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Ah yes, time for yet another Grave Mistake update! First off, I of course just want to remind everyone that the BRAIN F≠ Empty Set LP is now available. The new LP has been making the rounds for the past couple of weeks and has received some very positive feedback so far!  You can check out the full record over at the Grave Mistake Bandcamp, and there is still a handful of the limited Green Vinyl available for mailorder.

As I've mentioned in previous updates, I've been planning on upgrading the Grave Mistake Webstore this year and I'm happy to report that we're officially in the "setup" stages with the new store. I'm really excited as it looks a lot nicer and will offer a bit more functionality to hopefully make both browsing and buying MUCH smoother and easier to do.  Once I get my current webstore inventory (and there is a LOT of it!) loaded in and fine tune some layout stuff, we should be ready to roll! I'm hoping to have the new store up and running by mid-March at the very latest.
More news on that as it progresses, and expect some upcoming release news eventually.  Now let's get to this week's Webstore Update …
Plenty of great stuff coming out in 2014, not to mention I'm still trying to catch up on 2013 releases that I've missed as well! Honestly, not too many brand new vinyl releases in this update, but a slew of solid demos and reissues, so here's a quick run down.

I finally scored copies of the newest LP from the UK's NO that came out at the tail end of 2013; "The Great Space" is their second LP and a damn rager. I'm stoked to be able to catch them in a few months when they come over here for their US tour.  Another highly recommended 12" is the POWER TRIP "Armageddon Blues Sessions"; the full session from their long out of print debut 7" now back in circulation courtesy of Triple B Records.  If you haven't checked out POWER TRIP yet then you really should give both this release and their "Manifest Decimation" LP a listen, killer band.
Let's move on to the demo tapes real quick; Nick from COKE BUST / SECTARIAN VIOLENCE has been churning out some great releases on his Flophouse Tapes label, including some sick demos from the UK's ARMS RACE and newest DC band RED DEATH.  Both have been on steady rotation here at GMHQ over the past few months (although the ARMS RACE came out a bit ago, I'm just now getting to enjoy it!).  With these two tapes, along with tapes from AGENT ATTITUDE, OBSTRUCT, PUBLIC SUICIDE, and KOMPLOTT, (not to mention the 7" version of the GENOCIDE PACT demo) this label has covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time and definitely one to keep an eye on!

Speaking of DC, I also just picked up copies of the new ANTI-ZEN "full length" tape which has also been getting steady play around these parts, along with the EXIT ORDER demo (new band from the Boston area), and the EARTH GIRLS demo (new band out of Chicago).  All three are very worthy of your attention!  GRAVE MISTAKE will also be releasing the debut 7" from EARTH GIRLS this spring, more news on that later though …
In addition to these, we've got some new releases from SUICIDAS, MASSES, and WHITE MURDER; I also picked up a bunch of rad reissues this week including the VEX reissue, KILLED BY DEATHROCK VOL. 1 Comp, NEO BOYS 2xLP reissue, CAMERA SILENS LP, KLAXON LP, and SADO-NATION reissues, and THE FREEZE "Freak Show" LP reissue.  Not to mention, picked up recent vinyl represses of both KID DYNAMITE LPs on Jade Tree, and restocked on both ZERO BOYS 12" reissues!

Looking at this recent update, I think it's safe to say that a lot of these have made up the majority of my playlist over the past few weeks and most likely for weeks and months to come, so hopefully you find some stuff worth giving a listen to!

Thanks for reading … see you next week.


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This one sided 12" features all six tracks recorded by POWER TRIP when they recorded the "Armageddon Blues" 7"; the 7" was only pressed to 500 copies and they were sold out way too quickly. Here's your chance to save some bucks on eBay. Again, these are one sided with a badass Etching on the B-Side of the LP. New layout, new design, very cool shit. Drawing from the sacred texts of the Cro-Mags, Leeway, Corrosion Of Conformity and Nuclear Assault, Texas savages Power Trip has been making waves over the past five years after their debut 7", "Armageddon Blues," came onto the scene. Since then, they have toured all over the world with some of metal and hardcore's biggest acts and made appearances at numerous festivals.  

