Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New in the Webstore: GOOSEBUMPS 7", GAS RAG 7", CREAM OF THE CROP Tape, More!

GOOSEBUMPS “Scared to See a Doctor” 7” (Katorga Works Records)
NYC’s hardcore scumlords return with their crowning achievement as a band, the Scared To See A Doctor EP. Equipped with a far superior recording and eschewing the traditional hardcore mold of their first 7”, the band has begun incorporating elements of drugged-out punk classics such as Fang, Flipper, and even Butthole Surfers to create a wholly unique hardcore punk experience that could only come from Ground Zero.

MISLED YOUTH “S/T” 7” (Society Bleeds Records)
Hailing from Washington, DC, Misled Youth holds nothing back as they rip through 5 songs in under 6 minutes with nothing but pure, fast Hardcore. Featuring members of other powerhouse bands such as Coke Bust and Meth Lab, the intensity and urgency displayed on the band’s debut 7” is not unlike the member’s other projects, but with it’s own unique identity. Strong influences from Youth Of Today, Poison Idea, and early 2000’s DC Hardcore such as Striking Distance are all apparent in Misled Youth’s sound, blending together nicely for a new take on a classic style of Hardcore. Split release with Refuse Records.

GAS RAG “6 Song EP” 7” (Not Normal Tapes)
American vinyl pressing of Gas Rag’s flawless demo, for those of you that missed out on da tape version. Six tracks of pure, unadulterated Midwestern idiocy that combine equal parts Fix, Anti-Cimex, and leather, melts ‘em in a pot and huffs the resulting concoction. Whether you’re wall to wallin’ or pogoin’ from floor to ceiling, you know this is for you.

PERMANENT RUIN “San Jose” 7” (Not Normal Tapes)
New five track EP from this prolific California band, but just as brutal and uncompromising as those fantastic slabs. Just like before, you know this fucker ain’t for no damn milk-babies, this is for the true punk freaks, from the blinding speed, the hard-as-fuck breakdowns, and the best vox in the biz, you’ll have this one flipping on your turntable endlessly. One-color screened cover on brown stock w/ 11x17” poster/lyric sheet.

V/A - “Cream of the Crop” Compilation Tape (Best Before 84 Records)
20 Song Compilation featuring new and exclusive and some non-exclusive tracks from bands such as Bloodkrow Butcher, Frenzy, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Savageheads, Goosebumps, La Misma, Combat Zone, And Many more!  Complete with screen printed poster and housed in a single cassette album. First 100 come on red cassette with color faded posters.

ESPERANZA “The Beginning” 7” (Todo Destruido Records)
From the ashes of Persevere comes a new band from Hiroshima, Japan, Esperanza.  This 7” is a mini-cd that was originally released on Insane World Records (Japan).  We loved at at irst listen and new this was something Todo Destruido wanted to release.  Esperanza play raw pogo punk in the way that only the Japanese can do it.  Very catchy, energetic, and fun.  For fans of bands like Laukaus, Last Survivors and Persevere.  Limited to 500 copies, pocket sleeve and 100 on colored vinyl for mail-order and from the band.  Don’t miss out on this one!

ALERT! ALERT! “Totalne Zagrozenie” Tape (Todo Destruido Records)
This is a discography (thus far) of the Polish D-Beat HC band Alert! Alert!  AA Play D-Beat in the vein of Meanwhile while still keeping it fresh and adding their own elemnts of originality.   Heavy delay on the vocals which bring Destino final to mind.  Limited to 100 copies/fold out cover.  Here’s a bandcamp where you can stream/download it all.  Buy it if you like it!

INSERVIBLES “Grabaciones 2008-2013” Tape (Not Normal Tapes)
Here it is, folks. The thirty three track pro-tape of Inservibles’ entire fucking discography. For five long years, these maniacs crafted some of the finest, most off-putting, thought-provoking hardcore punk the world has yet seen or can ever hope to, and NNT is honored to unleash this toxic, plastic rectangle.  Drooling, maniacal mutants playing punk upside-down and backwards. With new art by Inservibles mastermind Yecatl Pena. This one’s not to be missed!

AMERICAN HATE - Demo Tape (Not Normal Tapes)
Brand, spanking new six track demo from Oklahoman freaks, American Hate. Ex- and current members of Glow God and Grasseaters craft a truly unsettling manifesto of crime and grime all while managing to create some trippy and furious hardcore. Packaged with a twenty page mini-zine compiling lyrics and propaganda and an American Hate brand shiv.

PROTESTER - New Promo Tape (Bleeding Edges Records)
Protester is back, this time with a new cassingle. This is a promo for their new 7”, coming out on Trash King Productions. The A side will be on the new record, but the B side is exclusive to this release. Much like the cover art would suggest, this is heavily influenced by bands like Confront, very hard-edged straight edge hardcore. Their demo was incredibly well received, and these are expected to sell out quickly. These will be available at Damaged City Fest in April, with whatever is left available here.  Limited to 100 copies on pro duplicated and shrink wrapped gray cassettes, with imprinted shells and wraparound covers . (4 songs)

REGIMEN “Upprepning Ar Ofrakomlig” Tape (Not Normal Tapes)
Fourteen track pro-tape compiling the first three demos from this maniacal Swedish gang featuring members of the almighty Commitment Crew. Insane skate-punk reminiscent of Amdi Petersen Arme with a markedly psychedelic bent.

