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Webstore Update / October 24, 2014
Once again I let the new releases pile up over the past few weeks; but last night I finally got them all up in the webstore so here's another update for you! Before I get into it, we put out a couple of new 7"s a few weeks back and I strongly suggest you pick them up! We've got the second 7" EP from Austin's BREAKOUT, and the debut 7" from Richmond's ASYLUM (on the Vinyl Conflict Label). Considering the two releases we did prior to these (EARTH GIRLS and SUPERCRUSH) were some of the catchiest / most melodic releases GM has put out - figured it would be a good move to change it up with two of the hardest, most abrasive hardcore punk EPs we've done this year (of course, not including the ripping CRETINS 7" that came out at the beginning of Summer) … 
Anyways, back to the new releases; you can check out both the BREAKOUT and ASYLUM EPs on the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page - both are up for free download, so head on over and give em a listen. For the mailorder nerds, I've got a small number of the color vinyl left of each so if you like what you hear, head over to the store and grab a copy. Here are links to both, along with descriptions:
GRAVE072: BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7"
BREAKOUT's second single follows their self-released "Razor Wire" nicely with a strong brand of UK punk-meets-US hardcore pummeling. Menace-meets-Nihilistics, Ruts-meets-Bad Brains; solid, catchy, furiously great songs.  Amongst the latest crop of punk bands in Austin (and everywhere else), BREAKOUT is one of a kind and "True Crime" proves it.  100 copies on Grey Vinyl
VC-005: ASYLUM "S/T" 7"
The debut EP from Richmond, VA's ASYLUM delivers six tracks of some of the most devastating and precisely executed hardcore punk you'll hear these days; a brooding hardcore assault powered by the driving rhythm of Motorhead, layered with buzzsaw guitars that bring to mind classic Scandinavian bands, and delivered with the non-stop intensity of Discharge.  ASYLUM have grown to become one of the best punk bands going in our city, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have their first vinyl output as the fifth Vinyl Conflict release.  100 copies on Pink Vinyl
Up next is the TENEMENT "Bruised Music Vol. 1" LP singles collection. We've got the vinyl, covers, and printed inners in house and we've just got the art for the insert booklet, so hoping to have these ready to roll by mid November! This project has been in the works for almost a year now, so of course we are very excited to finally have this out - everything looks and sounds wonderful!
Anyways, enough label talk, here's what's new in the webstore …
This webstore update is definitely a bit more of a "mixed bag" than usual, but I assure you it's ALL 100% quality!  Some great new singles and EPs, including the new AUSMUTEANTS single on Total Punk (haven't grabbed the new LP yet, soon though!), the 7" debut from RAZORHEADS, some copies of the WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? "Gluehead" 7", the URBANOIA 7", THE BROOD 7", DAILY RITUAL 7", a nice little restock of the LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Sex Pit" 7", and the 7" reissue of the demo from LUMPY spin-off, CAL AND THE CALORIES.  If you wanna branch out of the HC/PUNK realm (but not TOO far), I picked up some cool EPs from the Nostalgium Directive label, like the POPULATION 7" the debut 7" from Baltimore's WILDHONEY (both of their EPS are HIGHLY recommended!), and a couple more; plus a couple of essential reissues like the YDI "A Place in the Sun" reissue and a top notch reissue of the LA PESTE "Better Off Dead" 7" single - a KBD classic!  And speaking of reissues, finally got some copies of the second X (Australia) reissue on Ugly Pop - the "Spurts" LP, and you should of course pick it up along with the "Aspirations" LP.
Some rad LPs in this update as well, like the debut long player from Canada's ZEX, the latest UKIAH DRAG LP, and the long overdue full length from St. Louis' (and Grave Mistake alums) one and only CARDIAC ARREST! However, if you've hit a fast hardcore/punk overload (hey, it happens and there's no shame in it) and are are looking to mellow out or lighten things up with something a little catchier, a little more melodic - then this update is the one for you! Grabbed some copies of THE ERGS "Dorkrockcorkrod" LP repress (this, of course, is an all time personal favorite of mine), the wonderful third LP from Baltimore's highly underrated DEAD MECHANICAL (along with some other cool releases from the Toxic Pop Label), the WEED HOUNDS LP on Katorga Works (another highly recommended release, possibly in my top 10 of 2014), and a bunch of releases from Run for Cover Records including full lengths from PITY SEX, TIGER'S JAW, CITIZEN, and BASEMENT. 
Finally, picked up a few new tape releases as well including the "City Baby Attacked By Bats" comp (featuring a bunch of great current NYC bands), BLACK PANTIES "Dead and Gone" tape, SOME NERVE tape, and DIA FINAL tape. 
Check out the full list with descriptions below, and as always thanks for reading and the support!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Webstore Titles for 10.24.14:
AUSMUTEANTS "Fed Through A Tube" 7" (Total Punk Records)
Ausmuteants are four Geelong goons who lie compulsively, have a bad sense of humor, and probably crack up whenever negative things are written about them on the internet. My kind of guys and an obvious fit for TOTAL PUNK. Over the last two years they have been putting out record after record of hook filled punk jams of the devolved variety, and the new single is no exception.  The A-side "Fed Through a Tube" is a slightly jerky punk ripper about being too lazy to chew your own food that would make Terri Schaivo proud. On the flip side "Arguements" they slow things down a bit add a catchy synth line and sing about the joys of being disagreeable. Oh yeah and did I mention they feature members of Poison?  100% TOTAL PUNK and not long for this world.
RAZORHEADS "S/T" 7" (Failure Recordings)
