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An awesome webstore upate for you today, however ...
First order of business! Running a nice little "pre-Black Friday" sale this week and next on all Grave Mistake and Vinyl Conflict releases from 2013. If you use discount code: GM2013 when you checkout, you'll get 25% off any of our releases from 2013, and you can see the full list here (discount will be taken off of regular price, which is the one displayed):

Not only does this include all of the individual releases (and we put out A LOT of stuff in 2013!), but there are a few packages/bundles that qualify for 25% off as well. Included in the list are LPs from NIGHT BIRDS, COKE BUST, BIG EYES, SICKOIDS, SECTARIAN VIOLENCE, and THE SHIRKS, plus 7"s from KREMLIN, BARGE, HARD STRIPES, RED DONS, and DEVIL'S HAND!  That's around $9.00 for the LPs, less than $4.00 for 7"s, and even cheaper records if you grab one of the package deals.

Since my plans to announce the sale properly earlier this week were thwarted by lack of organization and poor planning, I decided to extend it until November 16th! So check out the link above, this is a great excuse to scoop up one of last year's releases that you never got around to grabbing, or possibly checking out record you've been meaning to but haven't yet!

In addition to this sale, there is a great update below so take a look and see all the new records in the webstore this week!


Here's this week's rundown; some essential 2014 listening from the wonderful 540 Records, who have been kind enough to deliver us a new IMPALERS record as well as an awesome new single from Brazil's RAKTA! Hopefully you've been able to catch Rakta on their current North American tour (sadly, they didn't play Richmond) or grabbed their debut LP. As expected, this new 7" has been on constant rotation here at GMHQ this week. And of course, a new IMPALERS 12" ... that's what we call a "no brainer;" both of these releases are highly recommended.

Grabbed some of the latest releases from Not Normal Tapes, including the highly praised (and for good reason) BIG ZIT and OOZE 7"s, plus the AMERICAN HATE 7", BIG CRUX LP, new FAILED MUTATION tape, and a few more.  Was lucky enough to get my hands on a few of the LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS singles collection LP from Australia's Space Ritual records (but they are worth the import price of course), and I also picked up some of the "Concentrated Visuals" tape comp that Space Ritual released as well - a nice overview of some of the great hc/punk/etc bands that Australia has to offer these days! Also, finally stocked up on some killer releases from CV Recs including not one, but two PURA MANIA 7"s, WANUY 7", tapes from LOS MONJO and DESPERFECTO, and more.

Plenty of other new releases worth your time and money too, like the debut 7" from DC's PURE DISGUST (as well as many more releases from Flophouse Records), records from RHDP, MENSROOM, THE NUKES, CLEANSING WAVE, BURNING KITCHEN, two 12" releases from Sweden's DAMAGED HEAD, a couple of cool reissues from Canada's Meanbean records (WIPERS and CHEMICALS singles), two rad tape releases from Sorry State Records; demos from NO LOVE and WRIGGLE (the NO LOVE especially has been getting a lot of play around GMHQ this week), and more - check the full list below!

Oh, and if you were wondering, my copies of the BOSTON STRANGLER "Fire" LP all sold in one night, but of course I'll be getting my hands on more copies once it's repressed so stay tuned.

That's all for now, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!
2013 Grave Mistake / Vinyl Conflict release sale (25% off with discount code GM2013):

New in the Webstore for 11.7.14:

IMPALERS "Psychedelic Snutskallar" 12" (540 Records)
Well damn, here we are again. Another 12" from Austin, TX boss hogs Impalers. In the modern climate of music, nothing sticks. Every week there is a new cool 7" or tape making the rounds on social media, littering your feed with bandcamp demos and instragamed cassette j cards. It's hard to keep up, yet an amazing time of stimulation and excitement for punks worldwide. But in the midst of all this madness - it's nice to know you can count on Impalers every year to release the best record of the year.  Unless you live under a rock, you probably already know what to expect from these guys. Their LP last year topped year end charts high and low. And Psychedelic Snutskallar does damage in all the same places. Peerless d-beat, a work of art. Completely unhinged yet tight and in the pocket. This time they have upped the ante with a monstrous opening track that takes up the whole A side at a never boring 11 minute length. Tripped out artwork and packing concept by Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, Dripper World) and reworked material from short lived side project Sick Plot make this 12" EP a no brainer.

