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New BARGE Tracks Up Now / FULL U.S. TOUR with PURE DISGUST Begins This Weekend

*Photo by Angela Owens [Site]
Richmond, VA's Barge will be joining DC's Pure Disgust this weekend for a month long U.S. Tour this summer. Barge's debut 7" EP, No Gain, was released on Vinyl Conflict in 2013, and when they return from tour they will be putting the final touches on twelve new tracks for their upcoming LP, due out early 2016.

In the meantime, we've posted up some new tracks - early mixes of two songs that will appear on the LP.  You can check those out for free download at the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page.  The band will also have a tape available on their tour.

For the unacquainted, Barge brings the blistering speed and ferocity of classics like INFEST and NO COMMENT, while laying you out flat with heavy breaks reminiscent of classic early 80's Boston.  Their intensity both live and on record is the reason they are one of the best hardcore bands coming out of RVA these days.

The first stop this weekend will be at Atlanta's Burning, a new fest whose inaugural year includes a plethora of Atlanta bands (GG King, Mercenary, Slugga, G.H.B. Paradox) plus Blood Pressure, Chain Rank, Pure Disgust, Barge, Wet Brain, Skemata, and more. Richmond VA's Hard Stripes will also be joining the tour for several weeks.

Pure Disgust recently released their 2nd EP, Chained, on Katorga Works last month, and their debut 7" is also now back in print. They also contributed a track to The Red Line DC Hardcore Compilation Tape, which features Red Death, Protester, Stand Off, Genocide Pact, and more. Hard Stripes released their debut EP on Vinyl Conflict in late 2013, and their 2nd EP on Triple B Records in 2014.

Full dates are below, thanks for reading.
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
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More info can be found on the Facebook Event Page
6.26.15 - Atlanta, GA @ Mammal Gallery w/ Wet Brain, Rubbish, Dernier Combat, Harsh Words *
6.27.15 - Houston, TX @ Black Barbie w/ Common Ignorance, United Races, Dress Code, Paranoid Chant *
6.28.15 - Austin, TX @ The Mohawk w/ Impalers, Breakout, Concrete *
6.29.15 - Ft. Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/ The Sentenced, Kept In Line
6.30.15 - Las Cruces, NM @ Haphazard Hall w/ Missing Link, Slow Eater *
7.1.15 - Phoenix, AZ @ 51 West Venue w/ Sex Prisoner, Humiliation *
7.2.15 - San Diego, CA @ Legend Records w/ Cold Stare, Drug Control *
7.3.15 - La Puente, CA @ Bridgetown DIY w/ Convict *
7.4.15 - LA, CA @ East 7th w/ Fury, Free At Last, Burst of Rage, Lock *
7.5.15 - Bakersfield, CA @ Babylon *
7.6.15 - San Jose, CA @ San Jose Rock Shop w/ I.C.E., Subtle Violence *
7.7.15 - San Francisco, CA @ Honey Hive Gallery w/ Scalped *
7.8.15 - Oakland, CA @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records w/ Burnt Books *
7.9.15 - Portland, OR @ The Know w/ Cum *
7.10.15 - Olympia, WA @ Old School Pizzeria w/ Gag *
7.11.15 - Seattle, WA @ Nuthole w/ Bricklayer *
7.12.15 - Boise, ID @ Feral House w/ Left Astray, Twat Trap, ForcedxIdentity
7.13.15 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court w/ Ceremony
7.14.15 - Denver, CO @ Seventh Circle Music Collective w/ Cadaver Dog, Negative Degree, Culture Shock
7.15.15 - Kansas City, MO @ Sandbox w/ Reality Abuse, Organ Trail
7.16.15 - Minneapolis, MN @ Rathole w/ Lard Boys, Much Worse
7.17.15 - Milwaukee, WI @ Cocoon Room w/ Falter, Short Walk, Writhin'
7.18.15 - Chicago, IL @ The 2040 w/ Sin Orden, Public Assault
7.19.15 - Indianapolis, IN @ TBA w/ Social Damage
7.20.15 - Columbus, Ohio @ Legion of Doom w/ Minority Threat
7.21.15 - Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
7.22.15 - Boston, MA @ The Boiler Room w/ I.C.E
7.23.15 - Easthampton, MA @The Flywheel w/ Chemiplastica
7.24.15 - New York City, NY @ Palisades w/ Concealed Blade, NYC Headhunters

*with Hard Stripes

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Welcome to June's Webstore Update! A bunch of solid new titles added to the store again this month, all of which you can read up on below.

First of all, thanks to everyone who picked up a Government Warning shirt or pin (or shorts!) this past month. There is still a pretty good selection of stuff in the store (along with the Red Death and Coke Bust shirts), so if you haven't had a chance to peep em you aren't too late!

Before I get to the webstore update, we've got some bands touring this summer; some coming up and a couple already in progress! Tenement is currently on tour with Indiana's Big Zit which wraps up this weekend; Red Dons have two more shows on their current Midwest tour, and will be hitting Europe in early fall; Red Death will be touring in late July with Power Trip and Finland's Foreseen; Barge and Hard Stripes are about to meet up with Pure Disgust for a full US tour this summer.

Speaking of Barge, their new LP due out early 2016 on Grave Mistake is almost finished. The band threw together a quick 3 song promo tape with some rough cuts of a couple of LP tracks (as well as a choice cover), and we've got that up for stream and free download so give that a listen if you haven't yet. If you catch them on tour, pick up a tape!

Here are some links for those tours, check these bands out if they are heading your way!
Tenement / Big Zit Tour (Currently Happening)
Red Dons Midwest Tour (In Progress)
Barge / Hard Stripes / Pure Disgust Tour
Power Trip / Red Death / Foreseen Tour

That's all the label news for the moment, but expect a few more big updates before the summer is up!


A bunch of new releases this month that you should definitely check out! We've got the much anticipated new "Predatory Headlights" 2xLP from TENEMENT (which of course, comes highly recommended from me), the latest EP from DC's PURE DISGUST, the second LP (and ltd. single) from FLESH WORLD, a new LP from TX's INSTITUTE (as well as restocks on their other 12"s),a new ACHTUNGS LP, a new single from MYSTIC INANE, the debut 7" from SLIMEY MEMBER, a few copies of the GOWANUS MUTANT KOMANDOS 7", the ripping FIT FOR ABUSE reissue, some copies of the latest LOST TRIBE LP (as well as a handful of other releases from Mass Media Records), a really cool tape from the SF's THE SHANGHAIS, live COKE BUST tape, the latest issue of Hashtag Hardcore Fanzine, and more!

Added a handful of new and restocked imports and fanclub releases, including a ton from the MISFITS and NIRVANA, plus some from BLACK FLAG, FEAR, GISM, CONFUSE, and THE VICTIMS (Aus.),GERMS, LSD, BLACK RANDY AND THE METROSQUAD, and THE URINALS.

Finally, restocked on the new SUPERCRUSH single once again, as well as the "The Red Line" DC Hardcore tape compilation!

Thanks for reading!!!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records
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TENEMENT "Predatory Headlights" 2xLP
(Don Giovanni Records)
Predatory Headlights was completed over the course of three years with the assistance of engineer and co-producer, Justin Perkins. Pitsch has often cited Perkins' involvement in early 2000's groups Yesterday's Kids and The Obsoletes as a heavy influence. Perkins also worked with Tenement on their 2011 offering, Napalm Dream, as well as acclaimed records by the likes of The Goodnight Loving, The Sugar Stems, and The Mystery Girls. The bulk of Predatory Headlights was written and recorded at BFG in Appleton, Wisconsin - Tenement's home and personal studio. The house was symbolically demolished within days of finishing the record, and in a fitting display of finality, three years of sweat and nightmares and beauty and dissonance returned to the soil and found its way back into the water and woods with only this document to prove it ever even existed at all. Thanks to Don Giovanni Records, you hold the very document in your hands - Tenement's newest window into the nature of the human being and the complexity of life: Predatory Headlights.

PURE DISGUST "Chained" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Washington, DC's best and brightest, Pure Disgust, returns with their second EP, Chained. Blistering hardcore punk is the name of the game here, but with the added melodic elements of UK77 to keep things catchy. Certainly, this is their strongest recorded material. What makes Pure Disgust truly exceptional, however, is the lyrical content, which channels the collective suffering and frustrations of Black America in a time of 21st Century Slavery. Despite overlapping territories and intertwined history, the punk political mind, blinders on, is devoid of any substantive critique of perhaps the most pressing issue(s) in America today, so be grateful for Pure Disgust for making you uncomfortable with your place in society and what it means for Others.

(Katorga Works Records)
GMK is the brainchild of infamous NYC punk figure Weird Luke. First time I saw them two years ago, I thought they were the worst band ever. Fast forward to now, the band has self

MYSTIC INANE "Ode to Joy" 7" (Negative Jazz Records)
Newest single from New Orleans' MYSTIC INANE.

FIT FOR ABUSE "Mindless Violence" LP (Armageddon Records)
This Massachusetts HC classic finally sees the light of day again, reissued after 17 years. The 12 tracks have been mastered at New Alliance East, pressed on 150 gram vinyl, housed in a heavy duty Stoughton tip-on jacket, includes a 12x12 insert and download with bonus track. Fit For Abuse started in the winter of 1995 inspired to play hardcore in the vein of classic bands like Negative FX, Poison Idea, Gang Green and Negative Approach. After numerous local shows and one demo, in September of 1996 FFA recorded these 12 tracks with Kurt Ballou of Converge in his original 8-Track home studio. The “Mindless Violence EP” was originally released in a pressing of 1000 copies in early 1997, and repressed one time in 1998. Urban HC legend has it that several more tracks were recorded at the same time, but so far have been impossible to track down... beyond one cover song, "Nuclear Threat" originally by The Abused. Not long after the original record came out, singer Matt  Kelly was asked to join the Dropkick Murphys as their drummer. He made the choice to leave FFA due to his nonstop touring schedule. The band decided to continue on without him. Over the years, Joe continued playing music with Think I Care, R'n'R, Vaccine and others. Muzzi was in Out  Cold for a while. Matt is still in The Dropkick Murphys. Where everyone else is, well who knows. "Mindless Violence" made a mark in the 1990's for some of us, an often underrated and constantly overlooked piece of Massachusetts musical history. Hopefully now this properly mastered version will leave it's mark on a new generation of hardcore fans, and  make some older ones clean the wax out of their ears. 12 songs. Hardcore done the way it's meant to be done, with no bullshit added.

INSTITUTE "Catharsis" LP (Sacred Bones Records)
Politically speaking, not much has changed about the way Austin’s Institute exists as a band since signing to Sacred Bones. Having members in Glue, Wiccans, and Back to Back, all fellow stalwarts of the Texas punk scene, helps streamline the approach for them, as all of their bands operate from the same basic ethos (i.e. operating outside of the normal cycle of PRs, agents, social networking and self-promotion). In fact, singer Moses Brown has said they’re only comfortable being on Sacred Bones because he considers the label “a punk label on steroids.” (A note from the label—“Drugs, yes. Steroids, usually no.”) Aligning themselves so closely with punk politics might make some of the music on Catharsis come as a surprise. Yes, they’re still the anarcho punks who put out gloriously lean Crass and Crisis worship across a demo, a 7-inch, and last year’s Salt EP. But for their boundary-smashing debut long-player, they’ve incorporated everything from acoustic guitars to proto-punk psych excursions, even stretching their songs out to Krautrock lengths when necessary.

FLESH WORLD "Just to Tear Me Down" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
The first installment in the 3rd series of ILR 2 song singles. This new series sees blank labels, color specific to the band (light blue in FW's case), that will be hand stamped and a standardized j-card sleeve that will also be hand stamped and numbered. All singles in this series will be strictly limited to 304 copies. More of that dreamy yet jagged pop sensation that you've come to know from FLESH WORLD. The A side is from the album and the B is an exclusive remix done by none other than that Canadian audio shaman Don Pyle.  This is a booster slab for the upcoming "The Wild Animals In My Life" LP due out in June on this fine imprint. Art by Jess Scott ("she's very good").

