Friday, February 5, 2016


Greetings! A stacked distro update this week, which is definitely a great sign for the state of New Releases in 2016. There are a ton of heavy hitters in this update so I'll keep the summary short on this one - the full list of new webstore additions and restocks is below!
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
In this update, we've got a couple of new releasess on Beach Impediment from BLOOD PRESSURE and STRUTTER, new NO TOLERANCE LP on Painkiller, the GAG LP, GAUCHO 7", and BEHAVIOR LP from Iron Lung, FIREWALKER Demo, newest CRAZY SPIRIT 7", cassette versions of both TENEMENT's "Bruised Music Vol. 1" and "The Blind Wink", the awesome RAKTA EM TRANSE 7" EP, MUERTE LP, LIFELOCK / RAPPA split 7", THE STOPS / DAILY RITUAL split 7", cassette version of NIGHT BIRDS' "Mutiny at Muscle Beach", NO PAROLE 7", debut flexi from Richmond's FRIED EGG, demos from EXIT DUST, POLLEN, ASEPTIC, and MUCH more ...
Finally, restocked on a few GOVERNMENT WARNING T-Shirts in sizes S-XL ... so if you are still shopping for a GW shirt that fits, all colors of both the No Moderation and No Way Out designs should have all of those sizes in stock!
Thanks for reading!
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New in the Webstore for 2.05.16:

BLOOD PRESSURE "Need to Control" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
BLOOD PRESSURE finally deliver "NEED TO CONTROL" as a follow up to their Self Titled EP that turned heads all over when it came out in 2014. After a few personnel changes and a slew of gigs up and down the East Coast, the boys churned out yet another absolute pounder for the masses. You know the deal - this one features ten tracks of scathing hardcore punk from the Steel City, crafted in the way that they know how to make it out there... which is of the ripping, bleak, and fucked up variety. Featuring full color cover art by Matt Bellosi.

STRUTTER "S/T" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
Beach Impediment is pleased to introduce the debut EP from Austin's STRUTTER. Hot on the heels of a true ripper of a demo and a slew of US and Canadian dates with GLUE that the band closed out 2015 with, this four song 7" delivers more of their brand of raging hardcore punk, bringing to mind groups like WHITE PIGS and other frantic acts in that vein. Featuring members of IMPALERS, VAASKA, GLUE, and THEE NODES. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve featuring full color art by Scott Young.

CRAZY SPIRIT "3rd" 7" (Toxic State Records)
It's been almost four years since the last Crazy Spirit record, with only a demo released in mid-2014 to sate our appetites. Punk landscapes change and does the world need another Crazy Spirit 7" after so long? Short answer: absolutely! The band has a very particular and signature sound and I know it can be difficult for artists to continue to keep fickle fans interested within that constraint. Crazy Spirit challenges fans by producing a record that is both a development (and refusal to stay in a holding pattern) and still sounds very much CRAZY SPIRIT. This new record is more complex and less immediate than their other 7"s, but I find it more rewarding with multiple listens. In short, it's more (sorry) Stealth Boy than Fat Man. Don't get me wrong, it's still catchier than most pretender bands out there, but it's just different enough to keep you on your toes. And, in the end, it's still Crazy Spirit and it's still a Toxic State release, which, may I add, this is the best looking Crazy Spirit 7" thus far, as well as one of the most impressive looking Toxic State releases. All in all it's fitting, then, that my cats are tearing around the house spitting and hissing at each other as I blast this record on repeat. Animal abuse? Probably. Essential record? Absolutely.

NO TOLERANCE "You Walk Alone" LP
(Painkiller Records)
8 years after an impromptu afternoon jam that resulted in their first writing and recording session, and 4 years since their last record, No Tolerance return to deliver the straight edge hardcore album the youth and young-at-heart have been waiting for. Unchanged by the unstoppable march of time, You Walk Alone finds the band still able to mine the same territory as always, but formatted for the ebb and flow of a full length album. Expect a meticulous alloy of "Break Down the Walls", Confont's "Payday", and the Hard Stance E.P.s.

GAG "America's Greatest Hits" LP (Iron Lung Records)
Destined to be the most famous of all the bands. At least in their vision of the future that is. We like them. You like them. Why not? Go big or fuck off. Trippy violence and snake charms drenched in delay and fuel this wild, ugly, mid-tempo hardcore punk vehicle. All the way across the salt. For 180 days. Crew up and get down with America’s greatest. Housed in a heavy duty sleeve adorned with Scott Young’s perfect artwork. Recorded by Nudity’s own Capt. Tripps in Olympia, WA.

GAUCHO "Desplazados" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
The darkness and hate of living in the modern day is inescapable. People will always try to control you, force their ideologies on you and bind you with their ridiculous laws. Sooner or later you will get tired and hit back. And if true passion is there, you will succeed. It is hard not to hear the passion on this record. Gaucho delivers a Colombia-via-Canada raw hardcore pogo march to the death of tyrants far and wide. Members of S.H.I.T. give us a 5 song window into the struggle for a higher quality of life and we thank them for that.

BEHAVOIR "375 Images of Angels" LP (Iron Lung Records)
John Cage related this anecdote: “One evening I was walking along Hollywood Boulevard, nothing much to do. I stopped and looked in the window of a stationary shop. A mechanized pen was suspended in space in such a way that, as a mechanized roll of paper passed by it, the pen went through the motions of the same penmanship exercises I had learned as a child in the third grade. Centrally placed in the window was an advertisement explaining the mechanical reasons for the perfection of the operation of the suspended mechanical pen. I was fascinated, for everything was going wrong. The pen was tearing the paper to shreds and splattering ink all over the window and on the advertisement, which, nevertheless, remained legible.” This little musing somehow rhymes with the spirit of BEHAVIOR’s '375 Images of Angels,' unique “musical” approach to punk. The very essence of punk is a contemptuous “fuck you” to convention anyway, or at least a troubled groping for new avenues of self creation. There is a simple beauty in deconstruction, in calculated naivety, in messes, in processes and in the plain night air of Los Angeles. '…Angels' dances like a dog shaking off a swim. '...Angels' is as deliberate as it is free. Don’t we all want this dichotomy in our lives? The drive to make our time our own and the permission to chase joy?

(Nada Nada Discos)
Put out by the great Brazilian labels Nada Nada Discos and Dama Da Noite. This is a supergroup comprised of, you guessed it, RAKTA and our own CADAVER EM TRANSE and sounds exactly as you would hope it would. Creepy goth punk with a distinct SP feel. We love these people.

MUERTE "S/T" LP (SPHC Records)
"The awaited and hotly anticipated vinyl debut of Muerte, yet another flawless execution of hardcore punk" from the Mexico City crew that brought you Tercer Mundo, Inservibles, Era del Vacio, Cintas Pepe Records, etc. While the 2013 demo tape hinted at a more expanded vision and wider array of influences than their other bands, having a more goth-y anarcho-y undertone, its execution wasn't quite perfected. Their 2014 gigs with Sete Star Sept, Tercer Mundo, Lotus Fucker, and Globsters (now THAT was a tour!!!) left a big impression on us, with a tighter and more cohesive sound and style, and a powerful live show. And their appearance at Not Dead Yet fest in Toronto, with new songs and an undeniable urgency, cemented them as, well, I dunno, basically the best newer hardcore band in the world, in my opinion. This summer we're proud to drop their LP, which is (in my opinion) the best single record to come out of the much-hyped Mexico City scene. Flawless hardcore punk with the finely crafted songs and informed, immediate style that these bands are known for, but with some goth/anarcho-punk/New Model Army undertone that makes this record more dynamic, moody, and dark than the average hardcore record. Slower tempos with bursts of speed that builds and releases all the tension this shitty world builds inside of you. The soundtrack to your despair and rage. Real punk music."

DYKE DRAMA "Tender Resignation" LP
(Salinas Records)
DYKE DRAMA is the solo project of G.L.O.S.S. vocalist Sadie Switchblade.  "While G.L.O.S.S.’ Demo EP was a steamrolling eight minutes of louder-faster gutter blasts (Sample bellow-along: “THE FREAKS ARE COMING!!!”), Resignation is far more sentimental. Performed almost entirely by Switchblade, aside from a couple well-wishers stopping by to contribute organ and backing vocals, the EP is six tracks and a whopping 17 minutes of bleary-eyed heartbreak boogie. Though Switchblade hails from Olympia, Washington, riot grrrl capital of America, she more clearly follows the beautiful-loser Minneapolis lead of the Replacements here — “Westerberg” is even tagged on the EP’s Bandcamp page, and Paul’s probably wondering if a lyric like “I wasn’t born to lose / It’s just the thing I do best” might be borrowed from some ‘Mats deep cut he wrote too long ago to remember. It’s punk in its rawness, but not in any kind of musical elitism: The intro lead to “Hardest Years” sounds like John Cougar Mellencamp, ferchrissake. Switchblade is a worthy successor to Westerberg not just in her ability to turn a self-deprecating phrase while cranking out a stadium-echoing riff, but in her ability to make outcast vulnerability urgent and emboldening."

NO PAROLE "S/T" 7" (Mad at the World Records)
The debut 7” by NJ band No Parole, featuring ex-members of Criminal Intent, Altered Boys, and others, for those of you paying attention. 4 songs of rough but tuneful oi!, with definite cues from some of the more bald-headed varieties of hardcore and punk. We’re glad to see long-time tri-state area troublemaker Jesse Gasface fronting another band, and even happier to release the band’s first outing on wax. Great stuff if you’re into the newer bands like Crown Court or Rixe, as well as the classics.

FRIED EGG "The Incredible Flexible Egg" 7" Flexi
(Fried Egg Ltd.)
Debut three track disc from FRIED EGG, the latest and greatest hardcore punk offering from Central Virginia. This is a total punk smasher, with a sound rooted in golden era HC punk filtered through modern depression and alienation, executed in just a few minutes. The four brainfried individuals behind FRIED EGG have also done duty in CRETINS and ANIMAL PLANET so the playing here is no slouch -- tight, fast, and to-the-point. The composition of the these tracks shows a bit more depth as well, with screaming guitar leads and fuzzed, walking bass lines jumping out at you, reminiscent of recent groups like Brown Sugar and Wiccans. Have a taste of the EGG and see for yourself. Second pressing of 250 copies with artwork by Lumpy.

TYRANNAMEN "S/T" LP (Cool Death Records)
The infectious debut album from TYRANNAMEN is a great slice of melodic and powerful Australian punk. Rooted in a similar rhythm-and-blues background as groups like Big Star and Reigning Sound, TYRANNAMEN's eponymous debut has just the right balance of harmony and grit. Eight well-penned, soulful rock'n'roll cuts packed full of hooks and delivered with raw, primal confidence.

COWBOYS, THE "S/T" LP (Lumpy Records)
This has been in the works for 14 months, it's finally out! A killer full length disc from an underrated band from Bloomington, IN, with a sound so classic that one weathered kbd collector/90s punk veteran (Ann Rerun of the Last sons of Krypton) actually thought it was recorded in '79!! Screen printed covers by Brian and Brandon in Springfield, IL.

(Failure Recordings)
Debut demo from Boston's Firewalker. 5 mid-late 80s New York inspired hardcore songs.

WET WIRED Demo Tape (Failure Recordings)
Debut demo from Boston's Wet Wired. 5 hardcore/punk songs in the Boston/DC tradition. Members of Leather Daddy, Rash Tongue, and Death Injection.

TENEMENT "The Blind Wink" Tape
(Dead Broke Records)
Demos collection of lo-fi pop/post-punk rock from Wisconsin's own, Tenement. This shit is pretty god damn great... you got your typical high-energy, popped-out Tenement rippers on this, but laced with some quiet, some noisey, indie/pop demo jams in between. 4th pressing on Red Cassette tapes!

TENEMENT "Bruised Music Volume 1" Tape (Dead Broke Records)
Tenement's first collection of singles & B-sides, "Bruised Music Vol.1". 150 pressed on high-quality Blue Cassette Tapes. Comes w/ download.