The vinyl debut from New Jersey’s favorite punks, Razorheads. If you’re not familiar, Razorheads play Japanese/Swedish influenced d-beat in the vein of Anti-Cimex, Disclose, Crucifix, ect. If you like your hardcore raw, noisy, and loud, then this is for you. This 7” has updated versions of the songs featured on their New York’s Alright promo cassette, as well as brand new material.
WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? "Gluehead" 7" (Joe Pogo Records)
Another new 7" from Boston's Who Killed Spikey Jacket, recorded in the same session as their Beerstorm Trooper 7"
URBANOIA "Psykisk Terror" 7" (Solar Funeral Records)
4 ripping furious HC tracks from Norway's URBANOIA. As you can imagine, since the EP is named after the Norwegian band, Psykisk Terror, they play hardcore that harkens back to early 80s Norway. Simple, loud, raw thrash with Norwegian style.
CAL AND THE CALORIES "Demo" 7" (Lumpy Records)
"CAL AND THE CALORIES was formed to play songs that were rejected by the band LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS for being "too poppy". Apparently, "too poppy" to them means playing slightly more melodic music that follows in the grand tradition of Midwestern punk along the lines of more fucked GIZMOS or THE PANICS after they've been thrown through a mud puddle."
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Sex Pit" 7" (Lumpy Records)
Here it is, finally...the vinyl debut for St. Louis' LUMPY & THE DUMPERS. After a couple excellent tapes, Lumpy recruited some local freaks from bands like SHAVED WOMEN to back him up as THE DUMPERS. The result has been a string of wild live shows and this here three song 7". I imagine LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS as an odd growth off some of the freakier first wave US "KBD" punk bands like THE MAD or GIZMOS. Odd, creeping tempos and pure snot vocals lurch throughout these three songs. Excellent stuff that really stands out from the pack, and highly recommended. REPRESS with paper sleeve
DAILY RITUAL "Depressed State" 7" (4490 Records)
Daily Ritual play a standard style of catchy, melodic punk rock, in line with such bands as The Observers, Red Dons, Autistic Youth, the Estranged, etc. The melodies are memorable, the songs are catchy, the record is fucking good all around. If you are someone that actually cares about punk on a worldwide scale, this is a good record to scope to hear something that's currently exciting and relevant in southeast Asia. This is one of the better (and more popular) releases to come out of southeast Asia, pick it up and discover what the punks are dancing to on the other side of the world.
BROOD, THE "Defective" 7" (Self Released)
Debut 7" from this Philadelphia band, and like their killer demo tape it's a ripping little slice of straightforward, no-nonsense hardcore. The Brood kind of reminds me of Wasted Time a little bit in that Poison Idea clearly seems to be the main influence, and there's a total bulldozer effect to the way that the entire thing comes together. There are a couple of little tricks here and there to keep your ear interested... a couple of lead guitar parts, some catchy little stops and starts... but at the end of the day this is just bruising hardcore... if that's what you want to hear I'd recommend you pick this up.
TOTAL ABUSE "Looking for Love" 7" (Deranged Records)
Total Abuse, the ugly boys from Texas return after a two year hiatus with Looking For Love, a 3 track 7" EP ...Expect dissonant, debased, sleaze filled dirgy hell tunes... You either love them or hate them but you know to expect the filthiest ear shredding hardcore around . Looking For Love is the a search for forgiveness through the trash filled alley ways and underbelly of a seedy Texas city... Cover art by Jamie Fletcher... Back cover and an incredible illustrated 10 page booklet by Matthew Bellosi.
GOLDEN PELICANS "S/T" LP (Total Punk Records)
Remember your creepy uncle that lived in your grandma's basement and always snuck you beers at Thanksgiving while regaling you with tales of all the trouble he got into at high school and how "bad ass" everything was when he was growing up.  Well imagine him and all of his derelict buddies formed a punk band. The Pelicans are that band and after 3 singles they are back with their first 12". 8 blasts of raging riff heavy punk action clocking in at just over 14 minutes and 100% TOTAL PUNK.
UKIAH DRAG, THE "In the Reaper's Quarters" LP (Wharf Cat Records)
The Ukiah Drag has continued to improve with each release, but nothing could prepare me for how fucking good their debut LP. This is a monolith of an album that descends through the most drugged-out realms of desert punk and psychedelia. This will most certainly go down as being one of the most essential records of the year.
UKIAH DRAG, THE "Jazz Mama is Cryin" LP (Wharf Cat Records)
Wharf Cat has repressed the much sought-after 12" version of their initial tape release on Ascetic House. This is the band at their most raw, 4-track glory. They might never sound like this again (which is both a good and bad thing), but at least this material has been immortalized on vinyl. Essential!
ZEX "Fight for Yourself" LP (Capitalicide Records)
After releasing Savage City 7" , Wanderlust 7" and having East Coast US tour, theres a time for a debut long play for Ottawa's punks ZEX whose sound is a mix of old school punk rock (77-79) influenced by rock-n-roll and some speed/heavy metal tunes. 10 songs sound really fresh thats why you gotta hear it!
NOT AFRAID "Locked Out" LP (React! Records)
NOT AFRAID is a Belgian hardcore (super)group featuring members of True Colors (Packo back in action on vocals, sounding harder than ever), Justice and Dead Stop. The LOCKED OUT LP is as diverse and intense as you would imagine from such a cast and brings together the unique qualities of each band without attempting to recreate them. NOT AFRAID combines the passion and intensity of True Colors with the creativity and groove of Justice, stomped mercilessly into the streets of Antwerpen by the boots of Dead Stop. While definitely inspired by classic 80's hardcore, the Locked Out sound is difficult to categorize into a specific subgenre. All things considered, this is a HARDCORE record, and one of the best you’ll hear all year.
CARDIAC ARREST "In the Mouth of Madness" LP (Lumpy Records)
Cardiac Arrest is back with an all out classic hardcore effort, picking up and beefed up were last 7"s left off. An old Boston influence seems to be heard thrue these ears, judge for yourself 12 tracks to pummel too.
