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First bit of news, just got our hands on the second pressing of the RED DEATH Permanent Exile LP.  Luckily there was only about a week lag time between when the last copy of the first pressing went out the door and this repress arrived ... talk about good timing! We also finally bit the bullet and pressed up a CD version of this full length as well; so for those of you futuristic / technological heads keen to this digital format - today is your lucky day. And of course, all of you East Coasters be sure to check out Red Death this coming week as they will be on tour with POWER TRIP and FORESEEN. Those tour dates can be found in yesterday's TOUR UPDATE.

On the distro side of the webstore, happy to report that I snagged a nice little restock on the killer CHAIN RANK Up Against the Wall LP.  Some of you may have noticed that the batch I managed to grab from the band last month were gone within a few days.  That being said, I'm very excited to have this LP back in stock for those of you still needing to pick up a copy. All killer no filler - one of my favorite hardcore releases (and bands) of 2015 without a doubt.
Grabbed a few copies of the awesome DISCLOSE Tragedy LP and Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare LP reissues from La Vida Es Un Mus - classic Japanese hardcore given the top notch reissue treatment, and well worth your hard earned cash.

Picked up a few copies of the brand spankin' new LP from Ohio's NERVOSAS - this band has generated some well deserved buzz over the past few years, and this new full length definitely does not disappoint. Also be sure to check out the newest single from NO PROBLEM 7" as well! This is the latest EP from these Cannucks, right up their with their previous output.

Other new titles in the store this week include the self released 7" from Minneapolis punks ZERO, EPs from URBAN SAVAGE and PUBLIC ASSAULT, and the newest LP from my new favorite pop punk band this week, Sacramento's DOG PARTY (grabbed a couple of copies of their previous LP as well). And of course, a few copies of the latest issue of MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL - essential reading material as always.

A small but notable list of restocks this week - a few staple EPs from Havoc Records (AUS ROTTEN, MOB 47), some hits from Dirtnap Records (both EXPLODING HEARTS LPs, that killer SPLITS LP from a few months back), and some more goodness from Deranged Records (finally restocked on the STOIC VIOLENCE Chained LP, plus a few favorite slabs from CULO, the INSTITUTE 12", and the GIVE singles collection).

Anyways - that's all, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Webstore Titles for 7.24.15

CHAIN RANK "Up Against the Wall" LP (Side Two Records)
Self released debut LP from Chain Rank. 10 tracks of X-Claim Boston meets early NYHC without sounding stale. For fans of hardcore punk.

DISCLOSE "Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
180 Gram record housed in a paste on board sleeve. _Layer upon layer of noise and distortion, like ashes of nuclear apocalypse raining down. The final LP Disclose released, in 2004, captured the band at a high point. When other d-beat raw punk bands were running low on ideas, Kawakami reinvented the sound, incorporating more metallic influences like Broken Bones while still sticking assiduously close to the template. Originally released for Disclose's tour of the US west coast, 'Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare' includes ten tracks and closes with a rampaging masterpiece, the 10-minute 'Wardead,' which exists on another astral plane from generic Discharge copyists. This authorized reissue reproduces the original artwork and includes a new insert with liner notes by Stuart Schrader.

DISCLOSE "Tragedy" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
180 Gram record housed in a paste on board sleeve. Indiscriminate cruelty to common people: the slogan could be about war or it could be about your eardrums while listening to 'Tragedy.' Disclose's first LP is a landmark of cacophonous, guitar-forward noisy hardcore. Heavily influenced by classic 80s Swedish raw punk, these fifteen songs perfect the unrelenting formula as only Kawakami could. Originally released in Japan on the cult label Overthrow in 1994, this reissue restores the fierce original mix two decades later. It differs from the mix on later represses hailing from Uppsala, where Swedish bombshelter-dwellers keep the flame alive. This authorized reissue reproduces the original artwork, with insert. Crack your brain up!

NERVOSAS "S/T (Second)" LP (Dirtnap Records)
Second self titled album (first for Dirtnap) from hard-touring Ohio dark-punks. An improvement on their (also awesome) first album in every way. The fast songs are meaner and more aggressive, the slower songs are more textured and atmospheric. Impeccable recording, truly impressive musicianship (not a compliment you’ll hear us at Dirtnap throw around very often) and songwriting inspiration to burn. This goes way, way beyond the “punk kids playing post punk” thing going around these days. Fits in perfectly on the darker end of the Dirtnap Records spectrum, alongside such fine company as The Estranged, The Splits, Autistic Youth. Truly an important and epic mind-bender of an album.

NO PROBLEM "Kid Killer" 7" (Deranged Records)
KID KILLER is the follow up EP to their great ALREADY DEAD LP, three new tracks of blistering dark hardcore, same formula, same hit potential!

ZERO "Mirror" 7" (Self Released)
ZERO has an influence of japanese punk, not in the rather trendy noisy style that is pervasive today, but drawing on older bands such as Gastunk as well as Burning Spirits groups like Death Side and Judgement. Being from Minneapolis, a notable fusion of a classic darker Minneapolis crusty style is present at times, ending up with a pummeling 7" with an emphasis on song writing and feeling, but also darkness and "raging-ness". Recorded at A Harder Commune by Matt Castore from Condominium and mastered at Enormous Door.