FLESH WORLD "The Wild Animals in My Life" LP (Iron Lung Records)
It’s not often that fuzzed-out C86 jangle and brash queercore find common musical ground, Flesh World's inception focused less on their other bands (Limp Wrist, Needles and Brilliant Colors), and more on their mutual love for drag shows and punk gigs, as their vision took form in the under dwellings of San Francisco’s DIY scene. -Max Mohenu/Pitchfork. The Wild Animals In My Life is the first full album and second 12" sized record for this incredible reverb swarm. Knowing and growing from the past unto now, power is the underlying draw here. Lulled by the fist/pummeled by the euphoria.  Hearty black vinyl in a heavyweight full color jacket with a poster insert even.

SCUMRAID "Rip Up" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
Completely raging crasher style punk music from Seoul, South Korea. Unorthodox song structures and virtually note free noise thrash with dual, over-the-top aggro vocals. The guitarist tells us he doesn't even listen to punk (only blues). WTF?! Unbelievable. Seeing is believing and what we saw was fucking fantastic. 700 copies on an etched black disc housed in a quality glued pocket sleeve with a collage crust insert.

SLIMY MEMBER "S/T" 7" (Todo Destruido Records)
Just like most cities, there's a new generation of kids and lots of new bands have been popping up. Dallas is no exception, and Slimy Member is one of those bands. Slimy Member play dark/anarcho/punk. The main reason this band really stood out to me amongst the many goth/post punk/dark bands(whatever) is because even though they have elements of those sounds, they still maintain to sound punk through the whole thing. The band reminds me of a mix between Exit-Stance and 80's L.A/OC Punk. After a demo tape and a U.S tour, this is their debut 7". Limited to 500 copies/pocket sleeve.

(Sacred Bones Records)
Cheena's debut 7" on Sacred Bones. This is some dark slide-gutiar punk madness in the vein of the Flesh Eaters or Gun Club, but with a distinct NYC vibe. Their demo was a pretty cool start to things, but it pales in comparison to this EP. The song "Did I Tell You Last Night?" is one of the best songs I've heard all year. Members of Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Dawn of Humans, Pharmakon, Anasazi, Crazy Spirit, etc.

ZERO "Paradox" 7"
(Desolate Records)
Blazing hardcore punk from this Minneapolis band. Catchy and driving songs with a strong burning spirits influence. These guys are one of the most exciting bands around and while they have obvious influences their attention to melody and quality song writing stands out in today's punk scene. Packaged in 2 color screen printed (inside and outer) cover with a risographed insert and hand cut stamp on the inner sleeve. Recorded by Matt Castore (of Condominium) at a Harder Commune and mastered by Enormous Door.

PART 1 "Funeral Parade" LP (Sacred Bones Records)
Part 1 formed in 1980 and were part of the original London anarcho-punk scene. During the early 1980s they played a number of gigs, often with Rudimentary Peni, who the band became associated with, as well as other acts operating around the London Anarchy Centres funded by Crass’ Bloody Revolutions 7”. Part 1’s final gig (before reforming in 2013) was at the 100 Club in 1983 with Subhumans.  The band’s only vinyl release during this time was the Funeral Parade EP , released in October 1982. As well as an anarcho-punk classic, the record is now regarded as a seminal deathrock release – largely due to the dark, heavily flanged guitar work, morbid imagery, and anti-religious lyrical themes. Indeed, Part 1 have been described as “England’s Ultimate Cult Deathrock band.” (CVLT Nation). This very special reissue finally sees this lost classic receiving a long-deserved quality release: A remastered 12" vinyl in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with accompanying horror zine I...Paraworm, packed with never-seen text and unpublished artworks from the pen of guitarist Mark Ferelli, all contemporaneous to the 1982 release.

ACHTUNGS, THE "Welcome to Hell" LP (Going Underground Records)
Teen Punk is a universal language. Red Cross’ Born Innocent is a masterpiece. A little is more than a lot. If you disagree with any of the preceding, you can probably skip The Achtung’s new album “Welcome to Hell.” But you really ought to reconsider. This very short record feels even shorter, because the folks who made it sound like they’re having a blast. Perhaps you should join them. Features the hits “You’re Not My Friend,” “I Wanna Be Mean,” and “They sent Me Back to Hell.” They’re from Finland, but you’d never guess. On the Going Underground label, so you know it’s messed up. - Geoffrey Weiss

TRAGIEDIA "Punk 'Til Destruction" LP (Todo Destruido Records)
Todo Destruido's newest release chronicles Tragiedia's 2 demos from 1988 and 1989 that were never officially released, just passed around through tape trading circles and some select tracks more recently released as a split tape with PSI by Malarie Records. You might recognize some of their songs from Post Regiment's "Tragedia" LP. Tragiedia was a late 80's polish band that played raw HC/Punk with anger and fury. For fans of Siekiera (1984), TZN Xenna, etc. Mastered by Smoku of Post Regiment.

CHICKEN CHAIN "Birth of the Googus" LP (Snot Records)
On the verge of losing their jobs at the oh so popular fast food restaurant, Burger King, 4 16 year olds from Baltimore wrote a punk record in 45 minutes and recorded it on their 4 track. Drew Owen (Sick Thoughts) found them at his old high school and stole their demo tape so that he could put it out on his friend's new label, Snot Releases. No word has been given as to the whereabouts of the original Chicken Chain members.
LOST TRIBE "Solace" LP (Mass Media Records)Lost Tribe's Solace" is an epic odyssey through the graveyard dimension of punk, drawing inspiration from early crust, 80s California deathrock, UK anarcho-punk, and the more tribal side of post punk bands like Killing Joke. "Solace" combines piercing bass lines with earthquake-like drumming, strong vocals, darkly atmospheric synths, and razor-like guitars to weave a spell of death, lamentation, destruction, and disease over the listener. Punk from the wrong side of midnight."-Oliver Sheppard
CEMETERY "Wind and Shadows" LP (Mass Media Records)
Following a cult-classic cassette demo and subsequent vinyl reissue via Mass Media, Chicago/NYC’s Cemetery have returned to both recorded format and live shows with a vengeance. Its been a few years since many musicians versed in punk and hardcore’s energy and ethos have been delving in the dark arts of post punk and death rock ,revitalising  a genre that since the 90s has been cursed with overproduction and lackluster theatrics.  CEMETERY, along with BELLICOSE MINDS, SPECTERS and ARCTIC FLOWERS are at the forefront of this movement and their demo (reissued as “collection”) was one of its first widely distributed documents.  Now some 5 years later, CEMETERY has emerged from its hiding place to unleash their proper debut and the years have been good to them, presenting a more refined and expansive sound while remaining raw and mysterious.  A very much guitar driven death rock project, the guitar sounds entrance with their choral melodies one minute, slice through with cutting distortion the next, and there is definitely a difficulty discerning the role of snyths from the layers of guitar effects at times.  Its apparent that more so than the heaviest of their modern post punk contemporaries like aforementioned ARCTIC FLOWERS, LOST TRIBE and CRIMSON SCARLET that CEMETERY are far more informed by the 80s sound of what was called death-rock, with a very apparent CHRISTIAN DEATH influence while obviously digging deeper.  More melodic post punk influences shine through this time around most notably that  of  the CHAMELEONS (whom are covered on this LP, with a fantastically twisted punk version of “Fan and the Bellows”) especially on the very dance floor ready tracks “ Wind and Shadows”, “XVVX” and “Almond Eyes”.  This album remains true to its title as it is both the noise and chaos of a world being torn apart by winds of modern life as well as a testament to the classic sounds of post punk that have flourished in the shadows of the dance club scene.  Here is the sound of its rebirth, and death rock sounds more dead than ever.

LUNCH "Let Us Have Madness Openly" LP (Mass Media Records)
Another great post punk band from Portland?  BELIEVE IT.  Lunch is a young band that has matured quickly and being among bands both locally and sonically such as ESTRANGED, ARCTIC FLOWERS, BELLICOSE MINDS, UNDERPASS, and SHADOWHOUSE has treated their brooding mixture of post punk and downtrodden garage well.  ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN and GUN CLUB are two of the most apparent influences as LUNCH don’t shy away from melody and a pounding mid tempo punk backbone, while retaining the austere tones of THE MOB and CHAMELEONS.  Immediately catchy and well produced with lots of extra instrumentation (saxophone , synth, etc) to give this record a full sound worthy of their 80’s influences

MASQUERADE "Blood is the New Black" LP (Mass Media Records)
Helsinki, Finland’s Masquerade undoubtedly live up to their tag as the “Finnish Siouxsie and the Banshees” (as described in a profile on Finnish National Televison) with frontwoman Suzy Sabotage’s charismatic vocal delivery leading the way.  This timeless sound is given a Finnish punk treatment via her firecracker of a band; their lively chemistry giving each song on this record a melodic vitality that shimmers among the shadows.  With a traditional gothic rock aesthetic, this mini album is a dark pop gem that can hold its own among the classics as well as  the new crop of post punk bands with DIY hardcore roots such as Arctic Flowers, Cemetery, and Pleasure Leftists. 200 pressed, Red and Black vinyl

POPULATION "Beyond the Pale" LP (Mass Media Records)
New debut LP from this band of post punks from Chicago.. POPULATION has been crafting their sound since 2009, very much influenced by the post punk building blocks of JOY DIVISION/NEW ORDER which was apparent on their earlier (now sold out) vinyl EPS. A few tours later and with the addition of a stellar new synth player, their sound has expanded into a new dark realm of intensity, aural layering, and diversity of influence  “Beyond the Pale” describes the album perfectly as POPULATION clearly moves beyond the routines of dark wave and death rock.  TONES ON TAIL and SISTERS OF MERCY are brought to mind on the heavier gothic rock dance songs, all put through a punk rock filter of tight angular bass lines and concise drum fills.  On other tracks we hear more of a CURE/CHAMELEONS/NEW ORDER dark pop sensibility with the gorgeous washed out synths adding a shoegaze element here and there.

RULE OF THIRDS "S/T" LP (Mass Media Records)
“From the first song – the entrancing, seductive, and deliberately-paced “Any War” – the new LP comes across as a more focused, even sophisticated, affair than their two previous efforts, the 2013 “Altars” EP and the 2012 demo. The earlier Rule of Thirds material had a grittier sound – it harkened back to the early 80s L.A. deathrock of the Superheroines, 45 Grave and Voodoo Church. This new 9 song LP, however, feels more British – more in line with the nuanced early gothic rock of Skeletal Family and Juju-era Siouxsie and the Banshees. In all, this self-titled LP is as good as contemporary dark postpunk gets; it’s an essential document of modern dark music.One thing that immediately jumps out at you is how thick Rule of Thirds’ self-titled 2015 LP is on atmosphere and mood. Freya’s vocals provide the dark center to Rule of Third’s sonic conjurings: She’s a strong singer – but not overpowering – and her vocals have a slightly witchy feel; you feel like she might start speaking incantations in Latin, or more likely in a heathen and non-Christian language, at any moment. Celeste and Ben’s guitars take their postpunk-y cues from Stan Greenwood (Skeletal Family) and John McGeoch. And although Rule of Thirds, like their colleagues in Lost Tribe, are a sextet, their sound is amazingly restrained and meticulous; you would never suspect there are six humans playing here. Their gloominess is the result of a meticulous building of sonic tension and not from the blunt bashing out of power chords. Dieter’s bass and Tom’s drums provide the skeletal scaffolding around which the rest of the band weave sometimes-slashing-and-
dissonant, sometimes spidery-and-melodic, guitar and synthesizer lines.” Oliver Sheppard,

NIRVANA "Foretaste" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Songs are from the 1991.09.03 John Peel radio session. Tracks: Drain You / Dumb / The End of Music

NIRVANA "Beauty and Power E.P." 7"
(Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub Release. Tracks: Happy Hour / Downer / Hairspray Queen "Happy Hour (If You Must)" is an unreleased song and it's cool to have it on vinyl, but the other two songs are most likely the same versions from Incesticide.

