Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Webstore Update -  July 2, 2014

HUGE update this week ladies and gents, so I won't bother you with too much label news here. One thing I do want to mention is that the EARTH GIRLS "Wrong Side of History" 7" and SUPERCRUSH "Lifted" 7" have been out for a few weeks now, and thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy or gave either record a listen.
Both records are streaming in full on the Grave Mistake Bandcamp as well as on Spotify and other digital spots - so check em out if you haven't yet. There is still some color vinyl available for mailorder, and distros and stores should have these releases shortly as well (if not already).
Hoping to get a "proper" label update out to you this month, still a ton of stuff in the works. Until then, here's what's new in the webstore ...
This webstore update is a culmination of pretty much everything new that came in during the month of June, all of which has just gone in the store within the past week (including some killer brand new titles I just received yesterday).  So in short, it's a LOT of stuff so I'll spare the long run down since everything is listed below.
Stocked up on new releases from Painkiller and Co. (VIOLENT REACTION, MAGIC CIRCLE, RUNNING FOR COVER, plus restocks on WASTE MANAGEMENT, VIOLENT FUTURE and a few more); new Total Punk releases including the latest from LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS; the awesome NIGHT BIRDS "Monster Surf" 7"; the killer debut 7" from SAVAGEHEADS; new Deranged titles from the likes of ARCTIC FLOWERS, PLEASURE LEFTISTS, DAVIDIANS, PREGNANCY SCARES, and PITFALL; a ton of other great new releases from the likes of BLOTTER, FARANG, PROCESS, RHYTHM OF CRUELTY, PRIESTS, FUCKED UP, LOWER, SICK THOUGHTS, PRAISE, and More!

Also grabbed some cool reissues including the IMPACT / EU's ARSE 7", EXTERNAL MENACE "Coalition Blues" 12", not one but FIVE LP reissues from THEE HEADCOATEES, plus a handful of fanclub Dangerhouse and Misfits singles!!!

Cutting it here … full list is below as always so give it a scan and thanks for reading!


New Titles for 07.02.2014:

BLOTTER "Under Armour 77" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Over the past few years, Austin, TX has seen a resurgence in young, quality hardcore punk bands. Blotter is one of the top tier groups of this new school of Texas hardcore and Under Armour '77, their debut vinyl effort, stands as some of the best work this scene has produced. Primordial ooze USHC at its finest.

SAVAGEHEADS "S/T" 7" (X-Ploit Records)
Savageheads have been at the top of the Boston ranks since their demo came out not too long ago. This is their debut vinyl release which offers 4 tracks (one re recorded) of Partisans style punk. Comes with an insert and giant 22'x22' Savagaheads poster to hang up at your creep hideout. Artwork by D Mango and B Herrmann. This is a split release from yours truly and X-PLOIT tapes. Boston punk on top as always

VIOLENT REACTION "Dead End" 7" (Painkiller Records)
Fresh off a 7 week US tour and last year's debut LP on Painkiller, Violent Reaction return with six new tracks; their first recording as a full band (previously all instruments were played by front man Tom Pimlott). Still raging as ever with their Riot-City-meets-Touch-and-Go sound, but now leaning a little more on their British punk fore bearers.

MAGIC CIRCLE "Lighting Her Fire" 7" (Hell Massacre Records)
Prior to the release of their debut album in 2013, Magic Circle released a self-financed promo single with the album cut "Scream Evil" backed with the non-album b-side "Lighting Her Fire" in an initial run of just 200 copies. Due to demand, Hell Massacre was commissioned to repress the original single, now including a proper picture sleeve. Limited to 500 copies.

LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Bat" 7" (Total Punk Records)
St. Louis's Lumpy and the Dumpers are taking over the world one mustard covered sex pit at a time.  Lumpy's back with two more tracks of  throbbing mutilated sludge punk.  Sewer dwellers, bathroom denziens, winged protectors of the caverns all take note because this is music made specifically for you.  Both tracks were originally released as a halloween cassingle and are offered here for the first time on vinyl. 100% TOTAL PUNK.

NIGHT BIRDS "Monster Surf" 7" (Wallride Records)
You have heard it here last…East Coast killers, Night Birds have joined up with Wallride to release an all instrumental Surf EP. 4 raging tunes that will make you wanna leave work and grab your board, including their homage to Mel Brooks “Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst”! Night Birds already ridiculous lineup is complimented with Horns and Synth on this one. Prepare yourself. Limited to a one time Pressing of 1,000 copies

DARK BLUE "S/T" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
This is the debut 7" single of Philadelphia's Dark Blue. Reminiscent of late 80's English oi!/pop, the band's sound is not unlike the perfect marriage of the Stone Roses and Last Resort. A magnificent simplicity is paired with tales of life in Canberra, the capital city of Australia and the spiritual home of bandleader John Sharkey III.

LIFE STINKS "Portraits" 7" (Total Punk Records)
San Francisco's kings of misanthropy are back with two more tracks of slow brooding bummer punk to remind you how pointless your life is. Covered in a wall of noise, negative vibes, a booming dual drum assault, and lurching along at a death march pace. Two of their best tracks yet. Equal parts Flipper, No Trend, and Germs and 100% TOTALLY PUNK.

LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Bat" 7" (Total Punk Records)
St. Louis's Lumpy and the Dumpers are taking over the world one mustard covered sex pit at a time.  Lumpy's back with two more tracks of  throbbing mutilated sludge punk.  Sewer dwellers, bathroom denziens, winged protectors of the caverns all take note because this is music made specifically for you.  Both tracks were originally released as a halloween cassingle and are offered here for the first time on vinyl. 100% TOTAL PUNK.

