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I realized that, once again, I've let more than a month pass since the last full webstore update. So of course, that means a TON of great new releases (and some awesome reissues) have been added, and I've put the full list with descriptions below. That being said, I'm not even going to attempt a recap - here is the full list in NO order whatsoever (as usual). Enjoy!!!!

Thanks for reading - if you don't hear from me until 2015, everyone have a great holiday season and New Year!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records

New in the Webstore for 12.12.14:

THE LADIES "Blow Your Mind" Discography Tape (GRAVE069)
Cassette discography from one of Richmond's greatest and most notorious punk bands, THE LADIES.  This tape only release compiles all 18 tracks of THE LADIES' studio recordings; four EP's worth of material consisting of their debut EP on Riff Raff Records (later repressed on Grave Mistake), the "Hole Sailor" EP on No Way / Black Lung Records, "Trashed" EP on Cowabunga Records, and "Six More Reasons to Hate The Ladies" EP on Grave Mistake Records. The Ladies were an integral part of the mid-to-late 2000's hardcore punk scene here in Richmond along with bands like GOVERNMENT WARNING, DIRECT CONTROL, WASTED TIME, CLOAK/DAGGER, SOCIALCIDE, etc; their brand of no frills high octane garage punk complimented their hardcore contemporaries to a T, while bringing a healthy and much needed dose of trashy, tasteless humor into the mix.  Perhaps you had to experience them first hand to truly appreciate their greatness, but hopefully this collection will serve as a fitting reminder as to why they will go down as one of the most memorable regional bands of that era.  This tape features every song The Ladies recorded during their career (repeating on both sides), remastered specifically for this release by Lance Kohler at Minimum Wage Studios in Richmond, VA. Full color layout in shrinkwrap with some great new cover art and some nice retrospective liner notes by HCPM freak Mark Shubert (Wasted Time/Mercy Killings/Beach Impediment Records). Limited to 150 copies.

S.H.I.T. "Feeding Time" 7" (Static Shock Records)
Over the last couple of years, Toronto's S.H.I.T. have come out of nowhere with their acclaimed demo tape, to releasing two killer 7"s, to even opening their own DIY venue, S.H.I.B.G.B's.  They are now back with their third 7" and it's just as essential as the two preceding. You may remember 'Feeding Time' as the opening track off their demo, it has now been re-recorded and is now even more of a rager than before. On the flip, you get a brand new track, the slow burning 'Private Lies'. The package is wrapped up with perfect artwork by Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit, Dripper World and Dawn Of Humans).

FORWARD "Against Their Insanity" LP (540 Records)
What do you say about a new FORWARD record? They've left the "What's The Meaning Of Love?" and "Revolution" hooks in the annals of punk legend and, along with Prank's War Nuke And Death Sentence from 2012, have saved their most searing material nearly two decades into their run. Ishiya's gravel-throated vocals are more devastating than ever and the term "bombastic" has rarely been more accurate than on this six song banger. The anti-war bent on Against Their Insanity is unforgiving (and refreshing), and the anger and frustration translates to the harsh metallic riffing on "Murdered" while the frenetic pace of "What Would You Do?" matches the frustration conveyed by the song's lyrics. FORWARD bookend the whole thing with two of their best tracks ever, "Renunciation Of War" and "Determination," just to remind you that they have absolutely earned the legendary that they hold. So yeah….what do you say about a new FORWARD record? You say it's a fukkn bulldozer.

WETBRAIN "S/T" LP (Painkiller Records)
With a rap sheet of prior bands as long as a phone book - Cleveland's WETBRAIN arrives with their much belated debut lp. Musically this is tuneful speed-core to the absolute max, with call-backs to everything from The Adolescents, to (early) Huskers, to Artificial Peace, to the first Indigesti lp, all fronted by the inimitable Larry Darvocet. This is surely the party record of the year.

V/A "Charred Remains Compilation 2xLP (Radio Raheem Records)
In the annals of early 80’s American Hardcore, no compilation holds more seminal weight than ‘Charred Remains’. Initially released in 1982 on cassette through Bob Moore’s Version Sound label and available in limited supply, the release served the world the first earfuls of such groundbreaking and legendary bands such as Husker Du, Die Kreuzen, Void, Violent Apathy, Toxic Reasons, Articles of Faith, Rebel Truth, Personality Crisis and Sin 34. Besides the actual sounds contained on the tape, ‘Charred Remains’ was a testament to that primary quake of DIY ethics that empowered many a short haired youngster to start bands, record labels and fanzines and forge the underground to where it is today.  To find an actual original copy of this compilation and not have to give up a kidney in exchange would be quite a feat, but now Radio Raheem waves their magic wand and ‘Charred Remains’ is something for everyone to enjoy in the vinyl format. Painstakingly remastered from the original 1/4" master tapes, with liner notes from Die Kreuzen vocalist Dan Kubelski, ‘Charred Remains’ is rescued from the collector ghetto and plopped right down into your lap to behold.

PORNO CASSETTES "Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace" 7" (Radio Raheem Records)
Originally released in 1983 in a microscopic run of just 100 copies (of which only about 50-60 survived), the Porno Cassettes' lone single has been a mythical UK want list topper for many years. Information on the original pressing was so scant that it was thought that the record didn't even exist! And did we mention this record is quite the arse-kicker? These two tracks hold their own against the best that Britain had to offer in '83 — you'll be singing along in no time! Radio Raheem brings you this high quality reissue cut from the original masters, in a limited edition of 500.

ANDROIDS, THE "Lipstick Heroes '78" 7" (Radio Raheem Records)
Recently unearthed on the Shellshock Rockers CD on Northern Ireland's Spit Records, these four lost tracks from Belfast's Androids are some of the finest '77-era punk we've (n)ever heard — tuneful and catchy, but with a hard edge that sets them apart from the Good Vibrations pop pack. Limited edition of 500.

