Friday, May 30, 2014

VC-004: CRETINS "S/T E.P." 7" Out Soon

We've posted a track to the next release on the Vinyl Conflict Label - the debut S/T 7" E.P. from Richmond's own CRETINS. Give it a listen below (or on the Bandcamp page) ... we just got everything in so expect ordering info up SOON. 

VC-004: CRETINS "S/T E.P." 7"
"Ah, CRETINS...the runts of the litter, one of Richmond's few remaining hardcorepunk bands in 2014.  After unleashing a pummeling demo tape, CRETINS return with this six song EP – a barrage of rough, uncompromising HC punk drawing from the no-frills approach and raw power of golden era American hardcore.  CRETINS are tight as nails on this EP, a wrecking machine fronted by a singer who's clearly mad at the fucking world.  Throw this record on, drop out, and tune in to CRETINS.  Artwork by Yecatl Peña of INSERVIBLES."

For you Richmonders and folks coming into town Monday to see LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS, you'll be able to grab a copy in person at the show or from Vinyl Conflict. For the rest of you in internet land, we are hoping to have the record available for order next week.

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