ACHTUNGS, THE "Full of Hate" 7" (Total Punk Records)
TOTAL PUNK is starting the summer off with a bang. Finland's Achtungs definitely got the memo that here at Total Punk we love songs about hate because they gave us one of the finest songs on the subject these ears have ever heard. A raw blast of pure punk hatred with a hook to boot.. Prepare to feel the hate! 100% TOTAL PUNK

ARCTIC FLOWERS "Weaver" LP (Deranged Records)
After last year’s excellent “Procession” EP, an EP that showcased the Arctic Flowers’ talent for combining the tradition of anarcho/peace punk with a postpunk sensibility, the new “Weaver” LP continues in much the same vein.  Just a great mid-tempo punk rock LP that, in true Arctic Flowers fashion, blurs the boundaries between classic punk, postpunk, and early gothic rock. The long-running DIY background of the band’s members imparts to the songs an urgency one is not likely to find in the more disingenuous bands trying to hop on the recent goth-punk bandwagon.  Weaver is simply an excellent LP.

PLEASURE LEFTISTS "S/T (First)" LP  (Deranged Records)
Their first 12", previously on FANDEATH, available again through Deranged.  Not to be confused with their 2nd 12", also on deranged. Tracks are: Nature of Feeling, Morning in a Room, Suits, Animal Heart, Future Fights, Passage on a Ghost Ship

PREGNANCY SCARES "Mind Control" 7" (Deranged Records)
When they're not busy with their other projects (the Steve Adamyk Band, Crusades, the Ottawa Explosion festival, Bruised Tongue Records, etc.), four dudes in Ottawa make harsh, noisy hardcore under the name Pregnancy Scares.  The EP blasts through four songs in six minutes, and shows that the band are capable of evolving their sound without sacrificing any of the raw aggression that they're known for.

DAVIDIANS "S/T" 7" (Deranged Records)
Summer 2013- Brian Walsby returns from his annual gig as road-dog extraordinaire for MELVINS to his adopted home of Raleigh, NC. He quickly learns of the untimely demise of his proto-HxCx band DOUBLE NEGATIVE during his absence. Undaunted, he and fellow -D/N-er’s Justin Gray & Cameron Craig soldier forward. Joined by Minneapolis lost boy, Colin Swanson-White (SAFEWORDS, VOIGHT-KAMPFF) they immediately embark upon a darker path. Blasting forth a rumbling, angular and aggressive post-punk rock. Debut 7".

PITFALL "S/T" 7" (Deranged Records)
Pitfall was started back in 2010 when the original members of Punch In The Face kicked around the idea of starting an older punk & oi influenced band for fun. The band was worked on for a while but due to personal tragedy, major illness, and other factors it never got off the ground. Eventually, three of the members got together and recorded the songs in 2012 in their practice space and released them as a cassette. This 7" ep is six songs from that 2012 recording.  Members of Los Crudos and Charles Bronson.

IMPACT / EU'S ARSE - SPLIT 7" (Blackwater Records)
Official reissue of one of the most legendary and sought after splits in Italian hardcore history (second maybe to wretched/indigesti??) originally self-released by eu’s arse in 1983 with 1,000 copies pressed. this reissue features the original layout including all the extra inserts and lyric sheets that have not been available in over 20 years! 11 tracks of raw and powerfully intense Italian hardcore clocking in at around 21 minutes. Starting with the eu’s arse side you have 5 tracks of manic aggressive hardcore punk complete with the cracking voice and teenage angst that gives the singer an especially sincere sense of urgency, add to that the discharge-ish riffs and drumming similar to the early Swedish hardcore bands and it all comes together to create a atmosphere of complete hopelessness. Flipping it over you get the first recordings from one of the most legendary Italian hardcore bands, Impact. 6 tracks of pissed off fuzzed out hardcore in its purest form. This record laid the foundation for just about every Italian hardcore and punk band that came after them. An absolute classic!

EU'S ARSE" Lo Stato Ha Bisogno" 7" (Blackwater Records)
Reissue of this Italian band's 1982 EP pressed up for their recent west coast US tour. Like the other early Italian classics, this is raw and wild d-beat raw punk. The Italian bands had a really great sound that was really unlike those of the other raw punk scenes emerging around the world, and if you're into Wretched, Indigesti, etc. you'll definitely want to check out EU's Arse as well.

RUNNING FOR COVER " Demo" LP (Painkiller Records)
Between 2003-2007, Running for Cover was the best kept secret in the Eastern Standard time zone. Dialing in the density and frustration of bands like No Comment and Capitalist Casualties, and playing regional shows along side bands like Iron Lung and Mind Eraser, they never failed to level the audience and the venue. Their 7" and full length album are known by some to be high water marks of their chosen style, but their demo has remained unheard by all but the most devoted. Remixed in 2013 by the band, and properly mastered for the first time, we present their full 2003 demo on a 12". We think those who are already familiar with their work will agree that this stands alongside it perfectly. For those not familiar, welcome to the cult. Members of Running For Cover have also done time in: Gas Chamber, Solutions, Resist Control, Slave State, Dead Language and others.

ETERNAL CHAMPION "Last King of Pictdom" 7" (Hell Massacre Records)
Eternal Champion deliver their first vinyl outing, a 7" single of the kind of hard-worn, power metal that the USA ran thick with in the 1980's. Musically this is cut from the same cloth as Manilla Road in their Crystal Logic/Open The Gates phase or the first Fates Warning album, and spiritually akin to epic fantasy themes and fixations bands like Cirith Ungol, Omen, and Armored Saint took on, with lyrics inspired by the beloved writing of Robert E. Howard. Limited to 500 copies.