V/A “Criminal Rights: The Mixxxtape” Compilation Tape (Criminal Rights Records)
Two Words. Straight Edge. The mixxxtape is a comp of a variety of straight edge bands from all over the world. 12 songs from VIOLENT REACTION, ZERO PROGRESS, SHRAPNEL, COKE BUST, SOCIAL DAMAGE, STAB, UNITED RACES, and More.

Twelve song tape of the upcoming Naughty Girls LP. Snotty hc punk from Toronto.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My plan to give you an official "Grave Mistake Records 2014 Preview" email update earlier this year failed miserably, so we are just going to do things as they happen. Without taking too much of your time, here's a rundown of what Grave Mistake has coming up for the first half of 2014.

First up some quick tour news - NIGHT BIRDS have a few short tours booked after laying low for a bit; they'll be heading over to the West Coast in May and then to Europe again in August!  BIG EYES will be doing a month with TONY MOLINA and AGAINST ME in May, so check that out as well!

Ok, on to some record talk …

First up will be a repress of the incredible SUPERCRUSH "Lifted" 7" that came out last year in a small run on Bedside Records. The label did what was planned to be a small one time press, but those went quicker than expected so I was given the offer to keep it in print for the long term. I haven't really released a band like SUPERCRUSH on GM yet, so it's another bit of a departure from the label's previous output, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to repress what was one of my favorite singles from last year. Give it a listen!

Next up with be the debut 7" from Chicago's EARTH GIRLS. After being blown away by their demo that popped up earlier this year, when I found out that they had four more songs already recorded for an EP, I jumped at the chance to release it. You can check out their demo on bandcamp, and we will plan to have a track from the 7" up by early May and hopefully we will see this 7" before June hits. This EP will also be released in the UK on Drunken Sailor Records so I'm excited to be working with them on this release.

Also in the works is a record I have longed to do for years, and finally got up the nerve to ask and make it a reality - and that is the first of two volumes of TENEMENT singles collections! TENEMENT have become unabashedly one of my favorite and most obsessed over bands in recent years, and these songs were my first intro to them and I still love em just as much as I did when I first heard them. We worked hard to track down all of the original material and various recordings, and had them all remastered by the wonderful Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory who did an incredible job compiling this as these tracks sound better than ever and flow together like you wouldn't believe! This collection will feature tracks from the "Tenement Sucks" tape, the "Icepick" 7", split w/ FRIENDLY FIRE, split w/ USED KIDS, and the "False Teeth" 7". Test pressings are en route, and we can't wait to drop the needle on this one for the first time. This will be a split with my good pal Toxic Pop Records.

For Grave Mistake's 69th release, the immature teenager in me knew I just had to do something special - that's why we decided to save that release number for what could be the most fitting release - and that's a discography tape for Richmond's most loved scumbags THE LADIES! This tape will feature all four singles including their debut 7", the "Hole Sailor" 7" on No Way / Black Lung, the "Trashed" 7" on Cowabunga, and their final 7", "Six More Reasons to Hate The Ladies" which came out on GM; 18 tracks in 16 minutes. All of the material has been remastered and is ready to go, we might even include some live sets we've tracked down. The artwork will of course be juvenile, obscene, and offensive as can be - and we wouldn't have it any other way. Hoping to have that out by next month.

On the VINYL CONFLICT LABEL, up next is the debut 7" EP from RVA's CRETINS - this EP is a fuckin ripper that picks up right where their awesome demo tape left off. Excited to get this one on the turntable as well, as tests show up next week! Unfortunately NIGHTSTALKER called it a day before they got the chance to finish their EP, so we will no longer be doing a 7" for them however we've got the next project lined up and I just heard it for the first time last night and holy shit it's great … I'm gonna leave it at that, we will announce it officially in a few weeks.

Since I am spending the first half of this year releasing some of the catchiest releases Grave Mistake has done, I figured might as well make up for it this summer / fall with some hardcore. Here's the quick rundown of what I am going to pummel you with this summer: Oh the long delayed 86 MENTALITY and STRIKING DISTANCE LPs - hmmm, well a few updates with the art but sadly the reissues get backburnered first, don't worry though … I'll keep stringing you along until they are out! You have every right to hate me, sometimes I hate myself for it. MERCENARY should be almost finished recording their debut 12" that we'll be co-releasing with SCAVENGER OF DEATH), and I can't wait to hear that because I know it's going to smoke. The remasters for THE SUSPECTS "Voice of America" LP reissue (with SIX FEET UNDER) just showed up in my inbox this weekend, so once those are approved we will get that signed off. The IRON BOOTS Discography - we've run into some snags tracking down the original recordings but we may have made some progress and once we have everything collected we will be sending it off to get remastered for the release. Still definitely in the works, and we've enlisted the one and only Spoiler to do up some brand new art for the release, so it will be worth the wait. That one will be a split with TRIPLE B RECORDS (who are also doing the next HARD STRIPES 7" so keep an eye out for that one). DNA 7" is still on the books as well but no updates on that front yet, and BARGE are about halfway through writing for their debut 12" so expect updates on those over the next few months. And of course, THE THUMBS "All Lesser Devils" 12" is still on my list and it will happen at some point.  I think that's it … if I'm missing anything, feel free to ask!
Thanks for reading and your support.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Greetings! Here's a nice little recap of all of the new stuff in the Grave Mistake Webstore over the past few weeks - I wanted to include a quick label update in here, however, once I got through writing all of the news for upcoming releases, I realized it was a bit more info than I wanted to bombard you with at once so decided to keep today's update strictly "webstore only."  Expect the full label update tomorrow! Anyways, short and sweet so let's get to it …



