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No clever April Fools joke here, just another pretty sick Grave Mistake webstore update for you! Picked up a bunch of killer tapes and records over the past few weeks, so check it all out below. However, before I get to those, some quick label news as we've got our first two releases for 2016 up for order now!

First off, we have another Tenement track from their upcoming Bruised Music, Volume Two LP collection streaming over at Spin now. The track, "The Block is Safe Again," which originally appeared on the Puke and Destroy Vol. 2 7" comp on Snuffy Smile Records out of Japan, has been remastered along with 13 other various tracks from 7"s and splits released between the years 2011 and 2015. Bruised Music, Volume Two is officially out April 8th, 2016 and you can preorder it from Grave Mistake and Toxic Pop now!

Also, in case you missed it last week, the Angel Du$t Upside Down b/w Teenage Haze 7" is out and shipping now! A limited single from Angel Du$t's upcoming LP, Rock the Fuck on Forever (out in May on Pop Wig Records), we did a one time pressing of 750 copies, most of which are already out the door. You can order the 7" from Grave Mistake now, and a few spots like RevHQ, Deathwish, and Sorry State will have copies for mailorder as well. The single features the LP track "Upside Down" (which you can check out over at The Fader) along with the B-Side "Teenage Haze," which is a non-album track exclusive to this release.
Very stoked on both of these releases, so please check them out (and thanks to all who have done so already). Now, here's what's going on in the distro this week ...

For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
I'm going to spare you a long recap on this update, you can check out the full list of new titles and restocks below - some great demos in this haul (Malcontent, Free, Warfare, Stuck Pigs, and Kombat to name a few) along with a grip of killer new releases from Combat Knife, Bleached, Tacocat, Total Abuse, Pressing On, Daylight Robbery, Helta Skelta, and more! Also, high on the personal recommendation list for this update is the Fastbacks "Now is the Time" 2xLP reissue, so check it out!
New Webstore Titles for 04.01.16:
COMBAT KNIFE "Extreme Combat" 7" (Video Disease Records)
The debut 7" from this Olympia/Portland unit is 6 tracks of loose, noisy hardcore-punk slop for slamming (but pogos and creepy crawls are cool too). From some of the minds behind GAG, VEXX, EIGHTBALL and countless other bands. Limited edition of 300 copies.

MALCONTENT Demo Tape (Painkiller Records)
A solo offering from Kevin Anand (Chain Rank, Preschool Dropouts, etc.) who delivers four tracks of straight edge hardcore that are heavily indebted to Side By Side, War Zone's mid-80's prime, and the legendary Altercation demo. Those names get thrown around too often these days, but we can assure genre enthusiasts this is the real deal. No weak riffs or modern influences.
FLEX, THE "Flexual Healilng VI: Live from the Paincave" Tape (Painkiller Records)
New England meets Olde England! Continuing their string of Flexual Healing cassettes, Painkiller is proud to offer Volume 6, "Live At The Paincave". On the last day of their massive summer 2015 US tour (and the morning after a double gig performance in Boston) the Flex rolled into the Paincave and ripped through their current live repertoire (10 songs!) with the kind of precision that can only come from over a month on the road together, playing every night. New and old songs get the Paincave treatment on this one. No redos or overdubs, just straight Flexin'.
NO TOLERANCE "You Walk Alone" Tape (Painkiller Records)
Limited cassette pressing of No Tol's debut 12". 8 years after an impromptu afternoon jam that resulted in their first writing and recording session, and 4 years since their last record, No Tolerance return to deliver the straight edge hardcore album the youth and young-at-heart have been waiting for. Unchanged by the unstoppable march of time, You Walk Alone finds the band still able to mine the same territory as always, but formatted for the ebb and flow of a full length album. Expect a meticulous alloy of "Break Down the Walls", Confont's "Payday", and the Hard Stance E.P.s.