After releasing one of the best hardcore records of 2012, No return with their second 12", "The Great Space." No has progressed immensely since their first record, honing in on their sonic assault and pushing the boundaries of what they are capable of producing. The songwriting on "The Great Space" is well-crafted, while still sounding incredibly chaotic and vibrant. The vocals gnash and gnarl, while the band cranks out every song sounds as fast and as hard as they can. No gives the illusion that things are on the brink of completely falling apart. But, this is where they truly excel; No can reel the listener backin from the point of destruction and take them where they never thought hardcore could go. This is the new breed of UKHC. No is planning on infecting the USA with their hardcore overload this Spring with USHC road warriors Stoic Violence. Mastered by Daniel Husayn for maximum earslaughter.

Back with their second release, SUICIDAS "No nos mata la muerte" unleashes four tremendous tracks of un-hyphenated punk. Hailing from Barcelona and Vienna, this band consists of ex and current members of RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA, BELGRADO and DESTINO FINAL, who are united by a shared enthusiasm for incredibly catchy hooks layered over driving rhythms. Their sound can be located somewhere between THE BRAT and ULTIMO RESORTE, with a nod to HÜSKER DÜ and the DESCENDENTS. Known for their energetic live shows which incite rampant sing-alongs, SUICIDAS will embark on their first US tour this summer and should not be missed.

Extremely infectious and uber catchy female fronted garage tinged punk out of Chicago featuring members of Daylight Robbery and Libyans.  Highly Recommended!!!

New band from Boston featuring some people that are in some bands you probably already like (or SHOULD like). "Paul gave me this banger last summer, and a quick peep at the personnel involved left no doubt that EXIT ORDER would be every bit as screaming as they are. The first thing you notice is that fukkn guitar - so totally tortured and adversely affected, but a tone expertly crafted by people who still understand the power of a riff (or even [gasp] a song), all of the hooks are there, and they are all in your face...they just sound like they are coming from Jupiter. Positively maniacal drums bash out a flurry of UK82 by way of DBeat and erratic methamphetamine abuse and the pace is pure power. Vocals are perfectly out of place, half shouted/half whined and coming off more like GR'UPS than anything riddled with studs and obscure '80s Euro hardcore patches, but oh man does it ever work. Reinventing the reinvented wheel?" -

A full length cassette release from Washington, DC's Anti-Zen. 11 tracks that takes cues from bands like Rudimentary Peni and Bone Awl. Over 20 minutes of heavy, catchy, desperate, and often haunting punk. From members of Aghast and State Violence.

New band from Washington DC that draws influences from: early COC, later Cro Mags, The Accused, Discharge. Members of Abuse, Zoom, Intent, Protester, Coke Bust, etc.

Arms Race are a Ryder truck splitting at the seams with fertilizer and petrol in a strong and growing multidisciplinary UK hardcore explosion, along with such bands as (but not limited to): Violent Reaction, The Flex, Obstruct, Perspex Flesh, Stab, and Final Rage. Among the current wave of English groups violently turning our heads, Arms Race maintain an identity of their own with an eclectic formula of influences. Musically, this sounds like Chaos UK having an extramarital relationship with Victim In Pain-era Agnostic Front. The riffs are raw and simple, yet powerful and memorable. The vocals are gruffly shouted in a thick, unmistakably British accent with confidence and zero apologies.

In 2007, Sacred Bones Records founder Caleb Braaten started unearthing rare and little-heard post-punk, deathrock and dark punk tracks for an eventual compilation. Seven years later, riffing on the tradition of the internationally known punk collector series, Killed by Death, those tracks are finally being released on vinyl, CD, and digital formats as Killed by Deathrock Vol. 1. Bands from all over the world are represented on the comp, from the relatively well-known Scots in Twisted Nerve to the “completely un-Googleable” Move from Italy. Also featured are the French band known simply as Bunker on their first demo tape who later became Bunker Strasse, though still remained largely obscure. Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons formed as a sort of goof band in Sweden in 1980 and only released a couple of 7-inches before disbanding a year later in 1981.  The rest of the comp represents a vast spectrum of geography with the US being represented by Your Funeral, Glorious Din, The Naked and the Dead, Afterimage, and Screaming for Emily. Baroque Bordello (France), and Taste of Decay (Germany) round out the collection. What all these bands have in common, apart from their dark, icy atmosphere, is that they’re quintessential pieces of the deathrock story whose music hasn’t been heard by nearly enough people — until now.