RAKTA "S/T" 7" (540 Records)
Brazil's Rakta unleash two new tracks of eerie and atmospheric post punk. From the moment the songs start you will find yourself trapped in a cave of beautiful, yet haunting tunes, in most cases, people will want to seek a way out, in Rakta's case, you will never want to leave. 'Tudo Que E Solido' is an instant nugget that fits somewhere between Blood and Roses and The Doors. It's driven by the tom tom work and the insistent and drone like keyboard work. The track builds and builds into a dark cresendo. On the flip is 'Serpente' - a 6 minute and 15 seconds dirge that's part Siouxsie And The Banshees' 'Lord's Prayer' and part 'Ballet Bag' demo era Rubella Ballet. The record comes housed in a beautifully put together booklet sleeve wraparound with printed inner sleeves with art by guitarrist Laura Lanca.

LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Collection" LP (Space Ritual Records)
From time to time, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS prove themselves to be the terminus of the Slime Punk Express. Blown out and covered in slime, Lumpy gnashes his way through these 12 tracks about ghouls, gnats, piss, sex pits and bad breath. In the realm of screaming, searing "throbbing idiot punk" (as LUMPY calls it), this is gold. It's fast, it's vicious, and it does not give a fuck. Total raw, warped punk just like I love it! LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS sound exactly like what you'd imagine Ren & Stimpy's latin-jazz freakout band!  This band is about the filth inside, which is not to be confused with the darkness, it's not mental anguish and black godlusts that are spewing forth here, just the natural logistics of flesh, the slippery smelly stuff, honesty of form in the chitterlings and the old shambles. Semi-solid beings playing songs of uncomfortable physicality.  Wrap this whole package up in an absolutely gorgeous 2-color, screen-printed sleeve (art by LUMPY himself) and you have a 100% essential hardcore LP. Australian import!

PURA MANIA "Musica Para Gente Fea" 7"
(CV Records)
Pura Manía, a punk band from Vancouver, Bc. They like French oi!, South American punk, Iberian punk and the all mighty Eskorbuto. Vocals in Spanish. This is punk for today’s generation, or that is what the vocalist likes to think.  Screen printed packaging on recycled/garbage materials from the streets of Vancouver.

PURA MANIA "La Estafa Musical" 7" (CV Records)
Pura Manía, a punk band from Vancouver, Bc. They like French oi!, South American punk, Iberian punk and the all mighty Eskorbuto. Vocals in Spanish. This is punk for today’s generation, or that is what the vocalist likes to think.  Screen printed packaging on recycled/garbage materials from the streets of Vancouver.  Same recording session from the “Musica para gente fea” 7”

DESKARRIADOS "Maketa Grabada en Mad Box…" 7" (CV Records)
Venezuela 1990 sucked. Just 1 year after the riots/looting that left thousands killed by the army. Deskarriados recorded this songs for a demo that never came out in a proper release. This riots, also known as “El Caracazo” was an answer to a shitty economic moment. The city was sad and depressing. In the mine while, anger, frustration and the “no future” mood of the country dragged young people into punk. All this emotions can be found in this piece of vinyl.  Musically and geographically, Deskarriados is right between the Mexican punk rock sound of the “Rock Nacional Vol.2: Solo para punks” compilation and Olho Seco first 7” hardcore masterpiece. 77 catchiness and rough and simple 1-2 drumming keeps everything interesting. Venezuelan first punk hasn’t been documented properly. We hope this 7” helps somehow.