DESTRUYE Y HUYE "Oscura Sociedad" 7" (Verdugo Discos)
After a great demo in 2012, Destruye y Huye return with their debut EP “Oscura Sociedad”. These L.A. punks deliver four tracks that remind me of a perfect mix of Las Vulpess, Ultimo Resorte, and Vice Squad. Comes with foldout poster and lyric sheet. Art and design by Abe Social.

EKOLALIA "Si Lo Ke Kieren Es Una Guerra" 7" (Verdugo Discos)
Ekolalia released an excellent limited demo tape in 2013 which has now found its way onto vinyl. This band features members of Generacion Suicida and La Voz and they kick out perfect catchy punk in the vein of Eskorbuto with bouncy bass lines and great vocal hooks.

AUSENCIA Demo Tape (Verdugo Discos)
Nostalgic melodic punk in the vein of the French Oi! style that remind me of Trostkids, Komintern Sect, Kidnap, but with Spanish gruff vocals. Features members of Tozcos, Poliskitzo, Pesadilla Distopika. Hand screened packaging.

NEGATIVE INSIGHT #2 Zine w/ CHAOS UK "Studio Outtakes" 7"
Here is the second issue of Negative Insight, entitled the "Bristol Breakout" issue. With a focus on the deafening noise of the punk scene in Bristol, England in the 1980s, it contains comprehensive interviews with Chaos UK, Disorder, and Riot City Records founder Simon Edwards. The issue features many previously unpublished photos from the personal archives of band members and others involved in the scene, a large four panel fold out poster, articles, and more. It comes accompanied by a Chaos UK 7" containing two rare studio tracks including an outtake from the "Burning Britain" EP recorded in 1981 and a song from the time of the first LP in 1983 packaged in a Riot City inspired sleeve. This issue is 36 pages printed as a magazine on coated paper and printed by a union print shop with all layouts done in the traditional cut 'n paste aesthetic with typewriter text. This should appeal to fans of British punk, 1980s hardcore, and those who enjoy reading about rampant drug abuse and living the chaos.

HARD STRIPES "S/T (2nd)" 7" (Triple B Records)
The new 7" from Richmond, VA's HARD STRIPES. 5 new tracks of hardcore punk. you can stream the whole record now at There are 2 colors available for purchase and these will come with digital download slips and badass 11x17" inserts.

BAD BRAINS "Pay to Cum" 7" (Bad Brains Records)
The original single from the pre-dreadlock Bad Brains is back in print and reproduced to look as much like the original as possible all the way down to the insert and labels.

RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED "Innocence" 7" (Alona's Dream Records)
Reissue of the classic debut EP by legendary Chicago hardcore punks Rights Of The Accused.  Cut originally in 1984, the long out of print Innocence EP captures all of the energy and attitude the band became known for at their over the top live shows.  A part of Chicago punk history this highly sought piece of wax is now available again for the first time in 30 years!!!  Includes original vinyl ep, remastered by J. Yuenger, Reproduction lyric and poster inserts from the original release, Photo / bio insert with liner notes by Rob Schwager, and assorted extras.

RED DONS (featuring TV SMITH) "A Vote for the Unknown" 7" (Deranged Records)
A Vote for the Unknown is a collaborative effort between punk legend TV SMITH and the RED DONS. The former ADVERTS front man provides the lyrics and vocals to music recorded by the Red Dons. Tracked in a Swedish bomb shelter and mixed by Hajji Husayn at the NORTH LONDON BOMB FACTORY, A Vote for the Unknown is a must have for any ADVERTS fan looking for one more offering from TV SMITH backed by a punk band.

HURULA "Vi Ar Manniskorna Vara Foraldrar Varnade Oss For" LP (Deranged Records)
New solo project from Robert Hurula Petterson who is also in Masshysteri, The Vicious, and Regulations.  Hurula continuing where he left off with the last amazing Masshysteri album.

CROSS "S/T" 7"
(Deranged Records)
CROSS is an swedish punk musical duo, active since 2012 and composed of vocalist and drummer from now long gone Masshysteri. Their unholy meltdown of punk and free jazz blast through this two-song 7" in a blindingly bright and blazingly hard demeanor. Trebly noisy guitars, machine-driven drums and vocals crawling on top of each other to be heard, make up this duo's subterranean sounding debut.

LIFE LIKE "Savages" 7" (Deranged Records)
Life Like's debut EP, Savages, opens with the force of a Mack truck driven by a bull, hellbent and dead set on demolishing the china shop in his crosshairs. As raw and primal as the EP's name implies, the no-frills, thunderous introductory breakdown sets the tone for what is to come as the rest of the six-track offering continues to pummel its listeners into submission, alternating to and from high-speed fury and catastrophic end-of-the-world mosh. From the album's grimy-as-fuck cover art (by Martin “Lumpy” Meyer) to the music's thick, dirty production, the entire affair is exactly as real as true hardcore should be: No bullshit, no marathon songs, no posers allowed. Music to riot to and songs for smashing your fist into the wall until all you pull back is a bleeding shapeless stump. Savage indeed. Words by Daniel Hill.