MISFITS "Evilive" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub Release - Live EP from 1981-82. 7 tracks

GISM "Anarchy Violence" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub Release of 1991 EP

FEAR "Fuck Christmas / I Love " 7
" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub Release combining two FEAR singles - I Love Livin' In the City and Fuck Christmas. "I Love Livin' in the City" is the first single by the punk rock band Fear. It was originally released in 1978 on the Los Angeles-based Criminal Records. "Fuck Christmas" b/w "(Beep) Christmas" is the second single by Fear. It was recorded during the sessions that produced their debut The Record, but was not released until months later.

BLACK FLAG "Live #1" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Live Bootleg, recorded around 1982/83. Only old songs with Henry Rollins on vocals. Spray Paint the Walls / Room 13 / Rise Above / Six Pack / Life of Pain

VICTIMS, THE "Television Addict / Flipped Out Over You" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub Release - Without question, the Victims debut 45 is one of the 5 best Australian punk singles ever recorded, not to mention one of the greatest punk singles ever. Originally self-released in 1977 in a highly limited edition, "Television Addict" is an absolute classic. Snotty garage punk at it's finest with perhaps the first ever hardcore track "(I'm) Flipped Out Over You" (predating the BAD BRAINS, BLACK FLAG, & MIDDLE CLASS by a few years) on the flip side. It's Even 35 years after it was released, it still stands up as one of the best examples of Australian punk rock. This single is right up there with the SAINTS' "(I'm) Stranded" or anything that Radio Birdman ever did. The cult status of these Perth punks continues to grow enormously as original copies of the “Television Addict” 45 have sold for between $750-$2000 recently.

CONFUSE "Nuclear Addicts" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Known as one of the essential groups of Japanese hardcore throughout the 1980s, Confuse has long been a favorite for those who desire their hardcore overloaded with sheer intensity. Light years ahead of their contemporaries when it came to chaotic, raw, distorted, and blindingly noisy sounds, ranking right them beside fellow heavyweights GISM and GAUZE. Originally recorded in 1984 and issued as a Japanese-only flexi, this EP documents the first studio recordings of Confuse. This EP is an absolute classic noisecore record; abrasive rough buzzsaw thrash that took UK hardcore groups like DISORDER & CHAOS UK as a starting point, but then brought it to a whole new extreme level. This 7 song 7” EP is pressed on red vinyl with custom printed labels to resemble the original flexi. Comes packaged in a high quality glued sleeve that faithfully reproduces the original stark black & white artwork.

COKE BUST "Live at This is Hardcore" Tape
(Self Released)
The title says it all! Live tape from DC's rippinest.

SHANGHAIS, THE "Pretty Mean/Sick of You" Tape
(Endless Daze Records)
Bay Area babes on a Rock n' Roll mission!!  For fans of Hunx & His Punx, Shannon and The Clams, The Corvettes, fast cars and cold beers! VROOM This tape is a compilation of The Shanghais' two previously released EPs, "Pretty Mean" and "Sick of You". Limited run of 100 cherry red cassettes with hand screened three color covers! Each tape is hand numbered.

HASHTAG HARDCORE Zine Issue #4 (Zine)
Issue #4 of this consistently solid Hardcore zine out of Europe. Sadly, strictly hardcore focused zines of this size and quality seem to be harder to come by these days, but luckily this one is jam packed with interviews, reviews, photos, flyers, and other tidbits; everything you'd want from a zine like this. Great mix of both old and new hardcore bands spanning the past 30+ years featured in this issue as usual; plenty of classics to get you nostalgic while keeping it equally current and relevant with present day bands. Great cut and paste layout to boot. Buy this or pose hard. Featuring  LAST DAYZ / SLAPSHOT / CHUNKS ZINE / ICEPICK / NYC HEADHUNTERS / BROTHERHOOD / COLD WORLD / NOT AFRAID / MERAUDER / BAD BRAINS BOOT-O-GRAPHY / BACK TA BASICS TOP 10 / REVIEWS / PICTURES / BULLSHIT; 44 pages full size.

It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #386, the July 2015 issue! FLESH WORLD dish on their new record, out now on Iron Lung, and clue us into the secrets to surviving in a rapidly changing San Francisco. PISS TEST reflects on their hometown of Portland and talks some shit in advance of their upcoming West Coast tour. We’ve got two blasts from the past: Philadelphia’s YDI talk about their recently reissued records and THE WRECKS (featured on Not So Quiet on the Western Front!) give us a window into Reno’s early punk scene and the role of women within it. The producer and director of Here To Be Heard: The Story of the Slits clue us into the progress of the documentary, which was spearheaded by Ari Up just before her death. We’ve also got conversations with PDX rockers BITCH SCHOOL, Russian post-punkers SIERPIEN, Australia’s Homeless Records, and a massive London, UK scene report! Plus, a photo spread documenting many of the worldwide MRR Presents shows that happened on May 16th, 2015, new regular columns from Erika Elizabeth (of Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine and Expressway To Yr Skull radio) and Sadie Switchblade (of G.L.O.S.S. and PEEPLE WATCHIN’), and all the record, zine, book, film and demo reviews that are fit to print. Cover art by Roz Adams!

Restocks for 06.24.15:

CONFUSE "Spending Loud Night" 7"
CULO "Military Trend" 7"
FLESH WORLD "A Line in Wet Grass" 7"
GERMS, THE "Lexicon Devil" 7"
LSD "Destroy" 7"
MISFITS "Cough/Cool" 7"
MISFITS "Famous Misfits of Filmland" 7"
MISFITS "Halloween" 7"
MISFITS "Night of the Living Dead" 7"
MISFITS "Spook City U.S.A" 7"
NIRVANA " ...and the Rest - BBC Sessions" 7"
NIRVANA "A Tribute to the Vaselines" 7"
NIRVANA "Total Fucking Godhead" 7"
SUPERCRUSH "I Don't Want to be Sad Anymore (Canadian Press)" 7"
URINALS "Another" 7"

INSTITUTE "Salt" 12"
PRIESTS "Bodies and Control and Money and Power" LP

V/A "The Red Line Comp" DCHC Tape

Friday, May 29, 2015


A ton of cool new stuff added to the store over the past few weeks, plus there is still a pretty nice sale running through the weekend, so here's info on all of that …

Additional 15% off all previously Marked Down titles / 20% off almost every Grave Mistake Release!

Haven't done a sale in a little while so here's one for you - last year for Black Friday several hundred titles in the store were marked down to some pretty good, low prices - and now we're offering an additional 15% on top of that already discounted price.

If you use the discount code at checkout: GM_SpringDistroSale15 you'll get an extra 15% off any sale items you order. You can see all of the eligible titles HERE, and if you use the drop down menu at the top of the page you'll be able to sort them by format as well.

In addition to this discount, also offering 20% off any Grave Mistake or Vinyl Conflict Release from 2014 or earlier with the discount code: GM_SpringLabelSale15

You can see all of those eligible Grave Mistake titles HERE; the sale covers pretty much everything except this year's releases (Red Death, Tenement). The discount code ALSO applies to any package deals as well, so you could save a decent amount of cash on some of the label's releases!

Please note that you can only use one code per order, so if you want to take advantage of both codes you can either do separate orders or email me and we will get it all sorted onto one order.

As I mentioned in yesterday's update, I've put up a ton of GOVERNMENT WARNING T-shirts that were left over from Damaged City Fest last month. Also added a bunch of GW 1" and 2.25" pins and GW mesh shorts. There are still a ton of different styles, colors, and sizes available so have at it! I also put up some COKE BUST and RED DEATH t-shirt as well.

You can check out all of the shirts and pins HERE.


 With their new EP out this past week on Katorga Works / Quality Control, figured this would be a good time to let you know that we've got the 2nd Pressing of PURE DISGUST's debut 7" on ltd. Gold Vinyl.  Released last year on Flophouse Records, the first pressing sold out pretty quickly.  Now back in print, I've managed to get my hands on the remainder of the second pressing to distribute.  There were 200 pressed up on Clear Gold vinyl, and aside from a few select distros (Katorga Works, QCHQ, Triple B to name a few), we've got all the color copies here at GMHQ! So, if you still need to pick this slab up (or need another copy), have at it!


You can see all of the latest webstore additions and New Arrivals here:
What webstore update would be complete without a ton of sick new distro titles? Unfortunately a few bangers have already come and gone since the last update, but there is still some great stuff just waiting to be bought here! Also restocked on a ton of hits as well from rad labels like 540, Deep Six, Dischord, Sub Pop, 1234Go, and more! I've already spoken too much in this update, so I'll let the list below speak for itself ...

Thanks for reading!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records


LOS CRUDOS "Discograpafia" 2xLP (Maximumrocknroll Records)
This double LP is a benefit for Maximum Rock’n’roll magazine, and is limited to 2,000 copies.  It features 66 Los Crudos songs in total! It also comes with a newsprint poster, and a 40 page booklet filled with Crudos lyrics, photos and flyers!  Crudos was one of the most intelligent and powerful hardcore bands from the 1990s, and this double LP is a fine tribute to their amazing output, plus by getting this great discography you are also helping to support Maximum Rock’n’Rolls ongoing mission to document the hardcore/punk scene!

VAASKA "Todos Contra Todos" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
Since the earliest days of hardcore punk, the city of Austin, TX has been known for producing some of the best in the genre. The notoriety of this particular scene has grown exponentially over the past few years with a deluge of stellar bands coming out and capturing the adoration of those in search of “that good shit.” Out of them all, VAASKA would have to be the longest running and most abrasive of the bunch. After a five year break from the format the boys have delivered yet another 12” platter of the raging D-Beat that they initially made themselves known for and have been perfecting over the years. And the aforementioned half a decade break between the 12”s was in no way an indication of them slowing down, seeing the release of a 7” on Germany’s Heart First Records and the recording of a session with their latest and greatest lineup (featuring the addition of Chris Ulsh on the kit) that yielded a split 7” with fellow ATX goons THE IMPALERS and another with Japan’s SKIZOPHRENIA on Beach Impediment and 540 / Todo Destruido respectively. “TODOS CONTRA TODOS” features 11 tracks of blown out hard punk pounders that will continue to capture the attention of those who admire the art of crafting urgent and seething songs.

VEXX "Give and Take" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Vexx's debut 12" on Grazer/M'Ladys was one of our favorite releases of 2013, so we're endlessly excited to present their newest 7", Give And Take. Hailing from Olympia, Vexx is heavily indebted to late 70s American punk with a sound akin to bands like Legal Weapon or the Avengers, but with even more of a rock 'n' roll edge than those bands and a vocalist just as soulful and powerful.

ULTRA-VIOLENT "Crime for Revenge" 7" (Video Disease Records)
Originally released on Riot City and quickly becoming the label's most highly sought after release, Ultra-Violent recorded one single before breaking up where vocalist Adie went on to front the Metal incarnation of the English Dogs. Three songs of blistering UK82, quite possibly the best record in the genre. Finally reissued after fetching prices of over $100 now including never before seen photos and deluxe packaging. Officially licensed and sanctioned by the band and label and cut from the original master tapes, an excruciating amount of thought and love has been poured into this release to make it the best reissue it could be.

