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Webstore Update / October 24, 2014
Once again I let the new releases pile up over the past few weeks; but last night I finally got them all up in the webstore so here's another update for you! Before I get into it, we put out a couple of new 7"s a few weeks back and I strongly suggest you pick them up! We've got the second 7" EP from Austin's BREAKOUT, and the debut 7" from Richmond's ASYLUM (on the Vinyl Conflict Label). Considering the two releases we did prior to these (EARTH GIRLS and SUPERCRUSH) were some of the catchiest / most melodic releases GM has put out - figured it would be a good move to change it up with two of the hardest, most abrasive hardcore punk EPs we've done this year (of course, not including the ripping CRETINS 7" that came out at the beginning of Summer) … 
Anyways, back to the new releases; you can check out both the BREAKOUT and ASYLUM EPs on the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page - both are up for free download, so head on over and give em a listen. For the mailorder nerds, I've got a small number of the color vinyl left of each so if you like what you hear, head over to the store and grab a copy. Here are links to both, along with descriptions:
GRAVE072: BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7"
BREAKOUT's second single follows their self-released "Razor Wire" nicely with a strong brand of UK punk-meets-US hardcore pummeling. Menace-meets-Nihilistics, Ruts-meets-Bad Brains; solid, catchy, furiously great songs.  Amongst the latest crop of punk bands in Austin (and everywhere else), BREAKOUT is one of a kind and "True Crime" proves it.  100 copies on Grey Vinyl
VC-005: ASYLUM "S/T" 7"
The debut EP from Richmond, VA's ASYLUM delivers six tracks of some of the most devastating and precisely executed hardcore punk you'll hear these days; a brooding hardcore assault powered by the driving rhythm of Motorhead, layered with buzzsaw guitars that bring to mind classic Scandinavian bands, and delivered with the non-stop intensity of Discharge.  ASYLUM have grown to become one of the best punk bands going in our city, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have their first vinyl output as the fifth Vinyl Conflict release.  100 copies on Pink Vinyl
Up next is the TENEMENT "Bruised Music Vol. 1" LP singles collection. We've got the vinyl, covers, and printed inners in house and we've just got the art for the insert booklet, so hoping to have these ready to roll by mid November! This project has been in the works for almost a year now, so of course we are very excited to finally have this out - everything looks and sounds wonderful!
Anyways, enough label talk, here's what's new in the webstore …
This webstore update is definitely a bit more of a "mixed bag" than usual, but I assure you it's ALL 100% quality!  Some great new singles and EPs, including the new AUSMUTEANTS single on Total Punk (haven't grabbed the new LP yet, soon though!), the 7" debut from RAZORHEADS, some copies of the WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? "Gluehead" 7", the URBANOIA 7", THE BROOD 7", DAILY RITUAL 7", a nice little restock of the LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Sex Pit" 7", and the 7" reissue of the demo from LUMPY spin-off, CAL AND THE CALORIES.  If you wanna branch out of the HC/PUNK realm (but not TOO far), I picked up some cool EPs from the Nostalgium Directive label, like the POPULATION 7" the debut 7" from Baltimore's WILDHONEY (both of their EPS are HIGHLY recommended!), and a couple more; plus a couple of essential reissues like the YDI "A Place in the Sun" reissue and a top notch reissue of the LA PESTE "Better Off Dead" 7" single - a KBD classic!  And speaking of reissues, finally got some copies of the second X (Australia) reissue on Ugly Pop - the "Spurts" LP, and you should of course pick it up along with the "Aspirations" LP.
Some rad LPs in this update as well, like the debut long player from Canada's ZEX, the latest UKIAH DRAG LP, and the long overdue full length from St. Louis' (and Grave Mistake alums) one and only CARDIAC ARREST! However, if you've hit a fast hardcore/punk overload (hey, it happens and there's no shame in it) and are are looking to mellow out or lighten things up with something a little catchier, a little more melodic - then this update is the one for you! Grabbed some copies of THE ERGS "Dorkrockcorkrod" LP repress (this, of course, is an all time personal favorite of mine), the wonderful third LP from Baltimore's highly underrated DEAD MECHANICAL (along with some other cool releases from the Toxic Pop Label), the WEED HOUNDS LP on Katorga Works (another highly recommended release, possibly in my top 10 of 2014), and a bunch of releases from Run for Cover Records including full lengths from PITY SEX, TIGER'S JAW, CITIZEN, and BASEMENT. 
Finally, picked up a few new tape releases as well including the "City Baby Attacked By Bats" comp (featuring a bunch of great current NYC bands), BLACK PANTIES "Dead and Gone" tape, SOME NERVE tape, and DIA FINAL tape. 
Check out the full list with descriptions below, and as always thanks for reading and the support!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Webstore Titles for 10.24.14:
AUSMUTEANTS "Fed Through A Tube" 7" (Total Punk Records)
Ausmuteants are four Geelong goons who lie compulsively, have a bad sense of humor, and probably crack up whenever negative things are written about them on the internet. My kind of guys and an obvious fit for TOTAL PUNK. Over the last two years they have been putting out record after record of hook filled punk jams of the devolved variety, and the new single is no exception.  The A-side "Fed Through a Tube" is a slightly jerky punk ripper about being too lazy to chew your own food that would make Terri Schaivo proud. On the flip side "Arguements" they slow things down a bit add a catchy synth line and sing about the joys of being disagreeable. Oh yeah and did I mention they feature members of Poison?  100% TOTAL PUNK and not long for this world.
RAZORHEADS "S/T" 7" (Failure Recordings)
The vinyl debut from New Jersey’s favorite punks, Razorheads. If you’re not familiar, Razorheads play Japanese/Swedish influenced d-beat in the vein of Anti-Cimex, Disclose, Crucifix, ect. If you like your hardcore raw, noisy, and loud, then this is for you. This 7” has updated versions of the songs featured on their New York’s Alright promo cassette, as well as brand new material.
WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? "Gluehead" 7" (Joe Pogo Records)
Another new 7" from Boston's Who Killed Spikey Jacket, recorded in the same session as their Beerstorm Trooper 7"
URBANOIA "Psykisk Terror" 7" (Solar Funeral Records)
4 ripping furious HC tracks from Norway's URBANOIA. As you can imagine, since the EP is named after the Norwegian band, Psykisk Terror, they play hardcore that harkens back to early 80s Norway. Simple, loud, raw thrash with Norwegian style.
CAL AND THE CALORIES "Demo" 7" (Lumpy Records)
"CAL AND THE CALORIES was formed to play songs that were rejected by the band LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS for being "too poppy". Apparently, "too poppy" to them means playing slightly more melodic music that follows in the grand tradition of Midwestern punk along the lines of more fucked GIZMOS or THE PANICS after they've been thrown through a mud puddle."
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Sex Pit" 7" (Lumpy Records)
Here it is, finally...the vinyl debut for St. Louis' LUMPY & THE DUMPERS. After a couple excellent tapes, Lumpy recruited some local freaks from bands like SHAVED WOMEN to back him up as THE DUMPERS. The result has been a string of wild live shows and this here three song 7". I imagine LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS as an odd growth off some of the freakier first wave US "KBD" punk bands like THE MAD or GIZMOS. Odd, creeping tempos and pure snot vocals lurch throughout these three songs. Excellent stuff that really stands out from the pack, and highly recommended. REPRESS with paper sleeve
DAILY RITUAL "Depressed State" 7" (4490 Records)
Daily Ritual play a standard style of catchy, melodic punk rock, in line with such bands as The Observers, Red Dons, Autistic Youth, the Estranged, etc. The melodies are memorable, the songs are catchy, the record is fucking good all around. If you are someone that actually cares about punk on a worldwide scale, this is a good record to scope to hear something that's currently exciting and relevant in southeast Asia. This is one of the better (and more popular) releases to come out of southeast Asia, pick it up and discover what the punks are dancing to on the other side of the world.
BROOD, THE "Defective" 7" (Self Released)
Debut 7" from this Philadelphia band, and like their killer demo tape it's a ripping little slice of straightforward, no-nonsense hardcore. The Brood kind of reminds me of Wasted Time a little bit in that Poison Idea clearly seems to be the main influence, and there's a total bulldozer effect to the way that the entire thing comes together. There are a couple of little tricks here and there to keep your ear interested... a couple of lead guitar parts, some catchy little stops and starts... but at the end of the day this is just bruising hardcore... if that's what you want to hear I'd recommend you pick this up.
TOTAL ABUSE "Looking for Love" 7" (Deranged Records)
Total Abuse, the ugly boys from Texas return after a two year hiatus with Looking For Love, a 3 track 7" EP ...Expect dissonant, debased, sleaze filled dirgy hell tunes... You either love them or hate them but you know to expect the filthiest ear shredding hardcore around . Looking For Love is the a search for forgiveness through the trash filled alley ways and underbelly of a seedy Texas city... Cover art by Jamie Fletcher... Back cover and an incredible illustrated 10 page booklet by Matthew Bellosi.
GOLDEN PELICANS "S/T" LP (Total Punk Records)
Remember your creepy uncle that lived in your grandma's basement and always snuck you beers at Thanksgiving while regaling you with tales of all the trouble he got into at high school and how "bad ass" everything was when he was growing up.  Well imagine him and all of his derelict buddies formed a punk band. The Pelicans are that band and after 3 singles they are back with their first 12". 8 blasts of raging riff heavy punk action clocking in at just over 14 minutes and 100% TOTAL PUNK.
UKIAH DRAG, THE "In the Reaper's Quarters" LP (Wharf Cat Records)
The Ukiah Drag has continued to improve with each release, but nothing could prepare me for how fucking good their debut LP. This is a monolith of an album that descends through the most drugged-out realms of desert punk and psychedelia. This will most certainly go down as being one of the most essential records of the year.
UKIAH DRAG, THE "Jazz Mama is Cryin" LP (Wharf Cat Records)
Wharf Cat has repressed the much sought-after 12" version of their initial tape release on Ascetic House. This is the band at their most raw, 4-track glory. They might never sound like this again (which is both a good and bad thing), but at least this material has been immortalized on vinyl. Essential!
ZEX "Fight for Yourself" LP (Capitalicide Records)
After releasing Savage City 7" , Wanderlust 7" and having East Coast US tour, theres a time for a debut long play for Ottawa's punks ZEX whose sound is a mix of old school punk rock (77-79) influenced by rock-n-roll and some speed/heavy metal tunes. 10 songs sound really fresh thats why you gotta hear it!
NOT AFRAID "Locked Out" LP (React! Records)
NOT AFRAID is a Belgian hardcore (super)group featuring members of True Colors (Packo back in action on vocals, sounding harder than ever), Justice and Dead Stop. The LOCKED OUT LP is as diverse and intense as you would imagine from such a cast and brings together the unique qualities of each band without attempting to recreate them. NOT AFRAID combines the passion and intensity of True Colors with the creativity and groove of Justice, stomped mercilessly into the streets of Antwerpen by the boots of Dead Stop. While definitely inspired by classic 80's hardcore, the Locked Out sound is difficult to categorize into a specific subgenre. All things considered, this is a HARDCORE record, and one of the best you’ll hear all year.
CARDIAC ARREST "In the Mouth of Madness" LP (Lumpy Records)
Cardiac Arrest is back with an all out classic hardcore effort, picking up and beefed up were last 7"s left off. An old Boston influence seems to be heard thrue these ears, judge for yourself 12 tracks to pummel too.
LA PESTE "Better Off Dead" 7" (Wharf Cat Records)
In their brief but storied career, Boston's La Peste put out only one official record consisting of just two songs. First released in 1978, right between the golden age of East Coast punk and hardcore’s takeover in the early 1980s, La Peste’s "Better Off Dead" seven-inch was informed equally by raw 60s rock and roll and the dust-clearing first wave of punk in 75-76. Hugely influential to post-punk, new wave, and hardcore punk, this seminal single has a rightful place in the hands of any vinyl junkie with a taste for the harder underground offerings of the late 70s. The A-Side’s needling intro bridges post punk and surf rock before crashing into a Damned-worthy power chord surge that never lets up or resolves. It’s a perfect sonic balance of CBGB sleaze and proto-hardcore rebellion — well suited to a tale of underage lust and parental disapproval. The B is a moodier, bass-driven cut that forges further out towards punk’s fringe, merging Christian Death’s goth menace to Gang of Four’s righteous throb. "Better Off Dead" captures a regional darling coming into its own. It sounds at once intimidating and scared of its own strength.  The record was released to massive acclaim in 1978 from punk's critical vanguard. Robert Christgau and John Peel both approved. It quickly became a sought-after artifact, and can still fetch three figures at auction, long after the band called it quits. The title track found its way onto a Killed By Death compilation, and the band’s remaining unreleased material populated several posthumous compilations (all now out of print).  This recording comes directly from the original 1978 Boston reels, with a light-touch polish from Josh Bonati of New York’s Bonati Mastering that serves only to preserve the original sound while cranking the volume. The first 100 records come packaged with a rare photo of the band previously thought lost, but tracked down expressly for this release. The limited run reissue offers the lost punk classic a chance to be found again, sounding as fresh as ever on vinyl, and presented with an attention to detail that pays tribute to the original artifact.
YDI "A Place in the Sun" 7" (TKO Records)
We are honored and excited to finally make this classic slab of brutal 80s U.S. Hardcore Punk available again in its original format!! In the early 1980s, YDi put Philadelphia on the map with their ferocious brand of Hardcore. In 1983 they unleashed their debut EP "A Place In The Sun" on Bloodbubble Records, a label formed by notorious Punk/HC promoter "Fat Howard" Saunders (RIP). "A Place In The Sun" is a blistering nine-track blast of HC fury, that holds it's own with "Pick Your King" the Negative Approach EP, and any other prime example of early American Hardcore. Unavailable for over a decade on ANY formate, we are glad to make this vital piece of American Punk history available again. Be sure to look for the complete YDi discography collection, coming soon from our friends at Souther Lord Records, but for now, drop the needle and enjoy some vintage, authentic inner city aggression from YDi!!