VOIGHT KAMPFF "Last House On The Right" 7” (Deranged Records)
The first new VK recording in 3 years and what a gem it is. Now residing in separate states, Sulier and Swanson-White return with two new dark moody tracks rooted in punk but definitely post-punk in delivery. “Last House on the Right” is the definitive standout of the two with Swanson-White’s new-wavy guitar rhythm combined with for Sulier’s baritone vocals, making this a one of the better post punk track of 2014. Unfortunately it’s only two songs but with any luck we’ll see a new album in 2015.  (Deranged Records #259)

PLEASURE CROSS "Wait for the End" 12"
(Iron Lung Records)
Straight froward throat scraping thrashy hardcore punk with grind leanings from Portland OR. Members of many other bands but most directly related with our fine label by vocalist August Alston who quit Walls to start and focus on Pleasure Cross. Needless to say

BIG CONTEST "Time Will Tell" LP (Mosher's Delight Records)
The not-so-sad fact of the Big Contest “Time Will Tell” 12" EP is that there’s nothing else like it, anywhere. A year and a half in the making, these 10 songs supply a coarse, bonecrushing sonic atmosphere and a mordantly existentialist view of the world that devotees of Crucifix, Agnostic Front, Krakdown, and Negative Approach will be powerless to resist but will be at a loss to describe. Listen to the record and let its bleakness and ire take permanent root in your subconscious.

FREE AT LAST "What's Inside Four Walls" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
The passionate and energetic young men in Free At Last, and the vibrant Springfield, MO scene that they represent, appeared out of nowhere back in the summer of 2013, when the band released the remarkably assured “Pave Your Way” 7” on Chicago’s Dog Years Records and began touring all over the country. Now they’ve teamed with Moshers Delight to bring you a new demo, “What’s Inside Four Walls,” whose four songs combine high-energy riffing and emotional urgency in a potent formulation worthy of comparisons to Against The Wall. The intros are spine-tingling, the fast parts are pummeling, and the vocals are adamantly sincere. These songs leave FAL’s old material in the dust and solidify the band as one of the most promising in USHC.

TURNSTILE "Mosher's Delight Live Series" Tape
(Mosher's Delight Records)
The first entry in the MDR live series. A-side features full live audio by Len Carmichael from Turnstile's set at THIS IS HARDCORE FEST on August 10, 2013. B-side features an exclusive 30-minute audio interview done by MDR with the band on April 3, 2014.

DEMOLITION "Mosher's Delight Live Series" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
The second entry in the MDR live series. A-side features full live audio recorded by Mike Fairley from Demolition's set at NOT DEAD YET FEST on November 16, 2013. B-side features an exclusive 30-minute audio interview done by Matt LaForge with the band on March 27, 2014.

MINDSET "Mosher's Delight Live Series" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
The fourth entry in the MDR live series. A-side features full live audio from Mindset's set at THIS IS HARDCORE FEST recorded by Len Carmichael on July 26, 2014. B-side features an exclusive 30-minute audio interview done by MDR with the band on October 23, 2014.

POWER TRIP "Mosher's Delight Live Series" Tape
(Mosher's Delight Records)
The third entry in the MDR live series. A-side features full live audio from Power Trip's set at THIS IS HARDCORE FEST recorded by Len Carmichael on July 27, 2014. B-side features an exclusive 30-minute audio interview done by MDR with the band on October 6, 2014.

MAUSER/D-CLONE/FOLKEIIS "Complete Aural Turmoil" Split 7" (Hardcore Survives Records)
MAUSER is our first appearance, DOH, I see this is terrific! Disturbing brutal noisy low slash as if like a Japanese hardcore that violence of the ANTI CIMEX is fierce! Japan engage bands are FOLKEIIS 1st EP thorough D-CLONE became D-Beat punk band now represents Japan and Finland style was very popular East Sea two pairs won. D-CLONE is put on the guts of Japanese D-Beat based on bomb-grade raw sound and noise in chaotic Lowe / megaton turned into a punk D-Beat worship FOLKEIIS is raging pure slash away from style, unmistakable old school style while pursuing originality explodes. I'm afraid I can't explain debatable 00 wind and, in this smashing sound great!

(Hardcore Survives Records)
Beat your system! Here comes a Raw Distractions 1st 7"ep from Tokyo! They already put songs for few comps and invading our ear by their outstanding show acting and greatest sound sense. We offered about this vinyl since they formed a band. sounds like Scandinavian bands under influence of UK82's. melodious, dramatic, nostalgic and threatening atmosphere of dark clouds, This is Raw hardcore punk 82' in 2014! but it blasts imitations sounds who are cursed by old shit. short, sharp and shock 3songs/4min half! for fans of Skizophrenia, The Last Survivors, UK82 and Scandi gems.

SOLPAATOS "Robotti" 7" (Hardcore Survives Records)
Niigata-city Raw Finnish Spunk Hard Beat! They've got lots of infected persons as they put songs on VA - Raw Punkz 7"ep/cd (on Vox Populi) and 1st 7"ep (on We Suck). It Sound puts out by thier outstanding sense and originality via Scandinavian wind and snow country of Niigata-city. It's different of traditional Kaaos, Riistetyt or Bastards. more UK82' style Lama, Appendix, Vaurio's melodious and catchy musics! burst open bass line, sadness guitar riff and raw drumming. Here comes another side Finnish punk now!

(Hardcore Survives Records)
Drunken raw pogo attack punk Sad Boys from HC punk front line NYC. They put this EP for their Japan tour with Raw Distractions/Stagnation in this May. Catchy, melodius, tight & raw sounds with charming singer's vocal. According to Pogo77 Records primitive and energetic 5 songs. One of the most exciting bands to fuzz their way out of Tokyo is STAGNATION. Hyper intense hardcore punk that takes the concepts thrown down on Confuse's polarizing "Stupid Life" EP to their ultimate conclusion. Raw Distractions is more fast, simple and straight UK82' style compare with their current 1st EP.