NIGHT BIRDS "Mutiny at Muscle Beach" Tape
(Fat Wreck Chords)
In 2009 NIGHT BIRDS resuscitated the surf-inspired 80’s hardcore sound and have been cranking it to a new level ever since. Mutiny at Muscle Beach, the band’s third full-length and first on Fat Wreck Chords, is an unrepentantly raw blast of punk rock that evokes the spirit of Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Germs, D.I., and Circle Jerks. The 12 tracks are further developed with NIGHT BIRDS’ integration of modern influences, a referential aesthetic, and a healthy dose of passionate innovation. From “(I’m) Wired” to “In the Red/In the Black” to the title track, Mutiny at Muscle Beach brims with an epileptic energy that defies the listener to sit still. Just like NIGHT BIRDS’ live show, this album is an unbridled onslaught of throwback-meets-modern hardcore that never stops to take a breath.

BLINDSIDE USA "Wave of Regret" 7" (Straight and Alert Records)
Blindside USA, from Kansas City, MO, formed in the fall of 2014. After recording a demo heavily influenced by late 80's NYHC (Breakdown & Agnostic Front) and early 2000's hardcore (Mental & Justice) they just put out their 6 track debut 7". Some say that Blindside USA is hardcore for the punks and punk for the jocks, but either way they're comin' from the blindside. Featuring members of SPINE and REALITY ABUSE.

LIFELOCK / RAPPA Split 7" (4490 Records)
A fine split between DIS-worship punks, LIFELOCK from Singapore and raw hardcore punkers, RAPPA from Morioka, Japan. No artwork, no bullshit. Just pure destruction. 500 copies.

DAILY RITUAL / THE STOPS Split 7" (4490 Records)
A Beautiful split 7" featuring two bands playing melancholic punk rock from both corners of the world. Daily Ritual from Singapore and The Stops from Portland.

CARNIVAL, THE "Hengen Juhlaa" 7" (Krypta Records)
"In my opinion, this is the best Finnish hardcore record of the last few years. If my label wasn't ground to a halt with pressing plant bullshit, I would have just manned up and released this myself, but alas, it wasn't in the cards. It is FUCKING AWESOME and clearly several steps ahead of the other (already solid) Carnival records. The Carnival play Finnish hardcore in the style of Terveet Kadet, with simple and bombastic raging hardcore punk music and totally manic, out of control, crazed howling vocals. The end result is demented, sinister, and dark. Super powerful and furious, totally pissed. Basically all the classic qualities you want from a hardcore record, right?"

"When my hardcore brother Guigui (Coche Bomba) gave me a demo tape of his new band Silent Bones in 2013, it knocked me out. I was a huge fan and an instant believer. Silent Bones managed a short tour and, to my dismay, broke up. In 2014 Guigui gave me another demo tape of his new band, Malokio. Lo and's Silent Bones with a new singer, same style but new songs. After seeing them live at Varning for Montreal, I immediately signed up to release their LP. For me, this fits nicely with bands like Post Regiment, La Fraction, The Assassinators. Straight-forward melodic punk sound, mid-tempo riff-heavy songs with adept and hook-y singing. Exactly the kind of punk music I enjoy."

TERVEET KADET "Lapin Helvetti" LP
(SPHC Records)
"The last record by one of the greatest punk bands of all time. It's an honor to help make this record easily available for cheap here in my stupid asshole country. Since 1979, Terveet Kadet has been one of the best punk bands in the world". Tons of classic records, and like all true champions, they're leaving on a high note. This final (?) LP is a textbook example of the short-songs blazing-fast demented-and-vicious hardcore punk that Terveet Kadet stylized and popularized (yet nobody else has come close in copying). True masters. Stick a candle up your butt and pay your respects to the Black Gods of Noise."

(SPHC Records)
"The cumulative artistic vision, the magnum opus, of the world's finest purveyors of the Grave New Beat. Moving beyond any sort of parody, concept, or tribute, this second LP finds Thisclose at their most matured and fully-formed. Drawing equal influence from the entire spread of the Discharge discography, Thisclose finds a niche style within the tried-and-true formula of d-beat" that has yet to be fully explored. It rocks, it rages, it does it again (and again), with a tasteful stylistic subtlety that belies a band that has spent time honing their craft and has reached their climax. While everyone else was face-palming and throwing their copy of Grave New World LP in the garbage, Rodney Shades was up late at night studying Massacre Divine LP and Shootin Up the World LP in an attempt to understand how the good parts of these records could be reinterpreted and reapplied to the traditional notion of 'd-beat'. Chapter III LP is the final thesis and SPHC gives it an A+."

(SPHC Records)
"New split 7 by two of the UK's most notable currently active punk bands, released just in time for their USA tour together. Active Minds are one of the best punk bands of all time, period. From their humble beginnings in 1986 as the new iteration of SAS, all the way until the current day and age of 2015, Active Minds has walked, talked, and lived the true meaning of "DIY hardcore punk". Over the course of 5 LPs, tons of 7"s, splits with everyone from Unholy Grave and Yacopsae to Petrograd and Voco Protesta, Active Minds has never deviated from playing straight-forward hardcore punk. Yet their style is not one-dimensional: they can play real chaotic fast hardcore right next to slower melodic punk songs right next to more d-beat-ing songs, and it always makes sense together and sounds natural and proper. Matched with their outspoken hardline politics and their commitment to DIY punk ethics (like self-releasing the majority of their releases, trading heavily, and selling them at a bare minimum price), they are a band that continues to inspire, especially at a time when DIY punk seems so detached and apolitical. Their side is 3 new songs that fit nicely in-line with the rest of the Active Minds discography. Thisclose contributes a 2 song statement of purpose to bookend their discography of hits. A new recording of their own single "Leaders Deceivers", and a cover of Discharge's hit "Leaders Deceivers" from Shootin Up the World LP, which, clearly, ought to be your favorite Discharge record by now. A true summation of the politic of Grave New Beat: to love Discharge, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health."

(Cintas Pepe Records)
"Anybody tracking this label knows how much I love the community of folks behind Tercer Mundo/Muerte/Cintas Pepe Records/Inservibles/etc. And anyone paying attention to the recorded output of these bands can probably tell that these guys have a lot of love and appreciation for goth. So you can imagine my anticipation and excitement when they tell me Dave Rata, Roger, and Eumir have a goth band with a full LP recorded. And imagine my blissful reaction when I hear these recordings. Great goth music, with the energy and momentum of punk, captured on a warm and raw recording that gives both the vibrancy and lo-fi desperation you want to hear. I think this band stands a few degrees above most of the other trend goth/post-punk kinda bands by virtue of being more energetic and having higher quality/better crafted songs and riffs (wait....isn't this kinda what makes all these guys' bands so good? hmmmm…..)."

ZEX "Fear No Man" 7"
(Loud Punk Records)
After the demise of GERM ATTAK, singer/guitarist Jo spent the next few year writing songs and plotting his next endeavor. In 2014 Zex was born and they wasted no time taking the punk scene by storm releasing an astonishing 2 singles, an LP and several tapes all within a year of their first show! After some extensive tours all over the world they are back with their 3rd single "Fear No Man" which packs a mean punch of melody and aggression. The B Side "I Didn't Know" comes off with the sort of effect you would expect out of VICE SQUAD covering "End Of The Century" era THE RAMONES. This record is the bands strongest material to date and a good indication even greater things are to come.

MUCH WORSE "Chronic Instigation" LP
(25 Diamonds)
2nd LP by this excellent hardcore band from mpls, mn, uxa. incredibly tight and technical without being nerd music, mean and tough as nails without being macho, all around a punk as fuck record. 12 brand new songs. Drawing from the best of U.S. and Japanese hardcore and the history of great music in general. 300 copies

COZY "Kiss Me Dummy" 7" (Secret Mission Records)
Following up their 2012 debut single on HOZAC records, Minnesota’s COZY now gives you, KISS ME DUMMY b/W SHOW AND TELL! The band continues their incredibly catchy and over the top Midwestern take on 70′s powerpop/glam. Featuring ex-members of Boy’s Club and Retainers, Cozy offers a perfect mix of 60′s bubblegum , 70′s glam hooks and 90′s Rip Off records raw power and energy. See the write up from their official fan club below!

CAR CRASH "Execution" 7"
(Secret Mission Records)
Debut single from Tokyo’s CAR CRASH. 3 tracks of blown out, pure-punk rock that perfectly combines the U.S. 70′s KBD spirit with the blown out Japanese rock n roll sound that bands such as Teengenerate and Registrators made popular around the world in the early 90′s. The comparisons end there though, as Car Crash stand out from their contemporary, polished/powerpop peers by bashing out stripped down, powerful, angry, songs that come in under a couple minutes and leave little room to breath. They’ve also recently become one of the most popular live punk bands in the new Japanese underground scene. Great record, you’d be smart to keep an eye on them.

RAYDIOS, THE "Craps / Teacher's Pet" 7" (Secret Mission Records)
Christmas must be around the corner, because Tokyo’s The Radyios are at it again with a brand new EP on Secret Mission Records! Two killer tunes from Fink & Co, that are a little more lo-fi, tough sounding then what we’re normally used to from these guys. It’s evident from this record that the recent Teengenerate reunion might have been an inspiration. Craps on the A-side is a catchy punker that’s kind of reminiscent of some of that great New England stuff like Nervous Eaters or may be even The Reducers. Teacher’s Pet, on the flip, is actually what should play in the back ground as a gang of leather jacket clad jerks walks through the halls of their high school, taking down posters and cocking fists at jocks. This is a fun a little record, that’s a must have, from one of the best bands in the world. But, of course, those of you who are hip to these guys and their history already knew it. Better hurry up! Only 500 copies pressed!

V/A "Something to Du" Husker Du Tribute Compilation 7" (Dead Broke Records)
Here it is, the long-awaited DIY punk rock tribute to one of punk rock's best and most classic bands, HÜSKER DÜ! Featuring cover songs by UNFUN, CROW BAIT, TENEMENT, BENT OUTTA SHAPE, THE DAUNTLESS ELITE, & YOUR PEST BAND. Composed of punk bands from across the globe. Including an unreleased cover by NYC's late great, Bent Outta Shape, which was meant for a Hüsker compilation that never saw the light of day. Perfect. Split released as a love connection for the band and each other by Dead Broke & Drunken Sailor. One-time pressing of 800 copies.

VACATION "Back to the Land" 7" (Dead Broke Records)
New VACATION 7" Single! Hot off the heels of the bands’ newest full-length album, “Non Person” on Don Giovanni Records, we bring you 2 Unreleased exclusive songs cut from the bands‘, “Candy Waves” album (Lets Pretend Records). Two vastly different versions of an unreleased track, “Back To The Land”. Both versions are widely different, style-wise and performance-wise. Not just an alternate recording. Two completely different versions of this song from these Ohio spazzed-out lo-fi punk rockers.

(Dead Broke Records)
Proper Reissue release of the long-lost SOVIETTES collection of 7"s, B-Sides and non-lp songs! Previously available on a now defunct label and now distributed and widely-available for the first time.

WITCHES WITH DICKS "Not Just A Passing Season" LP
(Dead Broke Records)
ONE SIDED 12" VINYL VERSION LIMITED TO 400 QTY. 8 brand new songs from the newly reformed Boston hard pop-punk masters. Members have played in such notable Boston punkers as Brain Killer, Awful Man, No Sir I Won't, The Credentials & more.

PERFECT PUSSY "I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling" 12" (Captured Tracks Records)
Just over a year after playing their first show as a band, Perfect Pussy have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most intense bands in the indie rock and hardcore punk communities, both live and on record. Their fast rise to success all stemmed from this 4 track demo EP, originally released as a cassette only. Simply title tracks such as "I" and "IV" garnered praise from everyone to Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, to NPR and the New York Times, landing the on countless year end lists. "Punk-rock revelations like Perfect Pussy don't come along nearly often enough. They've got it all: great riot-feminist name, excellently miserable hometown (Syracuse, New York), ragingly chaotic live shows and a noise-assault donnybrook of a debut EP. The Double P don't make it easy: They give their songs stark Roman-numeral titles, and vocalist Meredith Graves' vibrant hollerings are buried under a violent hardcore scrum."