Well first things first, for those who haven't noticed yet, the new and improved Grave Mistake Webstore went live last month and thanks to everyone who has checked it out and ordered some records! Hopefully everyone is happy with it, because I sure am!

First on the list is the brand new GAS RAG "Beats off" LP - I picked these up direct from Beach Impediment yesterday and I've already listened to this thing about 20 times! Chalk of another win for both the band and label, because this is one of my favorites for 2014 so far! Received a nice little box from Video Disease yesterday as well, which had the some copies of the awesome GUTTER GODS LP, plus some ZINGERS LPs and restocks on both the first STOIC VIOLENCE LP and the new NO LP - both of those bands will be on tour for the next month so do yourselves a favor and check em out! Speaking of bands on tour, I was lucky enough to catch GOOD THROB this week and they were awesome, as is their new LP!  Go catch them if they play your town over the next few weeks, and be sure to check out the LP. Other LPs of note include the rad TEENGENERATE "Get More Action" LP, new PREDATOR LP, the 2nd LP from Sweden's VANNA INGET, STICK TOGETHER 7" collection LP, PARADOX LP, BORED YOUTH reissue, and more!

Another favorite for the year is the new 7" from Toronto's S.H.I.T. … their demo was great, they were intense live both times I was lucky enough to catch em, and this EP is even better! Hoping to catch them tomorrow at NY's Alright - but we will see if 95 traffic allows that to happen. Anyways, definitely recommended! Also picked up some other great 7"s like the debut from IN SCHOOL, the new CASANOVAS IN HEAT 7", the new BACK TO BACK 7" and SECTION URBANE reissue (both on 540), the debut 7" from OBLIVIONATION, the newest 7" from Buffalo's MAYDAY, handful of singles from the awesome TOTAL PUNK label including 7"s from VIDEO, MANATEES, and BADDAT FOR TRUBBEL (sold out of Lumpy 7"s, sorry!), a bunch of rad singles from the awesome REAPER RECORDS (that coincidentally all begin with the letter "T"); TERROR, TOLERATE, TAKE OFFENSE, and TURNSTILE. I was lucky enough to grab some deadstock copies of one of my favorite mid-00's singles, the BEAT BEAT BEAT "Cheap Time" 7"! Read the description if you are unfamiliar and pick that one up, you won't be disappointed.

On the tape front - grabbed some copies of the raging demo from Pittsburgh's BLOOD PRESSURE (this one is also on my favorites/recommended list so check it out), plus tapes from SCALPED, BLACK BOOT, and DEFORMITY and restocks on the CRETINS and MURDERER demos. Some awesome zines like the latest issues of AGONY BAG, DISTORT, NUTS, and CRETINS OF DISTORTION! I also got some great restocks like the PROTEX LP and LOST KIDS 7" reissues from Sing Sing, the wonderful DEATH "For the Whole World to See" LP, grabbed some more of the PERMANENT RUIN and SUICIDAS 7"s (which went pretty quick the first time around), a couple of NECROS 7" reissues, and more!

Full list is below, check it out and thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the label update tomorrow!



GAS RAG "Beats Off" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
The anarcho-prostitutes of Chicago's GAS RAG return with the "BEATS OFF" MLP, featuring 11 more tracks of the hardcore punk that you dingles have come to know them for. Following up the "HUMAN RIGHTS" EP that that lit up all the interwebs and print media rags with a plethora of praise and hate from all kinds of bloggers, "music journalists," and other assorted dimwits; the gang is back with their first 12" that continues to pay homage to their Midwestern homeland whilst sending warm regards to the distant land of Scandinavia all the while churning out a special brand of aggressive rock. This is a platter full of frantic yet tasteful riffs, a savage vocal delivery, and professionally executed pre-teen drumming - producing an end result that will inevitably aid in the listener's self destructive course of choice. Try not to freak the fuck out.

GUTTER GODS "Innersense" LP (Cool Death Records)
Twelve inches of pure pleasure brought to you by the filthy freaks... THE GUTTER GODS. Fill the void in your life with fantasmic dreams drip drip dripping from over-stimulated pineal glands. “take a voyage like no other”. Take their trip and you will see that life is only but a dream...