SIMFUCKERS "Fucker" 7" (Video Disease Records)
Following two lauded and highly publicized demo tapes, Australia's SIMFUCKERS finally unleash their debut 7" upon the world and what an ungodly racket it is. Originally to be released on a German label, Video Disease rescued this record from the pit of obscurity it was bound to drop in to so it would reach a much more receptive and rabid audience.  Seven songs of snotty, nasty punk that seethes angst and frustration. Blown out, ugly, and downright idiotic songs that could only come from some of the master minds that helped make Vaginors and Bloodclot Faggots so special. HAIL THE NEW DAWN OF AUSTRALIAN PUNK!!!

(Video Disease Records)
Finally after months and months of waiting the Stupid Life 7" is being unleashed upon the world. Stupid Life has been playing around the Los Angeles area for over a year honing their skills and becoming a staple of the LA punk scene with their charismatic live shows and infectiously catchy songs. As demonstrated by their name they take cues from classic Kyushu noise punk a la Confuse and Gai but have an underlying Swankys groove that propels the songs into Japanese pop madness filled with guitar leads, outrageous solos, blasts of noise, and some of the downright most memorable songs in modern punk. Quite possibly the best noise punk band that isn't a noise punk band, Stupid Life are all incredibly talented musicians who do not hide behind a wall of noise and distortion to disguise their inability to play; instead contorting and manipulating the noise to suit their needs. Hands down one of the best releases I have ever worked on and I am incredibly proud to bring the world Stupid Life.

(Video Disease Records)
Koma Kids have been lost in a cloud of drug fueled death and mayhem for nearly a decade and Video Disease has finally resurrected the auspicious debut from this Los Angeles based quartet. Lost in obscurity due to the untimely passing of one of it's members, Video Disease is incredibly proud to bring to you one of the best testaments of the LA punk scene of the past 15 years. Three songs of ripping punk created by some of the key members of the LA punk scene. Due to the bands wishes I will not be revealing the identities of those involved, but for those of you who have been keeping tabs on the various projects of LA based artists and performers you will not be disappointed.

(Media Schlitz Records)
Combining the self-destructive vitriol of ‘90s Clevo hardcore like H-100s with the uncompromising leads of the DEAD BOYS, Mongoloid are the perfect synthesis of the rust belt’s seedy rock n’ roll underbelly. Valedictorians in the school of recklessness, these seasoned vets of Midwestern misanthropy have done time in bands like SWEET TOOTH, PIGSTICKER, and ORGANIZED SPORTS, continuing their pentatonic violence into the oh-so-promising future, this time around incorporating more rough-and-tumble east coast elements (I hear some “United Blood” getting donated by unsuspecting audience members) and perhaps some ‘80s DC-caliber explosiveness. Steamy sax solo too. Kick it.

(540 Records)
Kyoto Japan's Warhead return with another chapter of rabid law-breaking insanity, and their first full-length album in over 20 years. Expect nothing less than a marriage of the best aspects if Japan's traditions of unrelenting thrashing hardcore and anthemic powerful punk. A wall of distortion, and unbridled energy collide with the inimitable howls and screams of Jun Kato, one of Japan's most distinct punk vocalists. This album also sees the return of original guitarist Ebuchi who played in the band from 1990-2001, bringing the early years of the band full circle with the present day.

SPLITS, THE "II" LP (Dirtnap Records)
The Splits, as legend or old one sheet tell us, took their name by combining their two favorite bands, The Slits and The Spits. Expressing such love for two of the titans of punk, postpunk, and garage is a hell of a thing to live up to, but The Splits, in their short career so far, have managed to do so with aplomb. The first self-titled album by the Helsinki band (released on Germany’s singular and aptly named P Trash label and criminally neglected in the USA) was Pacific Northwest-style sorrow rock at its finest, as emotionally devastating of an exercise in garage primitivism as the first White Stripes album. Now The Splits are back with a collection of streamlined ragers torn straight from the Murder City/Dead Moon/Wipers songbook; these songs are perfect for dumping everyone you’ve ever met. Your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your friends and family—they all have got to go. And here’s the soundtrack. - Noisey

AUSMUTEANTS / HOUSEWIVES Split 7" (Total Punk Records)
We are back with a second single from Ausmuteants, and this time you get the added bonus of the Housewives.  Two of the best Australian bands going, on one piece of wax. I don't expect this one to be long for the world and with good reason. This thing rules.  Plus its a Total Punk first.  This thing has four tracks on it!  Hurry up and buy this thing!

SEVERE "Distorted Views" LP
(Toxic Mosh Records)
Debut LP from this brand new Toronto band. "Connecting someplace in the soup of hardcore in the 21st where the cult of cynicism and the discipline of ego collide and divide. Severe come at a sharp angle. An ep filled with the kind of disgust reserved for personal turmoil, the self doubt and humility of monks, and it sounds good on wax too." - J. Falco

BEACH SLANG "Cheap Thrills on a Dead End Street" 7"
(Tiny Engins Records)
New! Philadelphia, PA's Beach Slang have been the talk of the scene this year making a big splash with their powerful debut EP, Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?. A supergroup of sorts, featuring James Snyder of Weston, JP Flexner of Ex-Friends and Ed McNulty, formerly of Nona, currently of Crybaby, Beach Slang's seamless mix of indie, emo and pop/punk is the perfect punk rock soundtrack.

FLEABITE "T.T.Y.L." 7" (Puzzle Pieces Records)
Fleabite are Boston’s best DGAF pop band, and TTYL is their debut 7” from Puzzle Pieces Records. Listening to these four fuzz-laden punk songs, you’ll want to say “LYLAS” to your new BFFs in this band.  Fleabite strike the perfect balance between anger, apathy, and feelings common among today’s feminist punk bands. Above all else, TTYL is propelled by hooks, with four songs clocking in at under eight minutes. The guitars are big and powerful, but the vocals are soft, melodic, and drenched in reverb. For fans of Swearin, Colleen Green, and Henry’s Dress.

CHASTITY BELT "Time to Go Home" LP (Sub Pop Records)
Nostalgia for the ‘90s isn’t exactly hard to come by in today’s musical climate, but few groups are as devoted to that time period as the all-female grunge act Chastity Belt, a group whose records sound so much like the early ‘90s that one half-expects to find out that they arrived in the present day after hitting 88 MPH in a Delorean back in 1993. It’s little surprise that they ended up on Sub Pop, as the possible time travelers would have been right at home on an early Singles Club release—possibly what they were on their way to record when lightning hit a clock tower at just the right time and sent them forward two decades. Although their previous album, the cheekily misspelled No Regerts, was released through indie label Help Yourself, their new home on Sub Pop’s Hardly Art imprint suits them much better. In fact, with the help of some pitch-perfect throwback production, the group’s Hardly Art debut Time to Go Home sounds more like it came out of the ‘90s than any of Sub Pop’s still-active groups that were putting out records back then.

KENT STATE "Samsara" 7" (Debt Offensive Records)
Kent State, aka Nicholas Vance (Deep Sleep, Suspect) returns with two new tracks of psychedelic death pop. This is the first-ever vinyl release of new Kent State material, following up a series of sold out cassettes (compiled last year on the “Wrong Side of History” LP), and the musical growth displayed here is beyond evident. While staying true to the original roots of Kent State’s “Brainbombs meets Oasis” sound, these new songs are catchier, more driving, and dare I say the best songs Vance has ever written.

TOMBOY "Sweetie" LP
(Ride the Snake Records)
If you've been searching for the perfect soundtrack for stuffing boys in lockers, your prayers have been answered. Tomboy's unique flavor of pissed-off bubblegum is sure to suit your needs. Hailing from Boston, Tomboy is a refreshing and vital collision of revenge-fueled doo wop and sugar-coated punk fury — leveling all in their path and in the process creating a feminist dance party for the ages. Being angry has never been so much fun. Following a well-received demo, Tomboy has assembled a mighty 12" EP called "Sweetie" for Ride the Snake records featuring their anthem "I'm in the Fucking Band" and six other new jams. Get with it or get out of the way.

ANCIENT HEADS "Both Demos" 7" (Climin' Aboard Records)
Ancient Heads formed in Toronto in 2012 with a simple but ambitious goal: to play straight-edge hardcore that’s as direct as Floorpunch, as ineffably powerful as Chain of Strength, and as timeless and durable as both bands.

(SPHC Records)
Newest release from 4490 Records, distributed in North America by SPHC, so bring on your wholesale and trades too. Second EP by Snaggletooth, southeast Asia's finest purveyors of "Motorcharge", "crust-and-roll", whatever you want to call it, it fucking ROCKS. High-charge rock-and-roll hardcore, gruff vocals, riffs for miles, solos that beg for air guitar, memorable songs, powerful production, tons of velocity, basically a perfect record for this style. The Motorhead influence is obvious, I know for example that this will be the new soundtrack of my local crusty crew, but I think this will also appeal to anyone that's typically into Japanese hardcore. Honestly, this is the best record in this style since AGE released their classic records in 2001/2002.

(SPHC Records)
Scotland's premier hardcore unit drops their first LP across a consortium of UK labels, and of course SPHC is happy to help make this easily available in our swath of the world. For me, the obvious reference point is Nine Shocks Terror (and Clevo-style USHC in general). Brutal, throat-wrecked vocals howling over high-charge, riff-tastic hardcore punk, with just the right amounts of mid-tempo rocking and just the right flashes of guitar lead. Memorable songs captured with a heavy production, a perfect execution of "hardcore punk". We've always made it a point to distribute this band's records here in the USA because they're just so damn good, the records are consistently excellent and they're a fucking fantastic live unit, and it's with a little bit of pride that we can provide the same service for what is easily, by far, their best record yet. All hail the new kings. USA tour coming in the fall.

GAS CHAMBER "Stained Hand" 7"
(SPHC Records)
Newest EP by one of the most exciting hardcore bands on the planet. Emerging from the remains of the trailblazing Running For Cover to continue on a path of refining and purifying a unique style of hardcore, Gas Chamber fits nicely into the community of bands (Column of Heaven, Suffering Luna, Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, etc) taking "power violence" hardcore punk into exciting new directions.  This particular EP contains two epic and dynamic hardcore ragers and one heavy and dreamy instrumental track. They fit nicely in line with the band's modern classic LP on Iron Lung Records as a powerful artistic statement that combines power violence, G-Anx, prog, experimental music, soundscape, musicianship, and artistic genius into one cohesive sonic expression. Arguably the best band in punk today

TERVEET KADET "Lapin Helvetti" LP (SPHC Records)
The last record by one of the greatest punk bands of all time. It's an honor to help make this record easily available for cheap here in my stupid asshole country. Since 1979, Terveet Kadet has been "one of the best punk bands in the world". Tons of classic records, and like all true champions, they're leaving on a high note. This final (?) LP is a textbook example of the short-songs blazing-fast demented-and-vicious hardcore punk that Terveet Kadet stylized and popularized (yet nobody else has come close in copying). True masters. Stick a candle up your butt and pay your respects to the Black Gods of Noise.

SICK THOUGHTS "Beat on Beat" 7" (Goner Records)
Sick Thoughts is a Baltimore-based band consisting of the teenaged Drew Owen and assorted neighborhood louts. But usually just Drew. Although his early music began in the Reatards / Dead Boys / Carbonas classic punk rock, crash-and-burn aesthetic, on recent releases he has progressed into less-obvious yet thorny and personal DIY / KBD territory. A relentless recording machine, he has released many singles and LPs on many labels. This is by far the best yet.

SICK THOUGHTS "I Got Hands" 7" (Hidden Volume Records)
Baltimore’s finest continue their violent string of scrappy, blown-out Punk Rock hits. If you like Punk, or dirty Garage Rock then Sick Thoughts are right up your alley. The music is seething with anger and loathing for pretty much everything. Title cut “I’ve Got Hands” features a shredding Garage Punk riff played fast and hard and nailed by Owen’s grainy pissed off screamin to make for one of the best Sick Thoughts tracks ever relcorded. On the flip “I’m Tired Of You” is led by a wave of bass throbs, revealing layers upon layers of shredded, mangled guitar chords that’s become the ethos of the Sick Thoughts sound. This is what Punk music is meant to be.

