Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New in the Webstore: GOOSEBUMPS 7", GAS RAG 7", CREAM OF THE CROP Tape, More!

GOOSEBUMPS “Scared to See a Doctor” 7” (Katorga Works Records)
NYC’s hardcore scumlords return with their crowning achievement as a band, the Scared To See A Doctor EP. Equipped with a far superior recording and eschewing the traditional hardcore mold of their first 7”, the band has begun incorporating elements of drugged-out punk classics such as Fang, Flipper, and even Butthole Surfers to create a wholly unique hardcore punk experience that could only come from Ground Zero.

MISLED YOUTH “S/T” 7” (Society Bleeds Records)
Hailing from Washington, DC, Misled Youth holds nothing back as they rip through 5 songs in under 6 minutes with nothing but pure, fast Hardcore. Featuring members of other powerhouse bands such as Coke Bust and Meth Lab, the intensity and urgency displayed on the band’s debut 7” is not unlike the member’s other projects, but with it’s own unique identity. Strong influences from Youth Of Today, Poison Idea, and early 2000’s DC Hardcore such as Striking Distance are all apparent in Misled Youth’s sound, blending together nicely for a new take on a classic style of Hardcore. Split release with Refuse Records.

GAS RAG “6 Song EP” 7” (Not Normal Tapes)
American vinyl pressing of Gas Rag’s flawless demo, for those of you that missed out on da tape version. Six tracks of pure, unadulterated Midwestern idiocy that combine equal parts Fix, Anti-Cimex, and leather, melts ‘em in a pot and huffs the resulting concoction. Whether you’re wall to wallin’ or pogoin’ from floor to ceiling, you know this is for you.

PERMANENT RUIN “San Jose” 7” (Not Normal Tapes)
New five track EP from this prolific California band, but just as brutal and uncompromising as those fantastic slabs. Just like before, you know this fucker ain’t for no damn milk-babies, this is for the true punk freaks, from the blinding speed, the hard-as-fuck breakdowns, and the best vox in the biz, you’ll have this one flipping on your turntable endlessly. One-color screened cover on brown stock w/ 11x17” poster/lyric sheet.

V/A - “Cream of the Crop” Compilation Tape (Best Before 84 Records)
20 Song Compilation featuring new and exclusive and some non-exclusive tracks from bands such as Bloodkrow Butcher, Frenzy, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Savageheads, Goosebumps, La Misma, Combat Zone, And Many more!  Complete with screen printed poster and housed in a single cassette album. First 100 come on red cassette with color faded posters.

ESPERANZA “The Beginning” 7” (Todo Destruido Records)
From the ashes of Persevere comes a new band from Hiroshima, Japan, Esperanza.  This 7” is a mini-cd that was originally released on Insane World Records (Japan).  We loved at at irst listen and new this was something Todo Destruido wanted to release.  Esperanza play raw pogo punk in the way that only the Japanese can do it.  Very catchy, energetic, and fun.  For fans of bands like Laukaus, Last Survivors and Persevere.  Limited to 500 copies, pocket sleeve and 100 on colored vinyl for mail-order and from the band.  Don’t miss out on this one!

ALERT! ALERT! “Totalne Zagrozenie” Tape (Todo Destruido Records)
This is a discography (thus far) of the Polish D-Beat HC band Alert! Alert!  AA Play D-Beat in the vein of Meanwhile while still keeping it fresh and adding their own elemnts of originality.   Heavy delay on the vocals which bring Destino final to mind.  Limited to 100 copies/fold out cover.  Here’s a bandcamp where you can stream/download it all.  Buy it if you like it!

INSERVIBLES “Grabaciones 2008-2013” Tape (Not Normal Tapes)
Here it is, folks. The thirty three track pro-tape of Inservibles’ entire fucking discography. For five long years, these maniacs crafted some of the finest, most off-putting, thought-provoking hardcore punk the world has yet seen or can ever hope to, and NNT is honored to unleash this toxic, plastic rectangle.  Drooling, maniacal mutants playing punk upside-down and backwards. With new art by Inservibles mastermind Yecatl Pena. This one’s not to be missed!

AMERICAN HATE - Demo Tape (Not Normal Tapes)
Brand, spanking new six track demo from Oklahoman freaks, American Hate. Ex- and current members of Glow God and Grasseaters craft a truly unsettling manifesto of crime and grime all while managing to create some trippy and furious hardcore. Packaged with a twenty page mini-zine compiling lyrics and propaganda and an American Hate brand shiv.

PROTESTER - New Promo Tape (Bleeding Edges Records)
Protester is back, this time with a new cassingle. This is a promo for their new 7”, coming out on Trash King Productions. The A side will be on the new record, but the B side is exclusive to this release. Much like the cover art would suggest, this is heavily influenced by bands like Confront, very hard-edged straight edge hardcore. Their demo was incredibly well received, and these are expected to sell out quickly. These will be available at Damaged City Fest in April, with whatever is left available here.  Limited to 100 copies on pro duplicated and shrink wrapped gray cassettes, with imprinted shells and wraparound covers . (4 songs)

REGIMEN “Upprepning Ar Ofrakomlig” Tape (Not Normal Tapes)
Fourteen track pro-tape compiling the first three demos from this maniacal Swedish gang featuring members of the almighty Commitment Crew. Insane skate-punk reminiscent of Amdi Petersen Arme with a markedly psychedelic bent.

V/A “Criminal Rights: The Mixxxtape” Compilation Tape (Criminal Rights Records)
Two Words. Straight Edge. The mixxxtape is a comp of a variety of straight edge bands from all over the world. 12 songs from VIOLENT REACTION, ZERO PROGRESS, SHRAPNEL, COKE BUST, SOCIAL DAMAGE, STAB, UNITED RACES, and More.

Twelve song tape of the upcoming Naughty Girls LP. Snotty hc punk from Toronto.

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