Despite only being active for a few years in the mid-1980s, Vex left a huge legacy in underground circles for their affecting brand of anarcho-punk. Until now, it was almost impossible to find an original copy of their essential Sanctuary 12-inch on Fight Back Records, let alone their scant other recordings. Sanctuary: The Complete Discography collects all of the Vex material that was ever put to tape on one limited-edition LP for the first time ever. Drop the needle for a lean half hour by what CVLT Nation calls “a very well balanced band that combined the angst of punk with the ethereal vibe of positive punk.”  The lead singer of Vex, who went by the charming moniker of Scrote, had this to say of the reissue: “We were an anarcho-punk band in the truest sense of the word, even though our musical sound may nowadays be classed as something different. We lived, ate and breathed the punk ethic, D.I.Y. culture. We toured with the likes of Conflict and played gigs all over England. The 12-inch Sanctuary was our only solid release apart from various songs on compilation albums. These songs must have stood the test of time as they’re now being rereleased, amazes me really!”  Scrote’s amazement is understandable, but it undersells the quality of his band’s songs. Sanctuary: The Complete Discography is a wholly necessary reissue of a crucial band in punk’s evolution who never got their fair share of the limelight, and Sacred Bones is extremely proud to present their music to a new generation of listeners.

Debut EP from Melbourne, Australia's MASSES. Dark post punk with male/female vocals and synth. 4 excellent songs that were recorded and mixed by Phill Calvert of THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. For fans of current bands such as Lost Tribe, Bellicose Minds, Spectres etc but MASSES is no clone. Limited to only 300 copies with less than half of that in the states. This record was split released with BLOW BLOOD records out of Australia...and the pressing was mostly handled there...hence the high wholesale rate. Apologies, but well worth it.

At last! A comprehensive double LP featuring one of the most important bands of the Northwest punk scene - The Neo Boys. Active for 5 years (1978 - 83) teenage sisters KT (bass) and Kim Kincaid (vocals), Pat Baum (drums) and guitarists Jennifer Labianco and Meg Hengtes created some of the most melodic, creative and daring punk music of the period and helped forge a place for women in the growing punk music scene. Calvin Johnson has been working with band members to track down the missing tapes of their recordings through the rabbit hole of Northwest basements and closets, and after 20 years of effort, the results are this LP. These recording span from 1977 - 1982, including the long out of print 1980 7" EP (released on Trap Records) and 1982 self released EP "Crumbling myths". Sooner or later also contains many early demos and live sessions that have never been released until now. Includes liner notes. A must for fans of the Wipers, Slits, Raincoats and Dead Moon.

This is the first US issue of this 1985 French Oi Classic. These Bordeaux skunks are considered one of the archetypical French Oi bands alongside WARRIOR KIDS and KOMINTERN SECT. We gave this one the royal treatment! It comes on 200 Gram Vinyl in a heavy cardstock jacket, and is still cheaper than the French import.

In 1984 KLAXON broke with Italian hardcore tradition by adopting a decidedly more melodic punk/Oi sound on their debut EP. Their rolling bass lines and hummable lyrical melodies combined a harmonious charisma with an 80's hardcore attitude. Having never been re-issued on vinyl, this LP contains all 9 songs from that 1984 session including the self-released EP, their track from the legendary Italian Oi comp Quelli Che Urlano Ancora, and 3 previously unreleased songs.

Compilation of previously unreleased material by this early 80s Portland punk band who you may know from their exceedingly rare debut 7" on Greg Sage's Trap Records and their 1982 LP We're Not Equal. The main attraction here is an aborted 1980 LP session that was previously only released on a Grand Theft Audio compilation CD. This finds the band playing primitive, straightforward 70s punk. The combination of Pistols-influenced riffs and powerful, anthemic lady vox can't help but bring to mind the almighty Avengers, and it's nearly on that level in terms of quality as well. In addition to that LP, you also get 3 songs from a 1983 recording session that were only circulated on an extremely rare promo cassette.