SICK THOUGHTS "Moral Sickness" 7" (Blast of Silence Records)
Finnish hate. Clean jangly hardcore shit. Lots of gauze influence on here

SICK THOUGHTS "Stabbed in My Back" 7"
(Episode Sounds)
Punk from Baltimore. Sound like early Reatards, Persuaders!

SICK THOUGHTS "You Won't Get Through" 7" (Fuck CDs Records)
Latest platter from this prolific Baltimore outfit. Again, Drew on every instrument. A-side is a dramatic and angsty mid-tempo freak out. Teenage rebellion never sounded so well-written and never had such lovely guitar licks. B-side is two quicker, harder, more punk numbers. Doesn't sound too far removed from classic KBD style in its garagey tunefulness and raw production. And again, you never knew a teenager could do guitar licks like that!

DRUG CONTROL "S/T" 7" (Coin Toss Records)
SXE Hardcore from San Diego,CA, Fast hardcore, FFO of Youth of Today,SSD and Agnostic front.

SICK SYMPTOM "Demo" 7" (Coin Toss Records)
Members of Wrong Answer and Modern Pain playing 4 tracks of fast, raw hardcore in the vein of Wasted Time, Government Warning,No Justice, ect..

CONCRETE SOX "Your Turn Next" LP (Boss Tuneage Records)
CONCRETE SOX hailed from Nottingham and were one of the pioneers of the whole UK Hardcore punk/thrash scene in the mid 80s. Now their debut album “Your Turn Next” is made available again in conjunction with the bands own Soxcore label.

ACCUSED, THE "Martha Splatterhead" 12"
(Unrest Records)
Back on wax!! Here is the re-release of the five song masterpiece from the Kings of Splatter released in 1985 by CONDAR. This legendary release has been insanely hard to find and exorbitantly priced. Martha is back on black!! Includes nice, clean revised packaging with original hand drawn lyric sheet and extensive thanks list courtesy of Tommy Niemeyer, the original Splatterhead himself!! If it doesn't splatter, it doesn't matter!!

MONGREL Demo Tape (Video Disease Records)
Mongrel come crashing out of the gate with 5 songs of aggressive hardcore. Compromised of members of Gag and Stoic Violence, Mongrel takes cues from early USHC while stripping everything down to it's most rudimentary and caveman like elements. Short, fast, and hard as nails Mongrel are here to take over.

SLUR 2015 Demo Tape (Quality Control Records)
New UK band channels Early Swedish Kängpunk, Finnish and Polish hardcore punk ala Destruktions, Siekiera with a touch of Mob 47. Members of Detergents, No, Good Throb, Arms Race, Obstruct, and The Flex wanted to create politically infused anti-war songs to pogo to complete with phaser pedal and stomping drums to smash the state to.

Fantastic zine put together by Liz Hoepp and Laura Fox with pieces by/interviews with: Richard Sandler, Angela Owens, Allison Farn, Anasazi, Jasmine Watson, Nicktape, Luiso Ponce, Rachel Atcheson, Kevin Annand, Sammantha Garcia, and Trey White.

It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #385, the June 2015 issue! Victoria and Joey from Providence’s DOWNTOWN BOYS discuss their new record Full Communism and how their politics intersect with their brand of sax-punk and their electrifying live shows, UK anarcho legends PART 1 discuss the reissue of their long out-of-print catalogue and their return to performing, and Germany’s HYSTERESE clue us into the band dynamics in advance of their US tour. Plus, Toronto’s COLUMN OF HEAVEN‘s bassist Andrew Nolan provides a window into the changing landscape of Toronto, the team behind BAD DADDIES interviews Nottingham, UK’s SLEAFORD MODS, Russia’s MINEFIELD talk making music in the shadow of a famous arms factory, and the deep friendship that Olympia, WA’s SHARKPACT is built on is made abundantly clear. We’ve also got a reflection on the Loud! Fast! Philly! oral history project—dozens of interviews with Philly punks of all ages and stripes, and growing—accompanied by amazing portraits from Karen Kirchhoff. Farrah Skeiky takes our cover photo and documented DC’s Damaged City Fest for a photo spread, while Ochi Reyes brings us a photographic dispatch from London’s Bentfest. And, of course, we’ve got all the columns you’ve come to expect—including guest columns from Darryl Andrew Reid of Montreal and Sadie Switchblade of G.L.O.S.S. about their experiences as trans women in punk—and the largest record reviews section in punk print. Pick up your copy today!


ACHTUNGS, THE "Full of Hate" 7"
BAD BANANA "Cry About It" 7"
BREAKDOWN "Runnin' Scared" LP
CRO-MAGS "Age of Quarrel" LP
DICKS "Hate the Police" 7"
DISCHORD RECORDS "Four Old 7"s on a 12"" Comp. LP
DWARVES  "Blood, Guts, and Pussy" LP
EXTORTION "Degenerate" LP
FORWARD  "War Nuke and Death Sentence" LP
FUGAZI "First Demo" LP
GAS RAG "Beats Off" LP
GLUE "S/T" 7"
GOVERNMENT ISSUE "Make an Effort" 7"
HARD SKIN "We are the Wankers" 7"
IMPALERS "Psychedelic Snutskallar" 12"
LA SERA "Hour of the Dawn" LP
LADIES, THE "Trashed" 7"
LOW THREAT PROFILE "Product Number 1" 7"
LOW THREAT PROFILE "Product Number 3" 7"
MINOR THREAT  "Out of Step" 12"
MINOR THREAT "Salad Days" 7"
NO COMMENT "Common Senseless" 7"
NO COMMENT "Downsided" 7"
OMEGAS "Blasts of Lunacy (US Version)" LP
PISSED JEANS  "King of Jeans" LP
PISSED JEANS "Hope for Men" LP
PRIESTS "Tape Two" Tape
QUEERS, THE  "Love Songs for the Retarded" LP
RAKTA "S/T" 7"
RED DONS "Auslander" 7"
REPLICA "Beast" 7"
SIEGE "Drop Dead" LP
SPERMBIRDS "Something to Prove" LP
TANK 2006 Demo Tape
TRAGEDY "Nerve Damage LP
TRAGEDY "Vengance" LP
V/A "Across the Pond" UKHC Compilation Tape
ZERO BOYS "Livin' in the 80's" 7"

Friday, May 22, 2015

BREAKOUT SUMMER TOUR 2015 - West Coast / Canada / Midwest

Austin, TX's BREAKOUT are kicking off their Summer tour this Saturday; they will be hitting the West Coast, Canada, and the Midwest.  The full dates are below so check em out if they hit your town.

Breakout just recorded five new songs that they've posted to their Bandcamp, and they will have copies on this tour as well.

Their second 7", True Crime, was released last year on Grave Mistake and you can check that release out here, and we've posted some reviews below as well.
Both releases are available for free download.
*Photo by Angela Owens

5/23 - Austin, TX @ Mohawk (tour kickoff) -
5/26 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Boing! -
5/27 - Los Angeles, CA @ East 7th
5/28 - Merced, CA @ T&D Records -
5/29 - Oakland, CA @ Eli's -
5/30 - San Francisco, CA -
5/31 - Santa Rosa, CA -
6/2 - Portland, OR -
6/3 - Olympia, WA -
6/4 - Vancouver, BC @ Blacklab -
6/6-6/7 - Garbage Daze III, Calgary, AB -
6/8 - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 -
6/9 - Saskatoon, SK @ Vangelis Tavern -
6/10 - Winnipeg, MB @ H. Daughter -
6/12 - Toronto, ON @ S.H.I.B.G.B's -
6/13 - Chicago, IL @ Rancho -
6/14 - Indianapolis, IN -
6/15 - St. Louis, MO @ St. L Skatium -
6/16 - Kansas City, @ MO TBA
6/17 - DFW, TX @ TBA
Here are some reviews of True Crime:
"This record is a gem, pure and simple. How a band manages to make me think of so many different artists on only five songs is quite a feat. It starts with a rhythmic and gritty post-punk / UK82 blend on the opening track “True Crime,” a song that seems to cut out far too soon. The next three tracks display more notable nods towards that UK82 sound with “All’s Quiet” having a verses that are reminiscent of Red Alert’s “In Britain” whilst on “No Sooner Said Than Done” and “Fill Your Boots,” the vocals could easily be Carl from Blitz. The record ends with “Retaliate,” a track that brings things a bit more up to date by having the quality of an early Fucked Up track, complete with vocals that match those of the behemothic Damian Abraham. Throughout the single, the bass booms with an air of menace, whilst the guitar sounds switches back and forth from razor sharp to almost clean, lacking any effects, helping create quite an expansive sound. It’s a sound that causes my body to shift, twirl, and shake each time I listen to it; such is the inherent sense of movement emanating from the songs. Breakout does a damn good job of making the UK82 sound—which, on reflection, has not stood the test of time for many of those original bands—come across as fresh, vibrant, and intriguing."  –Rich Cocksedge / Razorcake
"In a lot of ways, hardcore has become as entrenched a style as disco—form over substance, quality, or innovation—and the response from its staunchest proponents is often to hurl abuse and contempt at any band that has the temerity to fuck with the formula. Some of the swellest stuff to come out of that scene, however—Black Flag, Die Kreuzen, Big Black, Criminal Code, Butthole Surfers, Bill Bondsmen, Fugazi, and so on—liberally pissed in the gene pool with often stunning results. That said, there’s some nice thinking outside the box going on here. Although firmly within the hardcore camp, Breakout amalgamates the mid-tempo, primal yet oddly accessible qualities of Europe’s punk/hardcore tradition with Midwestern U.S. sensibilities and a gruff howl reminiscent of Out Cold’s Mark Sheehan into five potent, succinct blasts. Derivative? Sure, but the way they mix things up, and the way they own the sound makes ‘em stand out from the pack."  – Jimmy Alvarado / Razorcake
"Not your average hardcore record!" Not sure if these are rock anathemas or face spitting frustration jams. Either way, I'm Rock'n'rolling this shit at full blast on the stereo, can't do it any other way.  Taking a page from the LUMPY playbook, BREAKOUT have a strange appeal as more than just a punk band with a punk sound.  This record takes tone, song structure and vocals from all over the spectrum and makes it work.  So stoked, can't wait for more!" - Ryan Murphy / Maximum Rocknroll

"2nd EP (the first one was self-released) from this Texas band. For some reason I was thinking that a band called Breakout was going to sound like NYHC or something, but this EP is really incredible, and sounds nothing like that at all... there's definitely a hardcore element (as you might expect from Grave Mistake), but there's a lot of stranger stuff happening as well. There's a lot of interesting interplay between the instruments that kind of reminds me of their fellow Texans Institute, but much harder, denser, and more intense. The label description actually mentions the Ruts (one of my favorite bands), and I can totally hear that on the standout track, "All's Quiet," which sounds kind of like a combination of the Ruts and Zounds. It's really refreshing to hear a band incorporate those influences without sounding like a total tribute band (which Institute are occasionally guilty of), and at the end of the day I can't really think of another band that Breakout sound like, and in my book there's really no higher compliment for a hardcore punk record." - Daniel Lupton / Sorry State Records

"Gorgeous, wonderful hardcore, where pummeling downbeats meet vaguely positive guitar upstrokes. I had Breakout pitched to me as “Bad Brains meet the Ruts,” and it’s as accurate as anything I can come up with. There’s a sense of 4/4 time, without anything ever being explicitly ska-punk — listen to “All’s Quiet” for a perfect example of that. However, there’s also the stomping progression of “No Sooner Said Than Done,” which comes in, walks into the room, punches you in the face, and clomps back out. However, there’s “Fill Your Boots,” which might just be the most perfect blend of punk rock’s melody with hardcore’s energy I’ve heard yet this year. It’s a song that again, hearkens to something (I’m going to say Cocksparrer) without explicitly being a streetpunk song. The energy on this release had me chomping at the bit to put it on my turntable over and over since True Crime came in the mail. There’s just something about the way the low end powerfully annihilates while at the same time the guitar manages to keep everything musically positive. With lyrics like “I stand accused/ Without a voice” from “No Sooner Said Than Done,” this could’ve been a real downer of a record, but Breakout manages to latch onto a sense of getting something accomplished, whether by tooth or claw, and it comes through in each and every note.Breakout’s True Crime 7-inch isn’t Heartless, but neither is it New Bomb Turks. This quartet reminds me of nothing so much as the harder-edged version of Night Birds, who are pretty much the last band whom I heard and absolutely had to spin their single over and over and over again. Not coincidentally, that release was also on Grave Mistake, from whom you should buy this record." - Nick Spacek / Rock Star Journalist

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello again! Back with another Grave Mistake Webstore Update for you. As expected, I've added a ton of stuff to the store this week so there are plenty of new records to get your hardcore punk fix from!
A quick label update before we begin ...