X "Spurts" LP (Ugly Pop Records)
Before their legendary debut LP, X recorded a 1977 demo session that is a brilliant snapshot of the period, and a treasure for anyone with an interest in world-wide first wave punk. Ten tracks, perfect raw/full recording, seething with desperation and urgency, this is the sound of early AC/DC meets "Pink Flag" with everything cranked.  37 years on, Ugly Pop presents the first ever vinyl appearance of this seminal document.
WEED HOUNDS "S/T" LP (Katorga Works Records)
Around five years in the making, Weed Hounds has finally completed their debut full length. This album perfectly captures their phenomenal blend of classic-era shoegaze and 90s indie pop a la the legendary Slumberland Records. Unlike a majority of their peers at the time, Weed Hounds was able to create something far more extraordinary than the usual, tepid nugaze or faux-twee pop that littered the indie world. Instead, Weed Hounds stands above the pack with a superior recording courtesy of Ben Greenberg and, most importantly, a songwriting ability that exhibits a clear understanding of what this style of music was meant to be.
WILDHONEY "S/T" 7" (Nostalgium Directive Records)
Baltimore's premier shoegaze act's debut 7". Their last one really blew me away considering it's a contemporary shoegaze record. I hate most of the newer stuff, but it really floored me. I went back and revisited this one that I thought was just pretty good, but it's much better upon second try. Definitely don't snooze on this one.
NOSTALGIST "Monochromantic" 7" (Nostalgium Directive Records)
Seattle's NOSTALGIST descend into a realm of dark sonics on their debut release, meshing the cold solitude of '80s post-punk like SISTERS OF MERCY with the warm, shoegazing heft of SLOWDIVE. Shimmering melody haunts the slow, reflective trudge of "illusory", while "twisting, slowly" sticks a lush, dreamy respite in the middle of an otherwise propulsive charge. Ten minutes of enveloping melancholy.
POPULATION "Relic" 7" (Nostalgium Directive Records)
Chicago's Population channel a citywide darkness with this pair of atmospheric post-punk tracks. "Relic" cruises at a steady, menacing pace as vocalist Keelan McMorrow laments a lost love. On "Mourning Dawn," the band locks in a steady groove as keyboards inject French coldwave lushness into the band's Manchester-inspired minimalism. In perfect accompaniment, the record comes packaged in a hand-assembled/-stamped/-embossed reliquary envelope designed by McMorrow.
HOLLOW SUNSHINE "Cold Truth" 7" (Nostalgium Directive Records)
Versatile visual artist Reuben Sawyer (Destruction Unit, Chelsea Wolfe, GAG) and vocalist Morgan Enos follow their 2013 debut LP with even catchier explorations of their drone/shoegaze/pop amalgam. Fans of Jesu and Hum will rejoice in the beautiful contrast of Sawyer's downtuned guitar mass with Enos' subdued, earnest vocal melodies as the duo meander pleasantly through two songs of helplessness, departure and relief. The record includes an exclusive woven patch designed by Sawyer.
DEAD MECHANICAL "OK Night" LP (Toxic Pop Records)
Baltimore's Dead Mechanical offer up their 3rd LP and we couldn't be more thrilled to bring it to you. This is a band we've loved from day one and it's been great watching them grow into the band they've become. Bands like Jawbreaker and Superchunk still hold down the foundation for the sound here, but this threesome has really come into their own with their songwriting, both musically and lyrically. This is easily their best record yet and they show no signs of slowing.
CAPITALIST KIDS, THE / TIGHT BROS Split 7" (Toxic Pop Records)
On one side you've got Austin's The Capitalist Kids churning out the hits on par with previous releases. Here they give us a love song, a timely song about government surveillance, and a cover by a band many would consider the antithesis of punk that they've spun into gold and worked out a tune that will be stuck in your head long after the record stops spinning. On the other side we've got three new songs from Columbus, OH's Tight Bros. This was our first introduction to the band and we got very excited very fast upon hearing these songs. An easy description would be something along the lines of a slightly more pop-punk friendly take on The Marked Men. These are songs for summertime. We look forward to more from these guys. Comes with a digital download code.
CAPITALIST KIDS, THE "At A Loss" LP (Toxic Pop Records)
Austin's The Capitalist Kids return with their third album, "At a Loss". They continue proving their love for classic Lookout! Records pop-punk band like The Mr. T Experience and Green Day while twisting the genre up just a bit by alternating between perfectly sweet love songs and perfectly insightful songs of social critique. The major difference this time around is the addition of a second guitar player which helps to make the melodies that much more infectious.
CITIZEN "Young States" 7" (Run For Cover Records)
The material offers a glimpse into the band's impressive and diverse growth, talent and promise. Tracks like "I Still Shut My Eyes" and "Untitled" are some of the catchiest uptempo emo/punk songs of the last decade while "Right Through" has ballad-esque qualities, calling to mind the slow pop punk classics of bands liek Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. The two acoustic renditions further showcase singer Mat Kerkes raw natural charisma and prove that Citizen has a long and exciting career ahead.
WHIRR "Part Time Punks Sessions" 7" (Run For Cover Records)
Originally released by the band as a tape, this awesome recording is seeing the light of day on vinyl for the first time on Record Store Day (4/20/2013). The track list features songs spanning the band's whole discography, all performed eerily perfect in comparison to their original, but the raw, live recordings show the songs in new light.
BASEMENT "Colourmeinkindness" LP (Run For Cover Records)
The young UK band's sophomore full-length is also their swan song - Basement has announced an indefinite hiatus following record release shows this winter, and the record burns with the cathartic, confessional urgency of leaving it all on this one last document. The album is the perfect blend of Knapsack-esque midwestern emo and overblown '90s grunge a la Nirvana and Sunny Day Real Estate.
BASEMENT "I Wish I Could Stay Here" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Nestled away in the UK's quiet, picturesque east coast town of Ipswich, the lads in Basement are conflicted between the comfort of the beautiful familiar and the allure of escape. As frontman Andrew Fisher's gravelly, Lifetime-esque yowl skips and stretches over driving rhythms and poignant guitar melodies, it's clear Basement expertly walk the line between the contrast of heartrending emo and gruff post-hardcore. Whether working through a slow, Seaweed-styled mid-tempo burn of pounding-out driving punk, Basement has a quiet layer of jagged desperation weaving their songs together under the smooth melodic surface.
CITIZEN "Youth" LP (Run For Cover Records)
From the first note of "Roam The Room," this album's massive, towering rock songs bleed emotion through until the tape runs out on the album closer, "Drawn Out." Ohio natives Citizen have captured the ghost of Brand New's "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me" and reinvented brooding, chorus-driven alternative rock for a new generation. Beautifully harmonized, half-shouted vocals along with fuzzy, reverbed-out leads lend weight to the album's mood while also making it impossibly catchy.
PITY SEX "Dark World" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Hailing from Ann Arbor, MI, Pity Sex specialize in foggy, lo-fi noise pop and fuzzed-out, blown-speaker walls of sound, all with their own midwestern emo subtleties. The "Dark World" EP was originally pressed and sold out on midwest label Forward Records. The record is now being reissued via Run For Cover Records in advance of the band's debut LP due out mid-2013. 12"ep includes digital download and is limited to 500 copie
PITY SEX "Feast of Love" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Walking the razor's edge between overdriven, navel-gazing bliss and perfect pop sensibility, Ann Arbor, MI's Pity Sex has crafted a breathtaking debut LP that's both awesomely beautiful and deftly evocative. Massive, harmonically distorted guitars and airy, dual male/female vocals are hallmarks of "Feast Of Love," all washed in warm, dreamy reverb. Calling on the infectious, hooky inclinations of the Pixies, dreary melodies of the Breeders and sonic mass of My Bloody Valentine, Pity Sex's "Feast Of Love" twists and churns with these beautiful, yet fleeting, vignettes captured in sound.
TIGERS JAW "Charmer" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Between the power pop melodies of early Saves The Day and the hard-driving folk rhythms of Fleetwood Mac lies Tigers Jaw, a band whose raw immediacy is infectious and intoxicating. Shimmering organ textures, chunky guitar chords, and male/female vocal harmonies show the Scranton, PA, natives taking rural rock music from its legendary past to its vibrant future. Among the more innovative acts on Run For Cover Record's star-studded roster, Tigers Jaw has a profound musical purity that is as equally stirring in a basement of 40 people as it is in a club of 1,000.
TIGERS JAW "S/T" LP (Run For Cover Records)
For the past few years, five young friends from Scranton, PA known as Tigers Jaw have been playing their brand of upbeat, yet melancholy, indie rock, captivating nearly everyone in the room each time. The debut from Tigers Jaw may wear its influences on its sleeve, but instead of a repetitive list of soundalike bands, themes such as death, friendship and growing up are tackled from an endearing and hopeful perspective that is almost impossible not to relate to. This is a reissue of the debut self-titled full-length that served as the recorded introduction to Tigers Jaw and should tide over fans between the Balance And Composure/Tigers Jaw split 12" and the band's forthcoming sophomore full-length due to be released late summer 2010.
TIGERS JAW "Two Worlds" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Aptly titled "Two Worlds," Tigers Jaw's sophomore full-length draws on the strengths of the band's raw, minimalist atmospheres and driving grunge-rock rhythms, funneling them into a catchy, brooding and brilliantly focused album. Firmly planted in their own niche of the '90s-era Midwestern emo sound, "Two Worlds" probes Superchunk's indie-punk stylings, Weezer's discordant pop moments and the far edges of Kurt Cobain's brain while managing to sound almost nothing like those groups. It evokes many moods the band is known for, but adds a depth that will leave listeners discovering new reasons to love them with each new listen.
ERGS, THE "Dorkrockcorkrod" LP (Don Giovanni Records)
10th Anniversary! Back in print! New vinyl master!  A masterpiece of an album, and a fresh vinyl master that sounds way better than the original pressings. "The three-song suite of "Most Violent Rap Group," "Pray For Rain," and "Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama" may be one of the best triple plays in all of rock music, let alone pop-punk" - The A.V. Club
SETE STAR SEPT "All is Wrong" 12" (SPHC Records)
What is a "noisecore song" anyway? 10 songs, 100 songs, 1000 songs, everything blurs right by you as brief moments of expression. Our favorite Japanese grind crew threw two fingers in the air and wrote an 18-minute noisecore song a few years ago and released it as a tape. Granted the difference between 1000 songs in 18 minutes and one singular 18-minute song may be kinda superfluous in this context, but I have come to appreciate the nature of this epic noisecore narrative piece. It's a repetitive song that paints a certain kind of decay and 'falling apart' feeling that, yeah, really does just feel like musical destruction. This limited 12" single is a vinyl re-release of this song that was originally seen as a tape and 3" CD. Normal version on the A-side, which you can hear in its entirety below, and acoustic remix on the B-side.
SETE STAR SEPT "Messenger from the Darkness" LP (SPHC Records)
A 12" release of this free-form and improvised recording session, done with Official Lotus Fucker//SPHC Noise Scientist Mr. Mike Walls behind the controls, right here in Baltimore in May 2013, right before Sete Star Sept started their tour. Some tracks even feature Mike guesting on guitar.
THISCLOSE "One Foot in the Grave" LP (SPHC Records)
What if Cal was the only person in Discharge that thought heavy metal was cool? (Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP music, Grave New World LP vocals)
V/A "City Baby Attacked by Bats" Tape Comp (Burn Books Records)
DJ Chi2 presents CITY BABY ATTACKED BY BATS Mixtape! Featuring previously released material as well as some never before heard tracks by: Anasazi, Aube, Big Bang, Children With Dog Feet, Crazy Spirit, Creeping Dose, La Cruor, Freak Vibe, G.A.S.H, Goosebumps, Gowanus Mutant Kommandos, L.O.T.I.O.N, Mommy, Razorheads, Savage Sex Boys, Sex Cross, Spiderman, Survival, and Warthog! ESSENTIAL NYC PUNK DOCUMENT.
BLACK PANTIES "Dead and Gone" Tape (Lumpy Records)
Brand New 10 Track 'album'. Raw rnr, ungrateful and distorted. You will want these songs out of your head but they won't go.
SOME NERVE "S/T" Tape (Failure Recordings)
Here we have the latest output from MA's Some Nerve. 3 tracks of hard, but catchy hardcore punk with some serious Poison Idea vibes. This is one of my favorite demos of the year, do not sleep on this. Cassette pressing of 150, pro-dubbed, with a doubled sided j-card and insert.
DIA FINAL Demo 2014 Tape (Demo)
Demo cassette from this new band featuring a bunch of veterans of the Los Angeles punk scene. This is an absolutely explosive demo cassette... the music is built around pretty simple 1-2 drumming and strong and simple punk riffs, but something about the performance here just jumps out of the speakers. It definitely bears a little bit of resemblance to the whole Ruleta Rusa / Peligro Social style, but the production is much more raw, the vocals have more of a kind of snotty, '77 flavor that recalls bands like the Stitches, and the music is much more straightforward and stripped-down.
Maximum Rocknroll #378, the November 2014 issue, features Part I of our ex-Yugoslavian history series: an extended Slovenian punk retrospective. BULDOGI, TOŽIBABE, INDUST-BAG, QUOD MASSACRE, PANKRTI, GRUPA 92, ŠUND, and KUZLE are interviewed about their roles in the fertile early Slovenian punk scene, including stories about smuggled instruments, bootlegged records, and high-school dances, as well as the legacy of Ex-Yugo bands. Also in this issue, Northwest Indiana’s BIG ZIT and OOZE stop by the compound on their West Coast tour for a split interview, and we have the final interview with recently-split Bay Area band YI. Jason Flower, the man behind the excellent reissue label Supreme Echo, gives us a window into how he developed his eclectic taste and clues us in to a few upcoming releases. An in-depth Australian scene report of punk activities Down Under and a photo spread from Philly’s recent POC Rockers! show round out the issue. And, as always, we’ve got all the columnists you love to hate, plus demo, book, movie and zine reviews and the most extensive punk record review section in print!
Restocks for 10.24.14:
ANGEL DU$T "Extra Raw" 7"
BIRTH DEFORMITIES "Suburbanized" 10"
BREAKDOWN "Runnin' Scared" LP
COCKNEY REJECTS "Flares N' Slippers" 7"
HOT NASTIES "Invasion of the Tribbles" 7"
RED DONS "Pariah" 7"