TOKEN ENTRY "From Beneath the Streets" LP
(Mad at the World Records)
MATW is proud to reissue a record that needs no introduction. By the time Token Entry released “From Beneath the Streets†in 1987 on Kevin Seconds' Positive Force label, they were already one of NYHC's most beloved bands. Having existed in a slightly different incarnation as Gilligan's Revenge in the early half of the 1980's, Token Entry were comprised of scene vets from NY's hardcore-rich borough of Queens. One of the few NYHC bands of that era that managed to tour extensively, they were notorious for their high-energy shows and their lack of patience for tough-guy posturing. No account of late 80's, CBGB-matinee era NYHC is complete without this album. The present reissue makes From Beneath The Streets available on vinyl for the first time since the late 90's, complete with faithful reproductions of the original covers and inserts, as well as a digital download card.

CRO-MAGS "Age of Quarrel" LP (Brass City Boss Sounds)
2013 re-issue of the NYHC classic. All 15 tracks remastered on 180 gram vinyl.

EVIL CONDUCT "Working Class Anthems" LP (Brass City Boss Sounds)
Originally formed in 1984 in Holland, Evil Conduct has been raising the bar for oi and punk rock for nearly three decades, even going so far as being nicknamed the "Dutch Last Resort." These twelve songs are delivered in the band's classic oi/street punk style with no pretenses and no posing.

GIUDA "Wild Tiger Woman" 7"
(Brass City Boss Sounds)
With an already rabid following amongst skinheads and terrace glam fanatics with Racey Roller's debut in 2010, Wild Tiger Woman will surely turn on the rest of the world to these junkshop glam kings. The B side is not included on their upcoming album Let's Do It Again.

EXCEL "Split Image" 2xLP
(Southern Lord Records)
Since their 1984 formation, EXCEL released three studio albums as well as a number of demos and singles. Equally influenced by punk rock and heavy metal in both attitude and delivery, the band’s rabid musical approach and intelligent lyrics set them apart as a genre-defining act of the era. Produced by Randy Burns (Death, Possessed, Kreator, Suicidal Tendencies), Split Image was originally released through Suicidal and Caroline Records in 1987, and has since remained widely regarded as an elemental release as part of the ‘80s crossover explosion. Remastered by Brad Boatright (Bl’ast!, Sleep, Obituary, Black Breath) the “Split Image” Southern Lord issue comes with a massive amount of bonus material including the Welcome to Venice comp. tracks, Personal Onslaught Demo, Refuse to Quit Demo etc.). The LP Includes a 32 page 7”X7” booklet with tons of photos from the era and a 11” x 17” poster of the original Michael Seiff album cover artwork.

CRIMSON WAVE "Say/Calling You" 7" (Accidental Guest Recordings)Baltimore's Crimson Wave first made a name for itself by crafting one of the most consistent demos of 2013. The group's lo-fi dream pop turned heads and garnered comparisons to the likes of Felt, Galaxie 500, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  With 2014's "Say / Calling You," Crimson Wave takes a big leap forward, not only on a sonic level, but in terms of song-writing as well. The title track is explosive, thanks to Sophie Walter’s dynamic guitar work. The epic, “Calling You” is a moody slow burner that pushes singer/guitarist Megan Lloyd’s subtle yet powerful vocals. Bassist Katie Langer and drummer Sam Whitelaw play off each other with ease on both songs, making Crimson Wave sound more experienced than a band just releasing its first single. There are very few bands today that will leave you breathless. Crimson Wave is one of them.

TECHNICOLOR TEETH "Blood Pool/Drips" 7"
(Accidental Guest Recordings)
Let’s be honest: every town has a dorky shoegaze band. While most of their shoegaze/dream pop peers seem to hide lazy songwriting behind heavy fuzz and hazy vocals, TECHNICOLOR TEETH doesn’t let their pop songs get completely buried beneath the distortion. When Technicolor Teeth released their debut LP, Teenage Pagans last year, they brilliantly combined heavy grungy riffs with a dream pop sensibility. And on their latest single, Technicolor Teeth forge a darker path that still winds its way back to great pop music. “Blood Pool” peels away its heavy guitars like a dress, proceeding into bleak, beautiful hypnosis. This is the type of song hinted at on their debut LP, now fully realized. The B-side, “Drips,” channels early, playful Soft Machine pop, mingled with the downer vibes from the flip side. If you haven’t been paying attention to Technicolor Teeth, these two songs will make you take notice and realize why this new trio is one of the most exciting bands going.
RESPONSE Demo Tape (Demo)
Four blazing tracks of Can't Close My Eyes era YOT worship, with a couple early AF and NA influenced moments thrown into the mix. Features current members of Fury, Disapproval, Enough Said and local unrecorded favorites Slammers. Ex-members of Stoic Violence and In Control. California Straight Edge XXX.  Professionally Duplicated on White Cassettes and housed in a 6 panel fold out insert.

CRUELSTER / PUTRID CAUSE Split 7" (Turbine Piss Records)
More dipshit rock bred in relative isolation from the current hc-punk hamster wheel. Cruelster returns with 3 more original songs plus an over the top Ramones cover. Putrid Cause's debut recording reminds me a bit of Die Kreuzen crossed with United Mutation. Something acid-fried. Piss colored vinyl. Turbine Piss Records/Putrid Cause.

"FUN-O-PLANET #1: Failed Alien" Comic Book (N. Ward Comics)
After having short comics and illustrations published in all kindsa places throughout the past couple years, this is my first full comic book, "Fun-O-Planet: Failed Alien." It's the first issue of a comic series about a group of brainless humanoid teenagers and their weirdo adventures on an unfamiliar planet. 32 pages, full-color offset printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.