GOOD THROB "Fuck Off" LP (Sabermetric Records)
In 2014, the best punk scene in the world is in London, England, and the best band out of that scene is Good Throb. KY Ellie and the gang rage through eleven of the most acerbic punk rock cuts to be conceived in modern time, brimming over with true-life vitriol and the means to carry it out. Imagine the murderous passion of The Feederz clenched in the fists of Kleenex with a scratched-up Erase Errata picture disc jammed in a Vomit Visions sleeve and you're close to Good Throb, although there is no way to hypothesize Good Throb without truly bearing witness. Following two stunning 7" EPs, Good Throb annihilate the LP format with more tunes about moronic men, systemic misery and the many ways in which they can both get fucked. Rather than be the one to say it, I'll go ahead and wait until you hear 'Fuck Off' and consequently pronounce it the album of the year.

TEENGENERATE "Get More Action: The LOST Egg Studio Sessions" LP (Crypt)
Yasss.... the LONG-LOST May 1994 Egg Studios (Seattle) Crypt album sessions - all hopped-up, remixed etc - FINALLY available after having disappeared for 19 years! This LP offers 17 originals in a gatefold beaut with liner notes by New Bomb Turk Eric Davidson.

CASANOVAS IN HEAT "Belvidere b/w Destiny St." 7" (Katorga Works)
Boston's Casanovas In Heat plays melodic punk in the vein of late 70s Boston punk, as well as a smattering of influences ranging from the Killed By Death and Power Pearls comps, as well as the Nerves, the Orbits, and Generation X. This single is a tremendous step forward for this band, as they contribute what are by far their best songs to-date.

S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7" (Iron Lung)
Sexual Humans In Turmoil (or our favorite: Skinheads In Tuxedos), more commonly known as S.H.I.T., debut with four urgently executed 100% uncommon hardcore punk tracks in the modern Toronto style. Collective Unconsciousness speaks to a vast generation of sleeping strength and rusted mobility. It's time. Organize. Stand tall. Believe in your movement. Check your spelling.  Honest, important music gets made less frequently then it should and gets noticed even less. Don't be a dullard, wake up and smell the S.H.I.T.

IN SCHOOL "Praxis of Hate" 7" (Kill Test Records)
Praxis of Hate, the debut EP by New York City's IN SCHOOL—named after a Die Kreuzen song, not their academic statuses—features six vicious hardcore punk songs that call to mind the classics of NYHC (think Agnostic Front with Born Against's lyrical attitude), the burly anthems and relentless D-beating of the UK82 school, and the chaos non musica of international HC. These four women play blazing riffs that will have you chair-moshing from the first guitar squeal to the final unhinged growl. Brought to you by Kill Test—the label that was last seen introducing Sex Vid to the world—Praxis of Hate was recorded at Side Two Studios by RYAN ABBOTT and features front cover art by JASON ROY. First press limited to 550 copies on black vinyl with hand-stamped inner sleeves.

BACK TO BACK "Narcissist" 7" (540 Records)
After a debut EP on Lockin Out Records the Houston boys return. It doesn't have to be difficult, and it doesn't have to be new. It does, however, have to be right, and that's where BACK TO BACK excel. The record's opener is just so brutally damned confident, and the 90 seconds of "Isolate Me" pack more hooks and frantic riffs than most bands would know what to do with - if you aren't moving by the end then you're probably dead. Perhaps their mission to get you moving, and perhaps they want to get under your skin just to infect you with the excruciating six minute dirge that fills the B side - two notes have rarely sounded so painful, and I would happily accept six minutes more. There are outsiders dying to get in, and then there are the outsiders who simply do not give a fukk, the ones who are doing it by and for themselves. Limited to 500 copies with die cut covers and mastered by Arthur Rizk.

SECTION URBANE "The Final Program" 7" (540 Records)
The final release in 540 Records' series of reissues from 70s Brisbane punk labels Shake Music and Savage Music is this four-song EP from Section Urbane. Having released two previous singles of quirky punk as Just Urbain, the Brisbane band continued their unique Velvets-through-the-lens-of-Joy-Division approach through the name change, harnessing a fuller, more bass-heavy sound on their final recording session. The track, “I'd Rather Stay Home And Watch TV,” still has more than its fair share of the Aussie-garage stomp of bands like the Chosen Few and the Victims, but after that it’s all about Mo Tucker beats, dark and poetic lyrics delivered with a distinctly Lou Reed-influenced drawl, and heavy, melodic Peter Hook-style bass lines. If you want to hear first-gen-DIY naiveté, post-punk artistic ambition and the party-hearty sensibility of the original Murder Punk bands clash together into something wholly unique, get this on your turntable right away. 600 copies with pretty purple dust sleeves.

OBLIVIONATION "Cult of Culture" 7" (Man in Decline Records)
In December 2010, in the midst of personal tragedies and frustrations, Oblivionation was started in Lowell MA by guitarist Quinn Dillon and drummer John Evicci (ex-OUT COLD). The goal of the band was simple: create the most caustic hardcore that they possibly could, with their chief influences being bands like POISON IDEA, AGNOSTIC FRONT, and FINAL CONFLICT. They were soon joined by ex-Out Cold guitarist, John Kozik, on bass and they recorded a demo with no vocals. After nearly a year of searching, they connected with Mark Fields (ex Proclamation), who took over vocal duties, and they were able to release one of the best demos of 2012. Like their past projects, Oblivionation does not follow trends: they create blistering hardcore on their own terms: short, fast, pissed. Before the departure of Kozik, they recorded a yet to be unreleased LP. Now with Mike Connolly (Bloodkrow Butcher) on bass, the band brings us the "Cult of Culture" EP.

