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THE SHIRKS "Cry Cry Cry" 7" & NIGHT BIRDS "Fresh Kills Vol. 1" CD OUT NOW!!!

Two brand new releases are now available!  Both of these are available for mailorder direct in the Grave Mistake webstore, and should be popping up in your favorite stores and distros shortly.  Any Stores or Distros looking to carry copies of these new releases (or any other Grave Mistake releases), please see below about wholesale information!
If you do a blog, zine, or find yourself writing about records in places where other people will read them, then get in touch with me about receiving promos! Contact info is below!
Now, on to the new releases ....
GRAVE045: THE SHIRKS "Cry Cry Cry" 7"
This is EP number four from one of Washington DC's finest, THE SHIRKS. CRY CRY CRY features three more infectious, guitar driven punk rock 'n roll A-Sides with 70's punk feel - there's a heavy SAINTS / Aussie KBD sound present in these tunes - run through the 90's garage filter while maintaining a raw and primitive vibe. To put things into perspective, Terminal Boredom might have put it best in a review of their last 7" on Windian, referring to the band's style as "East Coast tough-as-shit leather jacket punk bad ass-ness" ... while I'm not 100% sure what that means, I can't really disagree with it either because it sounds kinda perfect. THE SHIRKS have been at it for a few years now, with each release better than then next - if you have yet to check them out, then what better place to start than with this 7"?

I've got about 50 copies left of the RED VINYL version (out of 100), so head over to the webstore and grab yourself a copy. I was also able to score more distro copies of both their previous 7" on Windian, and their debut 7" on Big Neck as well! I highly recommend picking up every one of these singles!!!

GRAVE048: NIGHT BIRDS "Fresh Kills Vol. 1" CD
Hopefully you've heard NIGHT BIRDS by now, as they've made a name for themselves over the past year with three incredible 7"s and a killer live show. In preparation for their full-length LP, "The Other Side of Darkness" due out summer 2011, we decided to give you all a little recap just in case you need to play catch-up before the LP hits. This CD compiles the first two years of the band's existence; including their 2009 demo, the "Killer Waves" 7" on Art of the Underground, the "Self-Titled" EP on Dirtnap / Grave Mistake, and the very recently released "Midnight Movies" 7" on No Way Records. If you have yet to check out NIGHT BIRDS, then this might be a perfect starting point because you get it all at once! 15 songs in all, packaged in a concise layout with flyers, photos, and lyrics. These Jersey boys take all of the best elements from bands like ADOLESCENTS, D.I., AGENT ORANGE, and DEAD KENNEDYS (to name a few), to create some of the most infectious snotty surf-influenced hardcore punk this side of Rikk Agnew's cat corpse. There is no doubt that the NIGHT BIRDS are going to be the soundtrack to your summer so get hip to 'em now or pose hard later!

The Fresh Kills CD will be available in the webstore for $7 plus shipping through the end of the month … I also have a package deal going which will get you not only the CD, but the Night Birds "S/T" 7" (Grave Mistake / Dirtnap) as well for $10 plus shipping.

I also have a very small amount of the "Midnight Movies" 7" that came out earlier this year on No Way available … the first press on this 7" is almost gone so grab it while you can!
Night Birds "Midnight Movies" 7" (No Way)


Don't forget, I still have the following new releases available! There is still some limited colored vinyl available for the Deep Sleep LP, Government Warning LP, and Coke Bust 7" so pick em up while you can!

Five years and three 7" EPs since the band's inception, Baltimore's DEEP SLEEP finally unleash their first LP on the world.  If you've been following the band through 2008's MANIC EUPHORIA and 2009's PARANOID FUTURES, you have more than likely noticed that DEEP SLEEP has slowly but steadily been morphing into an unclassifiable superhuman mutant; feeding off of a steady diet of ALL, DESCENDENTS, and other assorted goodies from the SST / CRUZ catalogs, leaving a trail of destruction and fast food wrappers in it's wake.  Recorded in the band's own house / practice spot (Wallride Manor) and mastered by the one and only Stephen Egerton, TURN ME OFF finds DEEP SLEEP's sound growing and expanding in every direction; the fast songs are faster, the hooks throughout are catchier than ever; each of the ten tracks on this LP is defined with it's own distinctive guitar blitzkreig, and interlaced with one of the most exhilarating rhythm sections in hardcore/punk today, while the lyrics drenched in depression, isolation, frustration, and insanity keep you uncomfortably intrigued.  TURN ME OFF has everything you could want from a punk record in 2011 and then some.  DEEP SLEEP have outdone themselves once again, delivering their best and most unique sounding record to date.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

