Sunday, March 23, 2014

WEBSTORE UPDATE: Lumpy and the Dumpers, Casanovas in Heat, Teengenerate, and MORE!

These just missed Friday's update, but are in the webstore now ...

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TEENGENERATE "Get More Action: The LOST Egg Studio Sessions" LP (Crypt)
Yasss.... the LONG-LOST May 1994 Egg Studios (Seattle) Crypt album sessions - all hopped-up, remixed etc - FINALLY available after having disappeared for 19 years! This LP offers 17 originals in a gatefold beaut with liner notes by New Bomb Turk Eric Davidson.

DEATH "For the Whole World to See" LP (Drag City)
Classic proto-punk from 1970s Detroit. Raw with little polish, the record showcases the organic power relationships within the trio of brothers. The HACKNEY’s were first influenced by soul and funk music but it all changed when they saw Iggy and the Stooges. Inspired by The Who, Alice Cooper & Led Zeppelin; the brothers finally see their first full length release, remastered and ready for the world to hear.”

CASANOVAS IN HEAT "Belvidere b/w Destiny St." 7" (Katorga Works)
Boston's Casanovas In Heat plays melodic punk in the vein of late 70s Boston punk, as well as a smattering of influences ranging from the Killed By Death and Power Pearls comps, as well as the Nerves, the Orbits, and Generation X. This single is a tremendous step forward for this band, as they contribute what are by far their best songs to-date.

LUMPY & THE DUMPERS "Gnats In The Pisser" 7" (Total Punk)
St. Louis's kings of the sewer are bubbling back up to the surface with two more tracks of gnarly scuzz punk. Blown out and covered in slime, Lumpy gnashes his way through these two tracks about ghouls, gnats, piss, and bad breath.

MANATEEES "Seek Help" 7" (Total Punk)
Memphis's Manateees are back with two songs about hating your guts. Years of throwing empty beer cans in the water, and whacking them with boat blades has left these cuddly sea mammals with a bad disposition. Blistering, evil, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

BADDAT FOR TRUBBEL "Inte Varit Sü Tuff" 7" (Total Punk)
Total Punk finally makes the skip across the Atlantic, and as far as I’m concerned we knocked this one out of the park. International superstars Baddat For Trubbel send us two of their best tracks yet. Swedish sung rhythm driven punk rock that lands somewhere between Bloodstains across Sweden and an amphetamine crazed Dr. Feelgood. Completely infectious, judging by the rest of their recorded output, not long for this world, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

VIDEO "(Join The) Hate Wave" 7" (Total Punk)
It's been a long and arduous road getting this one out. I think the pressing plant was scared to unleash this much negativity too close to Black Friday. IT's finally here though and ready for you to consume, so knock over that baby carriage, push that old lady out of your way and pick this here record up before they are all gone. Video has long been a favorite around Total Punk HQ. Their debut LP was one of my favorite punk records of the last few years, and I've wanted to do a Total Punk / Video collaboration ever since. Well here we are two years later and dreams are becoming reality. ”Hate Wave” is negativity at its best. A slow burner with a wicked hot solo. TV Smith meets TV’s Daniel. And the B-Side "Captivity" ain't no slouch either. It'll get you banging on those prison walls every time. Do you have what it takes to join the Hate Wave? 100% GRADE A TOTAL PUNK!

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