The Red Death Permanent Exile LP has been out officially for a little over a week now, thanks to all who have picked up a copy.  We've got a few of the first press available for order in the webstore, but they are going fast!  You should also be able to find them in your favorite store / distro by now or you can pick one up directly from the band, who are two weeks into their US tour with The Flex - check out the rest of their tour dates HERE.

The feedback on Permanent Exile so far has been great, very excited to see people digging the LP as much as we do. You can check out some rad reviews on Noisey and Pitchfork, or you can just give the record a listen HERE if you haven't had a chance to do so yet.

Red Death have also contributed a brand new track to the Red Line Compilation, a new tape comp featuring twelve current DC bands like Pure Disgust, Semper Eadem, Stand Off, Protester, DOC, and more.  The tape has unfortunately sold out for now but you can stream or download the entire compilation HERE.

In other news, Tenement have announced some details for their upcoming 2xLP, Predatory Headlights, out this June on Don Giovanni Records! Very excited to have some new Tenement tunes in the very near future; you can hear a preview track from the new record HERE. And of course, if you haven't picked up a copy of the Bruised Music Volume One singles LP, we've still got it up in the store and bandcamp for your buying or listening pleasure.

Finally, thanks to everyone who came out to Damaged City fest a few weeks back, it was a blast meeting a ton of people, seeing some old friends, selling some records, and playing as well. I've got two boxes of leftover Government Warning shirts sitting here - but the time has come to get them in the store so expect those to be available next week for sure.

That's all for now, plenty of stuff in the works though so stay tuned …
////// WEBSTORE UPDATE - APRIL 30, 2014 //////

WHAT'S NEW for April 30, 2015:

Looks like another month has passed since the last update, so of course this one is jam packed with new releases (as well as a few not so new titles I'm just now getting my hands on). I'll keep the recap short - peep the list below, a ton of stuff from labels like Painkiller, La Vida Es Un Mus, Taken By Surprise, Adult Crash, Revelation, Ugly Pop, Dirtnap, Lumpy Records and more - new releases from VIOLENT REACTION, 2x4, CREEPING DOSE, MYSTIC INANE, AGGRESSION PACT, CONSTANT FEAR, RITUAL CONTROL, DEATH INJECTION, and SIN MOTIVO plus some cool reissues, collections, and fanclub releases from YDI, SADO-NATION, SCREAMING SNEAKERS, SUICIDE SQUAD, LEATHERFACE, MEAN JEANS, SUICIDAS, and TEENGENERATE to name a few.
There are also a lot of restocks in this update, including restocks on the BOSTON STRANGLER "Fire" LP, LEATHERFACE "Mush" and "Minx" LPs, tons of classics from Revelation Records, all of the MARKED MEN LPs and RADIOACTIVITY LP, both DIE 7"s, the FORESEEN LP, FLESH WORLD LP and a bunch more LVEUM restocks, X "Aspirations" LP., GREEN BERET LP, and much more. The full restock list is at the bottom of this email. All in all, a pretty sweet update.

Check it out, and thanks for the support!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records




New in the Webstore for 04.30.15:

2x4 "Eight Song EP" 7" (Twerp Records)
First vinyl output from this longstanding Boston punk band. 8 songs of 80's nyc/boston blend of hardcore sounds. 500 records on black vinyl. Comes with an insert.

AGGRESSION PACT "S/T" 7" (Painkiller Records)
Debut release for this band formed by Dan from Waste Management and Ryan from Green Beret and firing off rounds in the tuneful traditions of BGK, N.O.T.A., A.O.D., and other bands with acronyms for names. Mark from Wasted Time and Mercy Killings handles the vocal portion of the group ensuring a real "Nuthin but Net" execution.

ARMS RACE "Gotta Get Out (US Pressing)" 7" (Painkiller Records)
The New Wave of British Hardcore marches on with this domestic release of Arms Race's debut 7" as a prelude to a North American tour in the spring of 2015. A volatile collision of their British ancestors (Chaos UK, Ultra Violent), and those from across the pond (YDI, Life's Blood), with members also tied to Violent Reaction, The Flex, Crown Court, and plenty more. Rough and rabid - London continues to prove that they've got one of the best scenes going for real hardcore in the present day. Don't miss this one.

CONSTANT FEAR "Dronekill" LP (Painkiller Records)
Longtime Knife Fight mastermind Jon Westbrook emerges with his latest creation with the help of 3/4 of Dry-Rot. A 15-song lp comparable musically to Final Conflict, early C.O.C., or False Liberty, Constant Fear play a pure strain of meat and potatoes USHC that ran thick in their Southern California locale throughout the 1980's. The vocal attack is burlier than that might suggest, almost in line with the first Infest lp or Trip 6.

VIOLENT REACTION "Marching On" LP (Revelation Records)
Originally conceived and executed as a one-man project by Tom Pimlott on the banks of the Mersey River in Liverpool, England, Violent Reaction recorded a demo in 2011, an EP in 2012 and an LP for Painkiller Records in 2013. Soon after, Tom relocated to Leeds to assemble a full band with an end result that finds the lads playing straight edge, hardcore punk with an obvious oi influence. With a lengthy American tour with their brother band The Flex under their belt, Violent Reaction is set to make their Revelation Records debut with "Marching On." Vinyl version includes digital download of this record.

GIVE "Sonic Bloom" 12"
(Revelation Records)
GIVE was conceived at the tail end of 2008 and has done very little resting since then. Over the course of extensive touring and releasing two 12"s, a half dozen 7"s plus a cassette, GIVE has proved themselves as a band who are not content to rest either physically or artistically. Sonically, they reference that sweet spot of exploration where the freshman class of Revelation artists dared to trespass in their later days. 12"ep includes digital download.

SUICIDE SQUAD "I Hate School" 7" (Fanclub Release)
Crazy that someone made a fan club edition of this female-fronted Aussie punk ripper from 1979 that actually sounds better than the original. This is top 10 Australian punk singles for me, personally. Essential, especially since an original will run you $300.

MAD, THE "Fried Egg" 7
" (Fanclub Release)
Reissue of this great 70s NYC punker on the great 1977 label. If you've picked up any of 1977's releases you know that they're way expensive here in the US, but they're worth it as they always look and sound great. This reissue comes with a HUGE fold-out poster sleeve and of course the vinyl contains two of the Mad's best tracks, "The Hell" and "Disgusting." It's awesome that we've been seeing so much Mad stuff reissued lately, but this is the real deal, a spot-on repro of their 2nd 7".

SADO NATION "S/T" 7" (Fanclub Release)
This is an essential fan club edition of one of the best Portland punk 7"s, the original Sado-Nation EP. An original of this will run you $300-$400, but now is your chance to own a VERY quality reissue of this classic punk slab. ESSENTIAL

SCREAMING SNEAKERS "S/T" 7" (Fanclub Release)
Violent Days" is a great 80s punk anthem and the standout track on this 4 song EP, however fans of death rock might be attracted to the melancholic, new wave jams of "Grin and Bear" and "Reflections". This recent 7" fanclub import isn't cheap, but it's a lot more affordable than the 1982 original.

RITUAL CONTROL "Innoculation" 7"
(Sabatoge Records)
RITUAL CONTROL started in early 2013, drawing members from a healthy assortment of West Coast hardcore acts like No Static, Condition, Provos, Torso, Effluxus etc. Under their belt they have a 6 song demo cassette and a 4 song 7" ep released last year on Residue records. Sabotage is happy to bring out the third release: Four songs of heavy hitting hardcore with elements of modern dbeat. Drawing influence from such bands as, Mind Eraser, Koward, and Entombed. RC's sound continues to develop as the band slams on and this record is proof of that. Sharp, heavy and disconcerting hardcore with vicious vocals. Recorded by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, CA.

SUICIDAS "Los Primeros 7"s" LP
(Sabatoge Records)
SUICIDAS comes from Barcelona, Vienna and Chile and plays straightforward, passionate, raging punk with tons of melody and female/male vocals that could be described as “soaring.” Well thought out, tight, perfect and anthemic… They sound as if they’re taking some cues from THE BRAT and some certain Scandinavian contemporaries, but they’re really making their own mark here and forging their own path.The lyrics speak about social issues,beats,lies betrayal and broken hearts. From the bratt and husker du to uÅLltimo resorte. I wouldn’t expect anything less from members of RUIDOSA, BELGRADO and DESTINO FINAL. Yes, you want this. Active since late 2011,here are the first two 7inch's on one LP

SIN MOTIVO "Guerra De Flores" 7" (Self Released)
Our friends in Narcotic Influence are proud to announce the release of the Guerra De Flores 7" by Denton, TX's Sin Motivo, who share members with Wiccans. They played a barely-attended NYC show on a bad night and blew me away with how good they were. Their recordings capture that energy perfectly and this is some of the most driving and propulsive hardcore punk I've heard in ages. You need to hear this. They have a bunch more stuff coming out soon. Limited to 300 copies. Essential.

CREEPING DOSE "Filth is Power" 7"
(Self Released)
After a few impressive demos, NYC's Creeping Dose has self-released their debut EP. With elements of European hardcore, raw punk, and even dark pogo, Creeping Dose have proven themselves to be one of the most formidable live acts in the NYC hardcore punk scene, finally capturing that energy on this record. Members of Anasazi. Highly recommended.

PERMACULTURE "They Advance" 7" (Side Two Records)
New EP from Permaculture, a project from members of Nuclear Family/Nervous Trend/Social Circkle/Green Beret etc... 4 new tracks that build on the peace-punk/Penis Envy vibe of the demo whilst adding some post-punk touches and more hardcore edge in place.

SLUGGA "Parasite" 7" (Total Punk Records)
Shave your head, and lace up your boots because Slugga is here and they're thirsty for blood.  Following their killer demo tape on Muckman last year, Total Punk is proud to present their debut single.  Aggressive, sneering, slime covered hardcore from Atlanta that is menacing, misanthropic, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

FREEDOM "Pay the Price" 7"
(Triple B Records)
Detroit, MI's very own Freedom makes their debut on Back To Back Records with their new record, "Pay The Price." This eight-song 7" is inspired by hardcore staples such as Agnostic Front and Straight Ahead.

DEATH INJECTION "Hate for Myself and Everyone Else" LP
(Triple B Records)
Death Injection formed in 2013 with one goal in mind, to write back to basics straight edge hardcore punk. DI is heavily influenced by 82' Boston and takes cues from darker elements of early American Hardcore (Poison Idea, YDI, Negative Approach, ect) while still putting their own spin on things and not just rehashing the past. After their 2013 demo, and 2014 cassette, 2015 brings the release of their debut LP, 'Hate For Myself And Everyone Else'. 12 raw, uncompromising, hardcore punk anthems that are full of hate.