PREDATOR "The Complete Earth" LP (Scavenger of Death Records)
Predator returns with a new full length chock full of balls. The Agnew and Wire influences still figure prominently while the vocals add a sardonic undercurrent that make for a fun listen. Good for pogo-ing or bad trips. 13 tracks, including 5 remixed cuts off of their recent tape. This lp sports a beefy production that finally captures the intensity and attitude of their live set. As always Lyric sheet included, you're gonna want to read along with this one, especially what may be the first anti-skating punk song. A split release with State Laughter records.

ZINGERS, THE "S/T" LP (Million Dollar Records)
Thought to have been lost for ages, the legendary sounds of Australia's The Zingers can finally be heard! Originally recorded in 2011 but shelved because of the band's disintegration, Video Disease is incredibly proud to help bring this record forward for mass consumption.  The Zingers are a band that only the barren wasteland of Australia could have produced. Maybe they were on the wrong drugs, maybe their brains were warped by the intense heat, or maybe they really just are insane, but The Zingers have truly crafted a masterpiece of modern punk.  It's pretty much impossible to describe the sound of this LP. Imagine ordering this out of a Subterranean catalog in 1981 and having your world shattered as soon as the needle hits the grooves. Maniacal, demented vocals over warped and abstract punk and noise.  A true journey into the depths of the Australian mind. I can't recommend this record enough. If you have any interest in the boundary pushing of punk, then please get this record!

DISSEKERAD "S/T" LP (Man in Decline Records)
Dissekerad is a new band from Stockholm, Sweden with current-and ex-members of TOTALITAR, AVSKUM, INSTITUTION, MAKABERT FYND, and others. As you would expect from that pedigree, they deliver no frills, traditional Swedish D-beat. Maximum RockNRoll called it "classic" and we agree: it sounds like the best of the style because it's played by members who have been banging away at their craft for decades. The self-titled LP contains 11 songs that are firmly D-beat in execution with enough ingenuity and creativity to keep things sounding new. Previously only available as an import through Skrammel Records in Sweden, the North American version, issued here by Man In Decline Records, was remastered by Jack Control of Enormous Door Mastering (POISON IDEA), which adds a sonic layer of punishing volume suited for the songs.

VANNA INGET "Ingen Botten" LP (Man in Decline Records)
Man In Decline Records is proud to release the North American version of VÅNNA INGET's second LP, INGEN BOTTEN. In 2011, Vånna Inget released their debut album "ALLVAR" and quickly became a name associated with great expectations in their native Sweden. Three years on and they have been nominated for a Grammy in their home country and played all over Europe and The U.S.  Where "Allvar" found power in its urgent and relentless delivery, "Ingen Botten" is a more nuanced affair. Sharp guitar riffs and shimmering organ melodies are woven together with an attentive and dynamic rhythm section and the band has taken the tempo down in a few places and left room for the arrangements to breath a bit more. Karolina's vocals have grown to reach even higher levels of poignant intensity and the band compliments this by nurturing their songs to a maturity between raw, punkish nerve and melodic sensibility. The band proved their recording prowess by tracking the entire album live, straight down on to 2" tape at the legendary Swedish studio, Varispeed. Sonically, the recording stands with some of the best punk records ever produced. Coupled with Vånna Inget's universal appeal and ability to turn claustrophobic themes of confinement and desperation into something that feels uplifting and liberating, "Ingen Botten" is sure to win over new and old fans alike.

STICK TOGETHER "No More Second Chances" LP (Triple B Records)
This 12" features both the "No More Games" and "Surviving The Times" 7"s plus an exclusive song, all remastered for this release. Since both 7"s are now sold out, this is the only way to get your hands on these waxy tracks and this will also be a one-time only pressing of 1,000. For fans of The Rival Mob, Boston Strangler, No Tolerance, Disengage and War Hungry. LP includes digital download.

BORED YOUTH "Are You Alive 1982" LP (Alona's Dream Records)
Captured at the band’s zenith, Are You Alive?  finds Bored Youth unleashing their unique blend of UK-inspired Midwest hardcore punk across ten tracks originally engineered by then-Necros bassist and Touch and Go Records honcho Corey Rusk in 1982.  The b-side sees an early incarnation of the band as a three-piece in 1981. Live at the legendary Detroit venue Nunzio’s, the trio is no less powerful as they blaze through a set of future hardcore classics and throw in a few fundamental punk covers along the way.  First pressing limited edition of 450 hand screened jackets.