FIX, THE "At the Speed of Twisted Thought" LP (Touch and Go Records)
"With two relatively obscure 45's released on a label that helped kickstart the American hardcore scene both in print and on wax, Lansing, Michigan's THE FIX have somehow been lost in the historical shuffle. The six songs on these two singles (plus the track from the incredibly good, Process of Elimination" compilation 7" from 1981 - easily the best punk / hardcore compilation 7in ever - is there really any other competition beside "Unsafe At Any Speed"???) document some serious Midwestern musical aggression. In addition to the band's seven songs of legitimate, official output during the early 1980s, this LP contain the demos from the late 1980s bootleg compilation, "Cold Days," on West Germany's Lost & Found Records. These songs are split between the "Vengeance" and "Jan's Rooms" sessions, as far as I can tell. Additionally, the live material on this disc provide some absolutely brutal rage against the state, society, and state of affairs. Given the consistent downturn of Michigan's economy over the last thirty years in light of globalization, the continued decline and failure of unions, and corruption of local government, this band's recording paints an interesting philosophical picture of America's urban heartland."

MEATMEN, THE "We're the Meatmen and You Suck" LP
(Touch and Go Records)
"After the Blood Sausage and Crippled Children Suck EPs helped stake the Meatmen's dubious claim to rock godhood, We're the Meatmen... And You Suck!! helps slam the door completely on that particular notion. Recorded in front of a live New York City audience whose members presumably knew exactly what they came here for, We're the Meatmen has the same confrontational spirit as, say, the Misfits' Evilive, but one-tenth of the talent. In large part, this is because Tesco Vee is a (admittedly intentionally) terrible singer and raconteur -- take his introduction to "Mr. Tapeworm," demonstrating, among other things, what said tapeworm sounds like. More than once, his singing is mere gargled up-and-down hooting. Give him credit for knowing the ridiculousness of what's going on -- thus his a cappella rendition of the opening verse of "I Sin for a Living," which demonstrates clearly that Meatmen lyrics are best heard in a blur rather than recited as poetry. More than once, the musicians save Vee from himself -- the switch between hyper-speed thrash and slow-burn attitude on "Orgy of One" almost distracts attention from Vee's beefily voiced description of the joys of masturbation on the midsong break. Meanwhile, the otherwise unrecorded "Buttocks" finally gets the whole Meatmen aesthetic, if you will, down right -- Vee merrily uses the chorus to shout out "Buttocks, buttocks, I love buttocks!" over a surf-punk combination that's sheer hilarity. This is perhaps all related to the claims about girls who sh*t on the band's faces later during the introduction to "Meat Crimes," if one wished to investigate in more detail. Yes, the whole thing is perversely, stupidly funny -- but really, it only needs to be listened to about once every five years, if that."

NEGATIVE APPROACH "10-Song EP" 7" (Touch and Go Records)
Classic! The cover art might be a little different, but this EP is absolutely essential so this reissue is long overdue!

SWINGIN' UTTERS "The Streets of San Francisco" LP
(Fat Wreck Chords)
The Swingin’ Utters first full length and an essential street punk masterpiece. No shit. This is the record that got ‘em noticed by us and established them as SF’s best punk band. Produced by Lars Frederiksen, so you know it’s fulla hits! Originally released in 1995 on New Red Archives.

Melodic dark Anarcho Punk. Chorus, reverb, distortion. Ex Vermin/Mauser.

ASEPTIC "Death is Their Currency" Tape
5 tracks noisecore d-beat from Philadelphia

POLLEN Demo Tape
Scandinavian-influenced punk on the noisier/faster side of the spectrum.  Members of aseptic, pissbath, ectoplasm.  Based in Philadelphia.

BOMBSPLINTER "No One Survives" Tape (Voice From Inside Tapes)
No One Survives tape from Los-Angeles rawpunx Bombsplinter (after first demo and cd-r released before) which sounds like scandi hardcore of 80's in nowadays! We can see straightforward analogy of swedish raw hardcore punx Crude SS in artwork and it's done really amazing! For all fans of Moderat Likvidation, Discharge, Svart Parad and Crude SS must have!

(Voice From Inside Tapes)
Blackened crust/hardcore punk from Boston, MA with members of Sadist and ex-Aspects of War etc.

(Voice From Inside Tapes)
Raw hardcore punk band from Mallorca, Spain. Originally released as 12" in 2012. Comes with double sided sheets with pictures and other stuff.

WOODBOOT "Krang Gang" Tape
(Voice From Inside Tapes)
First release in 2016, reissue demo tape called Krang Gang by auusie punks Woodboot outta Brisbale, QLD. 9 tracks of very early punk, similar to Ramones and other 77 / garage stuff!

(Voice From Inside Tapes)
Secong full lenth LP of Hank Wood and the Hammerheads released in 2014 (Toxic State, LVEUM), heres tape version of this gem! 10 garage punk hits with pretty distinct singing of Henry. Coming with alternate covers and new cut-n-paste artwork for cassette foldout!

NO EXPOSURE Zine Issue #2
Second issue of this Aussie zine from the former editor of Jerk Store. With No Exposure the focus is contemporary punk/hardcore, with features on MISCALCULATIONS, SEVEN INCHES TO FREEDOM ZINE, DISSENT, and a nice photo spread/live review of Maggot Fest 2015 (including Hank Wood, Dawn of Humans, and Crazy Spirit). Excellent issue rounded out by a well-executed review section.

Here it is: Maximum Rocknroll #393, the February 2016 issue. The time has come to drop our 2015 YEAR-END TOP TENS. We’ve given music “journalists” and rock “critics” a polite but firm kick in the head: these top-tens were composed by real live actual punks. Writers include your favorite MRR reviewers and contributors as well as some special guests: members of the punk community at large including Laura Lança (Rakta, Chroma), Greg Benedetto (S.H.I.T., Not Dead Yet fest organizer), Arto Hietikko (editor of Toinen Vaihtoehto) Ralph Rivera (Not Normal Tapes, The Bug), the ladies of Shequalizing Distort (CIUT Toronto radio takeover), Paco Mus (La Vida Es Un Mus label impresario) and many more. No two lists are alike; over 232 records are discussed here. Expect to find your new favorite records in these pages. We also have an interview with BUSTED OUTLOOK, one of the most exciting hardcore bands in California, getting live on stage and on the page. Australia’s SCAB EATER talk about their new record, relive touring in Southeast Asia, relate some controversies at home and explain why they seem to be on the road at least every three months. Another intercontinental enterprise: SEI TO SHI discus splitting members between New York and Kyushu, Japan and the return from their brief hiatus. Texas crust outfit COMMUNION OF THIEVES talk about their origins on both sides of the El Paso-Juárez divide as well as their introductions to the wide world of punk. On top of all that, we managed to pack in a photo spread from Cacophonie Nights, a weekend of noise punk gaiety in Portland; all of the columnists you know and love; and of course, punk’s hugest reviews section.

Restocks for 2.05.16:

AJAX "S/T" 7"
ALTERED BOYS "Left Behind" 7"
BEACH SLANG "Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?" 7"
BOYS ORDER "Tomorrow Dancing" 7"
DIALS "School Girl" 7"
DRESS CODE "Perception" 7"
GAS CHAMBER "Stained Hand" 7"
IRON CHIC "Split N' Shit" 7"
IVY "A Cat's Cause, No Dog's Problem" 7"
MUFF DIVERS "No Muff Too Tuff" 7"
RESPONSE "There's No Choice" 7"
SOCIAL DAMAGE "Both Demos" 7"
SYNDROME 81 "Desert Urbain" 7"
VICTIMS, THE "Television Addict / Flipped Out Over You" 7"

ABUSED, THE "Loud and Clear" LP
CANCERS "Fatten the Leeches" LP
CHRONIC SICK "Cutest Band in Hardcore" LP
DIAT "Positive Energy" LP
DINOSAUR JR. "You're Living All Over Me" LP
DWARVES  "Blood, Guts, and Pussy" LP
FREEDOM "U.S.A. Hardcore" LP
GAS RAG "Beats Off" LP
INSTITUTE "Catharsis" LP
INSTITUTE "Salt" 12"
IRON CHIC "Not Like This" LP
KIDS, THE "Naughty Kids (Deluxe Edition)" LP
KIDS, THE "S/T (Deluxe Edition)" LP
MUDHONEY "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" LP
MUDHONEY "Superfuzz Bigmuff" LP
OUT COLD "Goodbye Cruel World" LP
PERFECT PUSSY "Say Yes to Love" LP
POWER "Electric Glitter Boogie" LP
RIVAL MOB, THE "Hardcore for Hardcore" 12"
SAND IN THE FACE "Music Made to Riot 1982-83" LP
STOPS, THE "Nameless Faces" LP
TENEMENT "Napalm Dream" LP
V/A "Charred Remains Compilation 2xLP
ZERO BOYS "Vicious Circle" LP

GOVERNMENT WARNING "No Moderation" T-Shirt / Black w/ White
GOVERNMENT WARNING "No Way Out" T-Shirt / Blue
GOVERNMENT WARNING "No Way Out" T-Shirt / Kiwi Green
GOVERNMENT WARNING "No Way Out" T-Shirt / White

CANCERS "Fatten the Leaches" Tape
CRETINS "Collection" Tape
CRAZY SPIRIT "Demo 2014" Tape
CREEM "S/T" Tape
DIE "Vexed" Tape
EEL "Endless Fucker" Tape
GAS RAG "Beats Off" Tape
GAS RAG Demo Tape
LEATHER DADDY "Sob Story" Tape
SAD BOYS "Cry Now Cry Later" Tape

DISTORT #47 Zine
NUTS #17 Zine
NUTS ZINE Issue #11
NUTS ZINE Issue #12
NUTS ZINE Issue #13
NUTS ZINE Issue #14
NUTS ZINE Issue #16

Friday, January 8, 2016

WEBSTORE UPDATE! New Titles including DEATH SIDE reissues, FREEDOM LP, and MORE!

Webstore Update / January 8, 2016

Happy New Year to everyone! Getting 2016 started off right with a jam packed webstore update - a ton of new releases, reissues, restocks, and more. I'm very excited that all of this stuff landed at GMHQ at the same time, hopefully you are too!

I wanted to include an actual Grave Mistake label update with this, but I'm not quite ready for that and I didn't want to overwhelm everyone with an information overload all at once - so today we're gonna just keep it to the new tunes in the webstore and hopefully we will see a preview of upcoming GM happenings next week.
For quick browsing in the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!

So much stuff in the store today so let's get down to it - official DEATH SIDE reissues courtesy of Feral Ward, along with the new LP from Finland's KIELTOLAKI; the brand new FREEDOM LP on Triple B; new stuff from Radio Raheem and Painkiller like the NO TAG and THE VENOM reissues, the THINK I CARE Singles Collection LP, debut 7" from Chicago's UDUSIC; newest EP from France's SYNDROME 81;  some killer HC EPs on Xpressions Records including the DRESS CODE 7", RESPONSE 7", and LIFE OF REILLY 7";  the awesome second installment of the ADULT CRASH Photobook, which comes with a compilation 7" featuring VIOLENT REACTION, BARGE, NIGHT BIRDS, and GOVERNMENT WARNING tracks.
Some more great reissues (some older, some more recent) from G-GAS, LEEWAY, PSYCHO SIN, ILL REPUTE, BEYOND, JUDGE, THE LEWD, CONFLICT (US), the SUB comp, the BLOODSTAINS ACROSS CANADA comp, and some new fanclub singles from GG ALLIN, THE MISFITS, NIRVANA, and BLACK FLAG (and a bunch more Fanclub singles in the restocks).


There is a bunch more stuff listed below, so check out the full list of new titles and restocks.