MYSTIC INANE "Eggs on a Plate" 7" (Lumpy Records)
Never gonna be the same after hearing this song. Perfect, unique downer punk/hardcore.

TRAUMA HARNESS "Tried My Hardest" LP
(Lumpy Records)
Killer rainy day punk. After 3 and a half years of putting out tapes, here is their smokin’ vinyl debut.

BARCELONA "Extremo Hihilismo en Barcelona" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
Extremo Nihilismo En Barcelona is the sound of a slow cooking bomb. The 8 tracks of anxious hardcore contained within this 45 RPM 12" are pretty much what it says on the tin. Extreme, Nihilist and utterly Barcelonian. The sound of the eternal frustration with your surroundings. The soundtrack of falling out with everyone around you. Musically filled with a solid yet counter intuitive rhythm section, insanely violent riffs and the angriest and the most credible female vocalist since FIRMEZA 10 stopped playing. The barely 11 minutes of music contained on this 12" rate amongst the most claustrophobic hardcore sound I've ever heard.  The package of the record was taken care by Oriol Roca (one of the greatest artists alive in my humble opinion and incidentally the drummer of BARCELONA) which reflects the vibe of the record flawlessly adding yet another layer of meaning to the whole project._

HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS "S/T" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
La Vida Es Un Mus reissue the 2011 7" from HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS. These three songs are insanely catchy, keyboard-drenched, punk stompers fronted by a sephardic miscreant known only by the mysterious handle of Hank Wood. This record possesses such snarky, yet dangerous attitude. Lead track 'Shoulda Listen (To Mommah)' is a dirty garage dirge that's part 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS, part CRAMPS and part THE DOORS._

PRAG "S/T" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
Perth punks PRAG unleashed 4 tracks of unhinged mutant hardcore. The nasty sounds of this EP are a hybrid of Finnish Hardcore circa 1982, Japanese low production flexis from the ADK days and Spanish heavy hitting hardcore. All blended with a healthy DISORDER vibe and a rat sounding GERMS style vocalist. All in all a damaging piece of pogo inducing hardcore-punk with a teeth cutting guitar tone, a wall of reverb and an urgent beat. File next to GLAM, DESTINO FINAL, CRAZY SPIRIT or SEXUAL.  The EP comes housed in a reverse board pocket sleeve with a hard card insert, both designed by Brvce which manages to match perfectly music and graphics on this release._

DISASTER "War Cry" LP w/ Flexi (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
Originally released in 1991 War Cry was one of the first purely DISCHARGE influenced bands to span what later become popularly known as D-Beat. Hailing from Halifax, they were part of a new wave of raging UK bands with worshiped "Why" as the finest piece on non-music ever recorded. DISASTER faded into obscurity shortly after releasing their MLP and War Cry became a cult record among raw hardcore fans worldwide counting visionaries as Kawakami from DISCLOSE as one of their biggest fans.  Finally reissued on CD in Japan in 2006 with extra live sets and unreleased songs LVEUM decide to bring this record back to life on its original format. This reissue comes with an extra Flexi Disc including two Discharge cover songs ( "Mania from Conquest" off the V/A  Discharged CD and the unreleased  "Fight Back" from the War Cry MLP session) as well as "Death Race" from the "A nightmare on Albion Street" compilation LP. It also comes with a 12 pages 11"x11" booklet containing flyers, pictures, interview and other memorabilia. To top things up Japanese copies will include an extra insert with DISASTER's history written by Jacky Crust War as well as Japanese translations of the ban lyrics.

CRISIS "Kollective" 2xLP (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
For the first time ever, the three Crisis singles are officially re-released on Vinyl along with demos from 77 and 78 and a simply stunning sounding live set from Norway in 1979.  The debut 7" from 1978 on Action Group Records, 'No Town Hall'  features three stonewall punk classics. The next two singles 'UK79' and 'Alienation' make up the four tracks recorded for a John Peel Session in 1978. The lyrics are a product of the time against a backdrop of street fights with the National Front, violence at gigs, institutional racism within the police force, class division, industrial strife, sexual repression… Upon reflection not much has really changed in the last 35 years! Also included are demo tracks from 1977 and 1978 which are raw and basic punk just as you would expect. They have never been officially released on vinyl before. Sides Three and Four features a live set recorded when Crisis played Norway in 1979 which features all of the material that later turned up on ‘Hymns Of Faith’. The sound quality of the recording is so good it would pass as a studio recording.  The record comes housed in a tip on heavyweight sleeve with detailed liner notes, reviews, interviews, and a few unseen group photos. The sleeve picture taken in Kiev in 2012 couldn't be more relevant, capturing the Zeitgeist - which was part of what Punk was all about in the first place.

VIXENS "S/T" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
"Vixens look like the Runaways before they met Kim Fowley, and sound like Gallhammer before they discovered doom. Unrequited anger oozes from every pore of this monster, a triumph of will over talent" - Jean Encoule. We couldn't have said better. VIXENS are a low-fi hardcore band from Halifax, Canada which reeks of irreverent punk. These 4 women take you on a deranged 9 song trip telling you about their personal habits with absolutely complacency until you learn that you can live without thinking. A Crucial mess if I am allow to say it._

JUANITA Y LOS FEOS "Nueva Numancia" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
Third full length of JUANITA Y LOS FEOS from Madrid. Twelve new wave stompers clocking in at just over 30 minutes. Dark and catchy tunes reflect perfectly the current Spanish youth mood. Depressing and hopeless at times yet sarcastic and naïve. The production is sharp and the stunning female vocals take each track to pop heaven.Think a mix of The Fastbacks, The Go Go's, The Gun Club and X. Addictive sounds for Spanish Nueva Ola lovers.

LIFE "The World Lies Across Them" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Records)
Reissue of Tokyo's LIFE debut LP from 1999. Classic second wave Japanese Blown Out Crust Hardcore. Contemporary with bands like DISCLOSE (which Abe Chan from LIFE played bass at times), GLOOM, FRIGORA or COLLAPSE SOCIETY,   "The World Lies Across Them" remains as one of the most intense Japanese hardcore records of their time. Their intense music is equally matched by their strong Anti Nuclear and Pro-Peace message. 500 press

(Dirtnap Records)
This epic 20 song collection comps singles, compilation appearances, a few covers (White Wires, Big Eyes, Sparks) and one track from deep in the vaults making its vinyl debut!  Originally released on labels such as Dirtnap (natch!) Goner, Trouble In Mind, It’s Alive, Big Neck, and more, Singles works as a great overview of a now established band’s humble beginnings and subsequent progression. Listening to these songs reminds us of why we fell so hard for these guys in the first place, it’s been really fun for us here at Dirtnap to revisit some of this stuff!  It’s all covered, from their earliest 2 piece recordings, to the 1st album era with Howie Doodat on bass, to their current, slightly (but not much!) more polished lineup with Junior Jeans. This comp shows the band at their rawest, oftentimes most goofy and irreverent, and oftentimes best. Pick it up.

YDI "A Place in the Sun" 2xLP
(Southern Lord Records)
In the early 1980s, YDI put Philadelphia, PA on the punk map with their ferocious brand of hardcore. In 1983, they unleashed their debut 7" "A Place In The Sun," a blistering nine-track blast of American hardcore fury. Circa 1985, the band changed musical directions and created filthy, metallic, damaged punk. The "Black Dust" (a concoction of PCP, heroin and formaldehyde) LP was YDI's final recording and a criminally underrated slab of disgusting mayhem. This double vinyl document contains every known recording of the band. Also inside is a 10" x 10", full-color photo book with tons of never-before-seen images.

LEATHERFACE "More Mush" LP (Fanclub Release)
Fan club release that collects "Smokey Joe", "Not Superstitious", "I Want the Moon", & "Compact & Bijou" - 14 songs in all!
*We've also got copies of the Mush and Minx LPs back in stock!
TEENGENERATE "Live at Shelter" LP (Ugly Pop Records)
I'm going to guess that pretty much nobody reading this needs to be told about Teengenerate; they're one of the most rightfully-revered punk rock bands of the past 25 years! That said, this is still the very first time ever on vinyl for one of their greatest recordings, 2001's "Live At Shelter". I was in Japan when this came out, and it seemed to be playing in every store we visited. My friend and I were totally stoked on it, but decided to hold off on buying the CD and wait for the LP...which never came. Fourteen years later, I'm very pleased to be able to make this happen.  Fifteen tracks of high-octane, high-energy raw punk here, and don't be scared by the 'live' angle-- this sounds better than most of their studio records. Played with both the swagger to win over fans of classic garage rock and the fury to appeal to '80s hardcore enthusiasts, this is truly one for everybody.

VICTIM PARTY, THE "Getting to Know The Victim Party" LP (Ugly Pop Records)
I'm extremely stoked to be releasing this, the second LP by one of the best Canadian punk bands in ages-- it's not a reissue, but once I heard the recording, it became my most-listened to music of 2014 and I had to get it on vinyl. THE VICTIM PARTY hail from Toronto, and feature members of various 'name' bands of the past couple decades, including frontman Colin of Marilyn's Vitamins, whose first EP came out on Ugly Pop seventeen years ago! The music here is very strong, tuneful punk rock, fast-paced and tough with smart lyrics spat out by the duel male/female vocals, and the songwriting is exceptional. This draws on too many influences to be easily pinned down, but it's a good bet you'll dig it if you like Dillinger Four, Leatherface, Marked Men or Cleveland Bound Death Sentence.

THEE NODES / NAUGHTY GIRLS Split 7" (Abscess Records)
Churned from Montreal's sleazy underbelly comes a split 7" from two of the city's most hated bands. One side A, NAUGHTY GIRLS offer some pent up ragers while THEE NODES take it down a notch on side AA with some mid-paced freaky rockers, taken from the same session as their debut 7". Canadian culture at its finest folks!

COTTAGING "S/T" 7" (Abscess Records)
Cottaging is an outfit of cellar secretions from Providence, Rhode Island. Untrustworthy curmudgeons ingesting Chrome and spewing aural shit over the Northeast Corridor. Punk rejects that include members of Libyans, Cult Ritual and Diet Cokeheads.

BIG NILS "Bitch Gutsssssss" 7" (Abscess Records)
BIG NILS are a four piece, teenage punk band from Northampton, MA, playing noisy, aggressive punk. Features COCO GORDON MOORE on vocals, (daughter of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth).

NEU-RONZ "S/T" 7" (Adult Crash Records)
First output by a relatively new Stockholm hc/punk outfit featuring a bunch of gnarly old punx. 6 songs in about as many minutes. Short and to the point!

DAMAGED HEAD "S/T" 7" (Adult Crash Records)
Members of a bunch of my favourite Swedish HC bands of recent years proving that Sweden still has great HC to offer. Has me all excited!!! "Damaged Head is a new band featuring people from Herätys, Institution, Nitad, Agent Attitude and Separation. That´s a good track record just looking at previous bands and since I´ve heard the recording I can only say this is a contender for EP of the year"

PRIMITIVE RITES "Amount To Nothing" 7" (Adult Crash Records)
6 new songs of tough yet catchy Malmö Hardcore/Punk

ALRIGHT "S/T" 7" (Self Aware Records)
Alright takes the more direct approach to songwriting when compared to their previous bands. Most songs are no frills pop anthems coated in fuzz and sugary vocals.