WANUY "Muerte" 7" (CV Records)
Wañuy is from Lima-Peru. Hardcore is a big part of their life. This is not a choice, it is simply an answer of what the see and live daily. Wañuy are punks, their lyrics are dark. Their sound primitive. Maybe they are not the best at their instruments. But this is what punk is all about right? This songs were made and recorded in one day.  "Wañuy" means death or eclipse. It is in Quechua, an Andean language spoke in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.  This 7" comes in three different cover colors: radioactive pink, booger green or classic white.

OOZE "S/T" 7" (Not Normal Tapes)
You read that right. At long last. Six track shit slab from the Abominable Ooze. ‘Nuff said.

BIG ZIT "Electric Zit Vol. 1" 7" (Not Normal Tapes)
The Big Throbbin’ Zit's first fit. BZ has spent months and months honing a craft that the big-city, shitty-kitties can only grasp at, all so they can deliver to all you true believers the most ragingest, rockingest, ass-shakingest rekkid sure to drop this year. At least until their next opus.

AMERICAN HATE "Dead Squeeze" 7" (Not Normal Tapes)
Hot off the heels of their stellar demo, OKC’s American Hate is wasting no time delivering more of their brand of psyched-out, United Mutation meets Mecht Mensch, freak shit to the masses.

BIG CRUX "Ponchito" LP (Not Normal Tapes)
With a millennium of rock 'n' roll beamed and crammed straight into their alien brains, Big Crux have crash landed on earth with the philosophical basis for the next 1,000 years, "Ponchito". Get ready to shake that ass, bang your head, pogo til ya can’t no more, it don’t matter, just do the mutant shuffle, you fucks!

PURE DISGUST "S/T" 7" (Flophouse Records)
Pure Disgust took DC by storm when they released their demo with their unique brand of wicked anthemic harDCore with strong socio-political lyrics. Since then they’ve grown incredibly tight and upped their ferocity with an intense live to boot. These young guns, ranging in age from only 15-21, successfully capture their anger and urgency on vinyl with their brand of brute force HC a la LIFE’S BLOOD, while still kicking out memorable punk riffs in the same way that BLITZ leave songs in our heads. Pure Disgust has become a force to be reckoned with and there is little doubt that this scorching platter will turn heads far and wide.

WIPERS, THE "Nome Noma" 7" (Meanbean Records)
Released in 1980 on THC and again in 1981 on Traction under circumstances still largely unknown by the remaining members, the sole 45 from Montreal punks the Wipers remains difficult to track down today. What's more, if you ask us it's still far too obscure, which is something we here at Meanbean aim to rectify! Although disco fever was taking Montreal by storm at the time, the Wipers went against the trend and ended up making one of the best punk singles ever produced in the province of Quebec. However, this single isn't just a historic artifact; both songs are total hits! "Nome Noma" goes off like a bomb! It's a killer, groovy punk anthem from beginning to end! On the flip, "Bowery Boy" shows a little more of a pop side with an infectious chorus and a cool strutting guitar riff throughout. Some may even call this one powerpop, but with lyrics like "poor Bowery Boy, hasn't seen the Pistols in weeks" we wouldn't dare say so! How great were the Wipers? Even the most famous female singer in the world, Celine Dion, thought they were great! However, they were considered too "alternative" by radio programmers in an era when disco was king, so the band unfortunately disbanded shortly after the release of the record. One member later achieved provincial fame with his following pop band. Originally released in a plain white sleeve, Meanbean is beefing this thing up with a brand new sleeve design made from the bands' archival materials, including pictures and liner notes by members of the band. Like the song says, NOME NOMA, COMES FROM VEGA!