Friday, October 3, 2014


My apologies for hitting you with two updates in a row, but I've never been good with planning accordingly so this happens from time to time!
In addition to the new BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7" and ASYLUM "S/T" 7", I just put a bunch of awesome new distro stuff in the store this morning so figured it would be best to get a proper recap in before the week is up!

Of course, the new releases are available in the store (color vinyl out of 100 for each while they last), and you can give them both a listen or download over at the Grave Mistake Bandcamp. These are in house and are shipping out now, so no "preorder" bs and no waiting - anything that doesn't get out today will be in the mail Monday.

Anyways, I spoke about those a bit more in depth yesterday, so check that update out HERE if you missed it - they are both great fuckin EPs and I'm very excited to have them out.

As for the new webstore stuff, it's not that much but it's definitely all killer, no filler! We've got the new records from DIE, TOTAL CONTROL, UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE, IRON LUNG, GENERACION SUICIDA, plus the brand new X "Aspirations" and P.I.G.Z. reissues on Ugly Pop; the new LP from THE NUMBER ONES on Deranged, some copies of the MYSTIC INANE and STONE DAGGER 7"s, plus a few copies left of the NYC MAYHEM reissue LP.

Just restocked on the S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7", INSTITUTE Demo 12", first GENERACION SUICIDA LP, ACHTUNGS LP, and PRIMETIME 7", as well so grab em if you haven't yet.

Here is the full list, thanks for reading!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records



New in the Webstore for 10.3.14:

DIE "Vexed" 7"
Follow up to their amazing debut from last year. 8 new tracks of nihilist and anti social hardcore punk with a sound heavy rooted in both Bristol and Boston circa 1983. (Sonic Terror Discs)

TOTAL CONTROL "Typical System" LP
Finally, a new deep cut from Melbourne’s visceral post-punk band Total Control. Typical System, their second LP, was written, recorded, created over the past two years and is set for US/Worldwide release via Iron Lung Records on June 24th and self-release in Australia/New Zealand on June 20th.  Total Control emerged from Australia’s dynamic punk scene in ’08, releasing a succession of 7”s that developed from an aggressive post-punk band sound to studio forays into electronic forms from minimal wave to house. Their debut LP, Henge Beat, was commended as one of the few records released in 2011 that evaded the ease of classification and competent tribute act status of most modern bands.  Subsequently, they have released three very different records: a split 12” with Thee Oh Sees, a 7” single on Sub Pop and a house remix 12”. Typical System develops on the incongruent demands of their debut LP and ensuing releases, a further development on their continually evolving sound. (Iron Lung Records)

IRON LUNG "Savagery" 7"
Twelve songs clocking in around six and a half minutes. We fucking timed it! Iron Lung's most raw neanderthal powerviolence flex without bowing to the overworked conventions of the genre. Intentionally nasty and jarring music. They said it couldn't be done, but we keep getting faster and more savage with age. The world around us is more intense than ever and the music found here definitely reflects that. Our angriest record. Our country's dumbest time.  The first batch of 'Savagery' will be pressed on black or green vinyl and packaged in a fancy inner sleeve inside a hand stamped 12 panel poster. Art by Jon Kortland and Jensen Ward. Sounds by Jackson Long. (Iron Lung Records)

Two brand new long awaited songs to follow up last year's incredible "Observant Com El Món Es Destrueix" LP on La Vida Es Un Mus. UBI have managed, working so smoothly it almost seems effortless, to make music that is timelessly familiar and crackling with modern energy. Anthemic industrial tinged hardcore punk with an anarcho slant from Barcelona. Truly, music of the people for the people. One of the best bands going these days. Ring, ring, don't miss this call.  Black or orange vinyl comes packaged in a heavy feltweave sleeve in the style of our other singles from this series (PHT, Column Of Heaven, Gag, Flesh World...). (Iron Lung Records)

26-track LP contains all of NYC Mayhem's studio recordings: two demo tapes and their unreleased "For Real!" 7" that was to appear on Urinal Records. Also includes a 12-page full-color book containing extensive liner notes and many rare/unseen images. Limited to 500 copies. (Radio Raheem Records)

THE NUMBER ONES (AKA THE #1s) will take you to power pop heaven with their razor sharp 10 track self titled debut album. They are a Dublin based four-piece featuring members of Cian Nugent and The Cosmos (Matador / No Quarter), Cheap Freaks (Big Neck), Strong Boys (Milk Run), and The Pacifics (Bachelor). Even though they are based in Dublin, they sound like a classic Good Vibrations band from 1979. The Number Ones have energy, passion and tunes so good, it makes you think you've heard them already. Each track is a golden nugget of power pop fun that never outlasts it's welcome as every track is under three minutes. Although this sort of music seems to have been done a million times before, it sounds fresh in the hands of The Number Ones. This is pure summer fun for fans of Rudi, Protex, Exploding Hearts, Buzzcocks and The Tranzmitors."  (Deranged Records)

P.I.G.Z. "Bloody Belgium" EP
One of the crown jewels of worldwide first-wave punk, this Belgian band's sole release really is as good as it gets. All three songs here are excellent but "Bloody Belgium" and "Stooges" are stone classics. Unavailable since it was released in 1978, with original copies fetching up to four figures, and finally back in print through cooperation with the band. Includes booklet with interview, clippings and unseen photos! (Ugly Pop Records)

X "Aspirations" LP
The Sydney band's 1979 debut is one of the all-time great Australian records, a devastatingly tough yet diverse album featuring 14 tracks of superb punk rock, equal parts wiry tension and savage release. This antipodean classic has fallen out of print again in recent years but should always be available, so Ugly Pop is pleased to announce that we'll be reissuing it with new insert and unseen photos. (Ugly Pop Records)

Second 12" from Generacion Suicida. This time around the group (from South Central, not East LA) brings 9 tracks of their sound. This is their sound, not some knock off, not some imitation, not a homage or retro dress up party... this is what the group does best. I'll save any boring comparisons and you save yours. Jam it up super and see. Recorded in 2014 after a European tour. The group has tour copies with them now on their East Coast tour.  B side is silk screened and includes a 18x24 poster. We have a limited color for mail-order copies. The bands East Coast tour starts this Friday!  (Going Underground Records)

SICK THOUGHTS "Coming Over" 7"
There's a few ST records out, but this is a shining star. Lazy record reviewers and critics alike say sick thoughts sounds just like a reatards rip but he's really coming into his own here.i hear a huge KBD and GG ALLIN as an influence on this one. With all these records coming out, Some may call it over saturation but Theyre all great so who gives a shit? Sick Thoughts LP out soon on Going Underground ("Home of the Hits")! (Going Underground Records)

SICK THOUGHTS "The Last Beat of Death" Tape
Last Beat of Death is pretty exceptional: the kid can't buy cigarettes legally but managed to record the entirety of these eight tracks in less than 48 hours. These new songs are his best yet -- blistering, frantic and unrelenting — all delivered in short hot spurts of two minutes a piece. Drew Owen's musicianship is finally catching up to the frenzied, pissed off headspace they were conceived in and you can bear witness via this hot pink piece o’ plastic, available in limited run of just fifty tapes (Minas World Tapes)