FARANG "S/T" LP (Bad Vibrations Records)
Members of the Endless Blockade, Kremlin, School Jerks, etc. 7 songs recorded in November 2013. Comes in DJ sleeve with sticker and colour insert on a one sided LP.  It's later than you think, punk. You're in the ruins of your city. There's a noisome din on the horizon growing louder than hell. You try and act casual but this freakish, angular sound seizes your ears, bones and mind. Black Flags flap and flutter as you De-evolve into the Bastard. Batshit pounding rhythms, swarming atonal solos, and a viciously singular, mutated Punk spirit all take a piece of you and warp your square soul. You're changed now. This is FARANG. Now you're one of us.

PRIESTS "Bodies and Control and Money and Power" LP (Don Giovanni Records)
Priests are the sort of band that is unafraid to look you right in the eye and beg answers to big questions. In early 2012, Priests began playing frantic post-punk, full of tempered tension and thoughtful rage and relentless energy that would come from living in the microcosm of institutional oppression that is DC. Their music conveys a sense of unmatched urgency in their smart, politically charged, noisy songs.  You'd think it would be hard to capture Priests' intensity on a slab of vinyl, but all the dark, aggressive sounds and kinetic energy their known for live come across on Bodies and Control and Money and Power. From the paranoid truths of "And Breeding" to the ripping "Modern Love No Weapon" to the creepy goth feel of "Doctor," it's Priests at their best.

FUCKED UP "Glass Boys" 2LP (Matador Records)
Fucked Up are a punk band. They were a punk band when they started in Toronto more than a decade ago, and they've remained a punk band even as they've ascended to career heights that their younger selves never could've imagined.  Glass Boys isn't a retrenchment or a back-to-basics move; it's too ambitious and complex for that. But after those last two albums, it's tight and concise and direct, an album of real and direct sentiment rather than artifice.  Musically, Glass Boys carries echoes of some of the more ragged and adventurous bands from America's punk past (Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr.), but it also has some of the anthemic charge of the Who and the guttural intensity of Negative Approach. Singer Damian Abraham still growls like a demon, but he's found more range and depth in his bark. Drummer Jonah Falco does something innovative on the LP, adding two separate drum tracks, one of them in half-time, adding a psychedelic, disorienting feel. (A limited vinyl edition of the album includes a bonus version that only features Falco's half-time drums.) The triple-guitar battalion of Mike Haliechuk, Ben Cook, and Josh Zucker still builds symphonies out of feedback and power-chords, but this time around, there's less emphasis on world-crushing riffs and more on world-creating textures. Bassist Sandy Miranda is now even more a part of that storm, her instrument blurring in with that overwhelming guitar roar.

LOWER "Seek Warmer Climes" LP (Matador Records)
Lower make intense music. Seek Warmer Climes, the Copenhagen quartet’s debut album, sparkles with the harmonic dissonance and high-strung urgency of their underground music forebears. But Lower ­– Adrian Toubro (vocals), Simon Formann (guitar), Kristian Emdal (bass) and Anton Rothstein (drums) – also channel the romance and drama of great singer-songwriters, from late-period Scott Walker to Bryan Ferry. The result is a hugely ambitious and affecting rock album that enters deeply personal and unusual sonic and topical spaces.

MERCHANDISE "Begging for Your Life" 12" (4AD Records)
Having first appeared on a now highly collectable split tour cassette with Chelsea Light Moving at the tail end of last year, 'Begging For Your Life / In The City Light' will receive a one-time vinyl pressing in February 2014.  Weighing in at 14 minutes long, just 1,000 individually numbered copies are being manufactured as a one-sided, clear 12" with etching.

PERSPEX FLESH "S/T" LP  (Static Shock Records)
Long-awaited debut LP from this band out of Leeds, England. Their previous 7" on Video Disease was great and the LP totally tops it. I still feel like Perspex Flesh bear at least a passing resemblance to Hoax in that their songs tend to trudge along at this really menacing tempo, but Perspex Flesh is a lot less stripped down. The sound is really chaotic but at the same time melodic, especially for a hardcore band. This is probably an out-there reference given the fact that these guys are a hardcore band, but the way melodies emerge out of the noisy din actually reminds me a bit of Shoppers at points, though you can tell these guys have probably paid a lot of attention to their Rudimentary Peni records as well. As you can probably tell by how all over the place these references are, this is a pretty original-sounding LP and definitely one of the best hardcore records of late. Strongly recommended.

RHYTHM OF CRUELTY "Dysphoria" LP (Crude City Records)
Newest LP from this Edmonton Canada Post-punk band "New Post Punk / Goth from Edmonton Canada.  "Rhythm of Cruelty exudes a strong blend of Lo-Fi sound and gothic appeal.  Not all bands can get the whole "dark atmosphere" thing down without coming off pretentious or derivative. There is a real strong image of British punk bands that immediately come mind. Like Joy Division, the feel is a dark one twined with a string of blissful melody throughout. Yet, it posses a modern feel, a definite product of what is possible electronically in music in this age."

FRAU "S/T" LP (Dead Beat Records)
London ladies FRAU stay ahead of the trend and revisit late 70's/early 80's Post Punk with impeccable results.  On FRUA's debut vinyl offering they spew molten Bass-centric Punk Rock where jagged, lacerating guitars splash across each other in succinct, volatile harmony.  Pure burly, shambolic Punk Rock that brings to mind early DIY Post Punk creativists like Liliput, Kleenex, and The Raincoats played at near HC velocity.  A big part of FRAU's inventive, disheveled charm is their warped, out of place, tempo changes and low brow recording experimentation that are as much a part of their "sound" as the wall of scuzz feedback that delightfully, envelops each song.  They create broodingly, unbalanced soundscapes of raw, hostile music that's both biting, powerful and dripping with character spat from their own witty, Feminist tongue.  Fans of Kleenex, Bikini Kill, Flipper, Gang of Four and Huggy Bear will be all over this.  Member of Good Throb.

