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Here's a pretty nice webstore update for you today!  I'm splitting up the webstore update and Grave Mistake label news this time to (hopefully) prevent bombarding you with too much of my rambling all at once, so keep an eye out for that later today. This email is all about the the distro records so let's get to it …

WHAT'S NEW FOR MAY 23, 2014:

A quick (but jam packed) update for you this week - two awesome 7"s from Warthog Speak Records; the debut 7"s from NYC's MISSIONARY and Olympia's STERILIZED - two hardcore punk slabs you should definitely check out! Also picked up the newest 7" from MN's CONDOMINIUM and now back in print HOUNDS OF HATE 7" and first ALTERED BOYS 7" on Katorga Works.

Scored a nice little haul from the wonderful Tankcrimes including the cassette versions of both NIGHT BIRDS "Born to Die in Suburbia" and "The Other Side of Darkness" LPs, the incredible reissue of classic / essential FINAL CONFLICT "Ashes to Ashes" LP - hell even if you have an original copy this reissue is necessary because it comes with an insane 24 page booklet AND poster! Also grabbed that latest FUCKED UP 12" (with Flexi), a couple of GHOUL LPs, the OBSESSOR LP collection, EXHUMED/IRON REAGAN 12" as well as tapes from THE SHRINE and BAT.

A few more LPs of note include some rad reissues from Canada's Supreme Echo Records - the brand new DISHRAGS reissue (been spinning this a bunch since I got it yesterday) and the JERK WARD reissue; some awesome reissue material from Six Feet Under as well like the OXYMORON LP and EVIL CONDUCT Best of 2xLP collection (also grabbed a few more SFU releases as well from the likes of BLACKLISTED, VIGILANTE, WRITTEN OFF, and OUTCROWD).  Picked up the two newest releases from Dirtnap - the brand new LPs from Portland's ESTRANGED and Montreal's SONIC AVENUES, and a few more new tapes like the demo from TX's DYE and the NO POWER / CHAOS DESTROY split tape.

Oh also restocked some recent gems like the new GOOSEBUMPS 7" and IN SCHOOL 7",  and some older titles I've been out of for a little while like the wonderful TENEMENT "Napalm Dream" LP, a ton of Dirtnap titles from the likes of RADIOACTIVITY, BAD SPORTS, RED DONS, CAREER SUICIDE, and MEAN JEANS, and some classics from THE DICKS, ZERO BOYS, CHRIST ON PARADE, and the ADOLESCENTS.

Thanks for reading!



MISSIONARY "American Strike E.P." 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
I'm more than stoked to deliver to this world the vinyl debut—and follow-up to what I can only describe as a stellar demo—from this Brooklyn, New York band. By acknowledging, and referencing the sonic-successes of vicious packs of go-nowhere teens from decades passed that stomped their indelible marks into 7th & A, Georgetown, Kenmore Square, and the East End, MISSIONARY has managed in their own special way to craft a great tone and created a hook-filled, Oi!-hued, North Eastern American hardcore sound that's as timeless and familiar as it is a crucial and fresh. W/ 14"x28" poster insert.

STERILIZED "Zero Sum Game" 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
I could try to sugarcoat STERILIZED as some sort of neo-god game-changer of [insert silly genre title here], but I'm not going to, 'cause all it would do is waste your time and my energy. The bottom line is that this Olympia, WA trio plays rather straightforward Scandinavian-influenced D-beat hardcore and they are GREAT at it. Let the tunes speak for themselves.

CONDOMINIUM "Thug" 7" (Condominium Records)
The seventh year of Condominium brings their 7th record, another 7". Entitled "Thug," it offers three new tracks of hardcore music. Self-released with hand-stamped picture sleeve in a first pressing of 600 copies.

ALTERED BOYS "S/T" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Back in print!  Originating from Newbridge, NJ, Altered Boys plays a supreme brand of hardcore that's heavily-inspired by fast, early 2000s NJHC that has helped rejuvenate a once (temporarily) stagnant scene into something that is once more interesting and vital. This EP, their vinyl debut, builds upon the sound of their demo and their appearance on the legendary Omegas' Joy Boy, Vol. 3 comp with superior recording quality and songwriting.