Thanks for reading! Here's to what is looking to be a VERY promising new year!

Alex / Grave Mistake
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New Titles in the Webstore for January 8, 2016:
DEATH SIDE "Wasted Dream" LP (Feral Ward Records)
The debut LP from Japan's one and only DEATH SIDE has finally received a proper US reissue - Never mind those shit euro bootlegs, these are top-quality legitimate reissues. Legendary Japanese hardcore at its best. No long-winded glamorizing write-up needed. 800 pressed. "Death Side is the greatest hardcore punk band in Japan. They prefer to remain enigmas, hardly ever consenting to do interviews. Yet their popularity has grown tremendously in Japan over time … the four members of Death Side have been converting 100 energy into a pure hardcore explosion while continually adding to their music, mutating and progressing into a beast of their own." - MRR

DEATH SIDE "Bet on the Possibility" LP (Feral Ward Records)
Second LP from Japan's DEATH SIDE reissued officially! Never mind those shit euro bootlegs, these are top-quality legitimate reissues. Legendary Japanese hardcore at its best. No long-winded glamorizing write-up needed. 800 pressed.

KIELTOLAKI "Vapauden Illuusio" LP (Feral Ward Records)
Second full length (and 3rd LP) from these Finnish rippers. As Yannick states: "I know I'm old and out of touch with current hardcore, but to me this is how current hardcore should sound. Blazing, powerful, relentless and simple hardcore. No schtick, no gimmick, just aggression."

V/A - SUB Compilation Expanded Deluxe Reissue 2xLP (Nada Nada Discos)
Expanded deluxe reissue of this classic 1983 brazilian hardcore punk compilation with Ratos De Porao, Psykoze and Colera. Includes an extra LP’s worth of material not on the original release, and comes in a heavy gatefold with inner sleeves, insert and poster. Top-notch.

FREEDOM "U.S.A. Hardcore" LP (Triple B Records)
Freedom has made a name for themselves in the hardcore scene in a short amount of time. Within the last year, they have made appearances at This Is Hardcore Fest, United Blood Fest, Rain Fest, Black & Blue Bowl, America's Hardcore Fest, Berserktown II, Not Dead Yet Fest and FYA Fest. Their debut 7", "Pay The Price," sold out of 1,000 copies in the first pressing in less than two months. Predating the LP, the "Anti-Poison" cassette tape sold 1,000 copies in three months, making this a much-desired LP for hardcore fans and critics alike. LP includes digital download.

DRESS CODE "Perception" 7" (Xpressions Records)
Since the dawn of time, punk and hardcore have been synonymous yet separate. The former invokes a more theatrical yet haphazard approach, with the latter connoting more deliberate and tough. The term hardcore punk has often come to mean a transitional phase between these to connected genres, but Houston, TX's Dress Code is not a missing link, they are the curators of this definition. Their use of both punk and hardcore's defining features allow them to have a show where members fall and moshers mosh, while their music berates our ear drums with relentless speed and baritone vocals. Limited edition of 500 copies.

RESPONSE "There's No Choice" 7" (Xpressions Records)
Featuring members of Southern California standounds Fury, Stoic Violence, Forced Order, etc., Response brings a fast and angry brand of hardcore that takes cues from classics Youth Of Today, Breakdown and Infest. Limited edition of 500 copies.

LIFE OF REILLY "Break the Silence" 7" (Xpressions Records)
There are very few things that are straight forward in this world. Yes means no, no means yes, everything somehow means something else. Nothing can escape being scrutinized and analyzed one thousand times over. Life Of Reilly leaves no room for interpretation: they are a hardcore punk band akin to early USHC and that's it. Their debut 7", Break The Silence, shows the band playing authentic, unembellished music equal parts midwest and abrasive DC. Limited edition of 500 copies.

THINK I CARE "Singles Collection" LP (Painkiller Records)
Think I Care were a band that existed in the first half of the aughts in Massachusetts, and available on this lp for the first time since 2002 are their two earliest 7" releases, plus an unreleased song and a stray comp track from that era - remastered for maximum destruction. During 2000-2002 TIC canvased the USA on the back of these 2 7"s, hitting every shithole basement and VFW that would have them. While their later work was known for a midpaced NYHC style, this era of the band was heavily indebted to Infest, DYS, Dropdead, and Siege, or if you're a New England townie local: Hatchetface, Intent to Injure, and Paindriver. Members of TIC also did time in Fit For Abuse, New Lows, Prisoner Abuse, Dead Black, Vaccine, and many more.

VENOM, THE "Arringtons, Crombies, Anarchy Bondage" LP w/ 7"
(Radio Raheem Records)
Formed in Swansea, Wales in 1979 from the ashes of local punk band The Noise, Venom are an unheralded UK classic. Initially taking influence from the first wave of '77 British punk like the Sex Pistols and Clash, it wasn't until after an enforced hiatus resulting from a spot of "football violence" that the band really came into it's own. Lumped in with the expanding Oi! scene, they recorded three self-funded sessions — which produced the songs on this record — but their only proper releases were contributions to two compilations: one track on the now impossible to find Swansea punk sampler “Sex, Violence, & The Eternal Truth" 7”, and one on Secret Records’ "Back On The Streets" 7”, the latter a result of Garry Bushell, the "Godfather of Oi”, being a fan. They never quite formed a following outside of their hometown, which is a shame, as the songs they left behind are as chaotic, catchy, and well-written as anything to come out of the the early 80's UK punk scene. As with most UK bands in the early 80’s, violence became commonplace at their gigs causing the band to call it quits in the summer of 1982. Fortunately, with our friends at Punkhouse Records, we present the complete Venom output, packaged in true Radio Raheem style — with a custom gatefold LP jacket including a tipped-in booklet choked full of photos, flyers, and the usual bits and bobs. Also includes a bonus 7" containing "No. 1 Enemy", the only known recording of the pre-Venom band The Noise, backed with "Later On", a rare Venom track predating the LP material. Comes housed in a full-color, UK-style pocket sleeve.

NO TAG "Oi Oi Oi" 12"
(Radio Raheem Records)
Finally seeing the light of day again for the first time in 33 years, No Tag’s "Oi, Oi, Oi" 12" gets it's first official reissue. The band hailed from Auckland, New Zealand, and consisted of guitarist Andrew Boak, singer Paul Van Wetering, drummer Carl Van Wetering, and bassist Mark Sullivan. Originally released in 1982 on the legendary Propellor Records which was ground zero of the Kiwi punk scene, “Oi, Oi, Oi” reached #15 on the New Zealand singles chart when it was released. No small feat, for punk in New Zealand hadn't quite reached the higher echelons of mainstream acceptance of that in the UK and US. They followed this release with a live album entitled "Can We Get Away With It?" and supported the Dead Kennedys during their New Zealand tour. Sadly as is the case with many bands of this era, their live shows often attracted a violent element, leading to the band calling it quits in 1986. Radio Raheem is proud to re-release this one back into the wild, taken from the original reels and complete with printed lyrics which were missing from the original.

UDUSIC "S/T" 7" (Painkiller Records)
Nothing safe or user friendly from these Chicago lifers. A front woman in the mold of Donna Damage (of No Thanks!), riffs that tread a similar path as Die Kreuzen (Cows & Beer era) or Mecht Mensch, and a recording ugly enough to match. Hardcore and nothing more.

ADULT CRASH #2 Book w/ 7" (feat. Barge, Night Birds, Govt Warning) (Vicious Circle Records)
ADULT CRASH 2 book, 144 pages professionally printed perfect-bound 8"x10" photobook, with the RED VINYL 7" featuring unreleased cover songs from VIOLENT REACTION / BARGE / NIGHT BIRDS / GOVERNMENT WARNING. Adult Crash 2... the follow-up to 2008's Adult Crash hardcore/punk photobook. This 2nd book is bigger than the first, with 144 pages of photos & anecdotes, compared to the 1st Adult Crash that was only 88 pages. The first book was all photos taken by me, Dave Brown, starting in the late-80's. The new book is a compilation of photos taken by photographers from both coasts, going back to the early 80's. Chris Boarts Larson (Slug & Lettuce Fanzine), Ken Salerno (Thrasher Magazine/NYHC book), Joe Henderson (Flipside/Ink Disease Magazine), Al Quint (Suburban Voice Fanzine), and MANY others contributed photos... with many of these rare/unseen images in book-form for the very 1st time, along with some (in)famous images you'll recognize from records in your collection, too. Over 250 photos spanning over 30 years. The book also contains anecdotes written by musicians, photographers, and other notable people from the punk/hardcore scene. Eerie Von from Samhain/Danzig, Kevin Seconds from 7 Seconds, John Stabb from Government Issue, Ron Guardipee from Brotherhood/Overkill Records, Theo Kogan from The Lunachicks, Matt Warnke from Bold, Chris Daily from Smorgasbord Records, and other folks wrote about what the adult crash means to them. Also included with the new book is a 4-track 7” featuring VIOLENT REACTION, BARGE, NIGHT BIRDS, and GOVERNMENT WARNING. Each band covers a song by an older band that influenced their sound, and all songs are unreleased/exclusive to this 7”.

SYNDROME 81 "Desert Urbain" 7" (Foreign Legion Records)
France's Syndrome 81 started gaining momentum in the Oi scene with their 2013 demo tape, drawing comparisons to the plethora of great bands that defined the French Oi sound of the 1980s with a heavy stomp culled from classic USHC. The band has progressed since then, dropping a split with Litovsk and submitting a track to a compilation with their French brethren Rixe, Outreau, and Traitre. ‘Desert Urbain’ is Syndrome 81’s first fully-realized release since that first 2013 demo. The sound is more diverse but also more defined, having filed off some of the American influences and moved in a darker, distinctly French direction that is both melancholy and anthemic, with lyrics being influenced by growing up in Brest, France.

SEI TO SHI "Vida Y Muerte" 7"
(Nightrider Records)
Severely overlooked punk band from NYC circa 2010-2011.  Singer is from Kyushu and sings in manic vocals in Japanese over fast-paced raw punk with a Spanish and Scandi influence.  Contains members of En La Olla from New York.  Honest and pure spirit.

PMS 84 "S/T" 7" (Nightrider Records)
Catchy punk from PDX.  Pogo punk riffs will infect your brain for days.  A must record for fans of oi and UK 82.  Contains members of Koward, Moral Hex and Vivid Sekt.

G-GAS "Generation Gas" LP (General Speech Records)
Unreleased 1984 recordings by this chaotic hardcore band from Sapporo, Japan featuring members of L.S.D. and Tranquilizer finally sees the light of day. Truly deranged, fast and raw hardcore influenced by The Stalin, as well as local contemporaries like Deef. Includes an insert with unseen photos, interview, and liner notes by Yasushi of Napalm.

PSYCHO SIN "Forward to the Caves" LP (General Speech Records)
Insane political punks, that pushed the limits of hardcore from 1984-1989. Includes a booklet and bonus CD with the classic LP and EP tracks, plus 50 other rare tracks never before available on CD. 73 tracks total! For fans of Rapt, Wretched, Larm, Cyanamid, Koulema, etc.

LEEWAY "Born to Expire" LP
(Reality Records)
Born To Expire was a landmark release for New York hardcore, infusing elements of crossover, thrash, metal and even hip hop. It was recorded in 1987 but not released until 1989 by Rock Hotel and Profile Records and reissued briefly in 1996 on Another Planet. This 2015 reissue features the original 12 tracks plus nine songs recorded live at The Ritz, New York, 1986. Imported from Belgium. Now available on vinyl. LP includes digital download of album and nine additional tracks.

LEEWAY "Desperate Measures" LP
(Reality Records)
Desperate Measures is the 1991 follow-up to "Born To Expire" and featured a new bass player and drummer plus a sound that delved further into the realm of crossover and thrash metal. Also found are more elements of funk, rhythm and groove. This 2015 reissue features the original 10 tracks plus eight songs recorded live at JC Staddijk, The Netherlands, 1991. Imported from Belgium. Now available on colored vinyl. LP includes digital download of album and eight additional tracks.

