Wednesday, April 15, 2015

RED DEATH "Permanent Exile" Full Album Stream / US Tour with The Flex Begins This Week


"But even on a clear head of bright light and clean air, there’s no way an honest man or woman can listen to the nine songs these D.C. boys have presented here and not consider it both a continuation and a re-writing of the aesthetical merits of where metal and hardcore blurred its ways into one another somewhere about thirty years ago. The Sabbath-cum-Discharge lineage is there sonically no doubt, and yes, it is projected by a group of wells-studied dudes reaping the benefits from guys like me and your Uncle Phil (you know... the one with the runny eye) who did our undeliberate research. We bought and purged tons of records in our youth only for them to be uploaded into the virtual subconscious of the underground. Am I mad about it? Heck no! I am still as confused, angry, and mentally unstable as I was when I bought records like Corrosion’s Animosity, The English Dogs’ Forward into Battle, and Broken Bones’ Dem Bones as a three-pubed dingus, even though I own a home where I’m free to drink and smoke and urinate off my deck. Red Death are obviously here to soundtrack the universal and timeless shit storm that is life for all of us of all shapes, sizes, demographics and shoe sizes."
- Tony Rettman


Very excited to bring you the full album stream for Red Death's debut full length, Permanent Exile! Head over to Noisey to give it a listen, and be sure to check out what our pal Tony Rettman had to say in regards to the record. 

The LP is "officially" out next Tuesday, however the band will have copies on their US tour with The Flex (see below), so be sure to grab a copy if you haven't yet.  The LP is currently available in the Grave Mistake webstore along with a few other Red Death releases, and preorders will begin shipping this week.  We also now have the full album up on the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page for a $5 download.

Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of the LP at Damaged City Fest this past weekend! Red Death are currently three days into their full US Tour with the UK's The Flex, you can check out those full dates below. As previously mentioned, they will have copies of both Permanent Exile and their Demo 7", so pick them both up if you find yourself at one of these shows.

In addition to a new LP, Red Death have also contributed an exclusive track to The Red Line Comp Tape, which features twelve current DC Hardcore bands including PURE DISGUST, PROTESTER, NUCLEAR AGE, and more. You can order a copy of The Red Line Comp in the webstore, and the band will have them on tour as well. Red Death are also planning to release a new single on Lockin' Out Records later this summer, so stay tuned for more info on that in the coming months.

Expect to see the LP show up in your favorite stores and distros in the very near future, and thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy so far! Hopefully you check out The Flex and Red Death on tour, because both bands are not to be missed!

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Alex / Grave Mistake Records


4/10 - 4/12 - Washington D.C. - Damaged City Fest
4/12 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Vaaska, Ajax, Asylum, Hard Stripes (Red Death only)
4/13 - Greensboro, NC @ Fantasy w/ Nervosas, Holder's Scar
4/14 - Savannah, GA @ The Guild Hall w/ Crazy Bag Lady, Anxiety Junkies
4/15 - Jacksonville, FL @ Burro Bar w/ Society Abuse, Rubbish, Crisis Unit
4/16 - Miami, FL @ Churchills Pub w/ Hit List, Silent Authority
4/17 - Gainesville, FL @ A Space w/ Society Abuse, Rubbish
4/18 - Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar w/ Crisis Unit, Wrists Grow Cold, Dope Fiend
4/19 - New Orleans, LA @ Sisters In Christ w/ Graf Orlock, The World is a Vampire (Early show)
4/20 - Houston, TX @ Black Barbie w/ Paranoid Chant, United Races
4/21 - Austin, TX @ The Mohawk w/ Glue, Breakout, Concrete
4/22 - Dallas, TX @ That That w/ Break Away, Modern Pain, Sin Motivo, Bricklayer
4/23 - Las Cruces, NM @ Haphazard Hall w/ Pris, Missing Link, Damien
4/24 - Phoenix, AZ @ 1722 W. Van Buren w/ La Mala Vida, Woundvac, Break Through
4/25 - Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos w/ Blazing Eye, Response, Lock (Matinee)
4/26 - Pomona, CA @ PBW w/ Fury, Enough Said, Human Garbage
4/27 - Sacramento, CA @ The Colony w/ TBA
4/28 - Portland, OR w/ Combat Knife, Odd Man Out
4/29 - Seattle, WA w/ Gag, Wetbrain
4/30 - Olympia, WA w/ Wreck, Brick Layer
5/1 - Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman w/ No Sir, Torso, Whips
5/2 - San Jose, CA @ San Jose Rock Shop w/ Scalped, Fatigue, Subtle Violence, Fade
5/3 - Bakersfield, CA
5/4 - Las Vegas, NV @ OMD w/ Moon Blood, Acid Rain and Unfair Fight
5/5 - Salt Lake City, UT
5/6 - Denver, CO @ Seventh Circle Music Collective w/ Civilized, Cinderblock
5/7 - Kansas City, MO @ The Sandbox w/ Blindside USA, Traitor K9, Beta Boys
5/8 - Minneapolis, MN @ Junk Joint
5/9 - Chicago, IL
5/10 - St. Louis, MO @ Bonezone w/ Q, Padlock
5/11 - Indianapolis, IN @ TBA w/ CC Murder Dogs, Chipped Teeth
5/12 - Detroit, MI @ Refuge Skate Shop w/ True Love, Breaking Wheel, Eyesore
5/13 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class w/ Stray Dogs
5/14 - Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City w/ Full of Hell, The Body, Gas Chamber/Cages, Black Houses
5/15 - Boston, MA @ Democracy Center w/ TBA
5/16 - New York, NY @ The Acheron w/ NYC Headhunters
5/17 - New Brunswick, NJ w/ Brain Slug, Ugly Parts
5/18 - Philadelphia, PA @ Second Empire w/ The Stasi, Anxiety Hammer
5/19 - Washington D.C.
5/20 - Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 w/ Barge, Reactor 4
*Photo by Angela Owens

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