy vocal, with that almost fake-UK intonation. "No Way Street" is the flip, it's got a fairly blazing solo and more of the same East Coast tough-as-shit leather jacket punk bad ass-ness. If the Carbonas had been from Jersey, they might have sounded like this. " -TERMINAL BOREDOM

2x4 Demo Tape  (Xploit Tapes)
New demo out of Boston from a band that's been around for a couple years.  Pummeling hardcore in the vein of THE ABUSED and good stuff like that. Featuring members of BKB and Scapegoat, can't go wrong with this one. This tape features 4 songs to be on an upcoming 7" … recommended.

CONTINGENT Demo Tape  (Xploit Tapes)
BACK IN STOCK! New band from Boston, featuring members of Koward, Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, The Combat Zone, etc. French and UK influenced Oi!/Punk with absolutely solid hooks and riffs. Think Komintern Sect crossed with Criminal Class. Comes with insert.

SAVAGEHEADS Demo Tape  (Xploit Tapes)
BACK IN STOCK! Think No Future/Riot City with a slight Deutschpunk influence. Members of the incestuous gene pool of Boston/Lowell bands (Bloodkrow Butcher, Subclinix, No Sir I Wont, etc., etc.). Comes with lyric insert.

SHRAPNEL Demo Tape  (Mosher's Delight)
The boys across the pond have done it again with yet another hard-hitting UKHC demo that's sure to leave you winded and beat your brain through the back of your skull. Members of the Flex and Violent Reaction unleash 7 brand new, blistering tracks of unapologetic late-80s NYHC worship taking direct influence from Breakdown, Outburst, and the fucking Cro-Mags.

FURY Demo Tape  (Mosher's Delight)
Featuring members from the IE/OC, new hardcore band FURY brings you 6 tracks of super pissed-off, aggressive hardcore in their debut demo. With a few shows already under their belt, they've been taking the SoCal scene by storm with everyone marching along to Big Al's Beat.

INTENT "All or Nothing" Demo Tape  (Mosher's Delight)
INTENT's latest demo, 4 brand new tracks and this time it's "All Or Nothing". Inspired by classic-era hardcore in the vein of Warzone, Breakdown, Outburst, etc. Members of Big Contest, Mob Mentality, and Zoom.

UNIFIED RIGHT "Demo #2" Demo Tape  (Mosher's Delight)
UNIFIED RIGHT's newest demo, 6 brand new tracks from this energetic and youthful Florida hardcore band. Inspired by classic-era hardcore in the vein of Agnostic Front, Warzone, and Straight Ahead.

PRIESTS "Tape Two" Tape  (Sister Polygon Records)
The second cassette-only release from Washington, D.C. feminist punk band, Priests. Seven songs recorded and mixed by Kevin Erickson in 2013 at Washingtonton, D.C.'s Swim Two Birds studio.

NEW FLESH, THE "2012 Demo" Tape  (Cut the Cord that Records)
The problem I usually have with punk bands who are inspired by goth, coldwave, dark shit or whatever you want to call it is that most of the time, they lose their urgency and spark. To me, it just ends up sounding like bad new wave from 1986, which (trust me) was terrible the first time around. Luckily, I don't have this problem with THE NEW FLESH. While their jams may make you want to sulk around your room and dance alone while feeling like shit, they also sound right at home blasting out of a boombox while you sit by some water drinking with your friends. It still sounds urgent, punk, sinister and desperate. This is exactly what I want in music. - REMOTE OUTPOSTS

WETBRAIN Demo Tape  (Cut the Cord that Records)
BACK IN STOCK! Wetbrain are from Cleveland and for sure these guys were in bands like H100s, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Inmates, Darvocets, Nine Shocks Terror, Annihilation Time, Midnight bla bla bla and play amazing hc/ punk. You can find all songs here:

1981 "The Only Government is Your Self" Tape  (Cut the Cord that Records)
This one came as a total shock - one look at the artwork and general presentation and I was expecting a crusty anarcho attack, but was instead greeted with 20 minutes of brilliantly written post punk with indie rock leanings. There is still an overt '80s UK angle, but the clean guitars fall more in line with YOUNG OFFENDERS than their namesakes (DISRUPTERS, duh), and there are pop sensibilities all over this thing. Overtly political, and songs like Blind Acceptance" are nearly impossible to get out of your head. 1981 are from Finland, and their recent 3 song EP is every bit as good as this tape, highly recommended. Avoid this is you want brutal hardcore, devour this if you want great tunes." - TERMINAL ESCAPE

FLEABITE "Over It" Demo Tape (Puzzle Pieces Records)
Six songs of fuzzy pop about drinking & exes & cats. Three people from Boston making music that sounds like a punker Henry's Dress. Members of Parasol, Tomboy, & Potty Mouth

MARKED MEN, THE "Fix My Brain" Tape  (Dirt Cult Records)
With "Fix My Brain," Texas' The Marked Men toned down the speed and intensity to let their pop sensibilities shine through, with a sound that fans of The Briefs, the Buzzcocks and The Exploding Hearts would be proud of. Tape Version

MARKED MEN, THE "On the Outside" Tape  (Dirt Cult Records)
Here's 12 more punchy, tightly wound bullets of punk and power-pop goodness from Dallas/Denton/Ft. Worth's finest, THE MARKED MEN! Featuring ex-members of beloved TX outfit THE REDS (and a current member of The Riverboat Gamblers!), THE MARKED MEN'S debut LP on the legendary Rip Off Records put them on just about every discerning punk rocker's 2003 top ten list, which was followed by highly sucessful tours of the US and Japan. Tape Version.