MERCENARIAS "Demo 1983" 7" (Nada Nada Discos)
Mercenárias started in 1982 and were the first female only brazilian punk band to record a LP in 1986 and then in 1987, but on their 1983 demo they had Edgard Scandurra (famous as a guitarist for Ira! and Smack) on drums. On this release there are obvious comparisons with Slits, Kleenex, Chin Chin, ESG or a female Minutemen but Mercenárias have a very corrosive vocal that makes everything more punk. This 8 Track EP has a recording surprisingly great for a Brazilian demo and better than many Brazilian punk LPs. Just three of the songs ended up on their two albums, 'Polícia' from the first LP 'Cade As Armas?' and Trashland and Ó (that later became Há Dez Anos Passados) on the second album 'Trashland'. The cover is a great Rui Mendes photo and the 7” comes on a nice textured Delga style sleeve with a 16 page fanzine full of photos, flyers, art, infos and texts about the early era of Mercenárias.

INOCENTES "Miseria e Fome" 7" (Nada Nada Discos)
Inocentes is one of the oldest active punk rock bands in Brazil. The group was formed in 1981 by former members of pioneer local punk bands Restos de Nada and Condutores de Cadáver. During their first incarnation in the first half of the 1980s, Inocentes played basic energetic and politically charged hardcore punk, immortalized by the Grito Suburbano compilation tracks and their 7" EP "Miséria e Fome".

V/A - BLOODSTAINS ACROSS CANADA Compilation LP (Bloodstains Records)
Back before the flood of compilations there was 'Killed By Death', 'Feel Lucky Punk', 'Back To Front', a couple of other compilations, and 'Bloodstains Across...'. Then everyone got into the act. Now, nearly 20 volumes later, the series seems to have covered almost any place that had a punk scene back in the 1970s. On this comp you can hear The Viletones, No Fun, The Red Squares, Active Dog, Private School, The Braineaters, The Forgotten Rebels, The Bureaucrats, Modernettes, The Sturgeons,  The Hot Nasties, Silicone Injection, The Presence, Pink Steals,Curtains, The Rage, Culture Shock and NJF.

ACOUSMA "2nd / Final EP" 7" (High Fashion Industries)
You know, its 2015 and you think things would be alright. They aren’t though. Some things in life just aren’t fair and this record is one of those things. This record is the record that Acousma carries to their grave. Four songs of chaotic hardcore that make you wish there was just more time, there isn’t. Come October 11th there will be no more Acousma, just the lineage they leave behind. If you missed the boat on the first 7”, the split with HOME INVASION, you have one more chance. This is it, you’re wake up call.

DISGUSTI "1000 Prickly Needles" 7"
(High Fashion Industries)
It’s hard to tell exactly when it happened. Two nearby scenes caught fire and came together as quickly as the onset of weight gain people experience when they start listening to grindcore. Within months, the short distance between Toronto and Hamilton felt a lot shorter, and somewhere between the wild feeling of excitement around new bands, the beer soaked basement shows, and the ruby-eyed nights sitting around someone’s tape deck, some kind of a connection emerged.  A few years and several hundred beers later, Disgusti happened. Half comprised of reckless freaks from Toronto’s western ‘burbs and half comprised of some of Hamilton’s hardest hitting steelfuckers, Disgusti is something of a Canadian raw punk Arnold Palmer. The result? A platter that feels like you’re trying to cook a steak on your turntable: thick and meaty and it doesn’t get any less raw no matter how many times you flip it. Those who have heard the band’s demo (also recorded by Toronto hardcore superstar Jonah Falco) will be impressed by how much further the band has upped the ante in terms of noised out destruction. For those how have never heard Disgusti before, it’s kinda like one of those Marvel “What If” comics – “What if Wastoids and Snakecharmer Battled on Planet D-Beat?” It’s kind of like a love song. It’s kind of like a sweet disc that comes in a slick limited edition package complete with some extremely cool art. Do you like punk? Whatever. Get fuckin’ pricked.

DISGUSTI "S/T" 7" (High Fashion Industries)
Probably the best band you have never heard of. This is the baby of two of the driving forces in Canadian punk. Members of Wastoids and Snakecharmer have come together to create one of the nastiest sounding records you are going to come across this year. With dirty guitar, throbbing drums and guttural vocals this record fails to let up. Use your thesaurus and look up the words, dirty, nasty and throbbing to continue reviewing this record.

BEYOND "Dew It! / Live Crucial Chaos WNYU" LP (Revelation Records)
Beyond, though short lived in the NYHC scene (1988-1989), made an impact with their personal brand of Long Island metal-tinged hardcore with intricate riffage. The "Dew It!" demo was supposed to be recorded for Schism but the label folded before it got off the ground. They sold their demos through Some Records on the Lower East Side until the store closed and the rest were sold through mailorder. Originally recorded on a 1" tape and mixed on cassette, "Dew It!" has been remixed to give it the sound that was previously intended. Backed with the demo is Beyond's live set on WYNU's legendary punk and hardcore radio show, "Crucial Chaos," which was started in the late '80s and still continues to this day, nearly 25 years later. Members of Beyond have gone on to bands like Quicksand, Bold, Inside Out, Burn, Shelter, 108 and more. Revelation Records has combined these two gems on vinyl and paired it with a 20-page, 12" x 12" booklet. LP includes digital download of this record.

ILL REPUTE "The 1982 Demos" LP (Mankind Records)
Ill Repute is one of American hardcore's longest running bands, having formed in 1981 and still going strong in 2015. Before these Nardcore legends put out their famed "Oxnard - Land Of No Toilets" 7" (1983), "What Happens Next" LP (1984) and numerous other releases on seminal hardcore punk label Mystic Records, they recorded two demos in 1982 at Goldmine Recording Studios in Ventura, CA. These two demos have never been available on vinyl before now and combine for a total of 35 tracks including the original versions of "Clean Cut American Kid," "Don't Get Used," "We'll Get Back At Them" and more. LP includes digital download.

JUDGE "Bringin' It Down" LP
(Revelation Records)
To most fans of hardcore, Judge is a band that needs no introduction. The band took the ideals and positive goals of Youth Of Today and infused them with beefy guitar licks, introspective lyrics and a hefty influx of New York style. This 25th anniversary version of "Bringin' It Down" is limited to 1,000, pressed on colored vinyl, packaged in an embossed LP jacket with printed Judge hammers on its interior, includes a diecut insert of Judge hammers as well as the original gatefold insert, and has been out of print for more than a decade.

CONFLICT (US) "Last Hour" LP (Puke and Vomit Records)
Conflict (USA) were formed by Karen Allman (aka K. Nurse, vocals, lyrics) and Nick Johnoff (drums) in 1981 in Tucson, Arizona.  A line-up change in 1982 added Bill Cuevas (guitar) and Mariko Burris (Hiller) (bass).  Arizona's hardcore punk communities (in primarily in Tucson and Phoenix) were located a short day's drive from Los Angeles and most touring bands of the era played shows at now legendary venues such as Tucson’s The Backstage and Phoenix’s Mad Gardens (e.g. Black Flag, Husker Du, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, DOA, Social Distortion, Circle Jerks).  Conflict often shared bills with such bands, along with fellow Arizonans Meat Puppets and JFA (Jody Fosters Army).  In a genre dominated by disaffected middle class white American testosterone, Conflict presented a contrast by featuring a Japanese American/Hapa queer female vocalist/front person and a Japanese female bassist.  What made Conflict most distinctive was Karen’s lyrics: intelligent poetry, social commentary on such issues as women's rights, violence, human trafficking and self-empowerment.  Conflict’s musical approach to hardcore punk rock was characterized at the time as “non-generic” (“generic” being applied to the plethora of bands that appeared at the time taking a more “formulaic" approach).  Conflict incorporated hard rock riffs, progressions, and dissonance, something novel at the time.  Last Hour is a 14 song album recorded in May of 1983, 8 months after the line-up’s inception.  Recorded on a shoestring, mostly live in-studio, by Steve English at Tucson’s Sound Factory Last Hour was produced by Michael Cornelius (bassist, JFA).  1000 copies were originally pressed with a follow up of of 500. Pukenvomit is pleased to present this vinyl-only re-release as mastered from the original pressing.

LEWD, THE "American Wino" LP (Puke and Vomit Records)
Black leather, spikes and chains, The Lewd is, as Dirk Dirksen put it, "One of them kind of acts." Their 1982 album, "American Wino," is violent, ugly, perverse and frightening. The songs betray a bleak and ominous vision of American life seen through the eyes of youth without hope of a future. This is not the San Francisco sound of the '60s, but rather the belligerent sounds of these Seattle transplants' fight for survival on the gritty streets where the dejection of last generation's Utopian failures meets the stark realities of economic deprivation. This is fast, jarring and furious punk rock at its finest. Long languishing in obscurity due to its rarity, the reissue of this seminal LP makes it a compulsory component of any punk rock record collection. Bonus goodies include a collage poster, five postcards, original insert plus redone insert, mailorder-only song book repro and a reproduction promo ad poster.

LONG KNIFE "Mediations on Self Destruction" LP (Long Knife Records)
Grounding themselves in early 80s American hardcore, Long Knife is not afraid to delve into moments that could almost be classified as classic rock. Imagine Kiss playing Poison Idea, with a healthy amount of Japanese hardcore and even some British hardcore thrown in. The follow up LP to 2013’s Wilderness, this record is 12 tracks of rocking hardcore punk true to the pacific northwest school of nihilistic dark punk.

SHIPWRECKED "Arctic Nights" 7" (Brass City Boss Sounds)
Originally released in 2005 on Anger Management Records, this 7" was the debut output from blazing Norwegian hardcore band Shipwrecked, who formed from the ashes of the equally powerful Insurance Risk. These eight tracks follow the path originally blazed by bands like DYS and SSD and never skimp on speed, anger and intensity. This 2015, ten-year anniversary pressing comes housed in a gatefold cover with tons of photos, with an inserted poster/lyric sheet combo with new liner notes.

FORCED ORDER "Vanished Crusade" LP (Revelation Records)
Southern California hardcore and metal underground artist Forced Order and Revelation Records present the debut full-length "Vanished Crusade." This full-length features 14 tracks of hard, fast and heavy metallic hardcore delivered in a similar vein as genre pioneers Integrity, In Cold Blood and Hatebreed. Alongside scorching metallic riffs, solos and barked vocals are haunting instrumental pieces, helping to paint a bleak picture of the world. LP includes digital download of this record.

SOUL SEARCH "Nothing But A Nightmare" 7" (Revelation Records)
With roots planted firmly in hardcore and punk but musically venturing into the heavier and harder scenes, Southern California's Soul Search is proud to present their debut effort for Revelation Records. This five-track EP was originally released by Back To Back Records and quickly went out of print. The revamped version features new artwork and a new mixing job courtesy of Taylor Young at The Pit (Nails, Twitching Tongues) and mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

UNIFIED RIGHT "S/T" 7" (Triple B Records)
Debut 7" from Florida young bucks, Unified Right. Having previously self-released their first demo and released their second demo on Moshers Delight, Unified Right is back with their debut 7", eight tracks of fast, in your face hardcore in the vein of Agnostic Front, Straight Ahead and Warzone. Mastered by legendary NYHC relic himself, Don Fury. 7" includes digital download.

WESTPOINT "Dive" LP (Triple B Records)
On their Triple-B Records debut, "Dive," Wilked-Barre, PA's Westpoint delivers a modern take on the snotty, alt-rock bands like Superchunk and Piebald. Through five songs on this EP, angst and indecisiveness echo through the distortion and reverb-soaked guitars to demonstrate that although Westpoint is a young band, their songs ache with the maturity and finesse of veterans. Features members of United Youth. 12"ep includes digital download and a blank B-side.

WARCRY "Savage Machinery (Euro Press)" LP (Agipunk Records)
Ten new tracks from this Portland, OR hardcore band. Modern Discharge/Meanwhile influenced punk from members of Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, Hellshock, Talk is Poison, Estranged, etc, etc.

