Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Fuckin nerd content here ... my apologies. I finally got around to getting a Facebook page for the label which you can find here:


So LIKE that shit or be my friend or whatever, I don't really know how it works but I'll probably be posting way more updates there, talking about cool records in the distro, etc etc ...

In other brief news, I'm working on a massive webstore update that should hit your emails this Friday if I can buckle down and get it done ... and next week expect the brand new 7" from The Ladies to be available for order!  I'll have more info on that later though, but this EP came out looking and sounding sick and slick, so hopefully everyone checks it out.

 Right now is where I would segueway into telling you about the show they are playing with the Brutal Knights in Richmond next week, but they (The Ladies) just canceled.  Good news for you is that SOUTHSIDE STRANGLERS will be taking their place, and also that Brutal Knights fuckin rule so it doesn't really matter who the hell else plays with them. Here's a flyer:

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