DOG PARTY "Vol. 4" LP (Asian Man Records)
While most of us spent our teenage years popping zits and generally just being very awkward, Sacramento sisters Lucy and Gwen Giles put their youthful energy to good use. Together, they formed the band Dog Party in 2007, and quickly got down to business doling out brash and roaring rock à la The Ramones and The Buzzcocks.  Still in their teens, this is their 4th full length release which for any band is quite an accomplishment.

DOG PARTY "Lost Control" LP (Asian Man Records)
Hailing from Sacramento, Ca., Dog Party consists of sisters Lucy and Gwendolyn Giles. Although both are still in high school, they’ve been playing music since 2005. Gwendolyn (guitars, vocals) is 17 and Lucy (drums, vocals) is 14. They starting playing music together at the insanely young age of 6(Lucy) and 9(Gwendolyn), respectively. Both play a multitude of instruments, but their live show consists of Lucy on drums and Gwendolyn on guitar with both sisters sharing lead vocal duties. Tons of harmonies, great melodies, and solid playing make these teen sisters sound like they’ve been touring for years. Their third full length is titled Lost Control. 13 tracks recorded at the Hangar by Chris Woodhouse (Devandra Banhart, FM Knives, A-Frames). The new album dives into a more focused punk rock feel influenced by the likes of X, the Ramones, and with a nod to nineties bands like Tiger Trap and Cub. They even pay homage to X by covering Los Angeles. It’s hard to believe that two young sisters would geek out over meeting Exene Cervenka versus Katy Perry. Maybe there is hope for rock and roll? SPIN says: “They draw a line from the Shangri-Las to the Ramones to Best Coast” IMPOSE mag says: “This short track is scuzzy, fun, and crisply paced, and with a lighthearted vocal that jumps through overdubs happily, the topics of being cold at the movie theater and parsing through small talk have never sounded more compelling.”

STOIC VIOLENCE "Chained" LP (Deranged Records)
Stoic Violence is a Long Beach, CA based band who formed in 2011. Stoic Violence play a stripped down, caustic, and spite fueled style of hardcore/punk. Stoic Violence's sound is primitive, rough around the edges, and completely unapologetic. Chained is the band's latest seven song 12 which is set for release April 12th, 2014 via Deranged and Video Disease records. Cassette copies of the cassette are being taken care of by Overdose records. On their latest 12", Stoic Violence offer up seven tracks of dirty, scathing, and knuckle dragging hardcore that's sure to make fans of Brainkiller, Hoax, and No Class take notice. Stoic Violence's sound features buzzsaw guitars, rapid drumming, and venomously spat vocals. Overall, Chained kicks-ass on so many levels. Highly recommended! Enjoy!" - MANIC COMPRESSION

URBAN SAVAGE "S/T" 7" (Foreign Legion Records)
Locked away in a basement in Sweden, this band of degenerates started piecing together riffs that had more in common with early USHC and No Future punk than it did with the jerky riffs of their Scandinavian brethren. Malmo is a post-industrial town where the working class struggles for both work and an identity, and their orphaned sons URBAN SAVAGE reflect that desperation as well as the degradation of one's own faith in the society that has been built around them. Their sound is nomadic; a blistering cacophony of boots on streets and tight, organic rhythms.  Their aesthetic references all come from the darker side of punk in its variety of styles. The aggressive back-beat of Negative Approach and the driving guitar of Blitz come through at equal levels, creating a sound that is honed in on an idea more than a sound. The production on this 4 song 7" is thicker than their previous effort (last year's 'Let Thunder Roar' LP, only released in Sweden), and the scope is deeper. In the end, this is music about one thing. This is music for the unattached. This is music for savages.

PUBLIC ASSAULT "No Way Out" 7" (Foreign Legion Records)
Young guns from Northwest Indiana playing early Dischord Records riffs the way they should be played; with absolutely no regard for anyone. In a (literal) state of Neo-Nazis, economic collapse, and no future, these four teens are writing music that reflects the fact that while some kids are growing up looking at Facebook and a college education, the land that America forgot is raising children destined to a steel mill that will be closing before they are even old enough to drink. No hope, no future, oi, oi, oi?

It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #387, the August 2015 issue! Philadelphia’s SHEER MAG discuss livin’ in the city and their new record, CADAVER EM TRANSE (featuring a member of RAKTA) talk about life in the concrete jungle of São Paolo, and JUANITA Y LOS FEOS give us a taste of life in Madrid. The mind behind BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS and GIORGIO MURDERER provides a window into his madness through a two-part interview with Eric Oblivian and Layla Gibbon. The NO-TALENTS prepare for their upcoming reunion tour, Stockholm’s DATA CONTROL still love HÜSKER DÜ, and Bob Suren and the VICTIM PARTY reflect on growing older in punk. And Aklasan Records talks Filipino hardcore distribution and promotion in the United States! Plus, a photo spread from Boston’s Smash It Dead fest by Angela Owens and a cover by Cretins of Distortion creator and MRR columnist Emmy Ramone. And, as always, all the columnists you love to hate and the most extensive record, book, zine, demo and film review sections in punk print!

Restocks for 7.24.15

AUS ROTTEN "Fuck Nazi Sympathy" 7"
CRUDE SS "Who'll Survive" 7"
MOB 47 "Karnvapen Attack" 7"
RAW JUSTICE "We Don't Need Your Friends" 7"
REGULATIONS "Different Needs" 7"

CULO "Life is Vile ... and So Are We" LP
CULO "Military Trend" 7"
CULO "My Life Sucks and I Could Care Less" LP
GIVE "Singles Going Confetti" LP

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