WARCRY "Maniacs on Pedastals (Euro Press)" LP (Agipunk Records)
Originally released by Feral Ward in 2004, here is the second press of this d-beat masterpiece by the mighty all star band from Portland, OR. Featuring members and/or ex members of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Hellshock, Estranged, Remains Of The Day and co., this is totally Discharge/Discard inspired d-beat with a crazy powerful sound and bendings all over the place. Imagine if Death From Above, War Cry or Victims Of A Bombraid would have been recorded in a semi professional studio with the new millennium technics and you'll have an idea of what Warcry are about.

WARCRY "Deprogram (Euro Press)" LP (Agipunk Records)
Fourth repress (first Euoropean one tho) of the second record by PDX d-beat masters Warcry. You know the story, right? Members of this and that, playing the same old stuff but 10000 times better than many other bands around. Deprogram consists of 8 tracks of brutal, insane, intense and brilliant D-BEAT written with capital letters.

WARCRY "Not So Distant Future (Euro Press)" LP
(Agipunk Records)
Third full length for this great d-beat combo from PDX. There's not much to add about this band. You know what you're about to hear as soon as the needle will touch the wax on your turntable. This is the sound of war and I feel absolutely comfortable with it. Originally repressed by Feral Ward in 2008, here is the first official European repress.

WRETCHED "Libero Di Vivere, Libero Di Morire" LP (Chaos Produzioni Records)
Probably the most sought-after Italian Hardcore record ever, Wretched’ 1984 debut LP gets his first fully legit reissue treatment. Limited clear vinyl press, with printed inner with lyrics, this beyond-legendary display of noise, distortion, punk and anarchism, is finally available at decent price again!

SIEKIERA "Nowa Aleksandria" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
The Nowa Aleksandria LP was recorded in 1985 and released in 1986 on Tonpress Records.  It is regarded as one of the greatest Polish albums ever.. Siekiera formed in 1982 in Poland, originally named Trafo. They changed their name to Siekiera (Axe)  in the Autumn of 1983, and released a 17 song demo (basically a band practice) a year later in the Autumn of 1984. Much like Fliehende Stürme, the band started out playing fast hardcore (the demo rips) and a couple years later became heavily influenced by (mostly) Killing Joke.  - Blogged and Quartered

BURN "S/T" 7" (Revelation Records)
Pure, raw hardcore. The inspiration to many, many bands. Featuring Chaka, who later formed Orange 9mm, Gavin from Absolution and Alan from Beyond and Quicksand.

INTEGRITY "In Contrast of Sin" 7" (Organized Crime Records)
2010 marks the 20 year anniversary of the infamous "In Contrast Of Sin" 7"; the record where all of this madness began. 2010 also marks the launch of the vinyl re-releases from Organized Crime Records of the first chapters of Integrity's tumultuous existence beginning with "In Contrast Of Sin." Following every three to four months thereafter, the next chapter will be told.

INTEGRITY "Systems Overload" LP (Organized Crime Records)
Originally released in 1995, "Systems Overload" was a shock to the hardcore scene that was focused more on politically correct ideas than the sheer brutality of the music. "Systems Overload" marks the third chapter from the first volume of one of the most loved and hated hardcore bands in history. This expanded edition contains new cover art, fold-out poster and layout by Dwid Hellion, as well as liner notes about the making of the record from Aaron Melnick. LP includes digital download card and an 18" x 24", two-sided poster.

COCK SPARRER "Guilty As Charged" LP (Pirates Press Records)
Remixed and remastered to bring out the energy in this perhaps under-appreciated release, "Guilty As Charged" allows the music to shine, as it should. Amidst all the craziness in the punk rock world in 1994, this was Cock Sparrer's answer... a tip of the hat and two fingers in the air letting everyone know that what all the kids were suddenly making money selling, they'd been doing for over twenty years... because they loved it.

COCK SPARRER "Running Riot in '84/Live and Loud!" 2xLP
(Pirates Press Records)
Pirate’s Press Records pairs COCK SPARRER’s second classic studio full-length with their first well-known quality live recording, captured shortly afterwards. These two records are sure to give you a vivid taste of the band’s tumultuous (yet fruitful) early eighties.

NO WARNING "Ill Blood (Expanded Edition)" 2xLP (Bridge Nine Records)
No Warning was a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Canada. In the fall of 2002, No Warning released what some fans consider to be the band's best work and a monumental album of that era of hardcore, "Ill Blood." The vinyl version of this release is a 10-year anniversary reissue of "Ill Blood," the band's first EP and demo, together, all on one release. Vinyl version includes digital download and an etched D-side.

AGNOSTIC FRONT "Victim in Pain" LP (Bridge Nine Records)
One of the greatest genre-defining hardcore bands of all time, Agnostic Front, has changed the face of music throughout their 25-year-long career. "Victim In Pain" is a legendary NYHC release and one of the most sought after pieces of music for fans and collectors. Finally, this release is coming back to life via Bridge Nine Records. CD version contains the "United Blood" 7" as bonus tracks. New pressing now available on clear/black smokey vinyl with a gatefold cover.

STAINS "John Wayne Was a Nazi" 7" (Beer City Records)
Beer City Records is proud to present the original 7" by the legendary political punk hardcore pioneers MDC when they still went by the name Stains. This has been completely restored, remastered and not released on vinyl since it originally came out in the early '80s.

MISFITS, THE "Horror Business" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub repro! "Horror Business" is the third single released by the horror punk band the Misfits. It was released on June 25, 1978 on singer Glenn Danzig's label Plan 9 Records. The single's cover features a skeletal figure inspired by a poster for the 1946 film serial The Crimson Ghost. The figure became a mascot for the band, and its skull image would serve as the Misfits' logo for the rest of their career.

MISFITS, THE "Evil is as Evil Does" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Live 12/25/1981: Hittsville; Passaic, NJ.  London Dungeon / Attitude / Teenagers From Mars / Night Of The Living Dead / All Hell Breaks Loose / Hate Breeders

NIRVANA "John Peel Sessions" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
John Peel Sessions / Fall Of 1989 -  London, England - Tracks: 1. Love Buzz 2. About a Girl 3. Polly 4. Spank Thru

BLACK FLAG "Live #2" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Live Bootleg, recorded around 1982/83, might be the same show as the Live #1 7". Only old songs with Henry Rollins on vocals. Good sound quality. Songs: Police Story / Nervous Breakdown / Depression / I've Heard it Before / You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You

GG ALLIN "No Rules" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub pressing! "Of the many bands to back up the self-proclaimed rock 'n' roll terrorist GG Allin in his 17 year crusade against morality and authority, The Jabbers were the first and stuck around the longest. They were also the band behind his best music (though that's not really saying much). This 4-song, 8 minute long EP released in 1982 would prove to be the final studio encounter between these members and Mr. Allin. And also, it turns out to be some of thier catchiest tunes."

DAG NASTY "Minority Of One" LP (Revelation Records)
After a ten year dormancy, Dag Nasty proves that the chemistry and the soul of their music is still there and precisely the reason why they still play it. Dag Nasty's rich history and pedigree speaks for itself and "Minority Of One" will only carry this tradition further. The songs are powerful, the recording is huge, and the lyrics and vocal delivery are as heartfelt as ever. New pressing now available on gold vinyl.

ELLIOTT "U.S. Songs" LP (Revelation Records)
Elliott's debut full-length, "U.S. Songs," came with a lot of hype in the independent music scene, as their previous single had garnered much positive press. Aggressive guitars storm out of the gates with the track "Miracle," and for the rest of the album the band never lets up. For people wanting to understand indie rock music, Elliott is a worthy point of entry, encompassing emotional heights and depths along with the tight musicianship that is expected from a genre known for wearing its heart on its sleeve.

TEXAS IS THE REASON "Do You Know Who You Are?: The Complete Collection" 2xLP (Revelation Records)
This new, expanded version of Texas Is The Reason's groundbreaking album includes the last two songs the band wrote before splitting up, but had never released. These two songs, which fit right into the band's canon, were finally put to tape this year with "Do You Know Who You Are?" producer J. Robbins - making this, for the first time, a complete career retrospective. Fully remastered by Vlado Meller (Muse, Jeff Buckley, Kanye West, Weezer). Now available again on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download of complete 2xLP set.

SAVES THE DAY "S/T" LP (Equal Vision Records)
Saves The Day is one of the rare acts that can define a genre, provide a soundtrack for a generation and yet still stay relevant 15 years after their debut album. This release marks a return to Equal Vision Records, the same label that put out their classic albums, "Can't Slow Down" and "Through Being Cool." For fans of Alkaline Trio and Say Anything.

(Tankcrimes Records)
Long time contributors to the underground punk and metal scenes the guys inBRAINOIL have put in time over the past 20 years in bands like GRIMPLE,DESTROY, LAUDANUM, STORMCROW and others. This debut from 2003 originally was released on the mighty Life is Abuse label and the sound is Sludge. The punk and hardcore influences take this beyond stoner rock. This is for fans of thick ass heavy down tuned riffs, riffs, more riffs and some riffs atop those riffs. Tankcrimes is stoked to bring this beast back to the public after 5 long years out of print, now on colored vinyl with a download card included.  Originally released on Life is Abuse Records in 2003.  Recorded by Dan Rathburn at Polymorph Studios (TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE).  Sold out for over 5 years. Pressed onto colored vinyl with a digital download card included

CANNABIS CORPSE / GHOUL "Splatterhash" 12"
(Tankcrimes Records)
Pot obsessed death metallers CANNABIS CORPSE and hooded cannibalistic splatterthrashers GHOUL have teamed up for a mighty split! After a successful tour together in Europe last winter the fans demanded the two share a platter. Rounded out with stunning cover art by Andrei Bouzikov with colored vinyl for stores and a digital download included. These bands have delivered a frightening thrashterpiece.

DYSTOPIA "Human = Garbage" 2xLP (Tankcrimes Records)
Awesome reissue of this 90's sludgy crust classic. DYSTOPIA were a volatile three-piece featuring members that went on to so many awesome and important bands (NOOTHGRUSH, ASUNDER, PHOBIA to name a few).  This is their debut album from 1993 with a slew of bonus tracks from their splits with EMBITTERED, GRIEF and more!!!

GHOUL "We Came for the Dead" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
While the public is still reeling in the aftermath of the barrage of transmissions and recordings from ghastly Creepsylvanian specters, GHOUL, over recent months, the obfuscated thugs unrelentingly announce a new addition to their maggot-infested back-catalog, with the vinyl manifestation of their debut album, We Came For The Dead!!!. Initially released in 2002, We Came For The Dead!!! was an instant cult classic in the most putrid depths of the metal underworld, as these unknown bandits raided the scene. Delivering a slick, punk-infused style of American goregrind from an unidentified tomb in the depths of Creepsylvania, where they’ve since waged war on mortals from with full anonymity, and having brainwashed countless troubled souls since with a plethora of disturbing musical platters, GHOUL now digs up this rotted carcass called We Came For The Dead!!! to manufacture its putrid remains on vinyl, including the album-closing rendition of Megadeth’s “Skull Beneath The Skin.”

GHOUL "Transmission Zero" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
After hiding out in the catacombs of Creepsylvania for years, Ghoul returns with their 4th album. 11 tracks of their trademark death thrashing crossover mayhem tweeked with elements of surf rock and doom.

