Friday, May 30, 2014


A few additions to the webstore this week (click the title to go to the page in the store):

PROXY "West Coast Tour" 7" (Discos MMM Records)
Two new songs from Montreal's Proxy. These are the remaining copies from Proxy's recent West Coast tour ending in Tijuana at the Burnouts En Baja Fest. 300 pressed with stamped covers and labels, and "fine wine" stain unique to each record.

PERDITION "4th EP" 7" (Toxic State Records)
This is the U.S. pressing of the final (and best?) Perdition record that was released by Hardcore Survives in conjunction with their Japanese tour. This particular pressing has a beautiful Toxic State layout and, more importantly, has been remastered by Josh Bonati and sounds miles ahead of the Japanese pressing.

DAWN OF HUMANS "Blurst of the Birdfish" 7" (Toxic State Records)
Crazy Spirit may get all of the attention (how could they not with that male model singer??), but everyone in NYC knows that Dawn Of Humans are the trueborn kings of mutant hardcore punk in the city. True freaks in every sense of the word, Dawn Of Humans plays aggressively naive hardcore that sounds like it exists in an alternate universe. Nothing about it make sense. The vocals are the most immediate part about the music, which have become so unhinged and wild that I really don't know how to describe them other than that they are perfect for this. The music itself has grown increasingly complex (sort of?) in a stupid sort of way. I truly hate myself for not being able to do this record justice with my words, as it will definitely appear high up on my top ten records of the year list. This record is just that unbelievable and is beyond any sort of categorization I can provide for it. I am confident that this is my favorite of the four new Toxic State releases. Their last 7 is one of the best punk records to have come out in 2010 and they may have just topped it with their new 7". Hopefully, this band stays together for at least thirty more years." -

DAMAGES "Reality Disease" 7" (Damaging Noise Records)
Debut EP from Santa Ana punks Damages is here after a demo on Silenzio Statico last year and recent tours across the West and East Coast. 5 tracks of fast catchy punk with hints of 80's Southern California HC/Punk and UK82.  One time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl with stamped center labels, insert and housed in thick glue pocket covers.

CAUSE FOR ALARM "S/T" 7" (Victory Records)
Classic NY hardcore circa 1983. This is "real" hardcore: speed, power and fun. Re-enter the circle pit. Now available again on vinyl. 7" includes digital download.

PAGAN RITUALS "Hallowed Ground" 7" (Mad at the World Records)
Made up of ex-members of early 00's hardcore punk luminaries like Tear it Up, Dead Nation (three-quarters of P.R. played on the now-classic "Dead End" LP, for those who pay attention to these things), and Splitting Headache, Pagan Rituals dial up the reverb and feedback on their debut 7". The result is noisy and cavernous punk, drawing on the likes of Rudimentary Peni, Amebix, Rikk Agnew's guitar work in Christian Death, and Killing Joke. It's dark and distorted, goth-y but aggressive, and the opening salvo in a slew of music we'll be hearing from these folks.

ALTERED BOYS "Left Behind" 7" (Mad at the World Records)
In the spring of 2013, New Jersey's Altered Boys quickly followed up their debut 7"s on Katorga Works and Deranged with a two-song cassette on NJ cassette label Bleeding Edges. It was limited to 250 copies and sold out quickly. But damn was this a good package: incredible artwork and two bona-fide ragers-- a mid paced stomper on side A and a fast thrasher on side B. It begged to be released on vinyl-- or at least we thought so. We're happy to give it the vinyl treatment with a one time pressing of 500 copies. If you're not already familiar with Altered Boys, they play a raw and vigorous style of hardcore that recalls the period of the early 2000's when the likes of Tear it Up and Shark Attack sped things up and reinjected a healthy dose of punk into your hardcore.

HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS "Go Home" LP (Toxic State Records)
While there are a plethora of bands in NYC that make it so very easy to just attach oneself to (through either their approachable personalities or catchy tunes), there are almost as many that make it just as difficult. Then, to take things to a whole new level of distaste, there's Hank Wood & the Hammerheads. No other NYC band commands such vitriol outside of the city (not in NYC, though, since no one in the city seems to have anything resembling ideals if it compromises their cool points) due to some less-than-tasteful antics and attitude, and no other band revels in it more. As such, it (barely) pains me to admit that this is ranks just behind the new Dawn Of Humans 7 as the best record out of the new batch of Toxic State records and, frankly, is one of the best NYC punk records to come out in a LONG time. After some unimpressive comp tracks, a fun and solid 7", the band has put forth its definitive statement with Go Home. It's weird, it's raucous, it's dirty, it's extremely catchy. The vocals are less cartoony than they were on the 7", spouting off "superior" lyrics of hatred and self-deprecation, all with an appropriate amount of grime. The music backing these vocals is loaded with pop sensibilities. Dual percussion, frenetic bass, and even tasteful and awesome keyboard playing. The element that truly lifts things over the edge, though, is the guitar playing; the guitar lines and riffs on this record are some of the best you will hear all year. I can't level enough praise in Go Home's direction, but I will also say that, at its best, the band resembles Kill From The Heart-era Dicks." -

Pleasure Industry releases this new cassette EP (it's different than a demo!) of superior material to their first demo of riffy hardcore punk. This was also a New York's Alright 2014 release, where they killed it at ABC No Rio. This band just keeps getting better and better.

Knuckle-dragging punk from Northern California. Five drug-addled stomps for meatheads and slammers … NORMIES STAY HOME.

GAS RAG "6 Song EP" 7"



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