MYSTIC INANE "Deep Creep" 7"
Rising from the ashes of insta-cult hardcore punk outfit Necro Hippies, New Orlean's Mystic Inane finally deliver on the promise of their two demo tapes. Switching singers from tape to tape, the vocals on the second demo seemed a bit too unrefined for my taste, but that was clearly just a temporary thing because they're more powerful and more effective on this 7", which also boasts their best recording quality to-date. Top it off with a re-recording of their best song from the first demo, "Deep Creep," and we have a winner! If you haven't heard Mystic Inane before, they take their modern brand of freaky Midwest 80s USHC and mix it with No Trend, doing the combination more than justice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Negative Jazz Records)

STONE DAGGER "The Siege of Jerusalem" 7"
The highly acclaimed sold-out demo tape from new US Epic Heavy Metal band Stone Dagger featuring the voice of Brendan Radigan (Magic Circle, The Rival Mob, Battle Ruins) on 7"-vinyl, remastered by Jaime Gomez of Orgone Studios (Ghost, Cathedral, Aura Noir). For fans of Manilla Road, Dio, Cirith Ungol, early Manowar and Black Sabbath.  Third and final pressing! (Electric Assault Records)

Reissue of this classic mega rare (and mega expensive) Australian punk EP.  The Fun Things were a high energy punk band that was formed during the heyday period of punk rock. Known for their admiration of Radio Birdman, they also have been documented as being "modeled on almost exclusively on the Radio Birdman / Stooges / Sex Pistols mould".  The Fun Things released one highly acclaimed E.P. and has become "one of the most collectable artifacts from Australia’s punk rock era."   (Fanclub Pressing)

NEO-PUNKZ "Fascist Fuckerz" 7"
Back in 1980, punk was all about nihilism and not giving a fuck. Young punks got themselves guitars and drums and started their own band. So did a bunch of them who hailed from Haarlem, the exact same place Jesus and the Gospelfuckers came from. They recorded 5 songs that sounded snotty and raw. Obviously they did not care a lot about good musicianship and quality recordings and that might be exactly why this is such a great record. Snottyness that sounds natural and not as ' wanna be'  as a lot of bands these days. This is an essential record for people who like their punk raw and vicious.  Comes with 8 page booklet including the never before printed lyrics as well as lots of never before used pictures of this young punkz. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)

SUSPENSE "Murder with the Axe" 7"
I remember getting a letter from one of the DISORDER members who asked me to re-record him the SUSPENSE ep, because the song ' Crazy Sod'  got cut off before it ended. As a lot of punk bands, the NEO PUNKZ were influenced a lot by DISCHARGE (and not only musically) and in comparisation to the first ep, they sped up and had a distinct UK82 in sound (as well as their appearance). The subtitle of this record is; ' the end of the NEO PUNKZ , this is SUSPENSE'. They replaced one of the guitar players, recorded 3 fast songs and one longer and much slower one.  Again, this is one of the milestones in Dutch punk history and boy, don't they look good in studs and leather. Essential. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)

Restocks for 10.3.14:

ACHTUNGS, THE "Full of Hate" LP
INSTITUTE "Demo" 12"
PROXY "Slow Suicide" 7"
S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7"

NEW RELEASES: BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7" and ASYLUM "S/T" 7" Out Now!


Two new releases out today; we've got the second 7" EP from Austin, TX's BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7" on Grave Mistake, and the debut EP from Richmond, VA's ASYLUM on the Vinyl Conflict Label. Very very excited for both!

Both EPs are up on the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page streaming in full. I also decided to just put the DL's up for free, but of course, if you want to throw a couple of bucks our way for the download we will gladly accept it! If not, that's totally fine too - we appreciate you checking them out regardless.

Here is the info on both releases, and as always we have ltd. nerd versions for mailorder (which are shipping immediately).  Both releases will also start shipping out to distros/ stores and such next week, so if you would like copies in trade or wholesale please drop me a line and hopefully we can work something out.

GRAVE072: BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7"
BREAKOUT's second single follows their self-released "Razor Wire" nicely with a strong brand of UK punk-meets-US hardcore pummeling. Menace-meets-Nihilistics, Ruts-meets-Bad Brains; solid, catchy, furiously great songs.  Amongst the latest crop of punk bands in Austin (and everywhere else), BREAKOUT is one of a kind and "True Crime" proves it.  

100 copies on Grey Vinyl


VC-005: ASYLUM "S/T" 7"
The debut EP from Richmond, VA's ASYLUM delivers six tracks of some of the most devastating and precisely executed hardcore punk you'll hear these days; a brooding hardcore assault powered by the driving rhythm of Motorhead, layered with buzzsaw guitars that bring to mind classic Scandinavian bands, and delivered with the non-stop intensity of Discharge.  ASYLUM have grown to become one of the best punk bands going in our city, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have their first vinyl output as the fifth Vinyl Conflict release.

100 copies on Pink Vinyl


Also, a few webstore adds for this week like the incredible DIE "Vexed" 7", the debut LP from THE NUMBER ONES, the newest 12" from GENERACION SUICIDA, a new 7" and tape from SICK THOUGHTS, the MYSTIC INANE 7", STONE DAGGER 7", NYC MAYHEM reissue LP, and more …

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for the continued support!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Webstore Update / September 26, 2014

Hey all!  Wanted to drop a quick webstore update for you since it's been about a month since the last update; we'll have the BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7" and ASYLUM "S/T" 7" out next week so keep your eyes peeled for those. For now, here's a quick recap of what's been added to the webstore during September - it's been a little slow on the new distro front, but there is a lot of great stuff this batch so give it a read! I've also got a TON of new distro releases on the way, so expect a few sick updates within the next few weeks.

Over the past month picked up the latest 7"s from STEP FORWARD, GLUE, KOWARD, PROTESTER, NERV, NO FAITH, ARREST, LOW THREAT PROFILE, PATHETIC HUMAN, and RADIOACTIVITY, plus a few copies of the HURULA LP, the BROTHERHOOD reissue LP, FAILED MUTATION demo 7", the latest ORDEN MUNDIAL 12", PUSRAD LP, a few SATAN'S SATYRS records including both of their LPs, some rad melodic punk splits from the likes of CHESTNUT ROAD, THE NO MARKS, and BUZZORHOWL, debut 7" from DC's GENOCIDE PACT, demo tape from DC's ZOOM, and a few more.

Also restocked on both LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS singles on Total Punk, the HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS "Stay Home" LP, the GAS RAG LP, a couple of CONDOMINIUM 7"s, both GIUDA LPs, and more. Check out the full list below, and thanks for reading!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records



STEP FORWARD "S/T" 7" (Painkiller Records)
The original Step Forward 10 song E.P. was recorded in 2006 and released at the end of that year. In 2007 they started working on songs for a follow up, eventually recording a second session in 2009. That session was scrapped due to quality issues, with excerpts released on a cassette tape sold at one show in 2012. In Winter 2013, Step Forward decided to give their second E.P. one more try, rerecording some of the songs from 2009, and adding several new ones. After 8 years, here is the second Step Forward 7".

GLUE "S/T" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Following up an endlessly-praised demo is certainly a feat in today's fickle world of hardcore punk, but Austin, TX's Glue pulls it off with aplomb with the band providing us with a slab of classic USHC that improves upon the tremendous promise of the aforementioned demonstration. Living in the darkness, sleeping in the light, Glue's in the city gonna run the night.

PROTESTER "S/T" 7" (Trash King Productions)
Bubbling over with pre-apocalyptic, post-adolescent furor stands Washington, DC by way of suburban NC's Protester. The singular vision of one angry youth is channeled into tightly packed bursts of rage at an unfriendly world in uncertain times. Unhindered by the complications of opposing viewpoints or musical sensibilities, this one-man-band delivers classic straight edge hardcore with maximum impact. While avoiding the retro trap of singular worship of one particular group or vibe, this recording blends the best of DC/Boston ’82 with Clevo/Seattle ’89 and a musical vocabulary that is enriched by, without being dulled by, all that has/is/will be punk.

KOWARD "Desperate" 7" (Side Two Records)
Koward return with 4 Blasts of UK inspired heavy dbeat. Staying away from the epic side of things, Koward keeps their songs catchy and punk. For fans of Doom, Disrupt and raw punk that's also music.

NERV "USA Off Earth Now!" 7" (Lagerville Records)
The newest batch of tunes from Iowa City’s NERV are now available on a 7″ titled USA OFF EARTH NOW, which you can check out/purchase in the Lagerville store. NERV play fast, unrelenting hardcore punk from the real American midwest that no one talks about. Seven songs clocking in at 8 minutes that are soaking of misanthropy and self-disgust. This record is for those who’d rather stay in than go out.

RADIOACTIVITY "Danger" 7" (Secret Mission Records)
It is no secret that Radioactivity are one of the hottest garage/punk acts on the planet right now. Featuring Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan from a legendary Denton, Texas quartet the Marked Men, the band saw the release of their highly anticipated debut LP on Dirtnap Records as well as a-song 7” on Germany’s Alien Snatch Records in 2013. Both records were received extremely well by the press and fans alike. Continuing the legacy of their mighty predecessor, Radioactivity, offer up some of the catchiest, most infectious, tightly executed pop tunes out there. But that doesn’t mean the band is content with just following a single formula, as is evident on their latest release on Secret Mission Records. Here are two brand new songs that offer some moodier melodies and are laced with colorful if not different guitar sounds, then on their previous releases. Danger is a contemplative number, in which singer/guitar player Jeff Burk does some deep soul searching, laid to a beautiful tune. While Why is a more confrontational number, with bigger drum sounds. Still, as usually is the case with Radioactivity, the melody is the driving force here. This is an amazing record! You definitely need it!

FAILED MUTATION "We Are a Failed Mutation (Demo)" 7"
(Self Released)
Self released vinyl version of their demo on Not Normal Tapes. That's right, True Believers, Not Normal is back with a brand new offering of Midwest slime: Milwaukee's Failed Mutation. Some schmucks you know/love got together and oozed out 7 originals plus a Deep Wound cover and were magnanimous enough to let us put it out. Raging hardcore that takes cues from Necros, Zero Boys, and, yeah, a bit of Deep Wound. You're a Failed Mutation, I'm a Failed Mutaion, We're all Failed Mutations, so do the mutant shuffle and get this tape, you fucks!

HURULA "Vi Ar Manniskorna Vara Foraldrar Varnade Oss For" LP (No Good Records)
New solo project from Robert Hurula Petterson who is also in Masshysteri, The Vicious, and Regulations.  Hurula continuing where he left off with the last amazing Masshysteri album.

BROTHERHOOD "Till Death …" LP (Southern Lord Records)
Having raged the West Coast from their 1987 inception to their disbanding just over two years later,BROTHERHOOD existed alongside Insted, Bl'ast, Chain Of Strength and Uniform Choice. The members of the band were all bred in the Northwest on The Accused, Poison Idea, The Melvins, and with East Coast threads born of SSD, DYS, Corrosion Of Conformity and Straight Ahead woven into their sound they created a powerful strain of straightedge hardcore in which the band conveyed their intolerance for racism, sexism and more through their lyrical basis and on-stage delivery. Their relatively short-lived run went on to inspire many of the seminal bands that have followed in hardcore straightedge such as Undertow, Unbroken, Champion, No Tolerance and many more. Members of BROTHERHOOD have posthumously forged numerous other musical endeavors including but not limited to Christ On A Crutch, Sunny Day Real Estate, Foo Fighters, Resolution, Digh Down, Burning Witch, Engine Kid, Sunn O))) and Goatsnake.

PUSRAD "Erarre Humanum Est" LP (Dead Beat Records)
Phenomenal LP here from Sweden's finest, PUSRAD, who feature two former members of the almighty Raped Teenagers. Creative mutants PUSRAD continue to redefine the boundaries of Punk/HC with fresh ideas and blistering songs. PUSRAD take cues from classic US HC bands like Deep Wound, FU's, Jerry's Kids, and Koro; but throw in really weird off kilter riffs and unsuspecting, stop-start tempo changes to really make their songs stick. The crisp, clean production really captures their ferocious, manic energy and for a HC band their musicianship is impeccably tight. 'Erarre Humanum Est' is as relentless as it is creative, and the unpredictable, uniqueness of each song is really what makes PUSRAD's music stand out. Flawless Swedish HC here from a band that continues to impress.

UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE "Observant Com el Món es Destrueix" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Barcelona's UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE came out of nowhere a few months ago. Within a few weeks of their existence they had recorded a promising demo of experimental noisy hardcore, played a few shows in UK and Spain and started working on their debut album. Barely 6 months later they give birth to "Observant Com el Món es destrueix". A 9 track LP integrally sang in Catalan and with a psychedelic approach to their previous bands sound (GLAM/ ATENTADO/ DESTINO FINAL / INVASION/ CROSTA amongst others). Their primative anthems of nature seeking dreams are distorted, repetitive and heavy at times. With their boots firmly stuck in hardcore based while keeping the overall sound free of any boundaries and styles. The artwork by guitarrist Guillem el Muro reflects the spirit of the album perfectly. An explosion of hardcore between day dreaming of peace and nightmares of reality.

ORDEN MUNDIAL "Obediencia Debida" LP
(La Vida Es Un Mus)
Hailing from Mallorca ORDEN MUNDIAL plays unadulterated distorted hardcore punk which is equally influenced by WRETCHED/ CRUCIFIX or UNITED MUTATION/ MECHT MENSCH. Their guitar sound is unhinged with an insane tone over a relentless drums/bass and a vocalist which manages to get his point across firmly. Their message is clearly anti-authoritarian with most lyrics on the album questioning dogma and painting a bleak picture of our lifes. An urgent record for urgent times.  The album is pressed in 180 gsm vinyl and comes housed on a 350gsm reverse board jacket designed from the band. Includes a 60x30 black and white insert with lyrics and art.

SATAN'S SATYRS "Die Screaming" LP (Trash King Productions)
Resist if you please, deny if you will. In 2014 it is inescapable- Satan's Satyrs will surely find you, and you will "Die Screaming!" Screaming for more. This, their first LP as a souped up power-trio sees the young men from Virginia rising from the depths of the basement into the heights of 3-dimensional sight and sound. While "Wild Beyond Belief!" was a lumbering, thundering blast of crude fuzz and teenage snarl, this new LP is a multi-layered theatrical display of once-in-a-generation proportions. Engineered by Don Zientara (Void, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Foo Fighters) in his Inner Ear Studios, this 100% analog edition of their definitive release is as much a sonic delight as it is a showcase for their road-honed chops and creative brilliance. Starting with a grinding Hammond organ cranked through a vintage Leslie rotating speaker, this slab of wax, cut to vinyl by none other than Paul Gold- shows towering crescendos, and staggering lows are within the realm of Clayton and the gang's command. This release is the ONLY release in contemporary times that handles heavy occult rock with the delicate touch it requires. Not an exercise in belched lyrics atop a turgid amateur-hour approximation of Sabbath's "Hole in the Sky" for the 999th time - this release is varied and nuanced, from slow to fast, from jazz-informed passages to the scuzzy dragstrip sound of '60s exploito-cinema, this record truly has it all. Housed in a custom made Trash-Pak foldout cover, this is THE hard rock release of 2014.

SATAN'S SATYRS "Wild Beyond Belief" LP (Trash King Productions)
Remember the go-nowhere kid at your high school in Anytown, USA? The first to drop acid, the first to drop out, the first to wag the finger of adolescent inhibition in the face of all standing in their way. What if that kid actually got their shit together, and took the harder route of transforming their blood, sweat and hormones into a ripping deluge of blasphemous scuzz-rock workouts? Wild Beyond Belief!, the debut album from Virginia's Satan's Satyrs, is that refreshing blast of youthful energy in the staid wasteland of modern heavy metal.

HYALIN / THE NO MARKS Split 7" (Brassneck Records)
THE NO MARKS released their debut 7" at the end of 2013 and this 7" sees 2 brand new recordings of quality melodic punk from ex (and current) members of BLOCKO, CROCODILE GOD & THE DOWN AND OUTS.  This is the debut release from HYALIN who are made up of 2 thirds of BLOCKO and 2 thirds of CHESTNUT ROAD. 1 original song and 1 BROCCOLI cover.

CHESTNUT ROAD / BUZZORHOWL Split 7" (Brassneck Records)
I think BUZZorHOWL sum their sound up nicely with the line "We heard guitar was in trouble. We came as soon as we could". But for those of you who need a little more, the band hail from the North West of England and include members of Drive and Jailcell Recipes. They released their debut 7" in 2013 (a split with Good Grief) on Drunken Sailor Records. This is their second release and it is killer.  Chestnut Road appear on this page quite a lot. And rightly so. Hopefully you know them already but, if not... they are a 3 piece from Toulouse, France and they play music that, if I was looking for an easy comparison, would say sounded loosely like a bunch of guys who love Leatherface and Broccoli. As such, Chestnut Road love Leatherface & Broccoli. And they are one of the best bands out there at the moment.

CHESTNUT ROAD / PANIC ATTACK Split 7" (Speedowax Records)
Two awesome international bands, each doing one original and one Broccoli cover!!!

MODERN PETS "B.I.Y.S." 7" (Secret Mission Records)
MODERN PETS are back! With a couple of LP’s, a demo and a string of EP’s on such infamous labels as P.Trash, Modern Action and Dead Beat  Records, among others,  under their belt, this outfit from Berlin, Germany is showing no signs of slowing down. Their latest offering, a two-song scorcher, on Secret Mission Records recalls the best of late seventies-style power pop/punk rock bands like The Undertones, The Kids, Normals,  as well as some later combos such as The Hives(early on), Teengenerate, Carbonas and their fellow krauts The Kidnappers. The lead track, “B.I.Y.S.”, is an absolute fist-pumper. Punchy drums, killer guitars with a crazy fuzzed out lead in the middle. An all too familiar battle call in the chorus takes on a whole new life here. An instant classic, for sure! On the flipside is “Sweet Frustration”, a testament to trials and tribulations faced by a teenage leather jacket clad Romeo. A superbly executed sing-along that will be stuck in your head for quite some time. This EP will be out in time for the band’s North/South American Tour. A limited pressing of 500,  with  free download coupon included. And don’t forget to check them out live in the scummiest, sleaziest rock & roll pit near you!

DIALS "School Girl" 7"
(Secret Mission Records)
The latest from Secret Mission Records is a split release with the legendary Japanese label Mangrove. Continuing in the grand tradition of lo-fi garage punk from The Land of The Rising Sun is the brand new 7” from Mito, Japan’s DIALS. Even though the obvious and may be a bit lazy comparison to the great bands that came before them, such as the mighty Teengenerate and the fab Registrators is not out of place, it’s the tunes on this baby that make us flip with joy and make us look to the current and, perhaps, to the future!!! School Girl, a great punk rock & roll number that’s a little faster and a little grimier. Super catchy! Nervous is a guitars-forward rocker, dressed in tight drumming and booming bass. And to assure that you won’t sit still they throw in hand claps a-plenty, which (in the perfect world) turns it in to something you can shake your money maker to.  This record comes in a slick hand screened jacket. Only 200 copies are available for US distro with 300 going to Japan! GET IT NOW OR CRY ABOUT IT LATER!!!

BOYS ORDER "Tomorrow Dancing" 7" (Secret Mission Records)
There is pop music, and then there’s POP!!!! Osaka, Japan’s Boys Order fall into latter category. Made up of ex-members of Radio Shanghai, Prambath and Zero Numbers, these guys offer the kind of New Wave noise that could potentially feel up a sports arena with screaming fans in their native land and a decent size club here, in the US of A. Everything on this record is BIG! Big guitars! Big drums! Big bass! Big keyboards! The girl vocalist has a sweet voice that’s, well…. BIG! Both songs are extremely catchy. Superb party music that would make Andrew W.K. proud. Tomorrow Dancing is an anthem that could challenge Kim Wyld’s “Kids In America” or Epoxies’ “Need More Time” in a karate match! A more frantic Danger offers screaming guitar, wild futuristic synth noises and crazy drum beats! This record is not meant to be listened to low decibels. Some side effects may occur, such as hanging from the ceiling fans, beer showers, food fights! 500 copies only!

GENOCIDE PACT "S/T" 7" (Bad Teeth Records)
Washington D.C.'s GENOCIDE PACT are back with their first official follow-up to their excellent 4 song demo.  The 2 brand new songs on this 45 7" single are a very apparent step up from their previous material. Perfectly crafted death metal in the vein of classic bands like Obituary, Carcass and Entombed but not without its own personal touch. You get the best of both worlds here, punk and metal fans united as one.  Now available!!! One time pressing of 500...don't sleep on this! It will never be repressed once these are gone.

ARREST "La Poli Bastarda" 7"
(No Nostalgia Records)
ARREST follow up their killer demo with La Poli Bastarda 7", finding itself at the perfect intersection of Spanish punk and UK 82/Oi!. On this record, members of other excellent Barcelona bands such as CRIMEN DE ESTADO and SIBERIA harness their appreciation for DECIBELIOS, RIP, and BLITZ into 4 flawless tracks of driving and angry punk, with an infusion of melody and catchiness that recalls NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS. In the true Barcelona spirit, lyrics commenting on state repression and class struggle are delivered with impeccable timing in both Spanish and Catalan, including an added bonus of English translations on the insert. The record comes beautifully packaged in full color with an obvious nod to the timeless 4-SKINS. This is a shared release with Discos Enfermos (Barcelona) and required material for fans of international punk.

PATHETIC HUMAN "Public Disgrace" 7" (Helta Skelta Records)
After releasing some of Austrlia's best hardcore, including a split with SUFFER, a S/T 7" and string of cassettes this is PATHETIC HUMAN'S, third and final vinyl output. Recorded back in 2009 but unreleased until now. This slab of strange power violence sees them taking their approach one step further. Still loose and heavily indebted to anti-social sounds and substance, but with a heavier take and a more eratic mood. In sound this is heavier than their previous releases but just as claustrophobic and stifling. An ugly assault. A great send off to this now defunct band. Fortunately members moved onto CHROME DOME, ZINGERS, VELVET WHIP, HEADLESS DEATH, RIP FUCKER, DEBACLE, HAVITTAJAT and various more.

NO FAITH "Dead Weight" 7" (Clean Plate Records)
Power violence saturated with noise and disgust.  No Faith is 3/4 of VACCINE grinding through an ear shattering twelve minutes of pummeling and heavy angst.  Not for the faint of heart. Reminiscent of early Suppression, Bucket Full Of Teeth, Man Is The Bastard, and other extremes.

LOW THREAT PROFILE "Product Number 1" 7" (Deep Six Records)
Back in print! Ten tracks of straight forward hardcore with members from No Comment, Infest and Lack of Interest.  Recorded before 9/11/2001.

LOW THREAT PROFILE "Product Number 3" 7" (Deep Six Records)
This third output from Low Threat Profile features Infest's Matt Domino not only playing guitar and bass but doing all of the vocals as well, with the band being rounded out by Bob from Deep Six/Lack Of Interest on drums. These nine tracks are exactly what should be expected: fast, intense hardcore that borders on the powerviolence played by those who originated the genre.

WOODWORK / DYING Split 7" (Hydrogen Man Records)
Here's a killer split 7" featuring new material from Philadelphia, PA's Dying and Toulouse, France's Woodwork.  The first two songs on the split come courtesy of Dying.  For those of you unfamiliar with the band, Dying is a vegan straightedge hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA who formed in 2012.  Dying play a dark and metallic style of 90's influenced hardcore.  Musically, Dying can be said to be influenced by bands such as Unbroken, Harvest, and Torn Apart.  The second two songs on the split come courtesy of Woodwork.  Woodwork is a five piece band from Toulouse, France who formed in October of 2011.  Woodwork play a metallic and politically charged style of hardcore with a killer 90's vibe.  Overall, this is a killer split and both band's offer up top notch material for this split.