CONNOISSEUR "Stoner Justice" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
Stoner Justice was the debut EP from California smoke kings, CONNOISSEUR. Likening themselves to EARTH CRISIS “if they smoked weed and listened to SPAZZ,” the Smokeland, California based trio ravages ears with an upbeat/d-beat barrage of West Bay Power Violence packed with resin coated sludge downs and chronically brutal, comically cheeba-charged vocal onslaughts that consume the listener in a violently stoned, inescapable haze, all captured by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (ANNIHILATION TIME, BRAINOIL). Following a solid year of blunt rolling and live perversions, the glassy-eyed ganja squad decided to revisit Stoner Justice. Now re-mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering (TOXIC HOLOCAUST) with an updated, wholly mind-bending cover art collaboration between Skinner (MASTODON) and Hal Rotter, Stoner Justice redux has been expanded to fourteen weedian skull crushers, including a live set (on the CD and included on the digital download card with vinyl) recorded at the Tankcrimes Takeover of 924 Gilman on 2/13/15 (mixed and mastered by the same team). Those who puff to the gutter crusted sounds of PLUTOCRACY, SPAZZ, DYSTOPIA, and of course, EARTH CRISIS, pay heed.

COMBATANT Demo Tape (Demo)
Ripping new HC punk from Maine. Mainly influenced by the first two AF releases with a few nods to various NYHC alumni circa '82-'84

UV-TV Demo Tape (High Fashion Industries)
This is a demo that will blow you away. Catchy, poppy post punkish coming out of Gainesville. Not what you will expect at all.

VIDEO DUCT "Anti-Human Hate" Tape
(High Fashion Industries)
Video Duct is a low key punk band from Goleta, California. Stripped down and brought back to the basics. This tape sounds like it was found in someones buried time capsule from the 80's. Straight up nosey, guttural punk from a few kids in high school growing up in a suburb they didn't ask to be placed in. Just gross and angry.

(High Fashion Industries)
Two grocery store mutants starving in aisle 3 create what is now known as the greatest punk band on the face of the earth Total Dicks Hamilton Ontario Canada Suck It

LECHEROUS GAZE "Zeta Reticuli Blues" Tape (Tankcrimes Records)
Oakland, California's LECHEROUS GAZE was formed in 2010 by former Annihilation Time members, guitarist Graham Clise, bassist Chris Grande, and drummer Noel Sullivan. Inspired by “Chuck Berry, The Damned and most stuff that came in between,” LECHEROUS GAZE play – in their own words – “Psycho-delic, shred-tastic, ultra-hyphened, rock-punk heavy jams.” We call it punked-up, psychedelically-tinged rock and roll; a smash-up of ‘60s and ‘70s hard rock, punk and metal influences (think: MC5 to Black Sabbath to AC/DC to The Ramones), fast and to the point. Recorded at Earhammer Studios (High On Fire, Hot Lunch), “Zeta Reticuli Blues” delivers 10 uber-memorable tracks that showcase the sizzling six-string sonics of Graham Clise (also of Witch), the band's Sabbath-tight rhythm section and the sneering snarl of vocalist Zaryan Zaidi. LECHEROUS GAZE play old-school, no-bullshit, in-your-face, maximum-impact ROCK. What are you waiting for?!?!!

Get ready for Maximum Rocknroll #392! It’s the January 2016 issue, and we’re starting off the new year with style: Philadelphia’s BLANK SPELL riff on their irreplicable and twisted brand of hardcore and contemplate punk worldwide, and Mitch Cardwell lands an interview with ANDY HUMAN, who dishes on survival skills in the Bay Area reptoid reality. On top of that, Julaya from G.L.O.S.S. wrote an epic of a tour diary spanning the Olympia hardcore band’s six week cross-continental voyage this Fall. We also got an interview with Detroit label Salinas Records on their relationship with the city and punk integrity; a complete history of Toronto’s short-lived yet impactful DIY venue S.H.I.B.G.B.’s; East Anglian hardcore totems VOLUNTEERS; TEX FOX, a hardcore punk provocateur out of Beirut, Lebanon; and a profile of ROOM 101, New Orleans’ busiest one-man band. Oh, let’s not forget: an announcement of our Still Not Quiet on the Western Front fest (February 11-14, save the date!), photo spreads from London’s Static Shock Weekend and the Collective Delusion/Mass Hysteria exhibition in Austin, another round of contributions from your favorite and most hated columnists alike, and an exceptionally loaded reviews section (in which many of this year’s best records are covered). Pick this one up, it’s a must read.
Restocks for January 8, 2016:
013 "Takaisin Todellisuuteen" LP w/ 7"
2x4 "Eight Song EP" 7"
4 SKINS "A Fistful of 4 Skins" LP
ANDROIDS, THE "Lipstick Heroes '78" 7"
ANTI-CIMEX "Scandinavian Jawbreaker" LP
ANTIDOTE "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7"
BAT "Primitive Age" Tape
BLACK FLAG "Licorice Pizza and More" 7"
BLACK FLAG "Live #1" 7"
BLITZ "Time Bomb (Early Singles Collection)" LP
BLITZ "Voice of a Generation" LP
BOLD  "The Search 1985-1989" 2xLP
BROKEN BONES "A Single Decade" LP
CHAIN OF STRENGTH "The One Thing That Still Holds True" LP
CHAOS UK  "Short Sharp Shock" LP
CHAOTIC DISCHORD "Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You" LP
CIV "Set Your Goals" LP
COCK SPARRER "Shock Troops" LP
CONFUSE "Nuclear Addicts" 7"
DISCHARGE "Realities of War" 7"
DOWN TO NOTHING "Unbreakable" LP
FEAR "Fuck Christmas / I Love " 7"
FORCED ORDER "Retribution" 7"
GHOUL "Maniaxe" LP
GHOUL "Splatterthrash" LP
GIVE "Sonic Bloom" 12"
HARD STRIPES "S/T (2nd)" 7"
INSIDE OUT "No Spiritual Surrender" 7"
JUDGE "What it Meant: The Complete Discography" 2xLP
LETHAL OVERDOSE "Unfinished Business" LP
LONG KNIFE "Possession" 7"
LONG KNIFE "Wilderness" LP
LSD "Destroy" 7"
MENTAL "Get An Oxygen Tank!" LP
MISFITS "Beware" 7"
MISFITS "Bullet" 7"
MISFITS "Famous Misfits of Filmland" 7"
MISFITS "Spook City U.S.A" 7"
NAPALM "It's a Warning: Singles & Live" LP
NIGHT BIRDS "Born to Die in Suburbia" Tape
NIGHT BIRDS "The Other Side of Darkness" Tape
NIRVANA "Beauty and Power E.P." 7"
NIRVANA "Foretaste" 7"
NIRVANA "Total Fucking Godhead" 7"
PORNO CASSETTES "Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace" 7"
PURE DISGUST "Chained" 7"
SHIPWRECKED "The Last Pagans" LP
SHRINE, THE "Bless Off" Tape
SIDE BY SIDE "You're Only Young Once" LP
SOME NERVE "Sense of Control" LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 1 V/A "Rare Punk 77-82" LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 10 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 12 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 2 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 3 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 7 Compilation LP
WARCRY "Needle Zero Drone II" 7"
YOUTH OF TODAY "Break Down the Walls" LP
YOUTH OF TODAY "We're Not in This Alone" LP

Friday, December 4, 2015


Webstore Update / 12.04.15
First off - a huge thanks to everyone who picked up some stuff (as well as help me spread the word) during last weekend's Black Friday Sale! Hopefully you were able to grab some sick records for a good price, and I had a blast shipping so many great releases out the door this week! All of the Black Friday weekend orders have shipped as of today, so order shipping is back on a normal schedule.
Hopefully this email doesn't put you into distro overload, but I've got yet another webstore update for you! There are a few things are from last week that may have already caught your eye, plus I just added some new stuff today like the MOMMY 7" on Toxic State, the punishing new LP from CONDITION, some copies of the CROW Who Killed Dove 7", tapes from CIVIC DUTY and NOSEBLEED, plus a bunch of restocks from Not Normal Tapes which include the BIG ZIT 7", SIN MOTIVO 7", SIN ORDEN 7", THE BUG demo, and BBUGHOUSE I MIXTAPE. Not to mention the new stuff from last week like the POWER LP, SACRILEGE 2xLP reissue, YOUTH BRIGADE Demo 7" reissue, THE MODERNS 7" reissue, the BLACK PANTIES "Future" 7" on Windian, MUFF DIVERS 7" on Lumpy, new LP from Japan's LIFE,  PROTESTER, STAND OFF, CLEAR, and MIGHT tapes on Mosher's Delight, CORRECTIVE MEASURE demo, plus restocks on the NASTY FACTS and PUBLIC DISTURBANCE 7"s.

A few more new releases and restocks in the store on top of those, so check out the full list below!

I'm gonna cut it here … thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Alex / Grave Mistake

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New Webstore Titles for 12/4/15:

MOMMY "S/T" 7" (Toxic State Records)
Mommy are undoubtedly one of the most difficult bands to stylistically pin down within the contemporary NYC hardcore punk scene. Still, with their demo from earlier in the year and their intense live show, we knew they would be a force to be reckoned with and their debut 7" on Toxic State more than proves this. Standing far and above the demo in recording, songwriting, and performance, this is one of the strangest, wildest, and (oddly enough) emotionally revealing records to come out this year. As always, the packaging, much like the music of Mommy, is strangely beautiful. Essential.

POWER "Electric Glitter Boogie" LP
(Cool Death Records)
Brilliant debut LP from the hard rocking Australian trio that is POWER. Since releasing a two song demo last year, POWER hit the Melbourne scene with a fury, tightening the screws on their raucous brand of rock'n'roll fury. Electric Glitter Boogie captures POWER at the top of their game, a fast and loose machine running through eight cuts of dynamic hard rock that has garnered comparison to the legendary COLOURED BALLS. This recording captures the intensity and confidence that few modern bands possess and even fewer can exhibit to such effect. Call it hard rock, call it punk, the fact remains that Electric Glitter Boogie is truly something original and worth your ear. This is Australian rock'n'roll delivered with true raw POWER. Mastered by Mikey Young (ECSR, TOTAL CONTROL) for maximum effect and packaged in deluxe snakeskin-embossed gatefold jackets.

CROW "Who Killed Dove?" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Spot on fanclub repro of this 80's Japanese ripper!

YOUTH BRIGADE "Complete First Demo" 7" (Dischord Records)
When The Teen Idles and The Untouchables split up in 1980, singer Nathan Strejcek and drummer Danny Ingram – two of the first punk kids at Wilson High – formed a new band, Youth Brigade. The duo played with a few different bass and guitar players before settling on Bert Queiroz (also of The Untouchables) and Tom Clinton to complete the lineup. Complete First Demo collects eight songs that Youth Brigade recorded with Don Zientara and Skip Groff in the summer of 1981 during its first recording session. “I Object” appeared on the 20 Years of Dischord box set and “Last Word” was included on Flex Your Head. All other material is previously unreleased.

CONDITION "Actual Hell" LP
(Iron Lung Records)
Big as a pig and vicious as hell. The torturous maelstrom sounds of bone breaks and thuggish isolationism. Howling feedback underscores the massive swirling riffs and relentless battery of drums. Foul, tumultuous vocals made entirely of the final exhalations of humanity really send this opus to the apex. A perfect band. For those unfamiliar, CØNDITIØN are a raging south Californian corpse-beat unit more akin to the likes of BASTARD than DISCHARGE. Fucking heavy. We couldn't be more excited about this LP. 800 copies on black vinyl come housed in a heavy duty tip-on jacket featuring art by Matthew Adis complimented nicely by a 24x36 poster insert with art by Abe Social & Madison East.

SACRILEGE "Behind the Realms of Madness" 2xLP (Relapse Records)
Relapse is honored to present the first ever fully authorized reissue of the legendary UK band Sacrilege's landmark debut 'Behind The Realms Of Madness'.  Originally released in 1985, Sacrilege were one of the first bands of the 80s that both punks and metalheads rallied behind.  Propelled by singer Lynda 'Tam' Simpson's ferocious vocals and polticically charged lyrics, 'Behind The Realms of Madness' blended crust, thrash, hardcore, doom and death-metal to create a timeless album that has directly influenced scores of punks and heshers alike.  Now fully remastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Hooded Menace, Obituary) with SEVEN previously unreleased bonus tracks and expanded art and liner notes!