MARKED MEN, THE "S/T" Tape  (Dirt Cult Records)
Originally released by Rip Off Records in early 2003, this record has been unavailable since 2005. Since then The Marked Men have been steadily gaining in popularity each year. But as word about them spreads, many of their newer fans don't even know this one exists, much less have ever heard it. (while some of their older fans maintain that this is their best record) So this one'll be new to a lot of people, including many current Marked Men fans! A little faster, leaner, and less polished than their most recent stuff, this album serves as the missing link between the choppy, KBD-style inclinations of their previous incarnation as The Reds. Tape Version

ALLVARET "Tank pa Doden" LP  (Dirt Cult Records)
Originally released on Erste Theke Tonträger in Germany, this is the US press (complete with new art) for the band's US tour. 330 pressed on black (along with 75 test pressings that were available - and quickly sold out - on their US tour).  Swedish outfit Allvaret emerged from a fertile musical background to deliver some totally off the hook KBD punk with tunes that will stick in your head after just one spin. The guitar sounds so Scandinavian - Masshysteri and The Vicious say Hello. The driving rhythm section, with the harmonic drum and bass parts, reminds of some kind of early UK street punk, without sounding stupidly Oi! But the most important part is the awesome voice of Sushila, with perfectly matching Swedish lyrics to top things off and emphasize the band's own character. Members of Vånna Inget.  Comes with a download code

CRUELSTER "Potatoe Boys" LP  (Root of Evil Records)
Hailing from Cleveland, Cruelster are a weird blend of raw Hardcore and Oi. After two cassette releases (Demo and Split CS with Born Wrong) Potatoe Boys is Cruelster's debut LP; twelve songs in 11 minutes with a surprise in store at the end. Taking their influences from a mesh of bands, their sound is unique without being off-putting. Packaged in recycled and handscreened/glued sleeves, limited to 300 copies.

GOVERNMENT FLU "Tension (US Tour Press)" LP  (Refuse Records)
Do you feel tension in the air? This is Refuse Records' hundreth release! Heart is bursting with pride and appreciation for everyone who has helped us to reach this number. This special hundreth release is neither a repress/ re-edition nor any kind of a cult band from over there, but the band that was formed in the same city Refuse Records was founded. From here, right here and right now. This is the release which shows that PLHC is the quality you need to take into account...Over the last few years GOV FLU have been showing their class, gaining respect both on their own backyard and abroad. But this new record is a step even further. New songs are bursting with high octane energy, they have become faster and even more aggressive. Wolfi excells himself on the drums, Ralf spits out even more venom and anger and Marcin and Lipek do their guitar parts at breakneck speed. The sound causes adrenaline rush which can put your life at risk. Recorded and mixed by Mad Greg, mastered by Smok and here we have it - the release which is undoubtedly one of the most killer records that have been put out by the Vistula river in a recent years.

DEFIANT POSE #8 w/ REMA REMA "International Scale" 7"  (Inflammable Material Records)
Interviews and coverage of REMA REMA, THE HERETICS, CERVIX, BLOOD & ROSES, two pages from Aaron Cometbus, and an interview with obscure 1976 London all-girl punks THE STENCH (who pre-dated The Slits). 36 pages total. All this plus a double-sided 11x17 poster of original art by Alexander Heir (NYC: Death/ Traitors, Survival, Burn Books). Licensed US edition printed by Feel It.  REMA-REMA were one of the very first British post punk groups and released a sole 12" record on the 4AD label (BAUHAUS, BIRTHDAY PARTY, etc.) in 1980. This is the first unreleased Rema-Rema material to surface in over three decades, comprising two songs recorded as four-track demos in 1978-9. ‘International Scale’ is a thudding two-chord denunciation of the music “biz”, dominated by a metronomic floor-tom/kick-drum backdrop and menacing feedback, whilst ‘Short Stories’ is a stark, brittle and melodic 2-minute post-punk song. Both were the nearest in R-R’s repertoire to that old verse-chorus/verse-chorus standard. Pressed on thick 70 gram black vinyl with an insert included. Released by Inflammable Material (UK).

In our brand new issue — MRR #373, June 2014 — we sit down with Italy punks ANTI YOU at the tail end of their US tour; we talk with local enfant terrible DESTRY HAMPTON about his life and music growing up in SF; Mitch Clem and Ben Snakepit get tipsy in a van and talk comics, music and mid-life crises, and we get the details on Chicago’s upcoming queer and transgender festival, FED UP FEST! We discuss squats and apathy with Norwegian HC punks KNUSTE RUTER, and dis Christianity with Canadian melodic punkers CRUSADES; the LOWEST from Poland discuss unity and politics in their local scene, and we learn about Spanish-singin’ Finnish rock ’n’ rollers LOS CULITOS. We also talk with Sacramento punk-rockers RAT DAMAGE, San Bernardino d-beat ponx PESADILLA DISTOPIKA, Connecticut’s badass punk ladies DAMN BROADS, Providence-based angular-punk outfit COTTAGING, and Urbana-Champaign mathy-rockers HANK.. There’re also the usual “Shitworker of the Month” and “What’s the Scoop?” and our newest feature, “From the Vault,” this month featuring the epic WIPERS. All of this, plus your usual columns, book, zine and movie reviews, and the most extensive record reviews section in punk print, yo!

Restocks for 05.16.14:

BREAKOUT - Razor Wire 7"
S.H.I.T. - Collective Unconsciousness 7"
SOA - First Demo 12/29/80 7"

GAS RAG - Beats Off LP
VOID - Sessions 1981-1983 LP