Sunday, May 23, 2010

new blog ... for now

I was using blogger to update the GRAVE MISTAKE website ( but as of May 1st they took away the ability for me to do so. So as of right now, I have no way to update the actual site. Working on getting a new website done up, but I've been meaning to do a GM blog for a while now. This blog will have some label updates, but might be a catch-all for other dumb stuff.

Here's some news for now ... heading to Austin, TX on wednesday for CHAOS IN TEJAS. WASTED TIME will be playing two shows over the course of the fest ... google that shit for the infos ... if you aren't already planning on going, then you are either too stupid or too broke. Probably both.

THE LADIES record release show was last night with SOUTHSIDE STRANGLERS. Show was awesome, the EP isn't really ready yet but we got some blank label vinyl and screened some record release covers. Hope to have the real version of the 7" ready in June. It was rumored to be THE LADIES last show, but for now it's looking like a long break since they had some cool stuff planned for the fall that they will hopefully still do. SOUTHSIDE STRANGLERS just put out a new 7" on Fashionable Idiots and I love it. You should buy it or download it or something.

It looks like GOVERNMENT WARNING is in fact still a band after all, we will be playing Best Friends Day here in Richmond this August with NOFX, NECROS, WEIRD AL, and some other special guests. As of now this will be our first show since last December ... there might be more or this might be it, who knows?

DEEP SLEEP LP is currently in the hands of STEPHEN EGETRON for mastering, still hoping for a summer release ...

BAD ADVICE 7" is finally finished ... TONY BITCH laid down the vocals a couple of weekends ago (only took him a year and a half) but it came out awesome and I'm excited that the record will actually see the light of day. This will be a split release with TENSION HEAD records, run by former Grave Mistake intern Handsome Phil Matthews. If you have questions about this record, please direct them to Phil at ... he loves questions.

I guess that's it for now ... here is a live track of WASTED TIME covering The Abused's LOUD AND CLEAR last weekend. Recording courtesy of JEEBS.


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  1. where is the rest of this wasted time live set ?