FREEDOM "U.S.A. Hardcore" Tape (Triple B Records)
Cassette Version of their debut LP. Freedom has made a name for themselves in the hardcore scene in a short amount of time. Within the last year, they have made appearances at This Is Hardcore Fest, United Blood Fest, Rain Fest, Black & Blue Bowl, America's Hardcore Fest, Berserktown II, Not Dead Yet Fest and FYA Fest. Their debut 7", "Pay The Price," sold out of 1,000 copies in the first pressing in less than two months. Predating the LP, the "Anti-Poison" cassette tape sold 1,000 copies in three months, making this a much-desired LP for hardcore fans and critics alike. LP includes digital download.

WARFARE 2016 Demo Tape (Triple B Records)
Brand new bi-costal group of HC all-stars featuring members of Clear, Fury, Angel Du$t, Blazing Eye and Firewalker playing some angry ripping as hell hc in the vein of Life's Blood, Altercation, and Youth of Today.
GLORY Demo Tape (Triple B Records)
Some new BHC jams ffo: wishingwell records artists such as Youth of Today, Uniform Choice and Insted.

FREE 2015 Demo Tape (Triple B Records)
Sick as hell new hc band out of boston featuring members of Step Forward and Clear. Recommended if you like hardcore.

LABELED 2016 Demo Tape (Triple B Records)
Yet another rad new hardcore band out of Boston. This is like the 10th new band out of the area featuring sam from Triple B records which is cool because I don't even think he knows how to play an instrument.

HIGHER POWER "LP Promo" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
The latest and greatest from this Leeds-based UK squad in preparation for their upcoming LP. Heavy, groovy hardcore for fans of Crown of Thornz, Leeway, and Burn. Also include are 2 sick covers and a re-recorded demo song.
STUCK PIGS "Bleed Like …" Demo Tape (Out For Blood Records)
New HC out of DC! Frantic hardcore ffo Koro and Void

KOMBAT Demo Tape (Out For Blood Records)
Mutated fucks FFO DP. new DC hardcore. this is the good shit.

LACKLUSTER 2015 Demo Tape (Out For Blood Records)
Jawbreaker/Green Day lovechild featuring members of all your favorite DC bands

SPITE Demo Tape (Out For Blood Records)
DC straight edge punks in the vein of FU's and Void

FASTBACKS "Now is the Time" 2xLP
(No Threes Records)
A remarkable reissue / collection from one of Seattle's all time greatest bands THE FASTBACKS!!! "Now is the Time" is an awesome double LP collection featuring most of the band's earliest material and recordings from 1980-1984. I don't think I could write a description that would do this release and band justice, so I'll just strongly advise you to pick this thing up and if you aren't familiar with the Fastbacks yet, then do yourself a huge favor and check them out however you can - this release is the perfect place to start. Housed in a double Gatefold sleeve and features an awesome assortment of photos and flyers, not to mention a fairly extensive show list. Highly recommended.
TOTAL ABUSE "Excluded" LP (Deranged Records)
The Total Abuse has been a band since 2007. They have released three LPs and two 7"s, and they are considered one of the creators of a rare mixture of the old school hardcore punk sound with 80s industrial / noise aesthetics. Many bands have tried to copy their sound and vibe but no one has been able to emulate the pure hellish intensity of Total Abuse. Excluded is their 4th full length LP and was recorded in Austin,TX at Ohm recording studio and produced by David Williams. After the pure noise sludge mess of Prison Sweat the band decided to take their songs to a different place by focusing on pure riffs. Each song batters the listener down with raging buzz saw guitar riffs and unadulterated heaviness. Total Abuse have always been huge fans of true guitar gods like Nirvana and Slayer and here it is most apparent. These new Total Abuse tracks are still filthy and as noise drenched as ever, but is an album with a stealth and form unlike the three before it. Excluded is an album about survival, an album about identity, an album (as always) about obsession.

PRESSING ON "No Defeat, No Capitulation" LP (Deranged Records)
Portland's based Pressing on put out a small amount of tapes earlier this year,which was more of a rough version of the totally remastered and mixed know known as the "No defeat,no capitulation" record,and boy did it turn out louder and clearer then i would've imagined. Pressing On consists of members of the late and great Talk Is poison, aswell as from Ashes Rise,and the still going Raw Nerves.Excpect nothing less then total anthemic and defiant hardcore with all around great musicianship,and strong sense of melody in that great Talk Is poison style, yet holding their own. A clenched fist pumper for sure.

