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My apologies for hitting you with two updates in a row, but I've never been good with planning accordingly so this happens from time to time!
In addition to the new BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7" and ASYLUM "S/T" 7", I just put a bunch of awesome new distro stuff in the store this morning so figured it would be best to get a proper recap in before the week is up!

Of course, the new releases are available in the store (color vinyl out of 100 for each while they last), and you can give them both a listen or download over at the Grave Mistake Bandcamp. These are in house and are shipping out now, so no "preorder" bs and no waiting - anything that doesn't get out today will be in the mail Monday.

Anyways, I spoke about those a bit more in depth yesterday, so check that update out HERE if you missed it - they are both great fuckin EPs and I'm very excited to have them out.

As for the new webstore stuff, it's not that much but it's definitely all killer, no filler! We've got the new records from DIE, TOTAL CONTROL, UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE, IRON LUNG, GENERACION SUICIDA, plus the brand new X "Aspirations" and P.I.G.Z. reissues on Ugly Pop; the new LP from THE NUMBER ONES on Deranged, some copies of the MYSTIC INANE and STONE DAGGER 7"s, plus a few copies left of the NYC MAYHEM reissue LP.

Just restocked on the S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7", INSTITUTE Demo 12", first GENERACION SUICIDA LP, ACHTUNGS LP, and PRIMETIME 7", as well so grab em if you haven't yet.

Here is the full list, thanks for reading!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records



New in the Webstore for 10.3.14:

DIE "Vexed" 7"
Follow up to their amazing debut from last year. 8 new tracks of nihilist and anti social hardcore punk with a sound heavy rooted in both Bristol and Boston circa 1983. (Sonic Terror Discs)

TOTAL CONTROL "Typical System" LP
Finally, a new deep cut from Melbourne’s visceral post-punk band Total Control. Typical System, their second LP, was written, recorded, created over the past two years and is set for US/Worldwide release via Iron Lung Records on June 24th and self-release in Australia/New Zealand on June 20th.  Total Control emerged from Australia’s dynamic punk scene in ’08, releasing a succession of 7”s that developed from an aggressive post-punk band sound to studio forays into electronic forms from minimal wave to house. Their debut LP, Henge Beat, was commended as one of the few records released in 2011 that evaded the ease of classification and competent tribute act status of most modern bands.  Subsequently, they have released three very different records: a split 12” with Thee Oh Sees, a 7” single on Sub Pop and a house remix 12”. Typical System develops on the incongruent demands of their debut LP and ensuing releases, a further development on their continually evolving sound. (Iron Lung Records)

IRON LUNG "Savagery" 7"
Twelve songs clocking in around six and a half minutes. We fucking timed it! Iron Lung's most raw neanderthal powerviolence flex without bowing to the overworked conventions of the genre. Intentionally nasty and jarring music. They said it couldn't be done, but we keep getting faster and more savage with age. The world around us is more intense than ever and the music found here definitely reflects that. Our angriest record. Our country's dumbest time.  The first batch of 'Savagery' will be pressed on black or green vinyl and packaged in a fancy inner sleeve inside a hand stamped 12 panel poster. Art by Jon Kortland and Jensen Ward. Sounds by Jackson Long. (Iron Lung Records)

Two brand new long awaited songs to follow up last year's incredible "Observant Com El Món Es Destrueix" LP on La Vida Es Un Mus. UBI have managed, working so smoothly it almost seems effortless, to make music that is timelessly familiar and crackling with modern energy. Anthemic industrial tinged hardcore punk with an anarcho slant from Barcelona. Truly, music of the people for the people. One of the best bands going these days. Ring, ring, don't miss this call.  Black or orange vinyl comes packaged in a heavy feltweave sleeve in the style of our other singles from this series (PHT, Column Of Heaven, Gag, Flesh World...). (Iron Lung Records)

26-track LP contains all of NYC Mayhem's studio recordings: two demo tapes and their unreleased "For Real!" 7" that was to appear on Urinal Records. Also includes a 12-page full-color book containing extensive liner notes and many rare/unseen images. Limited to 500 copies. (Radio Raheem Records)

THE NUMBER ONES (AKA THE #1s) will take you to power pop heaven with their razor sharp 10 track self titled debut album. They are a Dublin based four-piece featuring members of Cian Nugent and The Cosmos (Matador / No Quarter), Cheap Freaks (Big Neck), Strong Boys (Milk Run), and The Pacifics (Bachelor). Even though they are based in Dublin, they sound like a classic Good Vibrations band from 1979. The Number Ones have energy, passion and tunes so good, it makes you think you've heard them already. Each track is a golden nugget of power pop fun that never outlasts it's welcome as every track is under three minutes. Although this sort of music seems to have been done a million times before, it sounds fresh in the hands of The Number Ones. This is pure summer fun for fans of Rudi, Protex, Exploding Hearts, Buzzcocks and The Tranzmitors."  (Deranged Records)

P.I.G.Z. "Bloody Belgium" EP
One of the crown jewels of worldwide first-wave punk, this Belgian band's sole release really is as good as it gets. All three songs here are excellent but "Bloody Belgium" and "Stooges" are stone classics. Unavailable since it was released in 1978, with original copies fetching up to four figures, and finally back in print through cooperation with the band. Includes booklet with interview, clippings and unseen photos! (Ugly Pop Records)