CHEMICALS, THE "Out of My Mind" 7" (Meanbean Records)
Meanbean's second release by Montréal's The Chemicals is a little obscure pop jewel. Influenced by classic sixties bands, seventies punk, eighties new wave and all-caps POP, the band ended up writing two incredibly catchy numbers that have all the ingredients to make a hit: big hooks, killer guitar riffs, catchy singalong melodies, and an awesome pop sensibility. While both songs were definitely infused with the New Wave vibe prevalent at the time, "Out Of My Mind" shows a bit of a sixties vibe and "Run and Hide" on the b-side shows more of the band's punk edge. No matter what though, one thing remains consistent on both sides: we're talking about goddamn hits here! There's no reason you won't go simply gaga over this thing unless you are completely tone deaf or utterly tasteless. If the majority of records coming out in the mid-eighties had even a third of the level of songwriting on display here, nobody would be talking shit about the eighties anymore! This record gained some attention nationwide on college radio at the time, and eventually the band was even approached about the possibility of a European tour. Unfortunately they broke up before they were ever able to capitalize on their local success. This was originally released in 1985 on the VOT label in a plain white sleeve, but Meanbean is serving this tasty treat up for you in a new sleeve design featuring archival pictures and liner notes from the band. We're doing all this because Meanbean cares and doesn't do anything half-assed! *CANADIAN IMPORT

RHDP "Parusa" 7" (Tension Head Records)
New 4 song ep from RHDP. RHDP blend Punk with Blues Heavy Rock and Roll with Lyrics sung in Tagalog.

MENSROOM "I Quit" 7" (Self Released)
Pretty great self-released 7” by Richmond, VA’s Mensroom, which starts off in a sprint with “Passive Problems” and then slows to a crawl for the last two tracks. Big burly riffs are what’s on order here: “MCV“‘s bouncy lead spills into a nasty guitar solo, and “I Quit” sounds like it could’ve fit right into Rollins Band’s Life Time LP. Creative drumming and welcome tempo changes keep this one afloat and set it apart from the hordes of Side B of My War worshippers. Rock solid 7” right here. Limited to 300 copies. -

NUKES, THE "Fascist Perverts" 7" (Man in Decline Records)
The Nukes play hardcore punk that sounds like it was conceived in that glorious period between 1978 and 1981 when punk was speeding up but hardcore had not fully developed as a distinct sound all its own—think: THE NUBS (SF), THIS IS BOSTON, NOT LA-era GANG GREEN AND F.U.'s, ANGRY SAMOANS and newer bands like CAREER SUICIDE. On Fascist Perverts, the band tears through 6 songs in less than 7 minutes and the no-frills approach works to punishing effect. The Nukes are a band with tons of promise and we hope this is the first of many recordings by the band, so they can take their place as the next addition in a long list of venerated CHICAGO bands.

CLEANSING WAVE "Crude" 7" (Man in Decline Records)
The "CRUDE EP" is the latest release by Massachusetts punk quartet, CLEANSING WAVE. Crude serves as a follow-up to a previously released demo, a "s/t" 7" EP, and a series of slit releases, including a split flexi with GASH, a split cassette with TINITUS, and a split 7" with San Francisco's MIDNITE BRAIN. Cleansing Wave is known to win audiences over with their ripping live show full of reverb-drenched vocals and all-out punk attack. To honor the session that produced Crude, Man In Decline Records created a 3-Sided 7" cut by long-time MID collaborator and lacquer wizard, Adam Gonsalves of Telegraph Mastering. The A-Side contains two songs and a reverse cut third track, making the overall 7" a 5-track EP.

STUN EVENT "S/T" 7" (Man in Decline Records)
STUN EVENT was started by former OUT COLD members, Kevin Mertens and John Evicci, after their recent collaboration on OUT COLD's posthumous release: A Heated Display. Kevin had been the original singer for OUT COLD and rejoined the band on vocals in order to help them complete their final recordings after the tragic passing of the band's primary songwriter: Mark Sheehan. After their collaboration on A Heated Display, they decided to start a new project, including John's brother, Fred (another OUT COLD alumnus), and these six songs are the first recording from the band. Musically, STUN EVENT provides a fresh take on a genre that can be predictably derivative.The familiar elements are there but they're executed in such a way that the maturity of the musicianship and songwriting comes through. There are nods to early punk influences from disparate and somewhat unexpected sources: like THE FIX or NEGATIVE APPROACH playing "Paranoid Time" but the end result is all their own.