HOUNDS OF HATE "No Redemption" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Back in print! No Redemption is the debut 7" from Braddock, PA/NYC's Hounds of Hate. The band plays unrepentantly straight edge hardcore in the vein of late 80s NYHC, particularly that of Sick of It All and Warzone with a production striving for a sound akin to the Free For All comp.

FINAL CONFLICT "Ashes to Ashes" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
Los Angeles, California’s FINAL CONFLICT were highly influenced by British punk bands like DISCHARGE and one of the first bands to blend hardcore’s simplistic and manic sound and heavy metal's musicianship with any degree of success. These spiky haired punks created a sound that would go on to be emulated by hundreds of bands, none ever reaching the level of raw power that this LP contained. Originally issued on Pushead’s Pusmort Records in 1987 then later issued via Relapse Records in 1994, this stellar album now find’s a new home at Tankcrimes Records. Includes 24 page booklet with old photos, flyers and interviews plus lyrics and fold out poster.

FUCKED UP "Year of the Dragon" 12" w/ Flexi (Tankcrimes Records)
FUCKED UP return with the 6th record in the “Zodiac Series”. The A side, “Year of the Dragon” is a 17 and a half-minute epic anthem about dreams, expectations, compromise and hypocricy. Already well known for being dynamic, FUCKED UP melds efforts of rock, psychedelic, punk and metal into a comprehensive and  imposing opus. Side B is rounded out with 2 classic Canadian punk covers from CARDBOARD BRAINS and THE UGLY. First pressing includes a 6 minute edit of “Year of the Dragon” included on a separate Flexi disc.

DISHRAGS "Three (1978-1979)" LP (Supreme Echo Records)
Formed in 1976 in Victoria then relocating to Vancouver, The Dishrags were the opening group at Vancouver's first ever punk rock gig, they outlived every other first wave Vancouver punk act, performed with The Clash, The Ramones, The Dils, Black Flag, co-wrote songs with Avengers members, and may very well be the first all women punk rock group in North America.  The original power trio, containing 14 unreleased recordings in very clear powerful quality, their 3 song debut 7", 2 songs recorded for Vancouver Complication, and 1 live bonus from their oop CD. 16 pg booklet with detailed history & tons of photos!  First press 550 copies.

JERK WARD "Too Young to Thrash" 12" (Supreme Echo Records)
A teenage adrenalin overdose of hardcore thrash with Steve McBean of Black Mountain / Pink Mountaintops and Neos members.  Contains full “Flesh & Bones” ‘84 demo except one song replaced by an early version from “BYO - Medium Raw” comp tape ‘82, and one unreleased track.  “this LP sounds great considering it’s comprised of demo recordings... Jerk Ward varies the tempos and also throws in weird guitar work to keep you on your toes. Lovingly compiled and well worth tracking down.” (MRR). 17 songs, fold-out cover with heaps of original artwork + photos circa ‘82-84, plus a mini-booklet with interview + art.

ESTRANGED, THE "S/T" LP (Dirtnap Records)
The Estranged return with their 3rd (4th, if you count the Singles Comp LP) album for Dirtnap!  Continuing in The Estranged’s tradition of mutating and evolving with each subsequent release, the new album is an epic, sprawling masterpiece of tense, ominous angst-ridden postpunk.  They’ve heavily toned down both the Wipers influence of the 1st album and the blatant death-rock vibe of the 2nd. Instead, this one finds the band establishing a streamlined, punchier sound that both rocks a little harder than the last album, while retaining some of the textured soundscape feel which fans of that record have come to expect.

SONIC AVENUES "Mistakes" LP (Dirtnap Records)
Having delivered the quintessential powerpop/punk album in 2012's Dirtnap released burner Television Youth, Montreal's Sonic Avenues take it to another level on their third LP Mistakes. Building on their signature melodic style, the Aves return with an evolved and considerably more varied effort that resulted from dropping all preconceived notions of how a "punk" record should sound. The band made a concerted effort to not repeat itself, and it shows. While no doubt teeming with energy and hooks, Mistakes eases off the light speed tempos of previous releases and shows greater sophistication in both songwriting and production. Self-produced by the band in singer Max's apartment, Mistakes was written over a period of 7 months and produced in less than three. Mixing together songs dark, bright, short, and long, this release really finds the band coming into its own and claiming a distinct niche within the contemporary pop/punk pantheon. Fans of previous Sonic Avenues efforts will discover treats both familiar ("Waiting For A Change") and completely unexpected ("Better Days To Come") on this album - by far the band's best to date!