LOS CRUDOS "Cobardes" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Four hard to find Crudos tracks comped onto one 7"... includes three tracks that were originally released on compilations back in the day as well as one that was a CD-only bonus track on their discography CD. Four vintage slices of Crudos' 90s hardcore attack and they sound great on wax!

VIDEO "Cult of Video" 7" (No Good Records)
Two killer new songs from everyone’s favourite Texas punks.  Taken from the “Join The (Hate) Wave” 7” recording session on Total Punk.

FRAU "Punk Is My Boyfriend" 7" (Static Shock Records)
Static Shock Records gets the honour of releasing the debut three track 7" from London feminist punks Frau who feature members of Woolf and Good Throb. They released the much loved 8 track 10 minute demo on Tuff Enuff Records in late 2013 (which has now been reissued on LP by Dead Beat Records) and now return with three more short blasts of discordant and furious noise. 'Punk Is My Boyfriend' is a dirty and scratchy cut with pounding drums and an insistent guitar hook. It comes over like a mix of Pre 'Cut' Slits, Huggy Bear and Kleenex. 'Snakeskin' is possibly the only song in the world that could have appeared on both Crass' 'Bullshit Detector' and any Kill Rock Stars compilation. Final track 'Orca' sounds like it could fall apart at any moment and just about makes the one minute mark. The guitars grind over a busy bass, heavy yet loose drums and explosive vocals. DIY has never sounded so good. Limited to 400 copies with hand stamped sleeves.

SATAN'S SATYRS "Black Souls" 7" (Trash King Productions)
Satan's Satyrs return with their first studio release since 2012's "Wild Beyond Belief" and it is nothing short of electrifying. "Black Souls" the lead-off single from their upcoming "Die Screaming" LP is a wild ride out of the dungeon that spawned them into a three-dimensional orgy of forbidden delights. Swirling guitars, grinding bass, and thundering drums propel their sound to new heights of rock and roll abandon. Never has their potent blend of psychedelic-hard-blooze-rock-a-punk-a-rolla sounded so crystal clear, and yet so earthshakingly heavy. This release marks their first recordings as a full band, with none other than Don Zientara (Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Fugazi) of Inner Ear Studios at the board. Recorded 100% analog, with real instruments- this young power trio lays waste to bands twice their age. Backed with a USA exclusive instrumental b-side that brings to mind the classic soundtracks of yore, this record is released in an extremely limited edition. Don't delay, order today, and whet your appetite for the rock and roll experience of 2014: "DIE SCREAMING"- THE LP!

SATAN'S SATYRS "Live at the Black Cat" 7" (Trash King Productions)
Recorded live shortly after the release of their debut LP, this 7" showcases the youthful energy and seasoned swagger of the premier power-trio of the twenty-teens. Filling the stage with their massive stacks of Mississippi-made gear and once-in-a-generation freak charisma, this is the first document of their fully realized lineup. Raw and loud, this puts you in the front row- the proper appetizer for their worldwide assault this year. Catch them at Roadburn, on the road in the USA and Canada, or right in the comfort of your listening room and experience the future of rock and roll: intriguing, heavy, and WILD BEYOND BELIEF!

DROPDEAD / CONVERGE Split 7" (Armageddon Label)
A pairing of two legendary bands celebrating their joint twenty year history within the Punk/Hardcore genre.  Both songs were recorded at Kurt Ballou's God City Studios in early 2011, and mastered by John Golden (Neurosis, Melvins, etc). "Runaway" from Converge is an instant classic for the band, unrelenting in its speed and emotional ferocity from beginning to end. While Dropdead's "Paths of Glory" is an unforgettable political punk/hardcore anthem, that proves that the years behind the band have only strengthened their hold on the battlefront of the true underground.

POISON IDEA "Getting the Fear (RSD 2014)" 7" (TKO Records)
Limited edition Record Store Day colour 7" originally released as a 12".  When it was originally released over 25 years ago, the Getting The Fear 12" was immediately considered by many to be the height of POISON IDEA collector scumdom: a mailorder-only 12" single, pressed on a vast array of limited color versions, all hand-numbered and including a poster. The original pressing quickly disappeared into legend, joining Pick Your King as one of the most sought-after pieces in the vast POISON IDEA discography. Now you too will be able to own this classic release on vinyl without paying out the $300+ price the original fetches in the online collector market. You're welcome As always, keep your eyes peeled for further POISON IDEA LP reissues for the TKO RECORDS Kings Of Punk series!!

BRIMSTONE HOWL "Blowhard Deluxe" LP (Dead Beat Records)
Roaring out the gates with a gale force of noisy, feedback-drenched guitars and thunderous pummeling drums, the pride and joy of Lincoln, NE return with a snarling, shambolic vengeance.  On  'Blowhard Deluxe', BRIMSTONE HOWL continues to exorcise their putrid, grimy Rock N Roll demons by primitively, pounding Blues fucked riffs into gloriously-trashtastic backwoods anthems.  The fingerprints of BRIMSTONE HOWL's sound is seeped in the rich musical grime of bands like  The Gun Club, Billy Childish, Radio Birdman, The Cramps and The  Oblivians; and they cathartically spew raw, gritty blasts of Riff N Roll supremacy.  Pioneers in the underground Garage scene, BRIMSTONE HOWL have come a long ways since their early days working with Jay Reatard and Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys). Another winner from the HOWL.

ZOOM Demo Tape (Trash King Productions)
ZOOM is the culmination of things brewing for quite some time. East meets west, young meets old- a story oft repeated but mostly obscured by ex-member hyperbole and undelivered promise. The difference for ZOOM is that rather than attempting to adhere to the narrative of the dominant trends in music in this era ZOOM exists for the symbiotic renewal and enrichment of music for all eras. This vampiric feast of youthful energy and time-tested wisdom is as much for those in the crowd as it is for those on the stage. While this spirit is immortal, ZOOM's lifespan is surely finite- feast while you can on their eponymous cassette debut.

OUT FOR BLOOD Issue #1 Zine
Richmond's new hardcore rag OUT FOR BLOOD is here - includes interviews with John Evicci (Out Cold / Oblivionation) and Jon Westbrook (Knife Fight), plus the appropriate amount of reviews, shittalking, and exclusive photos to make for a quality HC zine. Has a similar feel to Counterfeit Garbage, with writing and layout duties split between two proficient cretins. Not for poseurs or pseudointellectuals - a real meat and potatoes HC rag.

Issue #3 features interviews with Laura Pallmall, Elijah Funk, and Black Panties  plus loads of full bleed gig photos among other things. It’s 32 pages and printed on a risograph machine with red ink which looks killer!

Restocks for 9.25.14:

ARCHAIC "Noise in Your Head" 7"
CREEM "Curator" 7"
ETERNAL CHAMPION "Last King of Pictdom" 7"
LIFE STINKS "Portraits" 7"
LUMPY & THE DUMPERS "Gnats In The Pisser" 7"
MAGIC CIRCLE "Lighting Her Fire" 7"
SPINE "S/T" 7"

GAS RAG "Beats Off" LP
GIUDA "Let's Do It Again!" LP
GIUDA "Racey Roller" LP
POISON IDEA "Kings of Punk" 2xLP
SADO-NATION "We're Not Equal" LP
SPAZZ "Crush Kill Destroy" LP
SPAZZ "Dwarf Jester Ring" LP
SPAZZ "La Revancha" LP
TRAGEDY "Nerve Damage" LP

Friday, August 22, 2014


Webstore Update / August 22, 2014

Greetings ladies and gents! Summer is almost over and I've been keeping pretty quiet on the label front as of late, but things are about to pick up pretty soon as we head into Fall. A couple of quick label updates, then we'll get to the webstore update …

On the release front, we'll have three new releases heading your way next month - the BREAKOUT "True Crime" 7", TENEMENT "Bruised Music Vol. 1" Singles Collection LP, and the ASYLUM 7" (on Vinyl Conflict) have all been pressed up and most of the covers are on order.  We will most likely see the two singles out around early/mid September and the Tenement LP towards the end of the month so stay tuned.

In other exciting label news, GMHQ is actually MOVING again! Yup, this will be the second time moving the full label operation this year!  As odd as it sounds, I'm actually pretty excited to be moving again so soon because I am finally getting everything OUT of my house and into a space solely for the label! I've been operating this record label and distro out of various houses and apartments over the past 12 years, so it's been a long time coming.  I'm currently crammed in an approximately 200 square foot extra bedroom in my apartment with record shelves floor to ceiling, and cannot WAIT to get into a much bigger space.

The move will hopefully only put a hold on shipping for two or three days next week, but any orders placed over the weekend will be ship out on Monday before the move. Needless to say, I'm very excited - so excited that I'm doing a 20% off discount code for any Grave Mistake Releases (including package deals). Just put in the code: gm-movingsale#2 when you check out, and it will deduct 20% from any Grave Mistake titles in your order! This code will be good through the end of the August.
Once I'm all settled into the new spot, I plan on kicking September off in high gear over here. Vacation's over - some fun stuff in the works before the year is up!

And on that note, here's what's new in the webstore this month …


Once again, another month has passed since the last webstore update, and some killer records have been added to the store over that time. Sadly, a couple new releases came and went before I could get this update out (like the new HANK WOOD and LONG KNIFE records), but I'm working on getting restocks soon. I also have a few more new titles that are en route, but sadly didn't make it in time for this update (like the new GLUE 7", STEP FORWARD 7", and LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS restocks).  However, once those show up they are going up in the store right away - so if you are looking to grab em ASAP, keep an eye on the new arrivals section of the store or the GM Facebook page. Anyways, there is still a ton of great stuff in stock …

Picked up the long awaited new 12" from Cleveland's one and only INMATES; some new stuff from our friends from Katorga Works, including the new INSTITUTE 7" and IVY LP (GM be one of only a handful of distros selling copies until the regular version is ready); a few choice slabs from Video Disease like the rad LP from THE FLEX and 7"s from STERILIZED and IRON YOUTH; picked up a couple of great new releases (and two of my favorites for 2014) from the wonderful city of Baltimore, MD - the ANGEL DU$T "A.D." LP and the WILD HONEY "Seventeen Forever" 7" - I was also able to grab some of the last remaining copies of the GIVE "I Am Live" 7"; picked up the debut LP from RVA's own SLUGZ, the newest LP from the almighty COLD WORLD, a handful of the latest LP releases from Dirt Cult like the BLANK PAGES LP, UNWELCOME GUESTS LP, and AUTONOMY / NO SIR I WONT Split LP; some rad singles from Grazer Records (POW!, SO WHAT, and COCKTAILS), the debut 7" from the UK's SNOB, the long awaited debut 7" from Atlanta's CRIMINAL INSTINCT, and a few choice reissues from VERBAL ABUSE, SIEGE, and PF COMMANDO.  A lot more new records not mentioned here, so check the full list below!

Stocked up on some of the new MERCY KILLINGS tape which features 2 ripping new tracks from their upcoming 7" as well as a live set, and some rad demos from Richmond's CHRISTI, CROWN COURT from the UK, and STERILE MINDS and FATIGUE (both from the Bay Area).

Finally, got a ton of cool restocks on both recent and older titles from the likes of ANTI-CIMEX, KRAKDOWN, MFP, SOCIALCIDE, SWEET TOOTH, BROKEN PATTERNS, VAGINORS, CIRCLE JERKS, ADOLESCENTS, DEFORMITY, PERSPEX FLESH, VALLEY BOYS, ARCTIC FLOWERS, DRI, LEATHERFACE, NO, EVIL CONDUCT, and more - full restock list is at the bottom of the update.