FACE THE RAIL "Learn to Die" LP (Katorga Works Records)
Face the Rail is one of the Bay Area's longest running and most under-appreciated hardcore punk bands. Playing a unique and high-energy amalgamation of classic west coast skate punk/hardcore, Revolution Summer DC, and even surf rock, the band has proven to be one of the most interesting Bay Area bands, to us, at least. This is their first record in four years and it's more than worth the wait.

FUGAZI "First Demo" LP (Dischord Records)
In early January 1988 and after only ten shows, Fugazi decided to go into Inner Ear Studio to see what their music sounded like on tape. Despite the fact that Ian, Joe, and Brendan had been playing together for nearly a year, it was still early days for the band. Guy had only been a full member of Fugazi for a few months and only sang lead on one song ("Break In"). It would be nearly another year before he would start playing guitar with the band.  The sessions only lasted a couple of days, but tour dates and indecision about the tape would delay the final mix for another two months. Though the band was at first pleased with the results, it soon became clear that this tape would remain a demo as new songs were being written and the older songs were evolving and changing shape while the band was out on tour. It was decided that the session would be passed out free as cassette copies, with the band actively encouraging people to share the recording. In the spring, Fugazi went out on its first U.S. tour and a few weeks after returning from the road they went back to Inner Ear to record what would become their debut Dischord release, the self-titled 7-song 12" EP.  The only song from the demo session that was formally released was "In Defense of Humans", which appeared on the State of the Union compilation in 1989. Now, some 26 years later, Dischord is releasing the entire first demo including the one song ("Turn Off Your Guns") that wasn't included on the original cassette. LPs will come with a postcard set.

SOUL SIDE "Trigger" LP (Dischord Records)
This release compiles Soul Side's 1988 EP, Trigger, with the band's three-song single, Bass·103, both of which have been out of print for over a decade. The songs have been remastered for vinyl by TJ Lipple and the artwork has been updated to include design elements from both releases. Soul Side formed in Washington, D.C. in 1986. Originally called Lunchmeat, the band released a split-single and — after switching names — a full-length on Sammich Records. The quartet would later record a single, an EP, and an album for Dischord before disbanding in 1989.

SLANT 6 "Soda Pop Rip Off" LP (Dischord Records)
This is a reissue of Slant 6's full-length debut LP, Soda Pop*Rip Off. Formed in Washington, DC in 1992, Slant 6 was Christina Billotte, Myra Power, and Marge Marshall. The trio released a 7" single, What Kind of Monster Are You and a second full-length, Inzombia, before splitting up in 1995 while on tour in Europe. Billotte would go on to perform in Quix*o*tic and Casual Dots. Recorded in 1993 with Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studio, the record has been out of print for at least two decades. This reissue has been remastered by TJ Lipple and pressed on red-colored vinyl. Each copy includes a complimentary digital download coupon for the 13 original album tracks plus the three songs from the What Kind of Monster single.

BIKINI KILL "S/T" 12" (Bikini Kill Records)
This is the 20th anniversary reissue of Bikini Kill's debut 12" EP. The vinyl reissue includes a new fanzine in the form of a 34" x 21" poster featuring interviews with Ian MacKaye and Molly Neuman (Bratmobile), liner notes by Layla Gibbon (Skinned Teen, MRR), excerpts from the band's zines (Bikini Kill #1 and #2, Jigsaw #4), and photos from the band members' personal archives. The self-titled EP, originally released in the fall of 1992, comprises four songs recorded by Ian MacKaye at Inner Ear Studios; one song from the band's 1991 demo cassette, record by Pat Maley (Yo-Yo Studios); and one song recorded during Bikini Kill's live performance April 4th, 1992, at Washington, D.C.'s Sanctuary Theater.

(Criminal Rights Records)
A few tracks from Drug Control's upcoming 7". San Diego straight edge. Two brand new songs and one re-recorded song from their 2014 demo.

(Caught Up Records)
Featuring members of Coke Bust, Protester, Pure Disgust and Misled Youth, Public Suicide bring their debut 7" that is no-frills, disgruntled hardcore.

SEVERE Promo Tape
Raging hardcore from Tornoto featuring members of VIOLENT FUTURE.

DOWN AND OUT Fanzine Issue #33
Yet another massive tome of writing from Tasmania's one-and-only Down And Out! Issue #33 begins with a "hate city" feature on some of Australia's best in the history of punk and hardcore: Rupture, Nailed Down, Extortion, The Victims, and more...also included are quality, in-depth interviews with LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS, GRANITE MASK, SWALLOWING BILE, OPPRESSION, and DEFORMITY. What else? A whopping thirteen pages of reviews from the editor, whose taste and opinion are clearly well versed to the last possible detail behind a release. Clocking in at a whopping 56 pages, it'll take you several days to get through this excellent new Down And Out. Front cover illustration by Deformity's Shiva Addanki.

REAL DEAL, THE "Demo 2014" Tape
(Straight and Alert Records)
The Real Deal is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Cleveland, OH.  Combining the classic Cleveland sound from bands like Confront and Meanstreak with 80's NYHC. The Real Deal formed in the spring 2014, and they quickly recorded their debut tape which is coming to life through Straight and Alert in the fall of 2014.

RAW JUSTICE "We Don't Need Your Friends" 7"
(Straight and Alert Records)
RAW JUSTICE hailling from Nantes, western France, features ex and current members of Harm Done, No Solution, Black Page and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. Formed in the fall of 2012 they recorded their debut 7″ in february 2013 and their new "Artificial Peace" 7 in july 2014. They play no frills and pissed off hardcore, taking influences from the current Boston Scene ( The Rival Mob / No Tolerance / Boston Strangler) or late 90′s youthcrew (Floorpunch).  Here is the repress of their debut 7" on Black wax limited to 219 copies with the original artwork in a new colorway !