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY "Accumulated Error" LP (Deranged Records)
Daylight Robbery make expansive sound for tight spaces. This Chicago trio of DIY scene anchors makes anxious post-punk for those who came to throw their bodies on the gears and those who came to dance (and recognize that these categories overlap). David and Christine Wolf are a forever-shifting point-counterpoint to one another, both in their melodic guitar and bass interplay and their big harmonies and vocal trade-offs, and Jeff Rice's propulsive drumming provides a solid metal foundation on which to build song structures that shift, collapse, and grow organically. You may hear echoes of the late '70s and early '80s in what they do, but their restlessness is very much of the now, the sound of the endless post-industrial search for stability rather than the sound of the late Cold War.

(Deranged Records)
Portland peace punk/deathrock hybrid Arctic Flowers have amassed an impressive roster of underground and punk musicians to compile their Remix LP, out now on Deranged Records. The 12″ vinyl contains the band’s first 3-song EP followed by four remixes. The digital download of the album supplies an extra five remix tracks that could not fit onto the vinyl (a vinyl purchase comes with a code to download the extra five songs). So, let’s see what we have here: The first three songs are from 2010 and the early material showcases a pretty good sampling of Arctic Flowers’ range: the first song, “Technicolor Haze,” has always been one of the more dance floor friendly numbers as it is, and it’s not surprising the bulk of the remixes on this release are in fact remixes of this song. “Slouching Towards Bethlehem,” the second track, is another bass guitar-driven gothy punk number. “Neon Tombs” is an all-out thrasher and serves as evidence of members’ history in uptempo hardcore punk. Singer Alex’s vocals have always reminded me of Pauline Murray’s (of Penetration); in fact, Penetration, along with Rubella Ballet and the Poison Girls, are not a bad point of reference for describing Arctic Flowers’ sound – mostly mid-tempo, but still hard-edged melodic-but-not-necessarily-pretty, dark punk tunes with a lot of crossover appeal into the goth and postpunk crowds. “Our sound is a mix of punk, deathrock, post punk, and goth,” guitarist Stan Wright once told me in a previous interview for CVLT Nation. “Aggressive but at times danceable and melodic.” The Remix LP furthers expands Arctic Flowers’ crossover appeal into postpunk, goth, and even industrial dance club territory. The assemblage of remixes here from folks in Soft Kill, Toxic Holocaust, Rubella Ballet, Cadaver em Transe, and others range from ultra-dancey (the Sid Truelove of Rubella Ballet remix of “Technicolor Haze”), to uber-gothy (the Soft Kill remix), to 80s dance (the Alex Cuervo of Espectrostatic/Hex Dispensers mix) – even to dub (the Cadaver em Transe remix by Pato). A few of the takes on “Technicolor Haze” – especially the Sid Truelove/”Dayglo” and Alex Cuervo remixes – seem ready made for the club floor. The Gold Zippers’ “Purple Clouds” remix is a deeply atmospheric gothic meditation. The Soft Kill remix at the end is a really doomy, almost Killing Joke-ish dirge that not unsurprisingly sounds a bit like an Arctic Flowers/Blessure Grave collaboration! A fun and interesting experiment the Flowers have here, an LP featuring punk, industrial, and gothic versions of their songs. From Oliver Sheppard via

TOMMY T AND THE CLASSICAL MISHAPS "I Hate Tommy" 7" (Cool Death Records)
Melbourne troglodytes TOMMY T AND THE CLASSICAL MISHAPS debut disc perfectly embodies all that is good and warped in the land down under. Featuring a cast of players that have spent time in groups such as Power, Brando's Island, and Gutter Gods, the sound here harkens back to late 70's LA, a style that'd find favor in the pages of Slash Magazine. Two quick synth-and-snot addled cuts on the A-side recall something out of an early Dangerhouse Records catalogue while the flip is an ugly dirge peppered with the self-deprecative drawl of Tommy T himself. A fantastic single, mastered by the legendary Geza X to boot.

