Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Tried to get all of my new distro stuff up in the store tonight but there is too much of it and apparently five hour energy shots have no affect on me. Instead of finishing, I ate two veggie dogs and now I'm going to sleep.

I hope to have the update sent out either Monday or Tuesday of next week ... things you can expect to see and purchase include (but are not limited to) the new MASSHYSTERI LP, the new MARKED MEN 7", D4 "THE BOOTLEG" BBC Sessions LP, GLAM 7", LACKEY DIE 7" (awesome obscure 80's hardcore from VA) killer reissues from HAVOC RECORDS (FINAL CONFLICT and WILLFUL NEGLECT), a very well done fanclub edition of the NEON CHRIST 7", a ton of assorted releases from NOMINAL RECORDS, SNUFFY SMILE, KEN ROCK, KISS OF DEATH and more, new issue of SHORT, FAST, and LOUD with a CAPITALIST CASUALTIES / LACK OF INTEREST split 7", a ton of tapes, and other assorted goodies.

If things go according to plan, I'll be shutting down the webstore on Friday, June 25 as I prepare for my move. All orders placed before then WILL be mailed as normal, so don't worry about ordering within the next few weeks. I'm just going to be cutting off any new orders on the 25th until I get moved and settled.

So as you wait patiently until the update, here is a little something to hold you over. Season 7 kicks off June 27th ...

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