LA PESTE "Better Off Dead" 7" (Wharf Cat Records)
In their brief but storied career, Boston's La Peste put out only one official record consisting of just two songs. First released in 1978, right between the golden age of East Coast punk and hardcore’s takeover in the early 1980s, La Peste’s "Better Off Dead" seven-inch was informed equally by raw 60s rock and roll and the dust-clearing first wave of punk in 75-76. Hugely influential to post-punk, new wave, and hardcore punk, this seminal single has a rightful place in the hands of any vinyl junkie with a taste for the harder underground offerings of the late 70s. The A-Side’s needling intro bridges post punk and surf rock before crashing into a Damned-worthy power chord surge that never lets up or resolves. It’s a perfect sonic balance of CBGB sleaze and proto-hardcore rebellion — well suited to a tale of underage lust and parental disapproval. The B is a moodier, bass-driven cut that forges further out towards punk’s fringe, merging Christian Death’s goth menace to Gang of Four’s righteous throb. "Better Off Dead" captures a regional darling coming into its own. It sounds at once intimidating and scared of its own strength.  The record was released to massive acclaim in 1978 from punk's critical vanguard. Robert Christgau and John Peel both approved. It quickly became a sought-after artifact, and can still fetch three figures at auction, long after the band called it quits. The title track found its way onto a Killed By Death compilation, and the band’s remaining unreleased material populated several posthumous compilations (all now out of print).  This recording comes directly from the original 1978 Boston reels, with a light-touch polish from Josh Bonati of New York’s Bonati Mastering that serves only to preserve the original sound while cranking the volume. The first 100 records come packaged with a rare photo of the band previously thought lost, but tracked down expressly for this release. The limited run reissue offers the lost punk classic a chance to be found again, sounding as fresh as ever on vinyl, and presented with an attention to detail that pays tribute to the original artifact.
YDI "A Place in the Sun" 7" (TKO Records)
We are honored and excited to finally make this classic slab of brutal 80s U.S. Hardcore Punk available again in its original format!! In the early 1980s, YDi put Philadelphia on the map with their ferocious brand of Hardcore. In 1983 they unleashed their debut EP "A Place In The Sun" on Bloodbubble Records, a label formed by notorious Punk/HC promoter "Fat Howard" Saunders (RIP). "A Place In The Sun" is a blistering nine-track blast of HC fury, that holds it's own with "Pick Your King" the Negative Approach EP, and any other prime example of early American Hardcore. Unavailable for over a decade on ANY formate, we are glad to make this vital piece of American Punk history available again. Be sure to look for the complete YDi discography collection, coming soon from our friends at Souther Lord Records, but for now, drop the needle and enjoy some vintage, authentic inner city aggression from YDi!!
X "Spurts" LP (Ugly Pop Records)
Before their legendary debut LP, X recorded a 1977 demo session that is a brilliant snapshot of the period, and a treasure for anyone with an interest in world-wide first wave punk. Ten tracks, perfect raw/full recording, seething with desperation and urgency, this is the sound of early AC/DC meets "Pink Flag" with everything cranked.  37 years on, Ugly Pop presents the first ever vinyl appearance of this seminal document.
WEED HOUNDS "S/T" LP (Katorga Works Records)
Around five years in the making, Weed Hounds has finally completed their debut full length. This album perfectly captures their phenomenal blend of classic-era shoegaze and 90s indie pop a la the legendary Slumberland Records. Unlike a majority of their peers at the time, Weed Hounds was able to create something far more extraordinary than the usual, tepid nugaze or faux-twee pop that littered the indie world. Instead, Weed Hounds stands above the pack with a superior recording courtesy of Ben Greenberg and, most importantly, a songwriting ability that exhibits a clear understanding of what this style of music was meant to be.
WILDHONEY "S/T" 7" (Nostalgium Directive Records)
Baltimore's premier shoegaze act's debut 7". Their last one really blew me away considering it's a contemporary shoegaze record. I hate most of the newer stuff, but it really floored me. I went back and revisited this one that I thought was just pretty good, but it's much better upon second try. Definitely don't snooze on this one.
NOSTALGIST "Monochromantic" 7" (Nostalgium Directive Records)
Seattle's NOSTALGIST descend into a realm of dark sonics on their debut release, meshing the cold solitude of '80s post-punk like SISTERS OF MERCY with the warm, shoegazing heft of SLOWDIVE. Shimmering melody haunts the slow, reflective trudge of "illusory", while "twisting, slowly" sticks a lush, dreamy respite in the middle of an otherwise propulsive charge. Ten minutes of enveloping melancholy.
POPULATION "Relic" 7" (Nostalgium Directive Records)
Chicago's Population channel a citywide darkness with this pair of atmospheric post-punk tracks. "Relic" cruises at a steady, menacing pace as vocalist Keelan McMorrow laments a lost love. On "Mourning Dawn," the band locks in a steady groove as keyboards inject French coldwave lushness into the band's Manchester-inspired minimalism. In perfect accompaniment, the record comes packaged in a hand-assembled/-stamped/-embossed reliquary envelope designed by McMorrow.
HOLLOW SUNSHINE "Cold Truth" 7" (Nostalgium Directive Records)
Versatile visual artist Reuben Sawyer (Destruction Unit, Chelsea Wolfe, GAG) and vocalist Morgan Enos follow their 2013 debut LP with even catchier explorations of their drone/shoegaze/pop amalgam. Fans of Jesu and Hum will rejoice in the beautiful contrast of Sawyer's downtuned guitar mass with Enos' subdued, earnest vocal melodies as the duo meander pleasantly through two songs of helplessness, departure and relief. The record includes an exclusive woven patch designed by Sawyer.
DEAD MECHANICAL "OK Night" LP (Toxic Pop Records)