Reissue of the Freeze's 1995 LP, and it's actually the first time this full-length has made it to vinyl. This came out at the peak of the 90s pop-punk scene, and while it definitely shows some influence from that scene (particularly in the rather clean production), this is still the Freeze and still has a ton of their rough-around-the-edges sound. If the only things you like are "I Hate Tourists" and Guilty Face this might not be for you, but if you can still get down with Land of the Lost I'd recommend checking this out, as it's a high-energy, catchy punk album along the lines of that record or maybe Horse Bites-era DI.

Take the Los Angeles that Dangerhouse captured, double the Exene, strain it through John Reis’s exotic take on the California sun, pour in a Brown Bronco’s worth of Long Beach, and enjoy the shadowy, hostile, born-in-a-bar elegance of White Murder.  Impulsively orchestrated, the songs simultaneously latch on and push away. The vocals plunge to humanity’s depths, only being brought back up by the balance of the bass and guitar. In the center, the drummer is too busy to sit down. Someone’s gotta keep the pot from boiling over.  The waves break and vanish, but the cracks in the sidewalk just keep getting bigger. How can a city feel so dark when the sun is always shinning? It all comes back to the people.  This is a joint release between Razorcake, Recess, and the band.

Genocide Pact are a new three-piece band from Washington, DC featuring members of Protester, D.O.C. and Abuse. Instead of playing pummeling fast grindcore, like one might expect from their other bands, this trio slows things down a notch and play very sick and heavy death metal in the same vein as Autopsy. The band self-recorded this EP and kept the production as raw and primitive as possible. This is no-bullshit heavy metal from fucking DC!

Public Suicide is the judge, jury and execution of young DC hardcore warrior Robin Zeijlon. These five hateful, rebellious blasts of aggression are fueled by the likes of Negative FX, Confront and Breakdown. The vocals are mean, the hits are hard and the riffs hold you down by the throat. This is 100% pure, unadulterated, unfiltered raging youth energy.

After seeing this young and talented fast hardcore punk band perform night after night on their Summer 2013 European tour, I was honored when they asked me to put out the tape version of their newest EP "Repulsive Action" for their US tour in October. Fans of all the best early 80's USHC will eat this up. It's far from sounding retro, however, as these five young Swedish boys were clearly raised on a liquid diet of Anti Cimex, Mob 47, etc. The snotty vocals and super-tight delivery give this a unique twist.

OBSTRUCT are a young STRAIGHT EDGE hardcore punk band from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire England amidst the current typhoon wave of rough and burly UKHC coming out right now. This tape compiles their demo + the most recent "No Life" EP that recently came out on Northern Wisdom Records. This band draw influences from early 80's Boston, late 80's NYHC and sick early 2000's hardcore for fans of Shark Attack, etc. Fucking hard.

I met a few of the guys from Komplott when they toured America with their other band, Holy. Once I heard Komplott I was blown away by the relentless d-beat buzzing chainsaw guitars, furious drums, driving bass and harshly shouted vocals with the reverb at 11. As an Italian man, myself, I was extremely excited to hear something of this quality coming out from my homeland. This release is simply brutal.

UK's WRENCH, for fans of SSD and Poison Idea. Members of Blind Authority.

This new Parisian Oi band features members of MARABOOTS and the legendary KOMINTERN SECT, however they owe more to the bands across the Channel than their French compatriots. The artwork, mastering, and fold-out poster sleeve are exclusive to this US version.

GLITZ is a San Francisco punk quartet featuring members of APACHE, THE CUTS, PERSONAL & THE PIZZAS, and WILD THING. On their debut album, It’z Glitz, they combine glittery bombast, bubblegum harmonies and muscular riffs into a sound they call "street glam".