SICK THOUGHTS "My Mess My Life" LP (Dead Beat Records)
De-gen Scumfucs SICK THOUGHTS continue to pick their Garage Punk scabs and stab their way through this atrociously, awesome ripper.  'My Mess My Life' fully lives up to it's pessimistically, seething name by spewing an undeniable arsenal of grimy, scumtastic hits.  Echoes of the Pagans, Reatards, Oblivians and GG Allin are screamin' outta this nihilistic, fuzz-fucked, riff fest where SICK THOUGHTS effortlessly find their cathartic sweet spot lodged somewhere between hatred, intoxication and ineptitude.  The burly, brazen riffs are splattered with snarling, bleeding guitar solos that just ooze Teen misanthropy through shredded, mangled chords and venomous, biting vox.  100% barbaric Rock N Roll all the way on this fucker from a band that just flat out rips.

PRAISE "Lights Went Out" LP (React Records)
Having made a name for themselves over the last few years as one of hardcore's most honest and sincere bands, PRAISE now prepares to deliver one of the most anticipated records of the year. "Lights Went Out" builds upon the foundation of the band's two previous EPs ("Growing. Changing. Healing." and "Two Songs") and exceeds the standards set with their earlier work. Strong references to the evolving mid-80's Dischord Records catalog (Minor Threat, Embrace, Dag Nasty) meld effortlessly with the urgency of melodic straightedge bands like Verbal Assault and Turning Point in a way that only PRAISE can. Recorded with Will Yip (Title Fight, Blacklisted) Lights Went Out sounds... well, perfect; the product of years of painstaking development and evolution, crafted with precision and care, fine tuned to the highest standards, and delivered with confidence. Lyrically, Andy Norton offers himself to you unprotected by pretense and unfiltered by ego and confronts his insecurities with an honesty and vulnerability that few people can. This is the kind of record that helps others by sharing the burden. Reach deep.

KEEP IT CLEAR "A Lesson That You're Gonna Learn" LP  (React Records)
(ex-Chinese Telephones, limited to 500 copies, no re-press!)

BRAIN SLUG "Creep/Annihilate Me" 7" (Failure Recordings)
The latest EP from New York’s Brain Slug. Originally released on cassette by Bleeding Edges and Self Acceptance, this is finally getting the vinyl treatment. CREEP//Annihilate Me is a manic blast of ancient NYHC wisdom (Straight Ahead, Krakdown) spiked with a hefty dose of noisy punk (Discharge, etc.).

DRY INSIDES "Sacrafice" 7" (Failure Recordings)
Dry Insides is the deranged brain child of artist Reuben Sawyer, best known as Rainbath Visual (Destruction Unit, GAG, Chelsea Wolfe). Their latest EP, Sacrifice, is a 3 song vicious assault of raw, primitive, Venom influenced hardcore punk with noise rock tendencies. Fans of Hoax, Midnight, and Sexdrome

DEATH INJECTION "Demo" 7" (Failure Recordings)
Originally self-released by the band on cassette tape which almost instantly sold out, this 6 song demo is now available on vinyl for the first time. Fast, pissed, and raw straight edge hardcore punk from Boston. Fans of SSD, Out Cold, ect.

BRAIN TUMORS / PISSWALKER - SPLIT 7"  (Lagerville Records)
The first new material that we've heard from Minneapolis's Brain Tumors for quite some time and it totally rips... this time around they have a bit stronger production that makes their nasty, snotty hardcore stand out even more. As for Piss Walker, I don't know anything about them, but they have a gnarly, Japanese-influenced sound that reminds me less of burning spirits-type stuff and more like the Systematic Death-style, hyper-fast 1-2, 1-2 hardcore with catchy vocals and breaks. A ripping little hardcore split!

DOGCHAINS "Give/Take" 7" (Straight and Alert Records)
DOGCHAINS is a young 5 piece Straight Edge band hailing from Schweinfurt, Germany. They stared to played in 2012 and released a 5 tracks demo the same year. Even though they are not around since a long time they already shared the stage with hardcore heavyweights such as Mindset, Cold World, The Mongoloids, Expire, Rotting Out. If you are not familiar with their sound yet, DOGCHAINS sound like Boston 2K bands (Mental / Righteous Jams) messing with Virginia HC ( Iron Boots ) and NYC’s finest of the late 80′s, with a slight JUSTICE touch. What they care about ? Hanging out, good food and sports. Bust!

CLEAN BREAK "Face Value" 7" (Straight and Alert Records)
CLEAN BREAK is Faro's new Straight Edge sensation, formed in the summer of 2013. After a handful of practices, David and Armando decided to record a demo at the band's practice room with the 4 songs they've been working on. The demo tape was released in August 2013 on Salad Days Records. Behind this new band are Faro / portuguese hardcore veterans who used to play in Broken Distance, Critical Point, Pointing Finger, The New Blood or Pressure.  They now return with a brand new 7" titled "Face Value" featuring 4 new songs and 2 re-recorded songs from the demo. We are proud to team up with Salad Days records to release this record. For fans of Mental, DYS,Righteous Jams, The First Step. Faro youth crew flame still burns!

COLUMN "S/T" 7" (Negative Split Records)
This is the newly mastered vinyl release of the long anticipated demo by Seattle's Column that came out last year. Five stripped to the bone hardcore jams under the Chain/Piece influence. Hand screened cover. Digital download code included.

