Friday, March 6, 2015

FULL STREAM up now on Noisey for TENEMENT "Bruised Music Volume One"

Full Album Stream for TENEMENT "Bruised Music Volume One" up NOW at Noisey!
Out Tuesday, March 10th; Preorders begin shipping today

"Back in 2008, I booked Tenement to play a small coffee shop that frequently hosted shows on not much more than a whim. It was one of the first shows I ever had a hand in booking and it immediately became one of the most memorable- not just for that reason- but because what Tenement left up on that small stage (one they invited the entire crowd onto) was something I’d spent years looking for: a band more punk than pop who were at least somewhat defined by a sense of well-informed literacy."
- Steven Spoerl / Heartbreaking Bravery


With the release date of TENEMENT's Bruised Music Volume One singles collection right around the corner, our friends at Noisey are currently streaming the LP in it's entirety now, so click HERE to give it a listen. Hopefully you were able to check out one of the three tracks we've put up already, needless to say we could not wait much longer to get the full collection in everyone's ears!
The release is currently available for order directly from Grave Mistake Records and Toxic Pop Records, and preorders through Grave Mistake have begun shipping today. While we've had a minor delay getting the release to our favorite distributors, copies are on their way and should be hitting your favorite stores in a few weeks at the latest! Thank you to all who have ordered a copy or were able to snag one directly from the band on their recent tour with Priests and Vacation. We hope you are enjoying it!
As we mentioned when we first announced this LP, this collection is only the beginning of what is looking to be quite a busy year for Tenement, so revisit these early tracks and get excited for what's to come.
On a final note, the quote at the top of this email is an excerpt from some wonderful words written about the track "Morning Mouth," and the full piece can be found HERE; give it a read while you enjoy Bruised Music Volume One.

"TENEMENT began in 2006 with a series of loose demo recordings and singles that married the genres of "Pop" and "Punk" without being explicitly "Pop Punk" and to many, represented the power and urgency of Hardcore without actually conforming to the genre itself.  These recordings have been compiled here on "Bruised Music Volume One," which covers Tenement's output on record between the years 2006 to 2009.  The influence of 80's punk is strong in the bulk of the material on Bruised Music, likening the feeling of the Descendents or The Replacements. However, this comparison might seem lazy when you keep in mind that the members of Tenement had long schooled themselves on everything from The Beatles to Big Star, Sun Ra, Coltrane, Black Flag, Husker Du; obscure hardcore punk to Brill Building pop music and all points in between.  The period of time represented in this collection is a period of growing pains that paved the way for them to become the band that they are today, and the band that they will be many years from now.  Bruised Music Volume One isn’t just for the super-fan looking for a peek into Tenement’s early years and the honing of their razor sharp song-craft, it also offers new listeners a great introduction to the band’s perfect blend of raw punk energy and undeniable pop hooks.

Bruised Music Volume One compiles a total of ten tracks, taken from the Tenement Sucks tape, Dead Broke and Dirt Cult Records mixtape compilations, split w/ Used Kids, split w/ Friendly Fire, False Teeth 7", and Icepick 7".  All of the material has been remastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory for one cohesive and superb sounding anthology. The release also features an eight page booklet consisting of liner notes from the band, as well as an assortment of anecdotes and recollections from various friends, journalists, and musical peers reflecting on these formative years of Tenement's career. "

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