DAMAGED HEAD "Tunnel Vision" LP (Man in Decline Records)
Sweden’s Damaged Head delivers a full-length of 15 brand new songs that brilliantly follows up their self-titled 12" EP; released in spring 2014 on Man In Decline (US) and Adult Crash (EU). "Tunnel Vision" finds the band continuing their successful formula of combining old USHC with classic Swedish hardcore (e.g., Totalitär), only this time with even more energy and urgency. This is likely due to the fact that the music for Tunnel Vision was recorded, live, in less than an hour. For those keeping track, “Tunnel Vision” was recorded by Kenko (MEANWHILE, BURNING KITCHEN) at the Communichaos Media Clay Station and Damaged Head is comprised of ex-and current members of AGENT ATTITUDE, HERATYS, INSTITUTION, and NITAD. If you find yourself wanting more hardcore with an emphasis on songwriting and hooks, this is the record you’ve been waiting for.

(Man in Decline Records)
DAMAGED HEAD is a new band from Sweden with ex-and current members of HERATYS, INSTITUTION, NITAD, and AGENT ATTITUDE. Damaged Head plays traditional hardcore with punk sensibilities and hooks (think POISON IDEA, TOTALITÄR, and newer bands like AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ and CAREER SUICIDE). After only a short time as a band, they recorded this self-titled EP with Kenko (MEANWHILE, BURNING KITCHEN, etc) at Communichaos Clay Station and the result is one of the most energetic and exciting hardcore EP's we've heard in a very long time. The Damaged Head EP contains 6 songs ranging from fast hardcore blasts to midtempo anthems, with the longest song clocking in at barely over 2 minutes. The North American pressing of the Damaged Head EP is a one-sided, screenprinted 12″ packaged in a single-pocket LP jacket with an insert.

BURNING KITCHEN "Many Wonder About the Meaning of Life" 2xLP (Man in Decline Records)
Sweden’s Burning Kitchen were instrumental during the ‘90’s in the development of an aggressive melodic punk sound that would inspire a whole generation of Scandinavian bands to come, ranging from MASSHYSTERI, GORILLA ANGREB, TERRIBLE FEELINGS and VANNA INGET to American bands like ARCTIC FLOWERS and SIGNAL LOST. During their initial period of activity, Burning Kitchen toured Europe extensively and were known for their live shows and substantive socio-political lyrics. Since their breakup, they have been extremely missed and as their releases have become harder and harder to find, a demand for a vinyl discography has grown. Man In Decline Records is honored to release this double LP compilation which features the trilogy of 7"s (Confirmation, Consolidation, Confrontation), the "Damn If You Do, Damn If You Don't" 10", various compilation tracks, and 8 UNRELEASED TRACKS from 1998 (35 songs total).  This 2xLP also includes a wide spine jacket and a 12 page booklet with pics, flyers, a short history of the band, etc, and, as always, you will receive an immediate download of the record upon purchase. Color only available via mail-order and/or the band.

AUTONOMY / STREET EATERS Split 7" (Off the Books Records)
Two very different bands’ take on modern post-punk. Street Eaters (Berkeley, CA) deliver a seriously heavy jangly ripper while Autonomy (Carbondale, IL) give us a shiny pop tune and a badass Pailhead cover. First pressing of 500 on swirly vinyl. Comes with download code.

CANCERS "Dig" 7" (Off the Books Records)
Two extremely lo-fi sludge rippers from ex-members of Dead Dog (NY/GA) and Unfun (Canada). The first two songs set to wax. Real stoned. Real raw. We have some of the last copies of this (most-likely) one time pressing! Get 'em before they are go for 10 times as much on e(vil)-bay! Comes with download code.