V/A "Who's A Punk? The Very Best of British Punksploitation" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
First came 'Je Suis Punk", a collection of unheard French Punk "punksploitation" obscurities (i.e. band's who were created to - or changed their sound in order to cash in on the burgeoning "punk fad"), and now comes "Who's A Punk?" - the British counterpart to those finicky Francs. LOADED with razor-sharp riffs and catchy as hell melodies designed to make you pogo your safety pins right off! We dug "Je Suis Punk" and are jammin' hard to these 14 tracks.

METZ "S/T" LP (Ossing Records)
Vinyl reissue of highly touted rare 1974 private press Texas hard rock / glam obscurity."Some will find it hard to believe that a glamrock band with a gritty urban veneer came from Texas and stuck together long enough to release this milestone record. The Metz take on glam includes some of the associated clichs, like heavy chunks of chord strokes and catchy riffs, danceable rhythms and beats, and a vocalist with some theatrical influence in the singing department. Besides the obvious, Metz bring some original flair that pushes their material over the top! Instead of the lead singer getting all the attention (he sounds like a cross between Marc Bolan and a less angry Johnny Rotten), its the two or three sassy black girls that steal the show with the best vocals (leads & harmonies) on the entire album. These streetwise babes strut along as they dish out extra servings of sex appeal during performances, which is a scarce gender switch for glam rock. Metz also provides lots of mind-stripping guitar solos and untamed organ with hovering Leslie cabinets that occasionally drift into dark and gothic sound trips." - Scott "Loopden" Bubrig, ACID ARCHIVES

PARADOX "No Ghosts that Haunt" LP (Increase the Pressure Records)
Raging ATLANTA HC/Punk/Crust with (ex-) members of Disable, Skanka, In ruins. If you like Mauser, Framtid, etc!!

TAKE OFFENSE "United States of Mind" LP (Reaper Records)
Established in 2005, Take Offense has never been ones to rest on their laurels, and after a handful of EPs, 2011's landmark full-length "Tables Will Turn," and a hell of a lot of time on the road with stalwarts such as Terror, Agnostic Front, D.R.I., Trapped Under Ice, Backtrack, Alpha & Omega and Rotting Out, the band are set to unleash their latest magnum opus, "United States Of Mind," on the mighty Reaper Records. Though Take Offense is at a point in their lifespan when many bands shrug their shoulders and crank out halfhearted riffs and reheated lyrics, "United States Of Mind" proves the group has the stamina and creativity to push their sound forward without losing touch with their roots. In short, Take Offense is one of the most engaging hardcore bands to emerge in recent years, and lucky for all of us, they don't appear to be going anywhere.

MANATEEES "Seek Help" 7" (Total Punk)
Memphis's Manateees are back with two songs about hating your guts. Years of throwing empty beer cans in the water, and whacking them with boat blades has left these cuddly sea mammals with a bad disposition. Blistering, evil, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

BADDAT FOR TRUBBEL "Inte Varit Sü Tuff" 7" (Total Punk)
Total Punk finally makes the skip across the Atlantic, and as far as I’m concerned we knocked this one out of the park. International superstars Baddat For Trubbel send us two of their best tracks yet. Swedish sung rhythm driven punk rock that lands somewhere between Bloodstains across Sweden and an amphetamine crazed Dr. Feelgood. Completely infectious, judging by the rest of their recorded output, not long for this world, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

VIDEO "(Join The) Hate Wave" 7" (Total Punk)
It's been a long and arduous road getting this one out. I think the pressing plant was scared to unleash this much negativity too close to Black Friday. IT's finally here though and ready for you to consume, so knock over that baby carriage, push that old lady out of your way and pick this here record up before they are all gone. Video has long been a favorite around Total Punk HQ. Their debut LP was one of my favorite punk records of the last few years, and I've wanted to do a Total Punk / Video collaboration ever since. Well here we are two years later and dreams are becoming reality. ”Hate Wave” is negativity at its best. A slow burner with a wicked hot solo. TV Smith meets TV’s Daniel. And the B-Side "Captivity" ain't no slouch either. It'll get you banging on those prison walls every time. Do you have what it takes to join the Hate Wave? 100% GRADE A TOTAL PUNK!

BEAT BEAT BEAT "Cheap Time" 7" (Danger Records)
Some unearthed stock copies of this great mid-00's gem repressed on Danger Records for the BEAT BEAT BEAT European tour in the late 00's.  Originally released on Douchemaster records, along with bands like the CARBONAS and FRANTIC, Atlanta was churning out some unabashed '77 meets KBD punk hits during this time.  This single definitely still stands the test of time, a total no brainer.  Members also went on to be in Ex-Humans, Predator, Gentleman Jesse, and Shocked Minds.

Ripping demo from this new hc band out of Pittsburgh ... to be released as a 7" on Beach Impediment Records. But you really can't wait, so get one of these tapes now.

SCAPLED - Demo Tape
Punishing hcpunk demo from the Bay Area's SCALPED. Features members of Caged Animal, Condition, and Yadokai … 7" out on Warthog Speak (Gag, Permanent Ruin, Etc) later this year!

BLACK BOOT Demo Tape (Toxic State Records)
Finally, the pro-dub of this insanely rare NYC demo from members of Dawn of Humans, Crazy Spirit, etc. This is primitive-as-fuck punk to the point that it's almost unrecognizable, as such. Brilliant tape.

