Thursday, November 25, 2010


BLACK FRIDAY! What a neat excuse to sell a whole bunch of cool stuff for a really cheap price!! I never got around to doing one of these in previous years, so I figured might as well make the first GRAVE MISTAKE BLACK FRIDAY SALE a good one!

So ... what exactly do I have for you? First off, I put some crazy cheap prices on over 300 distro 7"s, LPs, and CDs!!! 7"s from $2-3, 12"s from $5-7 and CDs from $3-5 ...  there is a TON of great stuff in that mix. These prices will be good until the end of next week ... but keep in mind some of this stuff I only have one or two copies left, so if you see something you want I suggest you grab it because it might not be there later.  All of these distro items are NEW stock copies ... a good excuse to check out a record you've been hesitant to pick up, buy back records you had to sell for rent/drug/beer/food money, buy a record for a friend or significant other, take a chance on something that you have NO CLUE what it sounds like!  All of the sale distro items can be found here:


Second, pretty much EVERY GRAVE MISTAKE title (with the exception of I think 2 or 3) is on sale ... you can check those prices here ... these prices will also be good through next Saturday.  Most of the 7"s are $3.00, LPs are $8.00, and CDs are CHEAP.  You can browse those HERE:


Finally, I put up some pretty killer new package deals, and lowered the price on a few others!! Check em out:

Any 10 GRAVE MISTAKE 7"s for $25
GOVERNMENT WARNING "Paranoid Mess and WASTED TIME "Futility" LP - both for $12
DC HARDCORE package (five 7"s and a CD) ... $13 on sale from $16
DEEP SLEEP PACKAGE (all three EPs and the CD) $10 on sale from $13

These package deals will only be good until the end of the weekend, and can be found in both of the categories mentioned above.  Shipping is not included on these packages, and will be calculated when you check out.  INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please remember you CANNOT select "Flat Rate" shipping on any order with an LP or 12" vinyl.

I know it's sort of corny to do this sale stuff ... but oh well. It's a good reason to sell some cool records for cheap and I can't see anyone complaining about getting records for cheaper than normal.  I've got a TON of awesome new stuff coming up for 2011 so this will make the financial burden on putting out those new releases a bit lighter ... as always your support is appreciated more than you know!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season ... expect a detailed GRAVE MISTAKE update / year end recap sometime in early December.

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