Thanks for reading!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records

New in the Webstore for 08.22.14:

Finally! A new INMATES record! 9 more songs from Cleveland's finest. (Painkiller Records)

INSTITUTE "Giddy Boys" 7"
Austin, TX's Institute delivers this stunning debut single highlighting their superior brand of punk heavily inspired by anarcho and post-punk greats. Taking obvious cues from bands such as Crisis with hints of Public Image Ltd., and even the Partisans, the band has delivered on the potential of their much-hyped demo cassette. Success! (Katorga Works Records)
Delivering on the lo-fi promise of their demo, NYC's Ivy presents their debut 12", a cleaner and fuller representation of their brand of off-kilter hardcore punk that, no matter how hard they try to play it by-the-books, ends up being terribly unique and truly amazing. (Katorga Works Records)

FLEX, THE "Wild Stabs in the Dark" LP
The Flex have been tearing up the fucking world the past few years after their debut 7" on Video Disease/Milk Run. They show NO signs of slowing down with their LP "Wild Stabs In The Dark". 10 Songs of incredible early 80's UK meets late 80's NYHC.  The Flex are part of the new breed of UKHC, and "Wild Stabs In The Dark" is a milestone in this new sound and in this new age. (Video Disease Records)

STERILIZED "Chemical Dust" 7"
The English may have invented it, but as always, the Americans perfected it. Blazing, brutal, USHC influenced D-Beat from Olympia. 4 songs of in your face P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. Every record comes in a custom d-beat style sleeve and on illustrious white vinyl.  Released simultaneously along with a 7" on the almighty Warthog Speak label.  EAT IT AND DIE. (Video Disease Records)

Debut 7" from this Austin, TX outfit that shares members of Glue and Institute. Although they may share members with those bands, they do not share sounds.  Iron Youth is a massive, nasty, sweat-filled stinking sock of ugly, bottom-feeding hardcore. Think No Trend if they were more suicidal and were bred on a diet of early 80's USHC.  Limited to 300 copies and NEVER to be repressed. Most of the copies are gone. Buy one now or lose out forever. (Video Disease Records)

WILD HONEY "Seventeen Forever" 7"
Wildhoney is a shoegaze band from Baltimore, MD. On this single, buried under thick layer of jangly fuzz, are some upbeat indie-pop gems sure to please fans of Cocteau Twins, Black Tambourine, and Medicine. The vocals are airy, yet powerful, maintaining a strong presence amongst the beautiful noise of the band. (Photobooth Records)

GIVE "I am Live" 7"
Give is a rock band from Washington, DC. This live record takes songs recorded by Ashley Sykes at two shows in Baltimore and DC. Two songs from each show. (Photobooth Records)

SNOB "S/T" 7"
Debut six song 7" from this great new London band who feature a member of Good Throb among others. A lot of bands recently have been described as 'Rudimentary Peni influenced', but this is definitely one of the few that actually bring them to mind, even if the songs are slightly faster paced. Great DIY packaging with riso-ed sleeves and hand stamped labels. (Self Released Records)

Angel Du$t is an American hardcore punk band from Baltimore, Maryland, formed in 2012. It all started with their first EP, Xtra Raw, a collection of 8 songs that managed to be as catchy as they were explosively energetic. Traces of influence from bands like Bad Brains, The Stooges, Poison Idea, Black Flag, and Misfits are apparent, yet Angel Du$tmanages to contribute something truly unique that could have only come out of Baltimore. Even with influences that seem to draw deep into the ’80s and earlier, Angel Du$t finds a way to approach it all with a youthful honesty, with songs that touch on everything from the personal to the sexual to the socio-political. Their first full length, A.D., is due for release June 10th on REACT! Records / Reaper Records; 12 tracks recorded with Brian McTernan (The Explosion, In My Eyes, Polar Bear Club) that blur the lines between punk, hardcore, rock, and pop. (React! Records)

COLD WORLD "How the Gods Chill" LP
Years in the making, "How The Gods Chill" is the definitive Cold World album that the hardcore world has been clamoring for. Recorded by Will Yip (Studio 4) and Arthur Rizk (Salomon's Gate) "How The Gods Chill" is a thirteen song amalgamation of Hip Hop character and Hardcore heart. Openers "Blind" and “The Real Deal” bounce and stomp akin to "Urban Discipline" era Biohazard. While "Never Knows Best" and "No More Fun and Games" melodically and respectfully pay homage to influential legends Only Living Witness and Life Of Agony. It wouldn’t be a Cold World album without a myriad of diverse guest appearances. Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren, George Hirsch of Blacklisted, legendary Kool G. Rap, and even Max B are all featured on the album. Altogether creating an infectious melting pot of sound and spirit unlike anything out there today.  (Deathwish Records)

PF COMMANDO "Rough Sound" 7"
Originally released in 1980 as "Nu Ska Vi Ha", this second PF Commando single is a high point of early Euro punk rock. "Rough Sound" is the a-side hit, a massive pure punk blast that hits as hard as anything from the era, balancing melody and impact as effectively as early SLF or DOA. Two tracks on the flip maintain the energy and power, so you'll be turning this one over repeatedly. First reissue since 1980, in one of the best sleeves ever. (Ugly Pop Records)

PF COMMANDO "Manipulerade Mongon" LP
Self-released in 1979 by one of Sweden's most notorious bands, this monster debut was the country's first punk LP, packing in 15 tracks of pure three-chord bash at its most primal and aggressive. Vocals are alternately barked and snarled, guitars slash and buzz, the rhythm section thrashes along maniacally-- no pop, no art, just PUNK in the vein of Dead Boys, Viletones, Germs and early Black Flag! (Ugly Pop Records)

SIEGE "Lost Session '91" 7"
Long believed to be lost… the infamous unreleased SIEGE recording. While going through the archives of WEYMOUTH ROCK PRODUCTIONS, a cassette was discovered labeled “SIEGE Quincy Session w/ Seth.” Presented are four demo cuts that were meant to be the follow up to the legendary DROP DEAD cassette and CLEANSE THE BACTERIA compilation tracks. The original masters were damaged and completely unsalvageable.  Painstakingly restored by Lucky Lacquers, this 7″ is limited to 1000 copies. (Patac Records)

It’s been a long way to go, but SLUGZ are finally ready to roll with this new self-titled LP. Following their “Suit and Tie” and “Empty Space” singles, the Richmond area group reformed with a fully realized five-piece lineup. The eleven new tracks on this LP capture SLUGZ at their best yet – drawing from late 70s punk, adding a dose of speed to the mix, and bashing things out with just the right amount of rocknroll sensibility. The all-analogue recording on this album really allows the new dual guitar version of SLUGZ to cut through the mix, while the tight rhythm section and snot-dosed vocals present on earlier output shine through stronger than ever. After a couple of spins this album feels like a continuation of the raw, gritty punk rock that you know SLUGZ for melded with a more driving, forceful sound that’s propelled the band towards the release of this LP. Bust the shrink open on this album and see for yourself… LP includes a printed inner sleeve designed by artist William Chapman and is limited to 300 copies.  (Feel It Records)

Autonomy: Our favorite collective of misfits is back with another - and quite possibly their best - batch of songs. The band plays a Crass-inspired brand of dark and melodic anarcho-crust punk. No Sir, I Won't are from Boston (members of Brain Killer, Awful Man, etc.) and give that Conflict-style assaulting peace punk. (Dirt Cult Records)

Berlin's Blank Pages released on the of the best records on the 2013 on Hardward Records out of Germany and Dirt Cult is rereleasing it for their upcoming US tour. Amazing dark and melodic punk for fans of The Fall and The Wipers, or contemporaries such as Red Dons/The Observers. (Dirt Cult Records)

VERBAL ABUSE "Just an American Band" LP
1983. The East and West were engaged in the cold war, economic collapse loomed just around the corner, democracy was slowly being strangled by Reagan and Thatcher, Orwell vision of 1984 loomed large on the horizon and Verbal Abuse recorded their seminal album, 'Just An American Band'. Having moved from Texas to San Francisco in 1981 and subsided on a diet supplied by soup kitchens and whatever else they could lay their hands whilst playing shows with MDC, The Dicks and The Big Boys, Verbal Abuse epitomized the term Hardcore. Theirs was a sound born of fury, born of righteous anger. This was hardcore in it's rawest form, undiluted by the outside world. The band were a soundtrack to a scene still in it's infancy, a scene that rallied and stood firm against the outside world. MTV had yet to sink it's corporate teeth into the scene, the notion of anything pop being associated with punk rock was a joke. While 'Just An American Band' may not sound as clean and polished as the slick boy band poseurs passing themselves off as punk rockers of today, it's power and passion remain as a testament to a time when to be hardcore, you had to live hardcore. Anything else was unacceptable. Re-issued by Beer City, along with a live set from the 1984 tour on which the band played with punk legends as The Ramones, The Dead Kennedys, Die Krezen, Poison Idea and the Cro Mags, and featuring sleeve notes from the band themselves, 'Just An American Band' is the sound of liberty. The sound of an emerging force, of a band who lived it, eat it , slept it, dreamt it and did it. This is Verbal Abuse. This is Hardcore.  (Beer City Records)

If there was a vote for the best lyrical content in the 80s Punk songs, Steve Drewett of Newtown Neurotics would probably have blown everyone out of the water with his sharp to the point lyrics about the socio-political situation in the UK back during the Thatcherism. That aside, Newtown Neurotics were one of the best UK Punk bands of the second Punk wave. “Hypocrite / You Said No” was their first release from 1979. (Feral Ward Records)

COCKTAILS "Friday" 7"
On this follow-up to their self-titled EP, San Francisco’s COCKTAILS deliver a trio of buoyant bubblegum hits. Bouncy organ lines and propulsive guitar leads are the order-of-the-day here – a formula that recalls beloved jangle-pop bands GAME THEORY and THE LAST. But their subject matter – long work weeks, missed connections and misapplied makeup – remains more blue-collar and relatable than these references suggest. With aid from the sparkling production of Rob Good (WARM SODA), COCKTAILS have created three of the most uplifting songs you’re likely to hear anytime soon. (Grazer Records)

POW! "One Eyed Scorpion" 7"
Hot on the heels of their High-Tech Boom LP, space rockers POW! deliver more of the same: sneering vocals, wriggling keyboard lines and stinging fuzz guitars. A-side "One Eyed Scorpion" writhes and squirms before transforming into a full-on synth meltdown, all while being propelled by singer Byron Blum's agitated Eno-isms. The songs on the flip burn with proto-punk inspired misanthropy, complete with the primordial rhythms that SIMPLY SAUCER and NERVOUS GENDER once supplied. Like their Castle Face debut, the tracks here show a band seething over the state of their city. Lucky for us, they're still channeling that anger into enduring punk anthems.  Mastered by Mikey Young of TOTAL CONTROL. (Grazer Records)

SO WHAT "What You Do To Me" 7"
San Francisco's mutton-chopped rockers SO WHAT hark back to the days of catchy, assembly-line pop — when bubblegum bands like THE EQUALS and 1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY rightfully topped the charts. Nonetheless, SO WHAT temper the saccharine qualities of those groups with a punk and glitter-influenced sneer, incorporating lots of tom heavy beats, snotty vocals and distorted guitars.  The result is not unlike SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS covering KASENETZ-KATZ: a stomping, sing-along good time. A-side "What You Do To Me," a gritty rocker with melodic Townshend-ian backups, is worth the price of admission alone. (Grazer Records)

Criminal Instinct - "FEVER" Seven songs of Atlanta's hardest showing what they're made of. (Solid Bond Records)

MODERN PAIN "Self Deconstruction" 7"
Modern Pain was formed in 2010 by 4 people with music taste on opposite ends of the spectrum for the sole purpose of playing straight edge music with no gimmicks. No bleached hair, no pseudo-positive lyrics. While their individual music tastes might not be similar, the few bands they mutually love have an apparent influence on their music; from classics like Integrity and Infest to more recent bands like Think I Care. With a handful of tours, a demo and an EP under their belt thus far, MP has no means of slowing down upon the release of Self Deconstruction.  (Six Feet Under Records)