BLOTTER "Under Armour 77" 7" (European Press) (Erste Theketon Traeger Records)
Hey, Hardcore-Fans! Lose your minds! Here’s the real deal. Blotter is everything you want from a modern day hardcore punk band. Over the past few years, Austin, TX has seen a resurgence in young, quality punk bands. Blotter is one of the top tier groups of this new school of Texas hardcore and Under Armour '77, their debut vinyl effort, stands as some of the best work this scene has produced. Primordial ooze USHC at its finest.  Blotter is yet another new hardcore punk featuring members of Wiccans, Glue, Impalers and Creamers.  Blotter delivers just brutal, stomping stuff with a perfect, early 80s-sounding 8-track production. This five piece band rages through five songs in a little over five minutes. Fast precise hard hitting drums, loud distorted guitar that flirts with chaotic, noisy feedback, compliment dynamic and aggressive vocals that have just the right amount of snot and grit. Their sound touches on classic 80’s hardcore, whilst paying no tribute to any other HC band I’ve listened to in the last few years. This is unique, this is weird, fucked up and awesome! No filler on this EP – it’s all legit. No nonsense Hardcore in 2014, go and get your copy. Fuck.

HAPPY HOOKERS FOR JESUS "S/T" 7" (Erste Theketon Traeger Records)
If you are looking for a new and outstanding band from Europe, here you got it. My mind was blown after the first time of listening to these songs that are so depressive, cold, pissed and snotty. One thing was sure: I just had to repress this EP because 200 copies are far too little for this killer 7“. What you get is pure Danish unrelenting punk rock damage! Take the smarmy music oft The Urinals, speed it up to 150 % and crank the volume up to the max and you hear what the Happy Hookers For Jesus are all about. This 7“ is a little bastard of punk that‘s stuck in your head with the first listen. A nihilistic feedback orgy in four acts, packed with merciless insanity, screeching guitars, distorted echo-voice and a totally wasted I-don't-give-a-flying-fuck-
attitude, all thrown together in a stinky garage. So, get it or get lost!

SECRET PROSTITUTES / CROOKED BANGS - SPLIT 7" (Erste Theketon Traeger Records)
Two bands located in Texas, one was singing in French, the other in Indonesian and I’m gonna put out a Split 7“ for them… Do you know which bands I’m talking about!? If not, here is the answer: Crooked Bangs and Secret Prostitutes. After their stunning first record, Crooked Bangs approach their sound in a way that is sinister but also inviting, a veil of gloom — courtesy of Ginestra’s foreboding vocals and Wendel’s snappy guitar work — with an inducing rhythm section. There are elements of ’70s punk and ’60s garage rock lurking throughout, but these influences don’t override their own ideas. The upfront person is vocalist/bassist Leda Celeste Ginestra, who sings like she discovered punk in the catacombs of a Parisian cabaret. Alternating between French and English lyrics, Ginestra brings uncommon depth and richness to macabre depictions of blood castles and flesh-ripping wolves. At the same time, she's quick to morph into guttural, Linda Blair-style screeching when the song demands it. Guitarist Samantha Wendel cuts the clutter in favor of finding the perfect surf-goth tone, while drummer Phillip Gonzalez plows through the anxious night like a pepped-up trucker. On the flip there will be the mysterious reincarnation of KBD Punk. In my opinion there’s no introduction needed! You just have to know that the KBD spirit of the band and the music fit genuinely into the era of the style. They would fit perfectly into the early Houston punk scene of bands looking for a place to play. The beat and Indonesian lyrics will cause you to tap your boot, shake your ass and scratch your head while you’re banging it. But it will always make you smile, unlike your KGB counterparts who haven’t been this confused since trying to understand the argot of contempt sung secretively by bands behind the Iron Curtain.

SNOB "S/T" 7" (Mata La Musica Discos)
From Vancouver B.C. these punks recorded their 8 brutal hardcore punk tracks and dubbed them onto a few demo tapes. It wasn’t long before they agreed to make sure these angst filled songs were pressed on vinyl for your listening pleasure. This band is mean, frantic and loaded with aggression.  Each track is delivered with some pissed off vocals, spastic drums, blaring riffs and some of best driving bass lines. It’s LOUD, it’s PUNK, it’s SNØB and they’ve had a bad day!

SOCIAL DAMAGE "Both Demos" 7" (Straight and Alert Records)
Social Damage is a young american Straight Edge band located in Indianapolis and featuring members of PICKED CLEAN (check out their 7″ on Six Feet Under records). They started to play together in 2012 and released two demo tapes on Criminal Rights records. If STRAIGHT AHEAD were still playing in 2014 they would be called SOCIAL DAMAGE. I was blown away when I first heard their demo tapes. We are extremely happy to repress both of them (now sold out) on a 7".  For fans of Free Spirit, Intent, Judge, Freedom, Straight Ahead and The Straight Edge.

SONY VINCENT AND THE BAD REACTIONS "Replica" 7" (Trend is Dead Records)
Genuine article '77 NY punk legend (Testors, Rocket From The Crypt, etc) teams with young dogs from Carbonas, Sorrows, Beat Beat Beat

V/A "Winds of Change: A Hardcore Compilation" 7" (React Records)
Adding to the legacy of great hardcore compilation 7"s like Revelation's "Together", Teamwork / In My Blood's "Growing Stronger" and more recently Reaper's "Mercy For None", REACT! Records is proud to bring you WINDS OF CHANGE, six exclusive tracks from six of today's most promising young and up-and-coming hardcore bands. For fans of classic 80s hardcore.