NO JUSTICE "Still Fighting" 7" (Underestimated Records)
Backstock copies of the second press (gold vinyl) of this classic early 2000's hardcore record. Along with bands like like TEAR IT UP, LIFE'S HALT, GORDON SOLIE, etc ... this MD band played a vital role in pumping life back into the hardcore scene with no frills fast and pissed hardcore punk. Remembered most notably for their chaotic live shows, this E.P. was the only official release from this band. While some may argue that the intensity of their live set couldn't be captured on record, this EP definitely delivers six tracks of raging hardcore. When the opening chord of "political scheme" rings out ... watch for flying bodies and drum equipment. Members went on to play in a slew of bands including 86 MENTALITY, GIVE, DESPERATE MEASURES, SET TO EXPOLDE, LOJ, and THE AFTERMATH.

SMARTSAM UTLOSNING Demo Tape (Flophouse Records)
The SMÄRTSAM UTLÖSNING demo is an international effort from members of Uppsala, Sweden's Agent Attitude and two members of DC's Coke Bust. These five songs pay homage to the members' favorite past and present Swedish d-beat hardcore bands a la Herätys, Totalitär, Dismachine and Mob47 while still maintaining its own flavor. Recorded live in a practice room with a couple of mics, the production is raw in a way that compliments the style and brings out the intensity. The demo includes a double-sided lyric insert for English-speakers who cannot read the Swedish text. The creepy, desolate lyrics were too good not to translate.

GOVERNMENT FLU "Tension" Tape (Flophouse Records)
Government Flu are are a hardcore punk band from Warsaw, Poland that play a really cool mix of classic early 80's US style HC, hard-hitting burly hardcore and hints of old Polish punk like Dezerter and Post Regiment in their fast parts. I released this tape as an American version of their upcoming LP for their US tour around Damaged City Fest in Washington, DC. Government Flu proudly made history as the first Polish punk band to ever tour the United States. It's impressive how tight this band is, both live and recorded. As with all punk and hardcore, the quality of the drumming is ultimately what determines the quality of the band and with European legend WOLFI rocking the kit, this does not disappoint in the slightest. Check the European vinyl version on Refuse Records.

FEEDING CHAIN "Public Execution" Tape (Flophouse Records)
Feeding Chain are a vicious band from the southern coast of England who draw influences from the speed and hatred of Infest with the driving hardcore punk influence of Negative Approach and more recently… early Think I Care. Features members of Never Again, Repentance, Sectarian Violence, and others! The UK has been killing it lately with hardcore and the bands from up North have received a lot of much deserved recognition. Feeding Chain remind us that the entire island is diseased, all the way down to the southern coast. Absolutely crushing.

SEM HASTRO 2014 Demo Tape (Flophouse Records)
Sem Hastro is a band that was formed in June of 2014 in Washington, D.C. I met Xavero from doing a Brazilian tour after he helped out alot. We invited Xavero to come to Washington, D.C. and come to Damaged City Fest. He accepted the offer, stayed with us and liked D.C. so much that he stayed for 6 months. Once he was here, we had to start a band with him. The four of us sat down and wrote a bunch of Eskorbuto meets Ramones meets Final Conflict songs and sped them up. We jammed these songs a lot in the Summer months and even played a handful of local shows before recording the demo. The band plans on continuing with Xavero back in Brazil. We’ll all be around.

BAD BLOOD Demo Tape (Not Normal Tapes)
New, cross country collaboration between morons from bands you know. Eight tracks of raging Hardcore Punk. Not for the weak.

FAILED MUTATION "Give Into Sleep" Tap
e (Not Normal Tapes)
The first in our new “These Are The Voices…” cassingle series. Two brand new tracks from these Wisconsin maniacs, above and beyond their already stellar 2013 demo tape.