RAW DUSTICE "Artificial Peace" 7" (Straight and Alert Records)
RAW JUSTICE from Nantes, western France, are back with a new 8 track 7" called "Artificial Peace". RJ features ex and current members of Harm Done, No Solution, Black Page and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, they formed in the fall of 2012 and recorded their debut 7″ in february 2013. They play no frills and pissed off hardcore, taking influences from the current Boston Scene ( The Rival Mob / No Tolerance / Boston Strangler) or late 90′s youthcrew (Floorpunch).

(Straight and Alert Records)
HARM DONE is a new French band (Nantes) featuring members of RAW JUSTICE and REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER, started in the Fall 2013. They recorded their debut 7″ in April 2014. They play some kind of cold and no frills powerviolence filled with Infest's speed, Sex Prisoner's ignorant breakdowns and Entombed's HM2 metallic guitar sound. For Fans of Nails, Sex Prisoner, Mammoth Grinder, Napalm Death, Soul Search, Powerviolence.

SOCIAL DAMAGE "Eye for an Eye" 7" (Straight and Alert Records)
SOCIAL DAMAGE are back with an awesome debut 7", not long after their 2 great demo tapes ( that we repressed on a 7" in May 2014). "Eye For An Eye" brings 5 new songs + an old one re-recorded of super fast NYHC somewhere between STRAIGHT AHEAD and JUDGE. This is a split release between STRAIGHT & ALERT records (France) and Life To Live records (USA). For fans of Free Spirit, Intent, Judge, Freedom, Straight Ahead and The Straight Edge.

DADS "I'll Be the Tornado" LP (6131 Records)
The sophomore full-length from Dads. Recorded by Neil Strauch (Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Iron & Wine, Owen) at MinBal Studio in Chicago and mastered by Carl Saff (Dinosaur Jr., Guided By Voices, Speedy Ortiz), "I'll Be The Tornado" is the follow-up to the duo's highly acclaimed 2013 "Pretty Good" EP and marks a decidedly more diverse approach to songwriting for the band. Excellent emo-indie-punk for fans of all the Kinsella projects (Cap 'n Jazz, Owen, There Their They're..), Moose Blood and Deep Elm bands of yesteryear!

HEMINGWAY "Pretend to Care" LP (6131 Records)
Lots of bands have been mining the fertile landscape of '90s music for inspiration lately, and HEMINGWAY is no exception. What sets this Portland, Oregon band apart though is what they're tapping for influence, reaching deep into the lesser known realms of that decade and extracting elements of infectiously melodramatic pop. Think Silver Scooter, Superdrag, and Knapsack, yet filtered through nearly two decades of collected dust and bargin bin obscurity. Some might call the music HEMINGWAY creates "emo" but to do so relegates their heartfelt creations to something less than genuine and authenticity is something this band has unmistakably.  With the release of their debut album, "Pretend To Care", HEMINGWAY put forth ten tracks of heart-on-the-sleeve pop goodness that simultaneously feel sunny yet full of melancholy, a dichotomy essential in the most masterful of '90s releases too. Recorded by Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Tony Molina, Deafheaven), the sonic quality of "Pretend To Care" matches the great songwriting contained within.

NONA "Through the Head" LP
(6131 Records)
How would you feel about mixing your grunge with some indie pop? Philly-based rock group NONA presents an extremely interesting take on indie punk with Through The Head. Vocalist Mimi Gallagher has a voice that is sure to warrant strong opinions. Rarely if ever has a punk band been so unabashedly twee.  Their sound is a nice interplay between punkish alternative rock and grunge. The riffs find that right balance between hard-hitting and melodic. Even when the band slows things down a bit, the results are worthwhile (see “Bottles”).  NONA is already a fairly polished group, built upon impressive songwriting and razor-sharp hooks. It’s absolutely a listen that won’t initially stick, but if you can learn to appreciate Mimi’s vocals, you will be handsomely rewarded.

(6131 Records)
Some might not consider St. Louis, Missouri a hotbed for captivating music, yet Choir Vandals are among a new crop of bands from the city challenging such a notion. Their brand of alternative / indie rock caught the attention of many with the release of the impressive "Darker Things" EP in late 2013 and the momentum hasn't let up since. Soon after their debut surfaced, the band signed with 6131 Records and began crafting what would becoming their sophomore effort "At Night", an EP with four songs that all equally merit notice for their great songwriting and brooding catchiness.

DADS "Pretty Good" 7" (6131 Records)
New Jersey's Dads made a splash with their debut full-length, "American Radass (This Is Important)," in 2012, so it's no wonder their newest release, an EP entitled "Pretty Good," would up the ante. This impressive, four-song effort marks a shift of sorts for the duo though, yet still sees them maintaining the hook-laden songwriting they've become known for creating.

TEEN DEATH "Crawling" 7" (6131 Records)
Hailing from Richmond, VA, Teen Death has quickly made a name for themselves as one of the bands to watch calling this thriving scene home. They pack the punk punch, yet maintain an infectious sense of melody, all layered over with a great grungy vibe.

Garage pop goddesses. Innocent 60's inspired fun. Nikki had to be the hardest working gal in punk rock: with her girl backup singers and tasty band, she toured & played hundreds of shows every year. Her music was uncomplicated, rockabilly-based, and full of her fun-loving personality.

GERMS, THE "Germicide" LP (Bomp Records)
Live at The Whiskey 77 We are seldom lucky enough to hear one of our favorite bands at the earliest state of development. In the case of the Germs, LA's most radical punk band, someone was fortunately on hand with a remote 8-track studio to record their very first gig. Part of Kim Fowley's 1977 "Punk Rock Weekend" at the Whiskey a Go Go, it's a rough, honest, eye-opening set, showing the Germs as they really were. Originally released in a limited vinyl edition in 1980, Germicide quickly went out of print, then was issued cassette-only by ROIR. Now on 180 gram vinyl for the first time in more than 15 years.