(Dirtnap Records)
Kalamazoo MI's Legendary Wings are back with the 2nd LP for Dirtnap! Do You See improves upon the template set by their first album (Making Paper Roses, Fall 2012), alternating bursts of caffeinated punk-pop with mid-tempo jangly numbers, all served up raw and catchy as hell. Think fun, high energy music, but with enough melancholy in the lyrics to keep this far from the realm of vapid party jams. While this isn’t too far removed musically from some of the more well-known bands on Dirtnap (think Denton, TX) there is an unmistakable quality to Legendary Wings that makes them instantly and unmistakably identifiable as hailing from the Midwest.  The band has kept busy since their debut album, touring the East Coast, playing Gonerfest and the Dirtnap Records NYC Showcase, with members playing on well-received records by I Get Mynze and No Bails. While Making Paper Roses was a sprawling 16 song epic, Do You See goes for the opposite effect: at a relatively brief 10 song set, this winds up being a tighter, more focused, more concise effort, which really allows the top-notch songwriting (Seriously, listen to the song Weather Advisory and tell us that wouldn’t be a monster hit in a perfect world!) shine through.

(Taken By Surprise Records)
ENDLESS COLUMN started in 2010 when Doug Burns (OBSERVERS, RED DONS) moved to Chicago and started the band together with Jimmy Hollywood (TYRADES), David Wolf (DAYLIGHT ROBBERY) and Eric Watts. They deliver rocking lo-fi garagerock with surfy undertones. These four songs are taken from their demo, recorded and mixed entirely on a Tascam 246 in the summer of 2011, and mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory. The band went on a hiatus after Burns moved away for school and is now back together playing shows again. One time pressing of 500 on black vinyl in screenprinted sleeves.

PISS TEST "Second" 7"
(Taken By Surprise Records)
PISS TEST return with a second EP and continue their assault of snotty punkrock jams in the vein of ANGRY SAMOANS, THE LEWD or Portland's KBD heroes THE STIPHNOYDS. Four new tracks, four new hits.

CHEMICALS "Chemical Livin' (Euro Press) LP
(Taken By Surprise Records)
Repress of Portland’s finest garagepunkers first LP. Jonny Cat assembled Rich Preinesberger, Hajji Husayn and Douglas Burns of PDX punk stalwarts RED DONS to record this album in 2009 during the same session as RD’s FAKE MEETS FAILURE. 12 raygun blasts of nihilistic, futuristic and chemicalistic punk! Originally released on JONNY CAT RECORDS in 2009, this record has been remastered by Hajji Husayn at NORTH LONDON BOMB FATCORY MASTERING and has updated artwork by NYC’s finest AVI SPIVAK! 500 copies only, ever.

PISS TEST "Biggest Band in Europe" LP
(Taken By Surprise Records)
Portland, Oregon, tolerant Oregon, is having yet another supergroup taking the punk world by storm. After a debut 7" on JONNYCAT and a split with FIST CITY on DRUNKEN SAILOR, they finally spit out their first full length LP. Fronted by arguably Portland's angriest man Zachary Brooks (RED DONS, SCOTT BAIO ARMY, SODA POP KIDS) and backed by fellow PDX stalwarts Samantha (DOTTIE ATTIE, NEO BOYS, WIPERS) and Rodrigo (RED SHADOWS, POISON IDEA, AUTISTIC YOUTH) they deliver 13 snotty punk jams that tackle EVERY topic that needs to be tackled. They are the biggest band in Europe. By far.

MANDATES, THE "S/T" LP (Taken By Surprise Records)
The Mandates are a punk/power-pop quartet based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Formed in 2010, Matt Sikkens, Jimmy Sixx, Kirch N. Destroy and their drummer, Tahoe, have dedicated the most ambitious few years of their lives to writing the best '77 pop punk anthems their minds can arrange. Taking cues from classic acts like Teenage Head, Thin Lizzy, New York Dolls and The Jam, The Mandates have forged through their music scene, creating something vintage and yet somehow maintaining a modern appeal. The 12" follow-up to their first single "Take You to the Dance" os boasting their most danceable choruses and inspired lyrics to date. This full length vinyl release, produced by Portland punk rock aficionado Pat Kearns (Exploding Hearts, Nice Boys, Red Dons, Clorox Girls) is a passionate and earnest endeavour.

CRY, THE "Dangerous Game" LP
(Taken By Surprise Records)
Portland, Oregon’s powerpop sensation returns with their second album to date and for those of you who thought that they can’t top their stellar debut, I’m sorry to disappoint you but on DANGEROUS GAME they are taking things to a whole new level. Ten new tracks of 100% pure pop drawing influence from all decades of Rock’N'Roll.  “A breathless collection full of high energy songs colored by a punk vocal aesthetic and good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ pop chops. The hooks are strong throughout; the backing vocals are top-notch; the album flows like fine wine with a kick. I predict big things for this album. Anyone with even a passing interest in high-energy pop ‘n’ roll is going to go crazy for your latest effort!” -Alan Haber / Pure Pop Radio

CHEMICALS "For Real for Life Forever (Euro Press)" LP
(Taken By Surprise Records)
For people who've invested a lot of time and energy mapping the vast, complicated genome of the local punk community, Portland's Chemicals are something of a supergroup. Comprising members of Cyclops, Triggers, Sleepwalkers, RIP and Straitjacket—among countless others—the band plays loose-limbed garage punk, free of frills but not without surprisese, It's powerful stuff, sounding like the product of lifers who've been around the dirty, trash-strewn block a few times...

COCK SPARRER "True Grit Outtakes" LP (Pirates Press Records)
Remixed and remastered, this includes all of the tracks that were recorded for their debut with Decca, only uncut with all the count-ins and banter in-between. Previously released on CD by Captain Oi! as "Rarities," this record is like a snapshot of being in the studio with Cock Sparrer during the very early days. As would be expected with such an amazing band, many of these songs have held strong through decades of new music and continue to reign as many of the "hits" they still perform today

FORCED ORDER "Retribution" 7" (Revelation Records)
Forced Order are Southern California hardcore heavyweights with members currently or previously having been in some of the scene's premier heavy bands like Twitching Tongues, Harness, Disgrace and other members of the Rev family, Soul Search. Their sound takes cues from the '90s Cleveland scene, with a crunch and metallic edge reminiscent of In Cold Blood, Integrity and "Birth Is Pain"-era Ringworm. They are delivering a 7" recorded by Bill Korecky at the Mars Compound (Integrity, In Cold Blood, etc.) as well as an upcoming LP recorded by Taylor Young via Revelation Records

RUKUS "S/T" 7" (Viper Deathlock Records)
First vinyl output from this longtime Australian punk band.

DISTORT #46 Zine (Distort)
"'BIG NILS are a four piece, teenage punk band from Northampton, MA, playing noisy, aggressive punk. Features COCO GORDON MOORE on vocals, (daughter of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth).' This brash young gang of noise-makers are conjuring some serious volume and clatter that is sure to make Ma and Pa Feedback proud. Big Nils also really like their f'ing expletives cause every line is a bratty yelp of four letter filth and farn. Then again there really is now feeling like screaming cuss words at top volume. Sounding akin to Mayor Daley, Cacaw, Body Cop and Godhead Silo or maybe White Lung on ludes, Big Nils churn out huge meaty chaotic brat punk with loads of attitude and if these young 'uns are just teenagers now than hold on to your hat cuz if this single is any indication of the mayhem to follow than we're all gonna be in a world of hurt."

From DX of DISTORT mag - the first in a series of half-size fanzines dedicated to THE KINKS. As DX states, "An expression of the sickness of The Kinks and their fanatical audience." Writing on: MR PLEASANT, DAVID WATTS , I’M ON AN ISLAND, LOVE ME TIL THE SUN SHINES, SUNNY AFTERNOON b/w I’M NOT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE, SOME MOTHERS SON, PICTURE BOOK / PEOPLE TAKE PICTURES OF EACH OTHER. A real cool read featuring cover art from Avi Spivak to boot. North American edition with RED cover printed by Feel It.

Second volume of work in the LIFE STINKS - KINKS fanzine series from DX of DISTORT mag. Life Stinks I Like The Kinks #2 includes writing on: WONDERBOY, APEMAN, TOO MUCH ON MY MIND, SITTING BY THE RIVERSIDE, TWO SISTERS, LAVENDER HILL.  Also in this issue, a contribution from Douglas P (Death In June) and cover art again by Avi Spivak. North American printing with RED cover.

Third in the series of KINKS fanzines from DX of Distort, LIFE STINKS #3 features coverage of the following Kinks tracks ‘Waterloo Sunset’ ‘Days’ ‘Autumn Alamanac’ ‘Dedicated Follower Of Fashion’ ‘Nothin’ In This World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl’ ‘Australia,' plus original illustrations from Avi Spivak. North American edition with red cover printed and distributed by Feel It.

Hardcore Punk fanzine based in Northern England. Featuring Shrapnel, TORSO, Agent Attitude UK Tour diary, The Repossessed, The New Wave of Sheffield HC Punk, loads of reviews and much more.

It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #384, the May 2015 issue! Despite what we told you in our April issue, fools, we’re not abandoning the interview form… Cover stars G.L.O.S.S. took no prisoners on their recent West Coast tour and MRR sat down with them before their San Jose show for their first print interview—absolutely not to be missed! We also have conversations with Bay Area live powerhouse VIOLENCE CREEPS, Spain’s TRANCE, and Wu Wei, the frontman of one of China’s oldest punk bands, SMZB. Ian Svenonius interviewed FAT CREEPS in advance of their upcoming European tour, and Osa Atoe of Shotgun Seamstress talked to Monica Estrella Negra about Chicago’s Black and Brown Punk Shows. Sean Gray and Neve Bianco discussed Sean’s amazing new project, Is This Venue Accessible?, a crowdsourced website gathering information about accessibility of venues and DIY punk spaces worldwide, and more broadly, the experience of being disabled punks. Plus an interview with the director of the San Diego punk doc It’s Gonna Blow, a conversation with Finland’s VIVISEKTIO about their decades-long involvement in hardcore—based 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, they might be one of the northernmost bands ever interviewed in Maximum!—and, of course, all the columns and reviews you’ve come to expect.
Restocks for 04.30.15:
ABUSED, THE "Loud and Clear" LP
AGNOSTIC FRONT "United Blood" 7"
ARCHAIC "Noise in Your Head" 7"
BELGRADO "Vicious Circle" 7"
CIV "Set Your Goals" LP
COCK SPARRER "Shock Troops" LP
CRISIS "Hymns of Faith" LP
DIE "S/T" 7"
DIE "Vexed" 7"
FORESEEN "Helsinki Savagery" LP
GLUE "S/T" 7"
GORILLA BISCUITS "Start Today (Silver Anniversary)" LP
GREEN BERET "The Cult of State" 7"
GREEN BERET "Violence is Their Currency" LP
HARD STRIPES "S/T (2nd)" 7"
JUDGE "What it Meant: The Complete Discography" 2xLP
KOWARD "Desperate" 7"
LONG KNIFE "Possession" 7"
MAGIC CIRCLE "Lighting Her Fire" 7"
MARKED MEN  "Fix My Brain" LP
MARKED MEN, THE  "On the Outside" LP
NEO-PUNKZ "Fascist Fuckerz" 7"
NUKES, THE "Fascist Perverts" 7"
OMEGAS "Blasts of Lunacy" LP
PORNO CASSETTES "Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace" 7"
PROJECT X "Straight Edge Revenge" 7"
RIVAL MOB, THE "Mob Justice" LP
TURNSTILE "Pressure to Succeed" 7"
TURNSTILE "Step 2 Rhythm" 7"
UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE "Observant Com el Món es Destrueix" LP
V/A "Charred Remains Compilation 2xLP
X "Aspirations" LP
YOUTH OF TODAY "Break Down the Walls" LP
YOUTH OF TODAY "Can't Close My Eyes (2012)" LP
YOUTH OF TODAY "We're Not in This Alone" LP