NO TIME "S/T" 7"
Pittsburgh’s Oi! punks, No Time were formed by ex-members from one of Pittsburgh’s most brutal extreme acts, Heartless. This current musical reincarnation of sorts has found the band members repositioned on new instruments. Former Heartless bassist Adam Thomas is handling vocal duties and has already seen comparisons to Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham and seminal Oi! outfit, 86 Mentality. Longtime fans of punk rock and Oi! should find a lot to love here.  (Six Feet Under Records)

NO WARNING "Suffer, Survive" LP
Second LP from Toronto's NO WARNING no on vinyl. One time only repress. (Six Feet Under Records)

Mixing the raw energy and heartfelt lyrics in the vein of Husker Du and catchy vocal melodies that are akin to those found on a Springsteen album, The Unwelcome Guests rock through songs leaving the listeners begging for more and the songs are sung with heartfelt conviction. From the poppy drunken sing-along style, to the slow heartbreak songs, to the country tinged mid-paced rockers (Dirt Cult Records)

NEEDLES/PINS "Shamebirds" LP
Airtight power pop from Vancouver, Canada for fans of Steve Adamyk Band, Sonic Avenues, Gentleman Jesse as well as classic Canadian power pop bands like Teenage Head and Pointed Sticks. But this stuff isn't just a carbon copy. Needles//Pins have a sound all of their own. (Dirt Cult Records)

HOAX HUNTERS "Comfort and Safety" LP
The best music can stop time. The best songs have sounds that surround you, drowning out everything else. They annihilate year and age.  On Comfort and Safety, Hoax Hunters flood you with a hell of a lot of the best music. Fleets of buzz-rumble guitars that pull you out of your day, wave on wave of songs bust loose, buoy and buffet, like your first favorite record all over again.  This record is a torrent of noisy American rock: Sonic Youth squeals, Hüsker Dü hook-howls, Drive Like Jehu's ascending tensions, Dag Nasty's drenching intensity. (Negative Fun Records)

In a world full of generic grindcore split 7"s, this one stands a bit taller and shines a bit brighter than the norm. Sete Star Sept is....basically the best band in the world. While their discography grows at an exponential rate, I think this recording is a cut above the rest, and it holds a special place in my heart as it's a product of Mike Walls (Official Lotus Fucker Noise Scientist and resident SPHC audio engineer), recorded on our home turf here in Baltimore. This perfect recording captures Sete Star Sept spontaneously generating totally wild and chaotic grindcore that just barely holds enough form and coherence to qualify beyond "noisecore". For fans of harsh music, there is no equal. New York Against Belzebu is a legendary Brazilian noisecore band that comes from a slightly different scene than bands like Noise and Industrial Holocaust. This material is some of my favorite NYAB stuff to date, totally frantic and balls-to-the-wall noisecore with wild guitar styles, unhinged and chaotic drumming, and crazy fucked up vocals. All grind freaks, hail the masters. (SPHC Records)

BRODY'S MILITIA "Napalm Zepplin Raids" 7"
Y's legendary rednecks return with their most rocked out effort to date. You may remember the fast-as-fuck hardcore of their older releases and their previous band Hellnation, but this record has only a few blastbeats and LOTS of sick 70's hard rock riffing and hardman's swagger. While the quintessential Brody's Militia material is a more evenly-keeled mix of fast hardcore, 70's hard rock, and country, this record leans very heavily into the "hard rock/heavy metal" territory, and it's definitely for the better.  This EP is such a fascinating counterpoint to all their more generic fast hardcore records. It shows an evolutionary endpoint of the band and a successful mastering of their influences. Out of their large discography, this is one of the must-have releases. (SPHC Records)

LAS OTRAS "Devolver el Golpe" LP
Las Otras are an all women hardcore punk band from Barcelona. After a well received 7" they are back with a new 12" for their US tour of the west coast.  They are taking their cues from local bands of their friends in the DIY punk scene as well as 80's hardcore and punk like Ultimo Resorte and Antidogmatikss. Their new 12" is faster, but they are just as angry as before. Unabashedly political, the lyrics are still are about their radical feminist outlook and are screaming about the injustice that surrounds us. This isn't trendy or cool. This is pissed hardcore! (Discos Sense Nom)

HEAVY NUKES "Ultra Mega Raw" 7"
This is amazing, a one man side project of Swedish band Anger Burning, and it's just totally perfect Cimex/Shitlickers raw punk. When I got this I thought it was kind of joke/parody record (dis is getting pathetic.. sort of vibe) but actually it's deadly fucking serious raw punk, much better than most "raw punk" bands out there. Has that "broke into the studio in the middle of the night and recorded" sound quality. The vocals, drums and guitar tone are all perfect like a 1982 Swedish jam.  (Static Age Records)

MERCY KILLINGS "Snuffed Out" Promo Tape
Two brand new songs and a live set on this latest offering from VA's MERCY KILLINGS. Killier follow up to their debut EP, these two songs are a teaser for their upcoming "Snuffed Out" EP, out this fall on Beach Impediment. (Beach Impediment Records)

Crown Court is a band out of London, England playing Oi! the way it was meant to be played. Drawing influences from Slaughter and the Dogs, Menace and throwing in a bit of French melody a la Camera Silens and L’Infanterie Sauvage and you have 3 songs featuring solid riffs, catchy leads and simple melodies that perfectly captures the UK sound we all have come to love. (Mind Rot Records)

FATIGUE "Dog Bodies" Tape
The perfect soundtrack to watching the soul of real life bleached down to an unrecognizable, squeaky-clean, child-safety prison outside of your control. FATIGUE is growling, ripping and tearing back from the deepest, darkest corners of the gut. Take the ugly snarl and familiarity of first wave punk, add the blood-thirsty fervor and frostbite of a vacant Cass Corridor warehouse in 1982, and steady it with the gobbing, No-Future confidence of the UK punk sound of that same year, and you end up with a snarling beast similar to this. With ex- and current members of SYDNEY DUCKS, CAGED ANIMAL, YOUNG OFFENDERS, SCALPED, and HUNTING PARTY among the ranks, the sound all makes sense. The savagery of "Outlander" being the standout track. Nasty. (Demo)

New band from from the Bay Area, playing a style that pulls influences everywhere from Poison Idea (PYK era) to Copout/Deathreat, Totalitar and other Scandi greats. (Demo)

Yes! A new Richmond band that you need to take note of immediately, CHRISTI have just released this eight song demo that's as downright catchy as it is rocking. These four ladies pull together a mix of stomping rocknroll-based punk (see: Cramps, Gories) and pop inflected sweet (ala Shop Assistants, Protex) that really stands out from the pack. CHRISTI are a soulful, rocking, and irresistibly memorable bunch that have gone and unleashed hit-after-hit on this demo, serving as their first true recording. This full length tape offers a preview of two tracks that will later appear as the debut CHRISTI single on Feel It. Dig in now and see why these ladies are quickly becoming one of Richmond's best. Self released with gold paper cover and lyric insert/poster. (Demo)

MUKEKA DI RATO "Gaiola" Tape
It's our enormous honor and extreme pleasure to help reissue this classic piece of Brazilian hardcore on the cheapest, easiest format, perfectly suited and timed for your summer boombox requirements.  The 00's should be remembered for a lot of things....and one of them is Brazilian fastcore. Bands like Discarga, I Shot Cyrus, Merda, Infect were popping out a respectable volume of high-quality fast hardcore, and seemed to put Brazil back on the international hardcore map. But the band that stands out the most to my ears has always been the legendary Mukeka di Rato, who are my favorite post-80's Brazilian hardcore band. Mukeka di Rato play a loose, wild, super-catchy, and hyper-energetic style of fast hardcore with an appreciation for anthemic mid-tempo pop rockers and the occasional samba/reggae/chiiiillllll part (and the occasional blastbeats-and-grind-vocals part to balance). They have an instantly recognizable sound and vibe entirely their own (well okay maybe their other band Merda feels the same way to me haha). Perfect hardcore music that can't help but bring a smile to your face. (SPHC Records)

MERDA "Greatest Shits" Tape
A collection of songs spanning the entire discography of this noteworthy Brazilian hardcore band. From their earlier chaotic and unhinged fast hardcore style to their later style of fast hardcore more influenced by skate rock and pop-punk, Merda has always managed to evoke a feeling of happiness within me. When hardcore is this raging and energetic, but still catchy and fun in a sincere way, it can't help but make me smile. Hearing instant-smash-hit sing-alongs like "Maradona" and "Takusan Nomitai" interspersed amongst balls-to-the-wall mosh-inducing fast hardcore is a guaranteed formula for success. To me, this is one of the best bands in the world. (SPHC Records)

NUTS ZINE Issue #13
Short and sweet summer issue from NYC's NUTS! Issue #14 clocks in at just one 24"x 36" newsprint page but is jam packed full of content as always. The highlight here is a GAS RAG interview that delves into singer Zach London's rather interesting gig as a paid sex worker, among other things. Also included, a rather opinionated but well thought out review of New York's Alright fest 2014, plus the live show and record reviews you've come to expect from NUTS! Another visually arresting issue that's a little quicker to digest this time around! (Nuts)

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #376 - Sept. 2014
How’s it going, Maxi Rockers? We just got another killer edition of MRR hot off the presses! In Maximum Rocknroll #376, the September 2014 issue, we have an extensive talk with punkettes the DISHRAGS, one of the first all-lady punk bands, who started out in Canada in 1977; we spend some time superbly wasted with Chicago’s favorite punk ragers GAS RAG, and we talk to Toronto’s hardcore menaces and mobilizers S.H.I.T.. We also have a long talk with Jon and Jensen of Iron Lung Records, talk abyss punk and goth inspiration with Philly’s FAR-OUT FANGTOOTH, and Madrid’s EXTINCIÓN DE LOS INSECTOS debate experimentation and creativity within the DIY setting, while director Vladimir Kozlov tells us about his upcoming documentary on ’80s Siberian punk, Traces in the Snow. Last but not least, after a great split EP and before their upcoming tour in the US, we get a split interview with Finnish dark synthy post-punks KUUDES SILMÄ and MAAILMANLOPPU; a chat with Paul Birnbaum of SEPTIC DEATH, and a scene report from Patras, Greece! All this, plus “New Blood,” Shitworker of the Month, a photo spread, book, demo, zine and movie reviews, all the columns you love to hate, and let’s not forget the most extensive review section in punk print! Grab your copy today! (MRR)

Restocks for 8.22.14:

ANTI-CIMEX "Anarkist Attack" 7"
ANTI-CIMEX "Victims of a Bombraid" 7"
CHAOS CHANNEL "(Magic Bullet) That Works to Feed the Pig" 7"
DEFORMITY "Shards" 7"
MFP "S/T" 7"
SPYS, THE "Underground" 7"
SWEET TOOTH "Japanese Void" 7"
VAGINORS "Nuclear Pap Smear" LP
VALLEY BOYS "Drone Attack" 7"
VILE NATION "Tight Leash" 7"
YADOKAI "Final" 7"

BROKEN PATTERNS "Pattern Interrupt" LP
CHRISTIAN DEATH "Only Theatre of Pain" LP
DRI "Dealing With It" LP
DRI "Dirty Rotten" LP
EVIL CONDUCT "Oi! Scorchers: The Best of Evil Conduct" 2LP
LONG KNIFE "Wilderness" LP
NO "The Great Space" LP
OXYMORON "Fuck the 90's, Here's Our Noize" LP
RED KROSS "Born Innocent" LP
RIKK AGNEW "All By Myself" LP
SOCIALCIDE "Unapproachable" LP
TEAR IT UP "Nothing to Nothing" LP
THOR'S HAMMER "If You Knew: Icelandic Punk & Beat '65-67" LP

MARKED MEN "Ghosts" Tape
MARKED MEN, THE "Fix My Brain" Tape

NUTS ZINE - Issue #10
NUTS ZINE - Issue #11
NUTS ZINE - Issue #12
NUTS ZINE - Issue #13