SWELL MAPS "International Rescue" LP (Alive Records)
Comprehensive compilation of this seminal '77 U.K. band (originally on Rough Trade) featuring Epic Soundtracks, Nikki Sudden, Richard Earl and Jowe Head. The releases include various 7"s, songs from their 12" albums plus unreleased tracks, new mixes and material released for the first time. All remastered. The Swell Maps were influential for U.S. bands like Minutemen, Replacement and Sonic Youth, among others.

AR-KAICS, THE "S/T" LP (Windian Records)
Richmond, Virginia's THE AR-KAICS play a naïve brand of punk music in the tradition of american teen beat and amateur garage circa 1965 – or '66, at the latest. Ask a band member, however, and they’re quick to describe the sound as "a wild-ass ride." On their s/t debut LP for Windian Records they’ve traversed the muck and climbed out of the ooze, to walk pointedly upright on their own eight feet. Like all the dilettante stones and Jr. Beatles before them, hammering away on department store instruments in their parents’ garage, THE AR-KAICS are one with their inner troglodyte child (hear: back from the grave, pebbles, teenage shutdown et al. comps), showcasing a wealth of irresistibly simple hooks, fuzzy strut and primal swagger. Lucky for you this sound is now, and THE AR-KAICS  are coming in hot in 2014!!!!  After a slew of singles last year, THE AR-KAICS  offer us a proper album's worth of thirteen a-side originals; snottier (“no, no, no”); lonelier (“this time tonight”); darker (“be my baby”); rawer (“can’t keep waiting”) than any critic or casual listener could have forecast.  Recorded remotely during a weekend in the woods at Rag's BB&R by Jeff Kane, the band had little contact with the outside world (apart from beer runs to the nearest gas station and late night screenings of major league and grumpy old men). What you get is an album in the true sense, ranging from ragers to moody ballads and back again, without a snoozer in the bunch."

DEEP WOUND "S/T" LP (Damaged Goods Records)
Deep Wound, was a strange and powerful unit inside the doctrinaire confines of Hardcore. Although they were all kinda nerdy (excepting secret weapon Charlie Nakajima), they shredded in a very explicit way. There were some obvious structural debts to the Oi! Bands in their compositions, but they approached the exterior textures with stylistic nuances that were distinctly North American. As the Neos did on their Hassiban Gets the Martian Brain Squeeze EP, Deep Wound compressed time in ways that were extreme, and way outside the standard Square Dance beat that had been defined by Robo's drumming for Black Flag.  But Deep Wound's actual story is nothing out of the ordinary.   One day in early '82, J met a Dee Dee Ramone lookalike at the Oi! singles bin. This was bassist Scott Helland. Scott posted a flier soon after looking for musicians into Anti-Pasti, Discharge and the like. J called to audition and had his dad drive him and his drums over to guitarist Lou Barlow's place in Westfield. They had a singer already, but J got them to replace him with Charlie, and Deep Wound was there. They made a cassette, got a few gigs in Boston with the X-Claim bands (SSD, FU's, Jerry's Kids, etc.) and became the Western Mass band most likely to open for Hardcore visitors. They cut an EP, had tracks on Gerard Colsoy's Bands That Would Be God comp and even did a late-period session with Gerard singing that has disappeared into nada.  And every day they vowed to play faster. And they did, eventually developing a blur that could verge on experimental noise. Finally they burned as fast as they could, and realizing that was the case, they stopped. It was 1984.

BREAKAWAYS "Walking Out on Love (The Lost Sessions)" LP (Alive Records)
After spending nearly 30 years gathering dust in a closet The Breakaways makes its worldwide debut! Born in 1978 after the demise of The NERVES, this short lived combo was formed by PAUL COLLINS and PETER CASE, just prior to the formation of The Plimsouls and The Beat. "Walking Out On Love - The Lost Sessions" compiles all the band's known material, including studio recordings, demos, and acoustic rehearsals. "This is the sound of pop on the streets of Los Angeles circa 1978." -- Paul Collins. "I'd forgotten these tapes even existed. We were definitely homing in on something." -- Peter Case.

DESTRUCTION UNIT "Deep Trip" LP (Sacred Bones Records)
Destruction Unit are an American band formed in the Sonoran desert of Arizona. Formed by Ryan Rousseau, D. Unit was initially a synth-heavy three piece whose other members were Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds); likewise Rousseau was also in the Reatards before Jay went solo. Born out of the nucleus of the Memphis Goner Records scene and transplanted into Tempe, AZ, Rousseau has grown the band in the last few years into a full sonic assault, which now includes three guitar players (himself, Nick Nappa & Jesco Aurelius), his brother Rusty Rousseau on bass, and a 19 year-old classically trained drummer, Andrew Flores. This line-up has released several cassettes on their own label Ascetic House, a small run LP, Void on Jolly Dream and most recently a limited edition 7” on Suicide Squeeze. Deep Trip is their 1st proper studio album, produced by Ben Greenberg of The Men, Hubble & Pygmy Shrews at Vacation Island in NY. Morphine boogie for the 21st century noise addict.

