Friday, October 9, 2015

NEW RELEASE: IRON BOOTS Complete Discography LP - OUT NOW!

The Iron Boots Complete Discography LP is officially out now!  A joint production between Grave Mistake and Triple B Records, this remastered 20 song collection features the band's entire recorded output during their existence.

Featuring their 2004 Demo, Weight of the World 7", Easy Green 7", and tracks from the Generations: A Hardcore Compilation on Revelation Records, all tracks have been remastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory.  This reissue also includes a 24x24" double sided poster insert/lyric sheet and brand new cover art from Spoiler (who did most of the band's graphic/logo work, much of which is incorporated into this packaging). You can pick up a copy in the Grave Mistake Webstore, or Stream or Download the full release from both labels' respective Bandcamp pages.

Along with the LP reissue, we also did up a couple of t-shirt reprints featuring some classic Iron Boots graphics!  Both designs are still available in all sizes in the webstore, so check those out as well.
Preorders from both labels have shipped and, although the Blue vinyl version is sold out, we still have a handful of copies of the limited Orange vinyl available. The release will also be hitting stores and distros over the course of the month.  If you do a store or distro and would like to carry copies, please feel free to hit me up about wholesale.

For the uninitiated, IRON BOOTS hailed from in Virginia Beach, VA and were most active from 2004-2006 before playing their final show in Richmond in 2008.  With their hi-impact, fuck-your-attitude delivery and NYHC influenced songwriting, the Boots were one of few contemporary hardcore bands that were able to take influence from classic hardcore punk and successfully make it their own.  Along with bands like Down to Nothing, Bracewar, Victim and Wasted Time, Iron Boots were key in solidifying Richmond / Virginia Beach as a relevant and vital Hardcore scene during the mid-00's.  In their short career, Iron Boots managed to churn out an impressive catalog - an eight song demo, two 7" EPs, and two tracks for a Revelation Records compilation - all of which are featured on this release.  Iron Boots took pride in maintaining a classic "If it ain't broke don't fix it" approach to hardcore in both songwriting and aesthetic.  The end result being, as proven on this reissue, a timeless recorded and visual output that still maintains a fresh and vital feel more than a decade later.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records

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