OXYMORON "Fuck the 90's, Here's Our Noize" LP (Six Feet Under Records)
Considered by many to be the best streetpunk record of the 90's, "Fuck The 90's" is Oxymoron's debut full length. Originally release in 1995 on Helen Of Oi and later pressed again on Knockout Records, it has been out of print for a long time. SFU has gotten the vinyl remastered and gotten Sucker to provide a new gatefold layout with new photos and artwork. Poster included in LP.

EVIL CONDUCT "Oi! Scorchers: The Best of Evil Conduct" 2LP (Six Feet Under Records)
Hailing from The Netherlands, Evil Conduct is one of Europe's longest running skinhead bands. Having been originally conceived in 1984, the band has a long history, numerous EP and LP release and as a result, a large following worldwide.

EXHUMED / IRON REAGAN Split LP (Tankcrimes Records)
Two of the undergrounds hardest working bands team up for a split 12” on Tankcrimes. 4 tracks each, gore soaked death metal (and a taste of hardcore) from EXHUMED and crossover metal punk from IRON REAGAN.

GHOUL "Maniaxe" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
Two parts Bay Area thrash/crossover worship. One part mid-period Carcass worship. One part horror flick. Everyday is Halloween. That is the concept behind Ghoul, the bastard stepchild of California's clever Carcass copies Impaled. On their sophomore splatter Maniaxe, this concept has been finely chiseled like an icepick to the eye of a zombie.

OBSESSOR "Obsession" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
OBSESSOR is a metal punk band from Richmond, VA influenced by ENGLISH DOGS and VENOM - dirty and punk.  All instruments and vocals done in the studio by Brandon "The Obsessor" Ferrell whos strong pedigree includes the bands DIRECT CONTROL, GOVERNMENT WARNING, MUNICIPAL WASTE and more. 4 panels of stunning art by Andrei Bouzikov. Limited colored vinyl with download card included.

BLACKLISTED "Live on BBC 1" 7" (Six Feet Under Records)
In the fall of 2010 Blacklisted was in the middle of a European tour. After missing a a flight to Ireland, deciding to break up outside of an Urban Outfitters in London, and running into Liam Gallagher, the band entered the legendary BBC studios at Maida Vale and recorded 4 songs. Three of them were later broadcast on the Punk Show with Mike Davies.

BLACKLISTED "So, You Are a Magician?" 7" (Six Feet Under Records)
So, You Are A Magician is the latest offering from Philadelphia's Blacklisted. Representing the first new recordings from the band in over 2 years, the three songs on this ep vary in style and influence from early Bad Brains to Exploited to Nirvana to Life Of Agony. Containing a more stripped down sound and less instrumentation than their last lp (NODTBHMTM), S,YAAM? is sure to please any current Blacklisted fan amd probably win some new ones.

VIGILANTE "Quality of Life" LP (Six Feet Under Records)
Comprised of some notorious individuals from Sydney, Australia and beyond, Vigilante has injected the Australian hardcore punk scene with a much needed boost of classic New York hardcore-inspired jams with a significant dose of social justice messaging. Reinforced by members who served time in hardcore bands dating back to the mid '90s including Urban Mayhem, Right Idea, The Deadwalk, Last Nerve, Bad Blood, and Ill Brigade, Vigilante embody a once infamous Sydney hardcore style.

WRITTEN OFF "S/T II" 7" (Six Feet Under Records)
In the summer of 2009, inspired by the growing scene in Louisville, KY, Written Off began writing music in the vein of hardcore most recognized in Boston and other areas of the Northeast. After self-releasing the "Louisville Straight Edge" demo cassette tape, a self-titled 7" on Iron Mind Crew Records and a split with Atlanta's Out Crowd on Iron Mind Crew/Like Glue Records, Written Off started writing new material that would define their sound and prove to be their best material thus far. In six fast-paced, straight-to-the-point tracks, Written Off proves with their second self-titled record the potential of Midwest Hardcore in 2013. This is that record.