MEDICINE "Home Everywhere" LP
(Captured Tracks Records)
During this past year Brad Laner, Elizabeth Thompson and Jim Goodall eschewed the 90's nostalgia touring circuit trod by their peers and instead dug deep to bring you "Home Everywhere": A collection of new songs created with a gaze that is omni-directional. An answer to no other band, movement or genre (don't be lazy, you). An ambitious work that could be no one else but said three lifer music weirdies in full inspiration mode.'s, THE "Bomb the Rocks: Early Days Singles 89-96" 2xLP (Sweet Nothing Records)
This Japanese all-girl (except once, for a year or so) quartet-turned-trio is almost certainly best known for appearing in the Quentin Tarantino movie Kill Bill, Vol. 1, or maybe for licensing their song "Woo Hoo" in a commercial. This compilation contains "Woo Hoo," but that track's almost soft enough to be worthy of Shonen Knife, and not at all representative of the ladies at their best. The raucous countdown that opens the disc -- "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 54321!" -- gives a much better indication of what the's do. They're a punky garage/rockabilly act who write songs like "She Was a Mau Mau," "Motor Cycle Go-Go-Go," "I Was a Teenage Cave Woman," and generally come off like a slightly less distortion-fixated, distaff version of Guitar Wolf. Frontwoman Ronnie Fujiyama's last name is fortuitous, because she's every bit as raw a rock & roll howler as Wanda Jackson, who famously sang "Fujiyama Mama." Her guitar skills aren't half bad either; she cranks it up to almost Link Wray levels of scorch, as her sister, Fujii Sachiko, slams the kit and bassist Omo throbs away. This is amped-up, three-chord rock & roll, sometimes with simple lyrics and other times instrumental (but still punctuated by high-pitched shrieks). the's are a Japanese national treasure who deserve the international audience they've earned through hard touring -- this disc, which, like its title says, compiles their early singles and EPs (most of which are otherwise unavailable in America, except for the first six tracks, which Sympathy for the Record Industry released as the Bomb the Twist EP), is a near-perfect introduction to the band's, THE "Teenage Mojo Workout" LP
(Sweet Nothing Records)
"The's of course aren't new on the game. Their cat-ish primitive amalgam of garage rock n' roll-a-billy attracted a loyal fan base early on an with the right moves and some dose of luck, hit (quite) big. I must admit that even myself and because of the gals here, gave the attention deserved to the Rock-A-Teens... They were right in front of me, KICKS crew had covered their story but all i wanted was three little devil driven Japanese chicks to kick my ass! Yoshiko's my favorite! A cute little lynx that playing the guitar on a Link Wray level while screaming on microphone words that sometimes needs you to check on the lyrics (if these exist somewhere...) or the original version if it's a cover tune, to understand what she says! But who cares? She's for sure the "Fujiyama Mama" that legendary Wanda Jackson sang some decades ago. Her sis Fujii Sachiko behind the traps tries to keep steady their train, a for sure of far East Miriam Linna and the tall (at least of the three...) Yoshiko Yamaguchi, playing the bass somewhere in between of the Dee Dee Ramone and the Sun records hillbilly cats. "Teenage Mojo Workout" it's for me their best record. It worth's his price alone just for their version on "Hanky Panky"! I mean, listen to the filth that's produced from Ronnie's guitar (especially in the beginning) and go tell me if I'm wrong anywhere here! They cover also Bo, Booker T & the MG's, Ike & Tina or Bob & Earl proving the best way their intentions and their gusto! All in all, a FUN three chord rock & roll CD best served hot for your next party. Imagine the Ronettes playing with their own instruments The Sonics, Bo Diddley and Wanda Jackson and you're closer than ever to the's wild and cute world!"

LOOSE PLANES "S/T" 7" (6131 Records)
Hailing from Detroit, MI, Loose Planes formed with one goal in mind: to create catchy alternative rock that harkens back to the days when it was okay to have a little power in your sound and catchiness in your hooks. Almost immediately, they bring to mind '90s greats like Dinosaur Jr. and Sugar, yet simultaneously infuse a vibe only musicians that grew up in the current punk scene could create. Their first offering, this self-titled EP, exhibits an incredible knack for writing songs that are both infectiously catchy and powerfully intense.

Restocks for 12.12.14:

COKE BUST "Live on WMUC" 7"
CRUELSTER "Potatoe Boys" LP
DOWNPRESSER "Don't Need A Reason" LP
FOCUSED MINDS "The Fact Remains" LPFRAU "Punk is My Boyfriend" 7"
GAG "Locker Room" 7"
GAS CHAMBER "Hemorrhaging Light" LP
GAS RAG "Human Rights" 7"
IRON LUNG "Savagery" 7"
KNIFE FIGHT "Isolated" 7"
MAGIC CIRCLE "Lighting Her Fire" 7"
MIND ERASER "Legacy of Brutality" Tape
MINOR THREAT  "First 2 7"s" 12"
MINOR THREAT  "First 2 7"s" 12"
MINOR THREAT  "Out of Step" 12"
NERVES, THE "One Way Ticket" LP
NUTS #1 Zine
NUTS #12 Zine
NUTS #13 Zine
NUTS #14 Zine
NUTS #2 Zine
NUTS #3 Zine
NUTS #4 Zine
NUTS #5 Zine
NUTS #8 Zine
NUTS #9 Zine
ONE LAST WISH "1986" 12"
PERFECT PUSSY "Say Yes to Love" LP
PESADILLA DISTOPIKA "No Hay Ninguna Manera De Eskapara" 7"
PRIESTS "Bodies and Control and Money and Power" LP
PRIESTS "Tape Two" Tape
ROTTING OUT "Street Prowl" LP
S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7"
SLUGZ "Empty Space" 7"
SONNY VINCENT "Cyanide Consomme" LP
V/A Killed by Deathrock Vol. 1 LP
WAXAHATCHEE "American Weekend" LP
WAXAHATCHEE "Cerulean Salt" LP
WHITE WARDS "Cigarette Burns" LP

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