VIVID SEKT "From Ruin" 7" (Blackwater Records)
3 new tracks from Portland's very own “peace punks”  - Now a 3 piece w/ Anya and Alex handling main vocal duties after the departure of Ian – these Female fronted thought provoking songs strike a similarity to Fuzzbox at times mixed in with influences of some of your favorite UK82 and peace punk bands (Fatal Microbes/The System/A Heads etc). Influences which they wear blatantly on their jackets, all the while managing to keep their own uniqueness and give a fresh take on a classic genre. The harmony of the dual vocals blended with the not overly distorted guitar lines of Alex (Arctic Flowers) and  driving bass lines from Anya (Moral Hex) keep the melodies of each song strong and sincere while the energy of Greg's (Dog Soldier) drumming drives each track continuously forward. - This is their strongest release to date and a teaser of what's to come, hopefully it won't be too long...

SICK THOUGHTS "Need No One" 7" (Can't Stand Ya Records)
Blown out teenage punk trash from Baltimore.

WHITE PAGES "Bam Bam E.P." 7" (Can't Stand Ya Records)
4 more blasts of punk trash from Boston.

WHITE PAGES "Please Kill Them" 7" (Can't Stand Ya Records)
4 trash punk blasts crammed onto one side of this debut 7" from Boston's White Pages. FFO: KBD, ADD, ACAB.

PROCESS "Our Future? What Future?" LP (Urgent Warning Records)
Gainesville's Process return with a follow up to their demo cassette. Gone is the four track production of the demo in favor of a proper studio sound that only adds to this group's intensity. "Our Future? What Future?" contains 10 relentless tracks of indignation, and while the songs do not stray far from the "DIS" tradition this record offers far more than recycled sounds of the past.  Comes in a screen-printed sleeve with a sticker.

MISCALCULATIONS "S/T" LP (Dead Beat Records)
Ambitious effort from these London pukes .  MISCALCULATIONS bash out 12 snotty, bruising Punk Rock hits spat in yer face by a couplea fucks from THE GAGGERS.  Top tier, rapid-fire, Snot Punk that's got The Dickies, Buzzcocks and The Boys spastic, hyperactive charm smeared all over it - but with a very seething, morose, outlook that works well with the ferocious, poppy grit of the music. Jittery, razor-sharp Wire/Gang of Four/Wipers guitar tangents weave in and out of the songs that are all held together by snarling, bouncy First-Wave lunacy, bristling with fresh ideas and a poetic, melodic bite. Clever, creative song writing reigns supreme on this snearing, fuck-tastic ripper that's one of the gnarliest examples of modern day Punk Rock done right.   File under "Good Shit".

AUTONOMY / DOOMTOWN - Split LP (Trend is Dead Records)
6 new songs from each band, including flip-flopped covers of Buzzcocks & Wipers

CONQUEST FOR DEATH "Many Nations, One Underground" LP (Tankcrimes Records)
Six years ago, CONQUEST FOR DEATH rose from the ashes of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? The pioneers of “Bandana Thrash” and “Fastcore” have been traveling the globe ever since then, taking their hardcore punk sounds to Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Africa.

ICEAGE "You're Nothing" LP (Matador Records)
You're Nothing" pushes Iceage's singular sound to further extremes. Twelve examples of the myriad ways Iceage have written, and re-written the short aggressive rock song. We're excited for you to hear it.

SONNY VINCENT "Cyanide Consomme" LP (Big Neck Records)
This record is blazing hot.  If you think Sonny has slowed down at any point you are mistaken this record has tougher guitar riffs and more hooks than I have heard since The Testors.  If you do not know who Sonny Vincent is, then you have been in a punk rock coma.  Sonny started the Testors back in 1975 and played with the likes of the Dead Boys, The Cramps and Suicide.  In the early 80's the Testors disbanded and Sonny ended up playing over the next couple decades  with members of the Replacements, Velvet Underground, Dead Boys, Husker Du, and Devil Dogs.  In his career, Sonny has released over 20 records of rock n roll.

WARPAINT "S/T" 2LP (Rough Trade Records)
Warpaint was recorded and mixed by Flood, aside from two songs that were mixed by Nigel Godrich. The album was conceived after some truly inspirational writing and recording sessions that took place in The Joshua Tree late last year. The band was joined there by visionary director Chris Cunningham, who has partnered with them for many of the album visuals including the cover. He spent two years filming and photographing the band as they made new music.

WARPAINT "The Fool" 2LP (Rough Trade Records)
Warpaint weave intricate guitar lines, hypnotic vocals and driving post punk rhythms into gorgeous, sprawling songs that skirt the line between psychedelia and intimacy. Both live and on record, Warpaint sound like they're channeling something truly otherworldly and mystical. The Fool is their utterly mesmeric debut full-length album produced and mixed by Tom Biller (Liars, Jon Brion, Sean Lennon) in Los Angeles, with further mixes from Andrew Weatherall (Bjork, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream) and Adam Samuels (John Frusciante, Daniel Lanois).

SICK THOUGHTS "Terminal Teen Age" LP  (Dead Beat Records)
Terminal Teen Age LP.  Baltimore scumfucs SICK THOUGHTS come blaring outta the wasteland with 'Terminal Teen Age' and boasts an actual Teenager that blasts awesomely trash-tastic stabs of crude n cruddy Rock N Roll. Seething with nihilism, anger and a ridiculous amount of energy,  this is sloppy, shambolic  Garage Punk at it's best and threatens to explode into three different directions on each and every song.  The string-bashing guitar work alone throws surprisingly agile Blues, Garage and Rock N Roll riffs straight against the crumbling wall to create pessimistic, volatile Teen Age anthems with angst-ridden hooks and catchy, scream-along choruses.  13  bristling tracks of barbaric Rock N Roll trash with an obvious nod to greats like the Oblivians, Reatards, Teengenerate and the Gories.  It doesn't get much better than this.