DIAT "Positive Energy" LP (Iron Lung Records)
The long awaited debut full length has finally arrived. And the wait was well worth it. Diät have worked, worked and reworked these 8 songs until they were perfect. Who is this band you ask? Let us introduce you:  "Brought together by a shared enthusiasm for bleak UK punk and a history of playing in hardcore bands, Berlin based DIÄT have created a sound that they have described, perhaps not entirely seriously, as ‘tough new wave’. Fans of Crisis, Killing Joke and The Mob (UK) should be pleased by the band’s unlikely synthesis of depressive drift and cranked, accelerated energy. ‘Positive Energy’ was recorded last Winter while huddled in a practice space overlooking the industrial landscape of frozen East Berlin, the album finds Diät reining in the threads of malignant enthusiasm still peppered throughout their earlier recordings (both 7"s previously released on this fine imprint) to focus on the cynicism and dejectedness that binds them as a band." Packaged in a high quality reverse board jacket with a 12 page lyric booklet only available in this version of the LP. All copies on black vinyl. The download comes with the "Hurricane" video as well.

MODERNS, THE "Year of Today" 7"
(Hosehead Records)
Originally self released by the band in 1979, the debut EP by Sweden’s The Moderns is available and in print in North America for the first time ever. Immortalized on a slew of mod revival and power pop comps including landing the cover of Power Pearls Volume 2, The Moderns’ EP has become an undeniable collector’s prize record. Fetching $500+ USD when it does show up for sale, the original 500 copies self released by the band in Sweden has turned this power pop masterpiece into an obscure, unknown hit. Barely cracking the 9-minute mark, this four-song 7” features one of the all time greatest power pop songs, “Got To Have Pop”, a song that still infects today, more than 35 years later. The success of this EP in Sweden landed them a major label deal with Parlophone, which saw the release of their sole Swedish-language record in 1981, after which they quickly faded.

BLACK PANTIES "Future" 7" (Windian Records)
I assume i'll be coming back here and editing this to say something polite/pr friendly about this release, but right now i'm too deep on a binge, so fuck all that noise. This is one of the best 7" windian has put out this year, and is based on pure hatred stemming from the blood of a man that neither has nor wants friends, only enemies black has wasted time backing up lumpy from the dumpsters and other yada yadas, and this'll be his longest and strongest release yet. Pure piss and aggression, ltd to 500 copies w/ art by mac blackout...

MUFF DIVERS "No Muff Too Tuff" 7"
(Lumpy Records)
Beefy drum-machine-fueled punk with hooks, could it be the new Coneheads? The new Dickies? The new Jay Reatard? WE SHALL SEE!

Q "S/T" 7" (Lumpy Records)
Closest thing to a Dbeat band St Louis has ever had.

GIBBOUS "Mortal Crust" 7" (Lumpy Records)
Genius boy Gib from many stl bands you love playing warped space punk all by himself. Brilliant. Hand stamped covers.

LIFE "Violence, Peace, and Peace Research" LP (Desolate Records)
US pressing of the amazing 2013 full length from these Tokyo punk bastard masters. 22 tracks ranging from raw punk to classic UK crust.

DISENGAGE "S/T" 7" (Youngblood Records)
Youngblood Records is extremely proud to bring you the latest EP from Disengage. Six songs of absolutely raging hardcore from this Wilkes-Barre. PA straight edge band. For fans of Youth Of Today, Bold, Title Fight, Cold War and Stick Together.

NUCLEAR AGE "The Distinct Sounds of ..." 7" (React! Records)
It was a cold April night the first time I saw Nuclear Age. These Washingtonians took the stage with such intensity, such fire that I fell to my knees in excitement. The Distinct Sound of Nuclear Age can only be surmised as Youth encapsulated on vinyl. The fear, frustration and fury can be felt but the overall message that these 5 want you to dig is this: Hope. Nuclear Age sells hope in a hopeless time. You may look at yourself in the mirror and see only the devil. Look closer. Nuclear Age demands you see hope. See. Hear. Look. Listen. And when, for those lucky few, you experience the band live you will also realize that Nuclear Age demands your soul.

(Suburban Fight Records)
Three songs from this DC/OC straight edge hybrid. Nothing but Confront and Brotherhood worship on this tape but really what else would you want. Featuring current members of Fury, Red Death, Pure Disgust, Protester, Hard Stripes, Response and about 100 other bands.

CLEAR "Youth to Youth Promo 2015" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
Alright, you've heard about CLEAR's upcoming LP for some time, and you're just as excited about it as us, right? Now it's finally coming to fruition, with 2 brand new, bad ass tracks and a sick cover to tide us over until the formal release on Triple B Records. If you're searching for hidden metaphors, you'll need to look elsewhere because this is pissed-off straight edge hardcore for the common man in its purest, stripped down form - exactly the way we like it at MDR.

STAND OFF "Mosher's Delight Live Series" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
Side A contains a live STAND OFF set from Washington DC 9/26/15, side B contains an Audio interview.

PROTESTER "Mosher's Delight Live Series" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
Side A contains a live PROTESTER set from Washington DC 9/26/15, side B contains an Audio interview.

MIGHT "… is Right" Tape (Mosher's Delight Records)
After carefully studying Rev #1-10, Skiz #1-4, Step Forward #3, and Hi-Impact #1 comes an entity that presents itself at this point in time, right NOW. Raw, unabashed, insightful energy from Houston, Texas surely to put the X back on the map with an unadulterated late 80s vibin' straight edge hardcore demo.

Brand new hardcore band out of Maine that delivers 4 short-and-sweet straight edge anthems and a cover by everyone's favorite NYHC band.

NIGHT SHANK Demo Tape (Demo)
Brand new HC from Richmond, VA featuring members of BARGE.

NOSEBLEED Demo Tape (Demo)
New ripper from Richmond!

BLISTERED "The Poison of Self Confinement" LP (6133 Records)
Picking up the torch of Florida's unique brand of metallic hardcore, Blistered have raged to the forefront of today's scene with incredible fervor. Their songs simultaneously feel unearthed from some '90s time capsule and surprisingly current, perfectly capturing a balance of influences and innovations. Following their critically acclaimed Soul Erosion EP (April 2014 on 6131 Records) and extensive touring, Blistered began plotting what would become their first proper full length. Entitled The Poison of Self Confinement and masterfully recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Red Death, Noisem, Pulling Teeth, Mindset), the album demonstrates an even more honed songwriting prowess. The result is an album that lives up to the band's moniker, delivering break-neck metal-infused riffage matched with pummeling breakdowns. Blistered have created a vital release that defies easy classification, appealing to both sides of the metal / hardcore sounds from which they draw.

BLISTERED "Soul Erosion" LP (6132 Records)
Picking up the torch of Florida's unique brand of metallic hardcore, Blistered has crafted an awe-inspiring new EP, "Soul Erosion." Mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Tragedy, Modern Life Is War), these five songs simultaneously feel unearthed from some '90s time capsule and surprisingly current. This knack for songwriting, matched with their incredible live shows, makes it no surprise Blistered is quickly becoming one of the most popular, up-and-coming hardcore bands.

HANDSOME "S/T" LP (6131 Records)
It's with an unbelievable amount of excitement that 6131 Records is releasing the long out-of-print and often overlooked self-titled album by Handsome, originally released by Epic Records in 1997 only on CD. This monolith of a full-length never quite made the lasting impression of some of the members' other projects, yet has stood the test of time - proving it's deserving of such acclaim. For those previously unfamiliar with the group (some might even say "supergroup") the members of Handsome were: Jeremy Chatelain (Jets To Brazil, Iceburn, Cub Country), Tom Capone (Quicksand, Bold, Beyond), Peter Mengede (Helmet), Pete Hines (Cro-Mags, Murphy's Law) and Eddie Nappi (Mark Lanegan Band).

SHADOW AGE "Silaluk" 7" (6131 Records)
Shadow Age have emerged from Richmond, Virginia, playing cold, darkly melodic post-punk, and offering an astoundingly cohesive debut EP that owes more to the sounds of Manchester’s industrial sprawl than Richmond’s southern charms. While Shadow Age are certainly indebted to the UK post-punk classics, the band’s debut release originates from an even more unlikely place than where they call home. While spending a harsh winter working on a fishing boat in Alaska, singer/guitarst Aaron Tyree was injured. He then spent four harrowing days waiting out an ice storm so that he could be flown out of Dutch Harbor for medial attention. During this time Tyree wrote the title track of Shadow Age's debut EP, Silaluk. Taking it’s name from the Inuit word for storm, Silaluk is three uncompromisingly dark tracks that swallow the listener in shimmering guitars, pulsating synths, and haunting vocals. Tyree’s affecting voice paints a desperate picture that is perfectly layered amongst the sheets of reverb and angular guitar lines. Shadow Age offer more than just intense atmosphere, though. The band is adept at crafting a hook and despite the EP's brooding tone, some of the driving beats found on Silaluk are arguably danceable. With disparate influences converge with stunning cohesion, Silaluk is an impressive debut that hints at Shadow Age’s potential.

CULTURE ABUSE "Spray Paint the Dog" 7" (6131 Records)
San Francisco Bay area band Culture Abuse are a wild pack of animals that have been stirring things up along the West Coast since Fall 2013. Their amalgamation of hardcore / punk with an almost psychedelic rock vibe is unlike anything ever heard before, feeling both vitally important and on the brink of disaster all at once. Recorded in the Fall of 2014 at Nu-Tone Studios (Iggy Pop, Green Day, Against Me!), the songs on Spray Paint The Dog, “Nicotine” and “Perfect Light”, demonstrate their ever-evolving style, moving deeper into a pop-driven aesthetic. Culture Abuse are channeling the drugged-out, melodic sounds the Bay area delivered in the late ’60s, yet are still remarkably refreshing.

(Wrong Ones Records)
Split 7" from Virginia's PAPER TRAIL and Oklahoma's IRON BORN. 100% Hardand heavy pit action.

NUTS #17 Zine (Nuts)
DX writes about the New York City feeling. Alex Simon interviews Ellie from GOOD THROB. Mark Winter, the songwriter behind CONEHEADS, CCTV, BIG ZIT, and OOZE, is interviewed. Mateo from DAWN OF HUMANS writes about his fav records he got when he was on tour in Europe. Artwork by Cecilia Caldera and Sam Ryser.

It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #391, the December 2015 issue of punk’s longest continuously running fanzine! This one is loaded. In these pages you will find what may be the most in-depth correspondence with the MINNEAPOLIS URANIUM CLUB BAND you’ll find anywhere—their parent company and attorneys are notoriously cagey, so read here for more on this Midwestern rock group, their origins, and their sponsors. We’ve also got interviews with Finnish hardcore lifers SA-INT, Alabama antagonist GARY WRONG, the minds behind the radical and labyrinthine Texas hardcore of SIN MOTIVO, the jagged noiseniks of Oakland’s MANSION, and outsider San Francisco hardcore punks TSA. There’s even more! For our first ever interview with any Cuban band in these pages we sat down with ADICTOX and ARRABIO during their Canadian tour, and capping it all off is an incredible interview with Zoë Dodd, Toronto harm reduction worker, activist, and punk. Also included: a scene report from Andalusia as well as photo spreads from Not Dead Yet 2015 and All Punks Go For It, a raw punk rager in the heart of California’s Central Valley. All your favorite columnists are here too, along with punk’s most comprehensive and unsparing reviews section.
Restocks for 12/4/15:

BIG ZIT "Electric Zit Vol. 1" 7"
BREAK AWAY "Face Aggression" LP
BUG, THE "What's Buggin' You?" Tape
CULTURE ABUSE "The Day Dreams of Nothing" 12"
HERESY  "1985-1987" LP
NASTY FACTS "Drive My Car" 7"
NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990 by Tony Rettman
SADO-NATION "Disruptive Pattern" LP
SIN MOTIVO "Laberinto b/w Tierra Del Deseo" 7”
SIN ORDEN "Ha Llegado El Momento" 7"
TEEN DEATH "Crawling" 7"
V/A "Bughouse I Mixtape" Compilation Tape