HELTA SKELTA "Reds/Devil's Triangle" 7" (Rock Bottom Records)
Domestic release from Perth's best kept secret Helta Skelta (aside from Prag whom they share a singer). Musically its a mix of Wire demo's, classic Aussie punk (The Victims), and some early 80's hardcore thrown in for good measure (I'm thinkin' Middle Class). They have LP coming out on Deranged hopefully in the near future. 329 copies pressed with Risographed printed covers.

BLEACHED "Welcome the Worms" LP (Dead Oceans Records)
Los Angeles-based sister duo Jennifer and Jessie Clavin knew things were going to be different for their band Bleached sophomore LP Welcome The Worms. Not only had they managed to charm world renowned producer Joe Chiccarelli (Morrissey, The Strokes, Elton John) to join the sisters and their bassist Micayla Grace in the studio, but Jen and Jessie had been crawling out of their own personal dramas. While emotionally spinning, they dove head first into music. The three girls spent time writing the 10 song LP at a remote house in Joshua Tree, away from the distractions of the city. Other times Jen and Jessie worked alone, just like when they were teenaged punk brats playing in their parents' garage, imitating their heroes The Slits, Black Flag and Minor Threat. In the studio, Chiccarelli and co-producer Carlos de la Garza (Paramore, YACHT) helped the band perfect their fervent songs into fearlessly big pop melodies. They drew inspiration from the iconic hits of everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Heart to Roy Ayers. The result is an ambitious rock record with a new found pop refinement that somehow still feels like the Shangri-Las on speed, driven forward in a wind of pot and petals, a wall of guitars in the back seat.

TACOCAT "Lost Time" LP
(Hardly Art Records)
Third LP from Seattle's Tacocat. Tacocat’s 2014 album NVM featured silly songs about psychedelic quineañeras, sarcastic responses to street harassment, and embracing that bloody time of the month. They bring back those satirical, funny lyrics in this album with songs about those obsessive horse girls you probably went to high school with in “Horse Grrls,” dealing with annoying neighbors during weekends in “I Hate The Weekend,” and an ode to the X-Files in “Dana Katherine Scully.” Their fun sound may still remain in this LP, yet it’s a bit different this time around. They get in touch with their darker, moodier side while still keeping the feminist themes they’re known for. “Men Explain Things To Me” is a catchy track that takes on mansplaining (duh), singing “Don’t tell me what to do, my feelings won’t subdue.” “Plan A, Plan B”, which is sonically reminiscent of Bikini Kill, is a sex positive song about safe sex and using the Plan B pill. “Talk,” meanwhile, shows Tacocat’s solemn side, acknowledging the ironies of personal communication lost in our cell phone-driven world.

PRISON MOAN "Parasite Hole" 7" (Negative Jazz Records)
Debut 7" from PRISON MOAN. Here's a small slab of violent, drugged Cleveland punk recorded in 2015. Prison Moan is one of the best unknown hardcore punk acts in the USA! This is Prison Moans first vinyl release coming off the heels of a killer demo that only made its rounds in small circles in Cleveland and a handful of distros.

ADVLTS "Black Bile" 7" (Toxic Pop Records)
Advlts is the new-ish outing from members of some of Baltimore's favorite punk bands, like The Fuses, The Uniform, Deep Sleep, and Paper Dragons. Influences range from classic rock 'n' roll like The Saints and Rose Tattoo to British art-punk like Wire and The Fall to early American hardcore like Circle Jerks and The Germs. This is their second EP (their self-titled first EP was released on Southpaw Records) and their first outing with the new line-up featuring Mike Riley (Paper Dragons, Pulling Teeth) on vocals and Brendan Bartow (The Fuses) on guitar. Catchy toe-tappers mingle with short, sharp blasts of punk fury. This is the type of band that fits well playing with well-groomed rockers, sweaty basement punks, and everyone in between.

PELUQUERIA CANINA "Jovenes Promesas" Lp (Going Underground Records)
Debut LP from this band out of Bakersfield, California. Garage-y yet also melodic and Wipers-influenced... FFO the Vicious, Masshysteri, Generation Suicida, etc.