EXTERNAL MENACE "Coalition Blues" LP (Loud Punk Records)
This record compiles all tracks released during the '80s by one of the best bands to ever come from Scotland, remastered and sounding better then ever. First 500 copies also come with a bonus, four-track EP of two unreleased studio tracks and two live tracks from '83 including a song never recorded.

SELF ABUSE "Teenage" LP (Loud Punk Records)
Wile Bournemouth, UK's Self Abuse only released a few comp tracks and the "Soldier" 7" on The Disrupters Radical Change label they had a few other sessions which only made it to poorly distributed tapes. One of Which was their 12 Track 1983 tape "Teenage" which Loud Punk is proud to bring you for the first time on vinyl. Catchy and tuneful punk in the classic UK fashion

HEADCOATEES, THEE "Ballad of the Insolent Pup" LP (Damaged Goods Records)
Thee Headcoatees revel in the darker side of their nature on 1994's Ballad of an Insolent Pup, which digs deeper into the gals' angst than on most of their albums. Like their mentor Billy Childish (who wrote most of the songs on this set), Thee Headcoatees worship at the altar of garage rock, playing Brit-style beat music with a purposefully crude edge, but while they usually sound like they're out for fun, Ballad of an Insolent Pup uses their ragged '60s-style approach to share their darker moods with us. Most of the tunes here involve men who have done Debbie, Holly, Kyra, and/or Ludella wrong in one way or another, and they're not at all shy in telling us about their anger, resentment and disappointment toward their former lovers. "I Was Led to Believe," "When You Stop Loving Me," and "All My Feelings Denied" are pure rock & roll expressions of the old adage that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. However, while there's more than a little bad feeling vented on Ballad of an Insolent Pup, it's also a great slice of U.K. garage punk, sounding a bit tighter and better focused than most of Thee Headcoatees' discs, and the tunes pack a wallop that keeps the bitterness from overtaking the energy of the performances. After listening to Ballad of an Insolent Pup, it's clear you wouldn't want to cross Thee Headcoatees, but inviting them to your next party would be a capital idea.

HEADCOATEES, THEE "Bozstik Haze" LP (Damaged Goods Records)
From the first notes of the proto-"Wipe Out" opening instrumental "We Are Thee Headcoatees," the fifth album from Thee Headcoatees finds the female garage rock titans in typically raw and rambunctious form. Bozstik Haze celebrates the joys and perils of booze and tobacco ("Name Your Poison"), offers real-life tales of British dentistry ("Baby-Teeth Marge"), documents some sort of poorly defined psychedelic experience (the title tune), and finds the gals struggling with a variety of romantic dilemmas ("I Need Loving," "Speak to Me," "You Ruined My Night's Rest," and more), all accompanied by the roar of cheap guitars and the clatter of energetically swatted drums. With Holly Golightly in the lineup, the vocals offer a bit more polish and nuance than you might expect, but she and her bandmates know when to whisper and when to wail, and even though this album goes for a moody feel on some tracks, most of the time they crank up the amps and let the rock & roll carry the day, not a bad approach to take when your producer is Billy Childish. Childish also wrote the songs for this disc (except for a frantic cover of "I Want Candy"), and his mastery of the garage idiom remains impressive, while Thee Headcoatees show they know how to make the most of the material. At a bit under 28 minutes, Bozstik Haze might be a bit more concise than some consumers would like, but there's no fat and no filler in this package, and it packs a lot of high-quality noise into a small space.

HEADCOATEES, THEE "Girlsville" LP (Get Hip Records)
These girls are totally in the garage! Now from the Sisterhood of Suave, comes this classic garage album from Thee Headcoatees. From the boss cover of “Wild Man” to the hilarious “Dirty Old Man” the Sisterhood brings you Thee Headcoats sound from another perspective. Other gender flipping covers include “Melvin” (Gloria), “Run For Your Life” and “Boysville.” In the beginning was “She Who Is The Void” and throughout time her song has been sung. Find out what happens “When The Night Comes”; learn what’s “Round Every Corner.” Meet the enigmatic “Melvin!” Try some “Stolen Love” but be prepared to “Run For Your Life.” Gone forever are the Sirens who enchanted the men of old. Thee Headcoatees are here and inviting us to visit Girlsville. See you there!

HEADCOATEES, THEE "Have Love Will Travel" LP (Damaged Goods Records)
While generally thought of as the Ladies' Auxiliary of Billy Childish's empire of U.K. garage rock, thee Headcoatees are a fine rock & roll combo in their own right, and their second full-length album, Have Love Will Travel, shows that while they happily collaborate with Childish, they have a style and identity of their own. Childish produced the sessions and wrote most of the songs, but thee Headcoatees display a slightly lighter touch and a more musical approach than their mentor, and they host some fine vocal talent in Holly Golightly and Kyra La Rubia, making Have Love Will Travel a more cheerful and less aggressive work than most of Childish's own projects. The tunes are simple but they boast a higher percentage of hooks than Childish's own albums, and the lyrics deliver a suitably gal-centric perspective on that most traditional of all pop music themes, romance, though they do offer a vital history lesson with "Louis Riel," deliver some sound advice on "Mess of Pottage," and show they can bash as hard as they want on their cover of the Chordettes' "My Boyfriend's Learning Karate." thee Headcoatees aren't so much Billy Childish with girls or Thee Headcoats Lite as a pop-leaning variation on the traditional Medway Rock theme, and this has enough spunk and spirit to confirm that there's nothing wrong with being a pop group, especially when you can cover "Big Boss Man" and "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" this well. Big fun and both tougher and better crafted than you might expect.