X "Aspirations" LP
The Sydney band's 1979 debut is one of the all-time great Australian records, a devastatingly tough yet diverse album featuring 14 tracks of superb punk rock, equal parts wiry tension and savage release. This antipodean classic has fallen out of print again in recent years but should always be available, so Ugly Pop is pleased to announce that we'll be reissuing it with new insert and unseen photos. (Ugly Pop Records)

Second 12" from Generacion Suicida. This time around the group (from South Central, not East LA) brings 9 tracks of their sound. This is their sound, not some knock off, not some imitation, not a homage or retro dress up party... this is what the group does best. I'll save any boring comparisons and you save yours. Jam it up super and see. Recorded in 2014 after a European tour. The group has tour copies with them now on their East Coast tour.  B side is silk screened and includes a 18x24 poster. We have a limited color for mail-order copies. The bands East Coast tour starts this Friday!  (Going Underground Records)

SICK THOUGHTS "Coming Over" 7"
There's a few ST records out, but this is a shining star. Lazy record reviewers and critics alike say sick thoughts sounds just like a reatards rip but he's really coming into his own here.i hear a huge KBD and GG ALLIN as an influence on this one. With all these records coming out, Some may call it over saturation but Theyre all great so who gives a shit? Sick Thoughts LP out soon on Going Underground ("Home of the Hits")! (Going Underground Records)

SICK THOUGHTS "The Last Beat of Death" Tape
Last Beat of Death is pretty exceptional: the kid can't buy cigarettes legally but managed to record the entirety of these eight tracks in less than 48 hours. These new songs are his best yet -- blistering, frantic and unrelenting — all delivered in short hot spurts of two minutes a piece. Drew Owen's musicianship is finally catching up to the frenzied, pissed off headspace they were conceived in and you can bear witness via this hot pink piece o’ plastic, available in limited run of just fifty tapes (Minas World Tapes)

MYSTIC INANE "Deep Creep" 7"
Rising from the ashes of insta-cult hardcore punk outfit Necro Hippies, New Orlean's Mystic Inane finally deliver on the promise of their two demo tapes. Switching singers from tape to tape, the vocals on the second demo seemed a bit too unrefined for my taste, but that was clearly just a temporary thing because they're more powerful and more effective on this 7", which also boasts their best recording quality to-date. Top it off with a re-recording of their best song from the first demo, "Deep Creep," and we have a winner! If you haven't heard Mystic Inane before, they take their modern brand of freaky Midwest 80s USHC and mix it with No Trend, doing the combination more than justice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Negative Jazz Records)

STONE DAGGER "The Siege of Jerusalem" 7"
The highly acclaimed sold-out demo tape from new US Epic Heavy Metal band Stone Dagger featuring the voice of Brendan Radigan (Magic Circle, The Rival Mob, Battle Ruins) on 7"-vinyl, remastered by Jaime Gomez of Orgone Studios (Ghost, Cathedral, Aura Noir). For fans of Manilla Road, Dio, Cirith Ungol, early Manowar and Black Sabbath.  Third and final pressing! (Electric Assault Records)

Reissue of this classic mega rare (and mega expensive) Australian punk EP.  The Fun Things were a high energy punk band that was formed during the heyday period of punk rock. Known for their admiration of Radio Birdman, they also have been documented as being "modeled on almost exclusively on the Radio Birdman / Stooges / Sex Pistols mould".  The Fun Things released one highly acclaimed E.P. and has become "one of the most collectable artifacts from Australia’s punk rock era."   (Fanclub Pressing)

NEO-PUNKZ "Fascist Fuckerz" 7"
Back in 1980, punk was all about nihilism and not giving a fuck. Young punks got themselves guitars and drums and started their own band. So did a bunch of them who hailed from Haarlem, the exact same place Jesus and the Gospelfuckers came from. They recorded 5 songs that sounded snotty and raw. Obviously they did not care a lot about good musicianship and quality recordings and that might be exactly why this is such a great record. Snottyness that sounds natural and not as ' wanna be'  as a lot of bands these days. This is an essential record for people who like their punk raw and vicious.  Comes with 8 page booklet including the never before printed lyrics as well as lots of never before used pictures of this young punkz. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)

SUSPENSE "Murder with the Axe" 7"
I remember getting a letter from one of the DISORDER members who asked me to re-record him the SUSPENSE ep, because the song ' Crazy Sod'  got cut off before it ended. As a lot of punk bands, the NEO PUNKZ were influenced a lot by DISCHARGE (and not only musically) and in comparisation to the first ep, they sped up and had a distinct UK82 in sound (as well as their appearance). The subtitle of this record is; ' the end of the NEO PUNKZ , this is SUSPENSE'. They replaced one of the guitar players, recorded 3 fast songs and one longer and much slower one.  Again, this is one of the milestones in Dutch punk history and boy, don't they look good in studs and leather. Essential. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)

Restocks for 10.3.14:

ACHTUNGS, THE "Full of Hate" LP
INSTITUTE "Demo" 12"
PROXY "Slow Suicide" 7"
S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7"

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