MAKARRA "Mierda De Hardkore" Tape (CV Records)
Harsh hardcore from Lima Peru. Like a weird and perfect mix of Lip Cream and Ataque Frontal. Members of DHK.

LOS MONJO "Sencillos" Tape
(CV Records)
One of the best punk bands in the world. Los Monjo play punk rock in the veins of Eskorbuto. This tape compiles all their singles from 2008-2012.  Released a few years ago I asked the band to make a repress of this car/Walkman modern classic.

DESPERFECTO Demo 2013 Tape (CV Records)
Quirky punk rock from Santiago, Chile. All girl band and a boy that learned how to play for this tape. Full of passion punk for the punks.

CANCERS Demo Tape (Off the Books Records)
Members of Dead Dog (NY/GA) and Unfun (Canada) take on a whole new sound with heavy a heavy 90's grunge influence. Pop melody meets sludge attitude! 4 songs and the perfect precursor to the debut LP "Fatten the Leaches" on Dead Broke Records. Comes with download code.

NO LOVE Demo Tape #2
(Sorry State Records)
After an earlier self-released demo, Raleigh, North Carolina’s No Love move to Sorry State proper for their second release. Dispensing with some of the poppier tendencies of their demo, No Love play fist-pumping melodic punk along the lines of the Buzzcocks, the Avengers, and the Canadian Subhumans, occasionally augmented with the sarcastic snap of bands like the Angry Samoans. Tape #2 contains four new tracks recorded by Colin Swanson-White (Davidians), and the new recording does a much better job of capturing the band’s dense combination of melodic bass lines, dueling lead guitar and anthemic vocals. Cassettes are professionally duplicated and come with a digital download. Limited to 100 copies.

WRIGGLE Demo Tape (Sorry State Records)
Greensboro, North Carolina's Wriggle are pure North Carolina hardcore... loud, fast, heavy, and slightly metallic in a tradition that started with No Labels and COC and carried on through Double Negative, Devour, and Stripmines. I'm not sure how aware Wriggle are of that tradition or if they even care, but this demo cassette is one of the rawest, meanest, and catchiest slabs of hardcore I've heard in ages. With its spot-on 4-track production this could have been a lost contribution to the No Core compilation cassette, and the music is undiluted angst of the type only a small southern town can engender. Recommended for people who would sooner sell a kidney than part with their copies of Flex Your Head or This Is Boston Not LA.

V/A "Concentrated Visuals" Australia HC/Punk Comp Tape (Space Ritual Records)
From Perth's Space Ritual Records. 16 tracks of Aussie punk and hardcore. Probably the best representation of the current underground music scene in Australia you're going to get. Featuring HELTA SKELTA, DIE GUTTER GODS, SIMFUCKERS, UNPEOPLE, PLASTIC BAGS, PRAG, OILY, BOYS, the lot from Cool Death Records, and more!

OMEGA BOYS Fall 2014 Demo Tape
Latest demo from this Richmond hardcorepunk band. Features members of THE LADIES and BAD ADVICE.

BROWN Demo Tape
From Boston, Brown plays heavy, catchy tunes with thick riffs in the vein of bands like Dino Jr, California X, Milk Music, etc. but with some added shoegaze influence thrown in to separate them from the pack

THIN LIZZY "Live in DC 1977" Boot Tape (Fanclub Pressing)
Title says it all.

VOID "Potion For Bad Dreams" Boot Tape (Fanclub Pressing)
This is a boot of the legendary unreleased LP from the classic Maryland hardcore band, VOID!! I got a small package of these in from the fine folks at DAS BOOTS tapes.

Restocks for 11.7.14:

AGENT ATTITUDE "Repulsive Action" Tape
DISXEASE 2013 Demo Tape
JAVLA 2014 Demo Tape
KOMPLOTT "Sei Vivo, Sei Morto a Nessuno Importa" Tape
V/A "Across the Pond" UKHC Compilation Tape

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