HARM DONE "Abuse/Abused" LP (Straight and Alert Records)
HARM DONE from France, featuring members of RAW JUSTICE, DIREWOLVES and REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER, started in the Fall 2013. They recorded their debut 7″ in April 2014, a promo tape in May 2015 and they now drop this new 17 track debut LP called "Abuse / Abused". They play some kind of cold and no frills powerviolence filled with Infest's speed, Sex Prisoner's ignorant breakdowns and Entombed's HM2 metallic guitar sound. For Fans of Nails, Sex Prisoner, Mammoth Grinder, Napalm Death, Soul Search, Powerviolence.

Debut 7" from this rad new hardcore band out of Chicago. Classic-sounding midwest HC with some Articles of Faith vibes in the guitar playing.

MADE IN JAPAN "Instant Hit" 7" (Hozac Records)
We literally tracked down the buzzsaw-pop band from the 1980 horror film New Year's Evil, turns out they had a ton of other recordings, and who would have though this Nick Lowe meets Paul Collins Beat-style band featured members of Heavy Metal Kids and Quintessence?

(Hozac Records)
Arthur Kane (ex-NY Dolls) with Blackie Lawless' Alice Cooper-soaked proto punk classic, long out of print from it's original one-time pressing on Whiplash, fully remastered from the original tapes courtesy of original member Andy Jay. Switchblade Rock at it's finest.

(Hozac Records)
Wait, is this a new band? We've positioned this incredible debut LP along with our Archival series batch for good reason, as FIRST BASE are one of the purest bands you're likely to come across, a true pop milestone so authentic and airtight, you'll swear you've heard these chords before. Originally one of the 'mystery bands on MySpace" from the mid-2000's, FIRST BASE released a string of much loved singles & EPs but kept a low profile despite being an active performing band in their hometown of Toronto, but it wasn't their intent to be anonymous. If you'll recall, they gained a wider appreciation after Personal & the Pizzas covered their iconic "Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me" which pushed them further onto the underground pop radar, and they returned the favor by covering " I Don't Feel So Happy Now" on their last EP. But affiliations aside, FIRST BASE are going to leave a deep scar on your world, and they'll be dumping sugar and syrup deep in those wounds with every repeated listen of this incredible pop debut. Like Jesus & Mary Chain fronting the Ramones, covering Joey Levine, FIRST BASE are pure honey-dripping salvation from the sadistic world we're trapped inside, a true ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day, just try to not melt away

COZY "Button by Button" LP (Hozac Records)
ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS OF THE COZY FANCLUB: It has come to this!!!! Following a string of smash hit singles, electrifying television appearances, and countless nights spent driving fans wild in sold out arenas across the globe, COZY is ready to unveil the fruit of their labor: Ladies and gentleman it is our privilege to announce to you the release of COZY's debut album "BUTTON BY BUTTON" out NOW on HOZAC RECORDS!!!! By now all of COZY's singles are regarded as timeless classics by teenagers worldwide, but as thrilling as those 45's are, they merely hint at the full blown denim majesty COZY have unleashed on "BUTTON BY BUTTON!!!!" This is the cutting edge of the teenage sound!!! From the rousing opening chords of the title track, to the glitter maelstrom of the closing number "Sidepiping," COZY have produced a danceable, full-length masterpiece of unadulterated teen pop perfection!!!! Countless bands have been influenced by COZY over the years -- including such chart busters as Slade, Angel, and the Bay City Rollers -- but none have been able to duplicate the pulse-pounding excitement COZY produces with each and every record they release!!!! Now YOU can find out why COZY MANIA is spreading across the globe like wildfire, by purchasing THE record of the year, THE next multi-platinum sensation, THE undisputed masterpiece of teenage pop that is "BUTTON BY BUTTON!!!!!!"

