Friday, February 7, 2014

BRAIN F≠ "Empty Set" LP NOW AVAILABLE for Order / Full Album Stream up NOW!

The day is finally upon us! The long-awaited second LP from North Carolina's BRAIN F≠ is finally available! We've got limited GREEN VINYL in the webstore (as does Sorry State Records) and these will begin shipping immediately. The record will be off to our favorite distros and stores this weekend so expect it to be in circulation over the course of the month. And as always, if you do a store or distro and would like copies, feel free to hit either label up and we can definitely help you out.

We have a full stream of the EMPTY SET over at the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page, so head on over and give it a listen!  I think it's safe to say that the wait for another BRAIN F≠ release has definitely been worth it, and we are all very excited that this LP is finally seeing the light of day. The record is also available for full DL in our respective Bandcamp pages, and should be popping up in iTunes, Spotify, and all of your other favorite futuristic record stores next week! Anyone looking to check out the record for review on your blog, website, zine, etc, please feel free to email me with your info and I'll get you sorted.

GRAVE064/SSR-57: BRAIN F≠ "Empty Set" LP
After two killer singles and a much loved, ambitious LP, North Carolina's Brain F≠ return with the long-awaited "Empty Set." The new LP refines the unique formula that worked so well on their debut LP, "Sleep Rough," where jittering hardcore rhythms, cascades of noisy guitar, and charismatically unique vocals collided into an instantly distinctive sound. On" Empty Set," Nick and Elise's vocal interplay sounds more purposeful - passionate, even - but still puzzlingly disaffected in their now-characteristic way. The TEENGENERATE mainline scabbed with myriad strains of DANGERHOUSE streaks remains, but you can hear the sounds of a band growing far more confident in their own singular sound.  Everything that "Sleep Rough" did, "Empty Set" does better, and that’s saying something.

BRAIN F≠ are also scheduled to be playing PHUZZ PHEST in North Carolina this April, so click the link for the info on that!

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