Baltimore's Dead Mechanical offer up their 3rd LP and we couldn't be more thrilled to bring it to you. This is a band we've loved from day one and it's been great watching them grow into the band they've become. Bands like Jawbreaker and Superchunk still hold down the foundation for the sound here, but this threesome has really come into their own with their songwriting, both musically and lyrically. This is easily their best record yet and they show no signs of slowing.
CAPITALIST KIDS, THE / TIGHT BROS Split 7" (Toxic Pop Records)
On one side you've got Austin's The Capitalist Kids churning out the hits on par with previous releases. Here they give us a love song, a timely song about government surveillance, and a cover by a band many would consider the antithesis of punk that they've spun into gold and worked out a tune that will be stuck in your head long after the record stops spinning. On the other side we've got three new songs from Columbus, OH's Tight Bros. This was our first introduction to the band and we got very excited very fast upon hearing these songs. An easy description would be something along the lines of a slightly more pop-punk friendly take on The Marked Men. These are songs for summertime. We look forward to more from these guys. Comes with a digital download code.
CAPITALIST KIDS, THE "At A Loss" LP (Toxic Pop Records)
Austin's The Capitalist Kids return with their third album, "At a Loss". They continue proving their love for classic Lookout! Records pop-punk band like The Mr. T Experience and Green Day while twisting the genre up just a bit by alternating between perfectly sweet love songs and perfectly insightful songs of social critique. The major difference this time around is the addition of a second guitar player which helps to make the melodies that much more infectious.
CITIZEN "Young States" 7" (Run For Cover Records)
The material offers a glimpse into the band's impressive and diverse growth, talent and promise. Tracks like "I Still Shut My Eyes" and "Untitled" are some of the catchiest uptempo emo/punk songs of the last decade while "Right Through" has ballad-esque qualities, calling to mind the slow pop punk classics of bands liek Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. The two acoustic renditions further showcase singer Mat Kerkes raw natural charisma and prove that Citizen has a long and exciting career ahead.
WHIRR "Part Time Punks Sessions" 7" (Run For Cover Records)
Originally released by the band as a tape, this awesome recording is seeing the light of day on vinyl for the first time on Record Store Day (4/20/2013). The track list features songs spanning the band's whole discography, all performed eerily perfect in comparison to their original, but the raw, live recordings show the songs in new light.
BASEMENT "Colourmeinkindness" LP (Run For Cover Records)
The young UK band's sophomore full-length is also their swan song - Basement has announced an indefinite hiatus following record release shows this winter, and the record burns with the cathartic, confessional urgency of leaving it all on this one last document. The album is the perfect blend of Knapsack-esque midwestern emo and overblown '90s grunge a la Nirvana and Sunny Day Real Estate.
BASEMENT "I Wish I Could Stay Here" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Nestled away in the UK's quiet, picturesque east coast town of Ipswich, the lads in Basement are conflicted between the comfort of the beautiful familiar and the allure of escape. As frontman Andrew Fisher's gravelly, Lifetime-esque yowl skips and stretches over driving rhythms and poignant guitar melodies, it's clear Basement expertly walk the line between the contrast of heartrending emo and gruff post-hardcore. Whether working through a slow, Seaweed-styled mid-tempo burn of pounding-out driving punk, Basement has a quiet layer of jagged desperation weaving their songs together under the smooth melodic surface.
CITIZEN "Youth" LP (Run For Cover Records)
From the first note of "Roam The Room," this album's massive, towering rock songs bleed emotion through until the tape runs out on the album closer, "Drawn Out." Ohio natives Citizen have captured the ghost of Brand New's "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me" and reinvented brooding, chorus-driven alternative rock for a new generation. Beautifully harmonized, half-shouted vocals along with fuzzy, reverbed-out leads lend weight to the album's mood while also making it impossibly catchy.
PITY SEX "Dark World" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Hailing from Ann Arbor, MI, Pity Sex specialize in foggy, lo-fi noise pop and fuzzed-out, blown-speaker walls of sound, all with their own midwestern emo subtleties. The "Dark World" EP was originally pressed and sold out on midwest label Forward Records. The record is now being reissued via Run For Cover Records in advance of the band's debut LP due out mid-2013. 12"ep includes digital download and is limited to 500 copie
PITY SEX "Feast of Love" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Walking the razor's edge between overdriven, navel-gazing bliss and perfect pop sensibility, Ann Arbor, MI's Pity Sex has crafted a breathtaking debut LP that's both awesomely beautiful and deftly evocative. Massive, harmonically distorted guitars and airy, dual male/female vocals are hallmarks of "Feast Of Love," all washed in warm, dreamy reverb. Calling on the infectious, hooky inclinations of the Pixies, dreary melodies of the Breeders and sonic mass of My Bloody Valentine, Pity Sex's "Feast Of Love" twists and churns with these beautiful, yet fleeting, vignettes captured in sound.
TIGERS JAW "Charmer" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Between the power pop melodies of early Saves The Day and the hard-driving folk rhythms of Fleetwood Mac lies Tigers Jaw, a band whose raw immediacy is infectious and intoxicating. Shimmering organ textures, chunky guitar chords, and male/female vocal harmonies show the Scranton, PA, natives taking rural rock music from its legendary past to its vibrant future. Among the more innovative acts on Run For Cover Record's star-studded roster, Tigers Jaw has a profound musical purity that is as equally stirring in a basement of 40 people as it is in a club of 1,000.
