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I'm VERY excited to announce that I have THREE new releases out now!  These are all ready to roll and will be shipping immediately, so order away …

GRAVE042: DEEP SLEEP "Turn Me Off" LP / CD
GRAVE046: COKE BUST "Degradation" 7"

First off, as you probably already have heard, is the DEEP SLEEP "Turn Me Off" LP … I've had a preorder running for a few weeks now, but these are FINALLY moving out the door. All preorders have been shipped so thanks to anyone that was waiting patiently for their copy.  I still have a handful of WHITE VINYL left, so if you've been slacking you still have a chance to grab colored vinyl. 

After three 7" singles, it feels like quite the accomplishment to have a DEEP SLEEP release in the 12" format … this LP picks up right where their last two singles left off; pretty much everything you've come to expect from a DEEP SLEEP release, but I mean that in the best way possible because this record definitely not rehashing any old material … each of these ten new songs each bring something new to the table … check it out and see for yourself!

Our friends at TAKEN BY SURPRISE Records in Germany have been nice enough to handle a European pressing, so if that's easier for you then please hit them up to pick up a copy!

Second, the US pressing of the COKE BUST "Degradation" 7" is FINALLY ready to roll! The european version came out back in the fall on REFUSE RECORDS for the band's European tour, and I'm thrilled to finally have this record available here in the US.  DEGRADATION delivers six brand new devastating blasts of head splitting hardcore clocking in at around five minutes … COKE BUST just continues to get better and better, and I feel that this new EP is definitely their best record to date (and definitely my favorite!) … this will definitely be a pleaser for the preexisting fans, and might even attract a bit more attention from those who have been sleeping on the band. I've got some nice WHITE VINYL for this release as well … so grab that while you can. 

Finally, for my third new release … well technically it isn't even a "new" record … is a repressing of the GOVERNMENT WARNING "No Moderation" LP … originally released on FERAL WARD back in 2006, the record definitely received a lot of attention and positive feedback when it first came out. It's been out of print for a little while now, and Yannick / Feral Ward (who has been busy cranking out one incredible new release after the next) was nice enough to let me take care of repressing the LP to keep it in print and available for all. 

Obviously, anything positive I would want to say about this release would just sort of have me coming off as an egomaniac … so I'm just going to say that in all of my years playing in bands and putting out records, NO MODERATION is probably my personal favorite and the one that means the most to me (for many reasons which I won't get into here) … I also think it's a damn fine hardcorepunkmetal record, and I hope you do to … either way I'm going to try my hardest to make sure it stays readily available for years to come.

I was just going to repress it on black vinyl, but I figured might as well have some fun with it so I did 100 on CLEAR BLUE vinyl … and those are now available in the webstore.  Other than a few minor layout tweaks and different center labels, this is basically identical to the original version … we also went back to the all black cover, that weird green/black split on the cover of the last pressing wasn't really my style.

All three of these releases are available at and will be available in other stores / websites / distros shortly after.   If you do a store, label, distro, etc please feel free to contact me about trade or wholesale on these or any Grave Mistake releases -


Before I go … here are some other quick news blurbs for you …

- the BRAIN F≠ "So Dim" 7" is almost sold out of the first press … thanks to anyone who has picked up a copy and if you haven't yet, please do soon! The 7" has been getting a ton of awesome feedback, this is definitely a band to keep an eye on because this and their "Restraining Order" 7" are just the beginning … expect more great things from them in the near future.

- I just added a TON of new distro stuff to the webstore (I will actually have a separate update following this one) … new records from NIGHT BIRDS, FY FAN, MUCH WORSE, HERATYS, STATE POISON, LOW THREAT PROFILE, RECKLESS AGGRESSION, and a bunch more. Plus a TON of restocks as well … check the full list in my webstore email

- Still more New releases in the pipe; The Shirks "Cry Cry Cry" 7" will be out hopefully in about three weeks. Vinyl has been here for a bit and we just finalized the artwork … this is 7" number 4 for DC's The Shirks and (as I'm sure I've said before) my personal favorite … a triple A-side single if you will. The Bad Advice "Do Not Resuscitate" 7" will also hopefully see the light of day this month as well … it's been way too long in the making and it's such a ripper of a single that it's a shame it's taken this long to get it out to everyone ... but I can assure you that the wait will have been well worth it.

After those two, we'll see a pretty rad CD singles collection from NIGHT BIRDS … "Fresh Kills Vol. 1" will contain 15 tracks, all of the material from their Killer Waves (AOTU) single, S/T 7", Midnight Movies 7", and their demo … I got the final master a week or so ago and realized that it's the first time I've had all of their material in one place … so needless to say I've been listening to it nonstop. In other NIGHT BIRDS news, the band is currently recording their LP which should be out early summer (more info on that later).

Finally … we are going to get cracking on the first of two reissues from THE THUMBS, which will be the ten song "All Lesser Devils Sessions" … we've acquired the final mixes from the studio where the EP was originally recording many years ago, and we have some pretty rad plans for packaging / insert but more on that as it develops; hoping for a summertime release! After that, we'll see a 12" collection from 86 MENTALITY … this will essentially be the "Goin Nowhere Fast" collection that came out on CD in 2005; both 7"s (On The Loose which has been OOP for a while, and the S/T which I have maybe 30 copies left), the non 7" demo track, 2 non EP tracks from the On The Loose Session, 2 covers, and a couple of live songs … while the music won't be new, we will hopefully have a fresh new layout and some cool updated retrospective liner notes from the band.  No set release date on that yet, but probably sometime this summer or early fall if things go as planned.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!


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