North Carolina’s BRAIN F≠ bring you their second single;  “SO DIM” b/w “SYMPTOM SET” is a double A-sided banger with all the overdriven/overloaded guitar fury of TEENGENERATE or ZERO BOYS and the angry female-fronted charm you love from so many DANGERHOUSE & early L.A. singles. Massive rhythm section a la AVENGERS and NERVOUS EATERS, hook-filled & danceable, the hardest of core. Hostile, angry fun - the perfect follow up to their debut 7" on Static Shock (UK). CLICK HERE TO ORDER

GOVERNMENT WARNING's debut LP is finally back in print!  Originally released on FERAL WARD in 2006, NO MODERATION rips through ten blistering tracks of no frills early 80's hardcore; taking the speed and ferocity of JERRY'S KIDS, FU's and KORO and combining it with hook-laden so-cal punk sensibilities of ADOLESCENTS or AGENT ORANGE.  NO MODERATION is held by many to be GOVERNMENT WARNING'S defining record, and it's available to the masses once again. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Following up their LP on Six Weeks Records, DC's COKE BUST have unleashed a monster of a new EP; easily their best and most crushing record to date.  DEGRADATION is a blistering, noisy, mind blowing,full-throttle hardcore assault influenced by the masters like Heresy, Ripcord, Infest, and Larm.  Tearing through six songs in five minutes, this EP will pummel you down to the ground then leave you on your knees begging for more.  Recorded by Kevin at Developing Nations Studios and mastered by Smok (Post Regiment fame).  CLICK HERE TO ORDER


As you may have noticed, I'm trying to get better about adding new distro titles more frequently to the online store so please keep checking for new additions.  I will probably do a webstore update email every couple of weeks, but my plan is to add stuff into the webstore as soon as I get it. I also get a continuous supply of restocks in, so hopefully if I sell out of a record you were looking for, it's only temporary. 

In addition to GRAVE MISTAKE releases, the webstore has a ton of distributed releases from labels like DERANGED, NO WAY, FERAL WARD, SORRY STATE, ROB'S HOUSE, DOUCHEMASTER, PAINKILLER, REACT!, SING SING, LENGUA ARMADA, DISCHORD, FRONTIER, TO LIVE A LIE, TANKCRIMES, VINYL RITES, COWABUNGA, KATORGA WORKS, RESIDUE, and many more killer labels!  I also try to stay as stocked up as possible on new demos, tapes, and zines so if you are into that sort of thing, head on over and see what I've got!


If you are looking to carry Grave Mistake releases for your store, distro, online store, etc … please feel free to contact me at for info on ordering wholesale direct.  You can also purchase Grave Mistake releases wholesale from the following distributors: EBULLITION, REVHQ, NO IDEA, DEATHWISH DIRECT, and select titles from DISCHORD DIRECT and STICKFIGURE.


If you are a label interested in trading, please feel free to email me with your trade / release list (with DESCRIPTIONS please). I try to trade releases when I can, so drop me a line and hopefully we can work something out.


The BAD ADVICE 7" will be out before hell freezes over, I promise. Also this summer expect the NIGHT BIRDS LP, a BRAIN F≠ LP, THE THUMBS "ALL LESSER DEVILS SESSIONS" LP, and maybe even the 86 MENTALITY "GOIN' NOWHERE FAST" 12" … plus who knows what other new stuff might pop up over the next few months!

Thanks to everyone who has supported GRAVE MISTAKE over the years, especially in 2011 - either by ordering Grave Mistake releases or other distro records in the webstore, picking up GM releases at your local shop or from your favorite distro, carrying them in your store or distro, writing reviews, or just being supportive of and having good things to say about records we put out or the bands we work with.  It's been one of the busiest years the label has seen (as well as one of the most productive), and I couldn't have done it without everyone's support … so thank you!

That's all for now … check out the new releases and keep your eyes peeled for more updates soon!

Alex / GRAVE MISTAKE (@gravemistakerex)

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