TIGERS JAW "S/T" LP (Run For Cover Records)
For the past few years, five young friends from Scranton, PA known as Tigers Jaw have been playing their brand of upbeat, yet melancholy, indie rock, captivating nearly everyone in the room each time. The debut from Tigers Jaw may wear its influences on its sleeve, but instead of a repetitive list of soundalike bands, themes such as death, friendship and growing up are tackled from an endearing and hopeful perspective that is almost impossible not to relate to. This is a reissue of the debut self-titled full-length that served as the recorded introduction to Tigers Jaw and should tide over fans between the Balance And Composure/Tigers Jaw split 12" and the band's forthcoming sophomore full-length due to be released late summer 2010.
TIGERS JAW "Two Worlds" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Aptly titled "Two Worlds," Tigers Jaw's sophomore full-length draws on the strengths of the band's raw, minimalist atmospheres and driving grunge-rock rhythms, funneling them into a catchy, brooding and brilliantly focused album. Firmly planted in their own niche of the '90s-era Midwestern emo sound, "Two Worlds" probes Superchunk's indie-punk stylings, Weezer's discordant pop moments and the far edges of Kurt Cobain's brain while managing to sound almost nothing like those groups. It evokes many moods the band is known for, but adds a depth that will leave listeners discovering new reasons to love them with each new listen.
ERGS, THE "Dorkrockcorkrod" LP (Don Giovanni Records)
10th Anniversary! Back in print! New vinyl master!  A masterpiece of an album, and a fresh vinyl master that sounds way better than the original pressings. "The three-song suite of "Most Violent Rap Group," "Pray For Rain," and "Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama" may be one of the best triple plays in all of rock music, let alone pop-punk" - The A.V. Club
SETE STAR SEPT "All is Wrong" 12" (SPHC Records)
What is a "noisecore song" anyway? 10 songs, 100 songs, 1000 songs, everything blurs right by you as brief moments of expression. Our favorite Japanese grind crew threw two fingers in the air and wrote an 18-minute noisecore song a few years ago and released it as a tape. Granted the difference between 1000 songs in 18 minutes and one singular 18-minute song may be kinda superfluous in this context, but I have come to appreciate the nature of this epic noisecore narrative piece. It's a repetitive song that paints a certain kind of decay and 'falling apart' feeling that, yeah, really does just feel like musical destruction. This limited 12" single is a vinyl re-release of this song that was originally seen as a tape and 3" CD. Normal version on the A-side, which you can hear in its entirety below, and acoustic remix on the B-side.
SETE STAR SEPT "Messenger from the Darkness" LP (SPHC Records)
A 12" release of this free-form and improvised recording session, done with Official Lotus Fucker//SPHC Noise Scientist Mr. Mike Walls behind the controls, right here in Baltimore in May 2013, right before Sete Star Sept started their tour. Some tracks even feature Mike guesting on guitar.
THISCLOSE "One Foot in the Grave" LP (SPHC Records)
What if Cal was the only person in Discharge that thought heavy metal was cool? (Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP music, Grave New World LP vocals)
V/A "City Baby Attacked by Bats" Tape Comp (Burn Books Records)
DJ Chi2 presents CITY BABY ATTACKED BY BATS Mixtape! Featuring previously released material as well as some never before heard tracks by: Anasazi, Aube, Big Bang, Children With Dog Feet, Crazy Spirit, Creeping Dose, La Cruor, Freak Vibe, G.A.S.H, Goosebumps, Gowanus Mutant Kommandos, L.O.T.I.O.N, Mommy, Razorheads, Savage Sex Boys, Sex Cross, Spiderman, Survival, and Warthog! ESSENTIAL NYC PUNK DOCUMENT.
BLACK PANTIES "Dead and Gone" Tape (Lumpy Records)
Brand New 10 Track 'album'. Raw rnr, ungrateful and distorted. You will want these songs out of your head but they won't go.
SOME NERVE "S/T" Tape (Failure Recordings)
Here we have the latest output from MA's Some Nerve. 3 tracks of hard, but catchy hardcore punk with some serious Poison Idea vibes. This is one of my favorite demos of the year, do not sleep on this. Cassette pressing of 150, pro-dubbed, with a doubled sided j-card and insert.
DIA FINAL Demo 2014 Tape (Demo)
Demo cassette from this new band featuring a bunch of veterans of the Los Angeles punk scene. This is an absolutely explosive demo cassette... the music is built around pretty simple 1-2 drumming and strong and simple punk riffs, but something about the performance here just jumps out of the speakers. It definitely bears a little bit of resemblance to the whole Ruleta Rusa / Peligro Social style, but the production is much more raw, the vocals have more of a kind of snotty, '77 flavor that recalls bands like the Stitches, and the music is much more straightforward and stripped-down.
Maximum Rocknroll #378, the November 2014 issue, features Part I of our ex-Yugoslavian history series: an extended Slovenian punk retrospective. BULDOGI, TOŽIBABE, INDUST-BAG, QUOD MASSACRE, PANKRTI, GRUPA 92, ŠUND, and KUZLE are interviewed about their roles in the fertile early Slovenian punk scene, including stories about smuggled instruments, bootlegged records, and high-school dances, as well as the legacy of Ex-Yugo bands. Also in this issue, Northwest Indiana’s BIG ZIT and OOZE stop by the compound on their West Coast tour for a split interview, and we have the final interview with recently-split Bay Area band YI. Jason Flower, the man behind the excellent reissue label Supreme Echo, gives us a window into how he developed his eclectic taste and clues us in to a few upcoming releases. An in-depth Australian scene report of punk activities Down Under and a photo spread from Philly’s recent POC Rockers! show round out the issue. And, as always, we’ve got all the columnists you love to hate, plus demo, book, movie and zine reviews and the most extensive punk record review section in print!
Restocks for 10.24.14:
ANGEL DU$T "Extra Raw" 7"
BIRTH DEFORMITIES "Suburbanized" 10"
BREAKDOWN "Runnin' Scared" LP
COCKNEY REJECTS "Flares N' Slippers" 7"
HOT NASTIES "Invasion of the Tribbles" 7"
RED DONS "Pariah" 7"