DEFORMITY 2013 Demo Tape (Toxic State Records)
The pro-dub of this demo that was passed out around New York's Alright 2013, if I recall correctly. This is where people realized Deformity was a force to be reckoned with. This is a perfect companion piece to their 2nd 7" coming out this year on Katorga Works and Toxic State.

"TOO FAR? TOO LATE? A Punk Audio Zine from Richmond, VA" Comp Tape (Tape)
A compilation of live recordings from four current richmond bands including BARGE, LEATHER DADDY, LITTLE MASTER, and PRISONER.

DEATH "For the Whole World to See" LP (Drag City)
Classic proto-punk from 1970s Detroit. Raw with little polish, the record showcases the organic power relationships within the trio of brothers. The HACKNEY’s were first influenced by soul and funk music but it all changed when they saw Iggy and the Stooges. Inspired by The Who, Alice Cooper & Led Zeppelin; the brothers finally see their first full length release, remastered and ready for the world to hear.”

RYAN DINOSAUR "Demo" 7" (No Breaks Records)
Hey folks! NO BREAKS Records has pressed the Ryan Dinosaur demo onto a 7" just in time for their much-anticipated upcoming appearance at the Atlanta Messaround. Hear the band that made one neighbor remark "I can't understand what you're saying," and be sure not to miss what is sure to be a legendary set when RD takes the stage a 529 later this month. The hype and general hubbub surrounding Ryan Dinosaur's first live show even has one aunt asking "when you play your concerts, do you play originals?"

MAYDAY "2nd EP" 7" (Feeble Minds Records)
At long last, we're blessed with the presence of the 2nd EP from WNY surf-punk supreme, MAYDAY. Following up their debut EP and split 7 incher with the immortal BROWN SUGAR (both released on the VERY prestigious Feral Kid Records), this guy's two years in the making and worth the wait. Anthemic, bouncy, sun-drench punk tunes emanating from the wintery hellhole we call Buffalo.

SHEER TERROR "Spite" 7" (Reaper Records)
Making their intentions clear since 1984, New York City's Sheer Terror has a long, ugly and proud tradition of playing by their own rules and working at their own pace. "Spite" is the first new Sheer Terror recording since 1995. The EP contains two new songs and one cover track, with album art by famed NYHC artist Sean Taggart. 7" includes digital download.

TURNSTILE "Pressure to Succeed" 7" (Reaper Records)
Turnstile is a young band from the Baltimore/DC area. The band claims Trapped Under Ice's drummer Brendan Yates as their front man. What he captures as the driving rhythms in Trapped Under Ice, he transforms into a frantic vocal energy with Turnstile.

WORLD COLLAPSE "Frost/Casket" 7" (Reaper Records)
World Collapse has risen from the ashes of Germany's legendary HC outfit True Blue. Sonically, they paint a distorted picture of '80s New York hardcore, infused by the hedonism reminiscent of New Romantic and the cold synths of their German elektro forefathers Kraftwerk, all to become their signature sound of driving hardcore and catchy new wave choruses. After playing shows with the likes of Cro-Mags, Gorilla Biscuits, Sick Of It All and Paradise Lost over the past year, their new single "Frost/Casket" will now see the light of day. 7" includes digital download.

TERROR "Hard Lessons" 7" (Reaper Records)
For over the last decade, Los Angeles, CA hardcore outfit Terror has acquired a fiercely loyal following, not only through their multiple recorded outputs, but also through their live shows. Their upcoming, fifth studio full-length titled "Live By The Code," was recorded by New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert (Trapped Under Ice, A Day To Remember) and will hit streets early 2013. This "Hard Lessons b/w Only The Devil Knows" album teaser 7" is the first new music available by Terror on vinyl since 2010's "Keeper's Of The Faith."

TERROR "K.O.T.F." 7" (Reaper Records)
"Keepers Of The Faith" is a worldwide call to the community, an attempt to hear back from the faithful on the front lines, a gathering of allies, both diehards and new bloods. This anticipatory 7" from the upcoming full-length "Keepers Of The Faith" includes two songs from the full-length on side A while side B contains one unreleased Terror track and a Sub Zero cover.

TOLERATE "S/T" 7" (Reaper Records)
A new hardcore band from Syracuse, NY, Tolerate started in late winter of 2011. They are the youth pumping blood back into the Syracuse hardcore scene. Drawing inspiration from New York hardcore acts like Warzone and Youth Of Today, Tolerate is slated to release their debut, self-titled 7" through Syracuse's own Reaper Records.

TAKE OFFENSE "Live at Socal Slam" 7" (Reaper Records)
This live 7" will is a one time pressing of 500 numbered copies on red vinyl.  Comes with a photozine of Take Offense's life on the road!