Seattle quartet La Luz immediately brings to mind the girl groups of the '50s and '60s. The immaculate four-part harmonies, the luscious layers of reverb, the occasional choreographed dance move, even the band?s penchant for oldies-style artwork?it all conjures images of beehived ladies singing sweetly on grainy black-and-white television. But give the new "Brainwash b/w T.V. Dream" single a spin and try to pin down a specific reference point from the past. You can't. The dexterous but economic keyboard lines of Alice Sandhal and the stripped-down groove laid down by the rhythm section of Abbey Blackwell and Marian Li Pino don?t fit in with wall-of-sound icons like The Crystals or The Ronettes. The nimble surf rock twang of guitarist Shana Cleveland is at odds with classic Motown groups like The Marvelettes or The Supremes. Yes, the doo-wop nostalgia is certainly there, but the manufactured glamour and studio sheen is absent. Brainwash b/w T.V. Dream? is available worldwide both digitally and as a 7" on translucent yellow/gold vinyl with a download coupon.

Audacity's latest full-length Butter Knife is still, at its core, a garage rock record. The economic instrumentation, grit-tinged guitar jangle, pogo-prompting tempos, and sing-along choruses can all be traced back to the seminal Nuggets collections. But ultimately, Butter Knife doesn't sound so much like an homage to The Sonics as it sounds like a young band striving to make the most ebullient and jubilant noise possible. Album opener "Couldn't Hold A Candle" is a perfect introduction to Audacity's battle plan; a balanced blend of pop sensibility and ribald power. "Hole In The Sky" showcases the band's gift for the on-the-dime changes, sophisticated melodies, and clever instrumental interplay. "Red Wine" demonstrates a Robert Pollard-like knack for turning an unexpected chord combination into a remarkably punchy chorus. And album closer "Autumn" harkens back to the balladry of power pop kings Big Star. All of which is to say, Audacity are tighter and more clever than your average suburban band, and consequently they're one of the strongest acts in the Southern Californian garage rock scene.

Bug is the third and final pearl in the string of albums released by the original formation of Dinosaur Jr. The music here shows the band moving into ever more orderly realms of composition and structure, even as anecdotal evidence suggests that they were coming apart at their physical seams. It was in this time that people truly began to appreciate the power of the songs that had always lurked inside the band’s sonic cataclysm. Live shows of the period were incredible. They harnessed a very special kind of aggression like no one els,e and the emotional turmoil inside the band frequently erupted into something cathartic and Brobdingnagian. There might be true havoc on stage, now and then, as J and Lou’s antipathy towards each other increased, but more often this negative gush was channeled into an orgy of magnificent meat music. The trio’s roar – one that had initially seemed impossible to contain or control — began to assume a comprehendible shape in front of an audience that was familiar with the material (from the records) and attuned to its details. Their songs were complex in a way that seemed both simple and intuitive, their lyrics were sad and reflective without appearing obnoxiously introspective. These were graspable creative tenets, so it made sense that they would be aped. And aped they were. The band’s profile on the American scene was growing exponentially at the same time. This had been something in the making for a while, but their popularity was blown wide open by Bug, and its accompanying single, “Freak Scene” — a classic slab by any known yardstick.

KID DYNAMITE'S eponymous debut wants to party like it's 1982, when hardcore street punk was a heartfelt reflection of an alienated life and screaming your head off indecipherably was a performing art. At the same time, this ain't no time warp. Refined for a post-punk generation, these Lifetime and Ink & Dagger alumni keep it relevant with a perspective of the past twenty some-odd years, the wisdom of maturity, and a progressive lyrical approach that carries as much responsibility as it does rage.

If they had named their record something else, we'd probably be sitting here right now telling you how KID DYNAMITE'S second and final album is a lot like their first - only shorter, faster, and louder. But goddammit, they beat us to it and now we need to come up with new adjectives for a gloriously no-frills hardcore album so straightforward, precise, and skillfully executed, it probably had to be their last.

Wanna know about the records you missed out on last year? Well, here’s your chance… MRR #370, the March 2014 issue, is our 2013 Year-End Top Tens Issue! Dozens of punks from around the world list the best records released in 2013.  We’ve also got interviews with Ohio’s dark and melodic NERVOSAS, German/Belgian synth punks KOMPLIKATIONS, Buffalo, NY’s MALLWALKERS, and the director of the New Orleans punk documentary Almost Ready (check out the trailer below).  And, as always, we have the most extensive punk rock record review section in print!

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