Friday, October 3, 2014


My apologies for hitting you with two updates in a row, but I've never been good with planning accordingly so this happens from time to time!
In addition to the new BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7" and ASYLUM "S/T" 7", I just put a bunch of awesome new distro stuff in the store this morning so figured it would be best to get a proper recap in before the week is up!

Of course, the new releases are available in the store (color vinyl out of 100 for each while they last), and you can give them both a listen or download over at the Grave Mistake Bandcamp. These are in house and are shipping out now, so no "preorder" bs and no waiting - anything that doesn't get out today will be in the mail Monday.

Anyways, I spoke about those a bit more in depth yesterday, so check that update out HERE if you missed it - they are both great fuckin EPs and I'm very excited to have them out.

As for the new webstore stuff, it's not that much but it's definitely all killer, no filler! We've got the new records from DIE, TOTAL CONTROL, UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE, IRON LUNG, GENERACION SUICIDA, plus the brand new X "Aspirations" and P.I.G.Z. reissues on Ugly Pop; the new LP from THE NUMBER ONES on Deranged, some copies of the MYSTIC INANE and STONE DAGGER 7"s, plus a few copies left of the NYC MAYHEM reissue LP.

Just restocked on the S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7", INSTITUTE Demo 12", first GENERACION SUICIDA LP, ACHTUNGS LP, and PRIMETIME 7", as well so grab em if you haven't yet.

