Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My plan to give you an official "Grave Mistake Records 2014 Preview" email update earlier this year failed miserably, so we are just going to do things as they happen. Without taking too much of your time, here's a rundown of what Grave Mistake has coming up for the first half of 2014.

First up some quick tour news - NIGHT BIRDS have a few short tours booked after laying low for a bit; they'll be heading over to the West Coast in May and then to Europe again in August!  BIG EYES will be doing a month with TONY MOLINA and AGAINST ME in May, so check that out as well!

Ok, on to some record talk …

First up will be a repress of the incredible SUPERCRUSH "Lifted" 7" that came out last year in a small run on Bedside Records. The label did what was planned to be a small one time press, but those went quicker than expected so I was given the offer to keep it in print for the long term. I haven't really released a band like SUPERCRUSH on GM yet, so it's another bit of a departure from the label's previous output, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to repress what was one of my favorite singles from last year. Give it a listen!

Next up with be the debut 7" from Chicago's EARTH GIRLS. After being blown away by their demo that popped up earlier this year, when I found out that they had four more songs already recorded for an EP, I jumped at the chance to release it. You can check out their demo on bandcamp, and we will plan to have a track from the 7" up by early May and hopefully we will see this 7" before June hits. This EP will also be released in the UK on Drunken Sailor Records so I'm excited to be working with them on this release.

Also in the works is a record I have longed to do for years, and finally got up the nerve to ask and make it a reality - and that is the first of two volumes of TENEMENT singles collections! TENEMENT have become unabashedly one of my favorite and most obsessed over bands in recent years, and these songs were my first intro to them and I still love em just as much as I did when I first heard them. We worked hard to track down all of the original material and various recordings, and had them all remastered by the wonderful Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory who did an incredible job compiling this as these tracks sound better than ever and flow together like you wouldn't believe! This collection will feature tracks from the "Tenement Sucks" tape, the "Icepick" 7", split w/ FRIENDLY FIRE, split w/ USED KIDS, and the "False Teeth" 7". Test pressings are en route, and we can't wait to drop the needle on this one for the first time. This will be a split with my good pal Toxic Pop Records.

For Grave Mistake's 69th release, the immature teenager in me knew I just had to do something special - that's why we decided to save that release number for what could be the most fitting release - and that's a discography tape for Richmond's most loved scumbags THE LADIES! This tape will feature all four singles including their debut 7", the "Hole Sailor" 7" on No Way / Black Lung, the "Trashed" 7" on Cowabunga, and their final 7", "Six More Reasons to Hate The Ladies" which came out on GM; 18 tracks in 16 minutes. All of the material has been remastered and is ready to go, we might even include some live sets we've tracked down. The artwork will of course be juvenile, obscene, and offensive as can be - and we wouldn't have it any other way. Hoping to have that out by next month.

On the VINYL CONFLICT LABEL, up next is the debut 7" EP from RVA's CRETINS - this EP is a fuckin ripper that picks up right where their awesome demo tape left off. Excited to get this one on the turntable as well, as tests show up next week! Unfortunately NIGHTSTALKER called it a day before they got the chance to finish their EP, so we will no longer be doing a 7" for them however we've got the next project lined up and I just heard it for the first time last night and holy shit it's great … I'm gonna leave it at that, we will announce it officially in a few weeks.

Since I am spending the first half of this year releasing some of the catchiest releases Grave Mistake has done, I figured might as well make up for it this summer / fall with some hardcore. Here's the quick rundown of what I am going to pummel you with this summer: Oh the long delayed 86 MENTALITY and STRIKING DISTANCE LPs - hmmm, well a few updates with the art but sadly the reissues get backburnered first, don't worry though … I'll keep stringing you along until they are out! You have every right to hate me, sometimes I hate myself for it. MERCENARY should be almost finished recording their debut 12" that we'll be co-releasing with SCAVENGER OF DEATH), and I can't wait to hear that because I know it's going to smoke. The remasters for THE SUSPECTS "Voice of America" LP reissue (with SIX FEET UNDER) just showed up in my inbox this weekend, so once those are approved we will get that signed off. The IRON BOOTS Discography - we've run into some snags tracking down the original recordings but we may have made some progress and once we have everything collected we will be sending it off to get remastered for the release. Still definitely in the works, and we've enlisted the one and only Spoiler to do up some brand new art for the release, so it will be worth the wait. That one will be a split with TRIPLE B RECORDS (who are also doing the next HARD STRIPES 7" so keep an eye out for that one). DNA 7" is still on the books as well but no updates on that front yet, and BARGE are about halfway through writing for their debut 12" so expect updates on those over the next few months. And of course, THE THUMBS "All Lesser Devils" 12" is still on my list and it will happen at some point.  I think that's it … if I'm missing anything, feel free to ask!
Thanks for reading and your support.

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