EPICYCLE "You're Not Gonna Get It: 1978-81" LP (Hozac Records)
As one of only a handful of Chicago punk/new wave bands with an actual record out in the late 1970s, EPICYCLE hit the scene hard and could be found not only gigging around the usual local punk spots such as Tut's, O'Banion's, Gaspar's, Lucky #, and Space Place, but also at Winnetka all-ages shows, and northwest suburban Glencoe teen dance halls just as well. Their raw-edged pop cut a fine line between the emerging punk and powerpop worlds, and compared with regional bands such as Shoes, Pezband, The Names and many others in the shadow of post- "Surrender" Cheap Trick, they were far younger and more aggressive, yet still just as talented and refined when it was in order. But for all intents and purposes, this is the sound of pure teen punk with a knack for hooks and harmonies, and is just as essential of a document of Chicago’s underground sound of the late 1970s as any of the more well-known usual suspects, who are more than likely the subjects of their classic song, “Hardcore Punk.”

CONVICT "Barred for Life" Tape (Painkiller Records)
6-song cassette debut of this northwestern HC band that has members of Bone Sickness in tow. There's almost an early 80s Swedish element to the guitar playing but shoved through the classic USHC blender, and then pumped full of the kind of performance enhancing drugs that get you banned from professional competition.

It is time for Maximum Rocknroll #395, the April 2016 issue! It’s another loaded issue of DIY punk’s greatest monthly mag. We hope you’re ready; we’ve got interviews with some of the most exciting bands in the contemporary punk landscape. Chicago’s NEGATIVE SCANNER talk about DIY in their hometown, their songwriting process, their still-expanding musical vocabulary and touring the US in a “soccer mom van.” Philly’s SOUL GLO and Temecula’s the COLTRANES dish on their respective brands of weirdo hardcore punk, and Brazil’s the PESSIMISTS explain their musical approach, their upcoming tour plans and their origins in a São Paulo head shop. This issue also features a huge special on three of this year’s most promising punk fests, giving us an opportunity to sit down with some of the most organized, energized, creative and resourceful punks out there. “Anti” Christian of Oakland’s Manic Relapse explains how he pulled their insane lineup of domestic and international bands and talks about carving out an inviting space while managing the fest’s hard-partying reputation. Everything Is Not OK organizer Roz Adams paints a portrait of the punk artist as a young man and shows where the Oklahoma City fest falls in a continually inspirational landscape of artists and musicians. Lastly Chris Moore and Nick Tape, the folks behind Damaged City, map out DC’s legacy as both an American metropolis with a long history in hardcore punk and a place where creating punk and expanding the scope of a fest takes constant work and commitment. On the global media front, we were able to speak with the filmmakers of the upcoming three-part documentary series Bogotá Punk. Last but not least: an uncompromising interview with Berlin/Munich’s HeartFirst Records conducted by the late Filip Fuchs. Of course, we know not even all this is enough for you: this also comes with hundreds of reviews, a photo spread by Martin Sorrondeguy, all your favorite columnists (Turbo & Gang are taking their Oi! column in an exciting new direction) and the long-awaited return of the classifieds section. It’s no joke.

ACK ACK ACK #4 Photozine
Latest issue of this photozine out of CA - featuring live photos from Red Dons, Night Birds, Rough Kids, Wolfpack, Career Suicide, and more! Check out some previews here;

CHEAP APPEAL Demo Tape (Slow Death Records)
GOMS "Chain Reaction" Tape (Slow Death Records)
COLLAGEN Demo Tape (Slow Death Records)
BLOCKHEAD Demo Tape (Slow Death Records)
PROM NITE Tape 1 (Demo)
DILETTANTES 2015 Demo Tape (Demo)
BOYS, THE "Know What I'm Sayin" Tape (Demo)
CONMAN 2016 Demo Tape (Demo)

Restocks for 04.01.16:
ACHTUNGS, THE "Full of Hate" LP
CLEAR "Youth to Youth Promo 2015" Tape
DOWNPRESSER "Don't Need A Reason" LP
FURY "Kingdom Come" 7"
MYSTIC INANE "Deep Creep" 7"
SICK THOUGHTS "Coming Over" 7"
SIMFUCKERS "Fucker" 7"
TENEMENT "False Teeth" 7"
ULTRA-VIOLENT "Crime for Revenge" 7"
WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? "Beerstorm Trooper" 7"

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