Here is the full list, thanks for reading!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records



New in the Webstore for 10.3.14:

DIE "Vexed" 7"
Follow up to their amazing debut from last year. 8 new tracks of nihilist and anti social hardcore punk with a sound heavy rooted in both Bristol and Boston circa 1983. (Sonic Terror Discs)

TOTAL CONTROL "Typical System" LP
Finally, a new deep cut from Melbourne’s visceral post-punk band Total Control. Typical System, their second LP, was written, recorded, created over the past two years and is set for US/Worldwide release via Iron Lung Records on June 24th and self-release in Australia/New Zealand on June 20th.  Total Control emerged from Australia’s dynamic punk scene in ’08, releasing a succession of 7”s that developed from an aggressive post-punk band sound to studio forays into electronic forms from minimal wave to house. Their debut LP, Henge Beat, was commended as one of the few records released in 2011 that evaded the ease of classification and competent tribute act status of most modern bands.  Subsequently, they have released three very different records: a split 12” with Thee Oh Sees, a 7” single on Sub Pop and a house remix 12”. Typical System develops on the incongruent demands of their debut LP and ensuing releases, a further development on their continually evolving sound. (Iron Lung Records)

IRON LUNG "Savagery" 7"
Twelve songs clocking in around six and a half minutes. We fucking timed it! Iron Lung's most raw neanderthal powerviolence flex without bowing to the overworked conventions of the genre. Intentionally nasty and jarring music. They said it couldn't be done, but we keep getting faster and more savage with age. The world around us is more intense than ever and the music found here definitely reflects that. Our angriest record. Our country's dumbest time.  The first batch of 'Savagery' will be pressed on black or green vinyl and packaged in a fancy inner sleeve inside a hand stamped 12 panel poster. Art by Jon Kortland and Jensen Ward. Sounds by Jackson Long. (Iron Lung Records)

Two brand new long awaited songs to follow up last year's incredible "Observant Com El Món Es Destrueix" LP on La Vida Es Un Mus. UBI have managed, working so smoothly it almost seems effortless, to make music that is timelessly familiar and crackling with modern energy. Anthemic industrial tinged hardcore punk with an anarcho slant from Barcelona. Truly, music of the people for the people. One of the best bands going these days. Ring, ring, don't miss this call.  Black or orange vinyl comes packaged in a heavy feltweave sleeve in the style of our other singles from this series (PHT, Column Of Heaven, Gag, Flesh World...). (Iron Lung Records)

26-track LP contains all of NYC Mayhem's studio recordings: two demo tapes and their unreleased "For Real!" 7" that was to appear on Urinal Records. Also includes a 12-page full-color book containing extensive liner notes and many rare/unseen images. Limited to 500 copies. (Radio Raheem Records)

THE NUMBER ONES (AKA THE #1s) will take you to power pop heaven with their razor sharp 10 track self titled debut album. They are a Dublin based four-piece featuring members of Cian Nugent and The Cosmos (Matador / No Quarter), Cheap Freaks (Big Neck), Strong Boys (Milk Run), and The Pacifics (Bachelor). Even though they are based in Dublin, they sound like a classic Good Vibrations band from 1979. The Number Ones have energy, passion and tunes so good, it makes you think you've heard them already. Each track is a golden nugget of power pop fun that never outlasts it's welcome as every track is under three minutes. Although this sort of music seems to have been done a million times before, it sounds fresh in the hands of The Number Ones. This is pure summer fun for fans of Rudi, Protex, Exploding Hearts, Buzzcocks and The Tranzmitors."  (Deranged Records)

P.I.G.Z. "Bloody Belgium" EP
One of the crown jewels of worldwide first-wave punk, this Belgian band's sole release really is as good as it gets. All three songs here are excellent but "Bloody Belgium" and "Stooges" are stone classics. Unavailable since it was released in 1978, with original copies fetching up to four figures, and finally back in print through cooperation with the band. Includes booklet with interview, clippings and unseen photos! (Ugly Pop Records)

X "Aspirations" LP
The Sydney band's 1979 debut is one of the all-time great Australian records, a devastatingly tough yet diverse album featuring 14 tracks of superb punk rock, equal parts wiry tension and savage release. This antipodean classic has fallen out of print again in recent years but should always be available, so Ugly Pop is pleased to announce that we'll be reissuing it with new insert and unseen photos. (Ugly Pop Records)

Second 12" from Generacion Suicida. This time around the group (from South Central, not East LA) brings 9 tracks of their sound. This is their sound, not some knock off, not some imitation, not a homage or retro dress up party... this is what the group does best. I'll save any boring comparisons and you save yours. Jam it up super and see. Recorded in 2014 after a European tour. The group has tour copies with them now on their East Coast tour.  B side is silk screened and includes a 18x24 poster. We have a limited color for mail-order copies. The bands East Coast tour starts this Friday!  (Going Underground Records)

SICK THOUGHTS "Coming Over" 7"
There's a few ST records out, but this is a shining star. Lazy record reviewers and critics alike say sick thoughts sounds just like a reatards rip but he's really coming into his own here.i hear a huge KBD and GG ALLIN as an influence on this one. With all these records coming out, Some may call it over saturation but Theyre all great so who gives a shit? Sick Thoughts LP out soon on Going Underground ("Home of the Hits")! (Going Underground Records)

SICK THOUGHTS "The Last Beat of Death" Tape
Last Beat of Death is pretty exceptional: the kid can't buy cigarettes legally but managed to record the entirety of these eight tracks in less than 48 hours. These new songs are his best yet -- blistering, frantic and unrelenting — all delivered in short hot spurts of two minutes a piece. Drew Owen's musicianship is finally catching up to the frenzied, pissed off headspace they were conceived in and you can bear witness via this hot pink piece o’ plastic, available in limited run of just fifty tapes (Minas World Tapes)