TERROR "Live by the Code" LP (Reaper Records)
For over the last decade, Los Angeles, CA hardcore outfit Terror has acquired a fiercely loyal following not only through their multiple recorded outputs but also through their live shows. Terror is constantly on the road, their 2012 schedule alone included a European tour with Suicidal Tendencies and Biohazard, direct support for Every Time I Die's US tour, a co-headlining summer tour with Bane and appearances at festivals such as Groezrock, Endless Summer, Ieper Fest, Dynamo, This Is Hardcore and Sound & Fury. Their upcoming fifth studio full-length titled "Live By The Code" was recorded by New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert (Trapped Under Ice, A Day To Remember). LP includes digital download and an 11"x11" Terror "bandzine" with pages designed by band members, lyrics and explanations to the meaning of "The Code." New pressing now available on black/white splatter vinyl with alternate cover artwork.

WORLD COLLAPSE "Deutschland, Deutschland. Into the Night" LP (Reaper Records)
Dusseldorf, Germany's World Collapse feature members of True Blue and Rekorder and somehow have managed to mix the traditional hardcore punk of Bad Brains and Cro-Mags with the unique tones of elecrto-forefathers Kraftwerk and the danceability of dance wavers New Order.

TINNITUS "II" 7" (Cricket Cemetery Records)
Boston area powerviolence and hardcore has been on the upswing the last few years. Tinnitus are involved in that surge of SPAZZ and DESPISE YOU worshiping powerviolence that is tinged with the ever-present hardcore that you could only find in the Boston area.

Second issue of this excellent Brooklyn fanzine. Features one of the better CRAZY SPIRIT interviews I've seen, a chat with Boston streetpunk heroes THE SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN and a POISON IDEA reprint ca. "Feel The Darkness" era. The writing here is quite well informed and really ties the whole issue together, even though the content is a bit splintered. Issue #2 is rounded out by some photos and a quick rundown on recent Aussie punk reissues.

CRETINS OF DISTORTION #3 - ZINE (Not Normal Records)
Cretins of Distortion #3 - What's that? You needed more Cretins of Distortion? Well good news, freaks, the most vile, goo-ey Midwestern, and all around punk fucking fanzine in the midwest (and possibly the world) is back! A true gift to all Cretinkind, issue three clocks in at 54 pages of cut 'n' paste glory featuring: an interview with Lightning Yin Yang, a piece on Crucifucks front-person 26, longer write-ups on CHUD, Gas Rag, Big Zit, Vacation, and Wild Child, and 24 pages of reviews. Each comes in a resealable bag with a poster (Lose The Tude/Tenement), a 2.25" button, and a sticker. This is the real fucking deal, welcome to the midwest.

DISTORT ZINE - Issue #43
Interviews and conversations with Dribble / Gutter Gods, Lakes, Puce Mary, Oily Boys, Low Life, Vanessa Amara, Lucy Cliche, Prolife and author S.T. Lore.  Distort kicks off 2014 with a stacked twenty-six page missive.  DX interviews a slew of newer Australian groups (Lakes, Oily Boys, Lowlife, Dribble/Gutter Gods) but also widens the scope of coverage to include a powerful conversation with author S.T. Lore (whom DX lived with for 18 months) and industrial act Puce Mary, among others. Licensed North American printing by Feel It.

NUTS ZINE - Issue #13
Interviews with Ajax, Goosebumps, and Weird Luke. Nuts! returns rather quickly for another NYC-centric newsprint blast.  Issue 13 chats with Ajax and Goosebumps, two of New York's finest in the HC department, mutant punk toymaker Weird Luke interviews himself, the Olympia, WA scene checks in for an update, and several other guests contribute writing.  Possibly best of all are the three full size newsprint posters - one from Austin artist "Laura Pallmall" and two full color posters (that actually are meant to serve as masks) from Crazy Spirit's Eugene Terry.  Nothing short of visually arresting and awe inspiring!

Happy May Day! Spring has one foot through the door, and thank goodness for that! We’re super excited about the newest MRR, as it’s packed with punk goodness. In this month’s issue — Maximum Rocknroll #372, May 2014 — two MRR shitworkers hang out with fellow zinesters from Razorcake at the LA Zine Fest and pick their brain in the process; we catch up with Vasko of Macedonia’s melodic punk power trio XAXAXA, and Mila of Italy’s Agipunk Records interviews Udine’s D-beat legends EU’S ARSE (who’re touring the US in May!). Poland’s ALERT! ALERT! discuss contemporary Polish punk and DIY; Edmonton, Canada’s dark post-punks RHYTHM OF CRUELTY share creative insights; Ontario’s STRANGE ATTRACTOR talks drumming and being a lifer; and we get the scoop on Calgary’s psycho-punk ’n’ roll outfit PMMA, Atlanta, GA’s fuzz-drenched punks WYMYNS PRYSYN, and Oakland’s noisy pop punk guitar/drums duo STRAIGHT CRIMES. We also have an exclusive, final interview with Boston hardcore megaliths SIEGE;  REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN discusses the UK punk scene and the excellence of Alan Partridge, and we get deep and dirty in the minds of Buffalo, NY’s SPACE WOLVES. All of this, plus a Scotland scene report, a killer photo spread from Jesse Ponkamo, and the most extensive record review section in punk print!

RESTOCKS FOR 04.116.14


CLEAR - S/T 7"