OUTCROWD / WRITTEN OFF Split 7" (Six Feet Under Records)
OUTCROWD from Atlanta and WRITTEN OFF from Louisville are both great friends of ours so its with pride that we bring you this one. Originally released on Iron Mind Crew Records, this split went through two pressings before it went out of print. The cover art should be a good indicator of what to expect - some raw hardcore that posi kids and skinheads will want to play tug of war with a chain.

NIGHT BIRDS "Born to Die in Suburbia" Tape (Tankcrimes Records)
You know what this is friends - an official cassette release of NIGHT BIRDS incredible 2013 "Born to Die in Suburbia" full length on the mighty Tankcrimes Records … very glad they were the label that took care of this one and they have done an incredible job with it as expected!  

NIGHT BIRDS "The Other Side of Darkness" Tape (Tankcrimes Records)
NIGHT BIRDS 2011 masterpiece of a full length finally sees an official cassette release courtesy of Tankcrimes Records. Pick this one up along with the "Born to Die … " tape, just in time for summer!

DYE Demo Tape (Todo Destruido Records)
Punk from Austin, TX - Current and ex-members of Deskonocidos, The Young, Vaaska, Criaturas, and Suburban Void.

NO POWER / CHAOS DESTROY "Splitting Noise" Split Tape (Vile Audio Label)
A release that's been kicked around for the last two years has finally reached fruition. While a little bit different stylistically, both bands share a knack for savage sonic destruction, and this split tape captures that perfectly. No Power turns in 5 tracks of noisy, Discharge/Totalitar influenced hardcore. These songs were recorded in the same session as 2013's "No Peace" LP that Sorry State released, and didn't quite make the cut. These aren't throw away tracks though, and in listening to them now, I feel are just as strong as any of the LP tracks. Chaos Destroy, on the flip side turns in 5 tracks of bouncy, psyched out noisecore. Their affinity for bands like Swanky's and Confuse is still apparent, but with some of these tracks, they really branch out with some great bass driven tunes that reach an almost dreamy, psychedelic climax. Chaos Destroy is still absolutely killing it.

BAT "Primitive Age" Tape (Tankcrimes Records)
An unholy union of Municipal Waste guitarist Ryan Waste on bass/vocals, former DRI drummer Felix Griffin and Volture guitarist Nick Poulos, the Virginia/Texas punk metal marauders invoke the spirits of Venom, Hellhammer, Motörhead and Discharge with their Primitive Age demo EP. Featuring five tracks of filthy, fuck-all, debauchery, Primitive Age is a primal outpouring of molten metal riffs, confrontational Kill ‘Em All angst and enough vocal venom to level a nation.  

SHRINE, THE "Bless Off" Tape (Tankcrimes Records)
The Shrine burst onto the global heavy rock scene with a guitar in one hand and a skateboard in the other. Seemingly a fully formed outfit with outrageously killer tunes, a riotous stage show and a fun-thirsty license to thrill, this was the doped-up boogie van so many had been waiting for; delightfully resurrecting a vintage sound which combined an almost literal shrine to Black Flag with the fuzzy, chunky grooves of Fu Manchu, the soulful, impassioned heartbeat of Thin Lizzy and the spit-in-a-barrel volume abuse of Motörhead.


RESTOCKS 5.23.14:

BAD SPORTS "Kings of the Weekend" LP
BROKEN PATTERNS "Pattern Interrupt" LP
CAREER SUICIDE "Cherry Beach" 7"
CHRIST ON PARADE "Sounds of Nature" LP
DESCENDENTS "Cool to be You" LP
DICKS "Hate the Police" 7"
GHOUL "Splatterthrash" LP
GOOSEBUMPS "Scared to See a Doctor" 7"
HARD SKIN "We are the Wankers" 7"
MEAN JEANS "Are You Serious?" LP
POST TEENS "The Heat" 7"
RED DONS "Auslander" 7"
TENEMENT "Napalm Dream" LP
ZERO BOYS "Livin in the 80's" 7"

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