MYSTIC INANE "Deep Creep" 7"
Rising from the ashes of insta-cult hardcore punk outfit Necro Hippies, New Orlean's Mystic Inane finally deliver on the promise of their two demo tapes. Switching singers from tape to tape, the vocals on the second demo seemed a bit too unrefined for my taste, but that was clearly just a temporary thing because they're more powerful and more effective on this 7", which also boasts their best recording quality to-date. Top it off with a re-recording of their best song from the first demo, "Deep Creep," and we have a winner! If you haven't heard Mystic Inane before, they take their modern brand of freaky Midwest 80s USHC and mix it with No Trend, doing the combination more than justice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Negative Jazz Records)

STONE DAGGER "The Siege of Jerusalem" 7"
The highly acclaimed sold-out demo tape from new US Epic Heavy Metal band Stone Dagger featuring the voice of Brendan Radigan (Magic Circle, The Rival Mob, Battle Ruins) on 7"-vinyl, remastered by Jaime Gomez of Orgone Studios (Ghost, Cathedral, Aura Noir). For fans of Manilla Road, Dio, Cirith Ungol, early Manowar and Black Sabbath.  Third and final pressing! (Electric Assault Records)

Reissue of this classic mega rare (and mega expensive) Australian punk EP.  The Fun Things were a high energy punk band that was formed during the heyday period of punk rock. Known for their admiration of Radio Birdman, they also have been documented as being "modeled on almost exclusively on the Radio Birdman / Stooges / Sex Pistols mould".  The Fun Things released one highly acclaimed E.P. and has become "one of the most collectable artifacts from Australia’s punk rock era."   (Fanclub Pressing)

NEO-PUNKZ "Fascist Fuckerz" 7"
Back in 1980, punk was all about nihilism and not giving a fuck. Young punks got themselves guitars and drums and started their own band. So did a bunch of them who hailed from Haarlem, the exact same place Jesus and the Gospelfuckers came from. They recorded 5 songs that sounded snotty and raw. Obviously they did not care a lot about good musicianship and quality recordings and that might be exactly why this is such a great record. Snottyness that sounds natural and not as ' wanna be'  as a lot of bands these days. This is an essential record for people who like their punk raw and vicious.  Comes with 8 page booklet including the never before printed lyrics as well as lots of never before used pictures of this young punkz. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)

SUSPENSE "Murder with the Axe" 7"
I remember getting a letter from one of the DISORDER members who asked me to re-record him the SUSPENSE ep, because the song ' Crazy Sod'  got cut off before it ended. As a lot of punk bands, the NEO PUNKZ were influenced a lot by DISCHARGE (and not only musically) and in comparisation to the first ep, they sped up and had a distinct UK82 in sound (as well as their appearance). The subtitle of this record is; ' the end of the NEO PUNKZ , this is SUSPENSE'. They replaced one of the guitar players, recorded 3 fast songs and one longer and much slower one.  Again, this is one of the milestones in Dutch punk history and boy, don't they look good in studs and leather. Essential. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)

Restocks for 10.3.14:

ACHTUNGS, THE "Full of Hate" LP
INSTITUTE "Demo" 12"
PROXY "Slow Suicide" 7"
S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7"

NEW RELEASES: BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7" and ASYLUM "S/T" 7" Out Now!


Two new releases out today; we've got the second 7" EP from Austin, TX's BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7" on Grave Mistake, and the debut EP from Richmond, VA's ASYLUM on the Vinyl Conflict Label. Very very excited for both!

Both EPs are up on the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page streaming in full. I also decided to just put the DL's up for free, but of course, if you want to throw a couple of bucks our way for the download we will gladly accept it! If not, that's totally fine too - we appreciate you checking them out regardless.

Here is the info on both releases, and as always we have ltd. nerd versions for mailorder (which are shipping immediately).  Both releases will also start shipping out to distros/ stores and such next week, so if you would like copies in trade or wholesale please drop me a line and hopefully we can work something out.

GRAVE072: BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7"
BREAKOUT's second single follows their self-released "Razor Wire" nicely with a strong brand of UK punk-meets-US hardcore pummeling. Menace-meets-Nihilistics, Ruts-meets-Bad Brains; solid, catchy, furiously great songs.  Amongst the latest crop of punk bands in Austin (and everywhere else), BREAKOUT is one of a kind and "True Crime" proves it.  

100 copies on Grey Vinyl


VC-005: ASYLUM "S/T" 7"
The debut EP from Richmond, VA's ASYLUM delivers six tracks of some of the most devastating and precisely executed hardcore punk you'll hear these days; a brooding hardcore assault powered by the driving rhythm of Motorhead, layered with buzzsaw guitars that bring to mind classic Scandinavian bands, and delivered with the non-stop intensity of Discharge.  ASYLUM have grown to become one of the best punk bands going in our city, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have their first vinyl output as the fifth Vinyl Conflict release.

100 copies on Pink Vinyl


Also, a few webstore adds for this week like the incredible DIE "Vexed" 7", the debut LP from THE NUMBER ONES, the newest 12" from GENERACION SUICIDA, a new 7" and tape from SICK THOUGHTS, the MYSTIC INANE 7", STONE DAGGER 7", NYC MAYHEM reissue LP, and more …

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for the continued support!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records