HEADCOATEES, THEE "Here Comes Cessation" LP (Damaged Goods Records)
Thee Headcoatees were stripped down to a three-piece for 1999's Here Comes Cessation, which proved to be the final album from the U.K. garage punk gals. If the group didn't seem to have progressed especially far from where they started on their sixth album, they hadn't lost touch with their virtues, either -- with their friend and guiding light Billy Childish writing the songs (except for a cover of Bo Diddley's "Road Runner") and producing the sessions, it comes as no shock that Here Comes Cessation is proudly rough around the edges, and the guitar bashing leans more toward meat-and-potatoes chording than anything fancy. But this heroic trio certainly knows how to deliver the rock, with the rhythm section keeping the big beat pounding loud and proud, the guitar delivering a heaping helping of fuzzy swagger, and the harmonies a sweet and sour expression of girl power in powerful, unpretentious form. Thee Headcoatees also show off their multi-lingual side on the title cut (sung en français), sound almost seductive on the pleading "Is There Any Chance of You Coming into My Life?," and reinforce the notion that they're nobody's fools on "You're Gonna Get What's Coming" and "Keep Your Big Mouth Shut." In short, Thee Headcoatees went out on Here Comes Cessation the same way they went in -- as the coolest, most rockin' gals in the British Isles. No small accomplishment, that.

BAUHAUS "In the Flat Field (Remastered) LP (Beggars Banquet Records)
Few debut albums ever arrived so nearly perfectly formed; that In the Flat Field practically single-handedly invented what remains for many as the stereotype of goth music — wracked, at times spindly vocals about despair and desolation of many kinds, sung over mysterious and moody music — demonstrates the sui generis power of both the band and its work. This said, perhaps the best thing about the album isn’t what it’s supposed to sound like, but what it actually does — an awesomely powerful, glam-inspired rock band firing on all fours, capable of restraint and complete overdrive both, fronted by a charismatic, storming frontman. Starting with the challenging angst of “Double Dare,” with shattering guitar over a curious but fierce stop-start rhythm while Murphy rages ever more strongly over the top, In the Flat Field contains a wide variety of inspirations and ideas. The astonishingly precise rhythm section of David J and Haskins pulls off a variety of jaw-dropping performances, including the high-paced tension of the title track and the brooding crawl from “Spy in the Cab.” Ash, much like his longtime hero Mick Ronson, turns out to be a master of turning relatively simple guitar parts into apocalyptic explosions, from the background fills on “St. Vitus Dance” to the brutal descending chords of “Stigmata Martyr.” Murphy, meanwhile, channels as much Iggy Pop as he does Bowie, proving to be no simple copyist of either, able to both maniacally sing-shout and take a somewhat lighter touch throughout. Concluding with the seven-minute “Nerves,” an aptly titled piece that alternates between understated energy and unleashed power toward a dramatic ending, In the Flat Field started off Bauhaus’ album career with a near-perfect bang.

BAUHAUS "Mask (Remastered)" LP (Beggars Banquet Records)
Managing the sometimes hard-to-negotiate trick of expanding their sound while retaining all the qualities which got them attention to begin with, on Mask the members of Bauhaus consciously stretched themselves into newer areas of music and performance, resulting in an album that was arguably even better than the band’s almost flawless debut. More familiar sides of the band were apparent from the get-go; opening number “Hair of the Dog,” one of the band’s best songs, starts with a double-tracked squalling guitar solo before turning into a stomping, surging flow, carefully paced by sudden silences and equally sudden returns to the music, while Murphy details cases of mental addictions in pithy phrases. The energy wasn’t all just explosive angst and despair, though; the one-two punches of “Kick in the Eye” and “In Fear of Fear” have as much hip-shaking groove and upbeat swing to them as portentous gloom (Ash’s sax skronk on the latter, as well as on the similarly sharp “Dancing,” is a particularly nice touch). Elsewhere, numerous flashes of the band’s quirky sense of humour — something often missed by both fanatical followers and negative critics both — make an appearance; perhaps most amusing is the dry spoken-word lyric beginning “Of Lillies and Remains,” as David J details a goofily grotesque situation as much Edward Gorey as Edgar Allen Poe. Add to that three of the most dramatic things the band ever recorded — the charging, keyboard-accompanied “The Passion of Lovers,” the slow, dark fairy-tale-gone-wrong “Hollow Hills,” and the wracked, trudging title track, where the sudden appearance of an acoustic guitar turns a great song into a near-perfect blend of ugliness and sheer beauty — and the end result was a perfect trouncing of the sophomore-slump myth.

BIKINI KILL "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" LP (Bikini Kill Records)
This is a reissue of Bikini Kill's second EP, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, which was recorded in 1992 with Tim Green (Nation of Ulysses) at The Embassy ? a group-house in Washington, D.C. ? and was the first Bikini Kill release to feature the band's song, "Rebel Girl." Originally a split EP with the Brighton, UK-based band, Huggy Bear, the b-side now features seven previously unreleased Bikini Kill songs drawn from era-appropriate live shows and practice tapes. The artwork has also been updated to include archival photos and liner notes from the Bratmobile's Erin Smith, Comet Gain's David Feck, and the members of Bikini Kill.  Bikini Kill was a feminist punk band based in Olympia, WA and Washington, D.C., forming in 1990 and breaking up in 1997. Kathleen Hanna sang, Tobi Vail played drums, Billy Karren (a.k.a. Billy Boredom) played guitar and Kathi Wilcox played bass. Bikini Kill is credited with instigating the Riot Grrrl movement in the early '90s via their political lyrics, zines, and confrontational live performances.

PIXIES "Wave of Mutilation: Best" 2LP (4AD Records)
During their six years together, The Pixies released five albums to fan, peer, and critical acclaim. This best of album runs almost chronologically and expands on the previous comp, Death to the Pixies with a couple B-sides, the live favorite "Into the White," and a cover of Neil Young's "Winterlong." 'This compilation's track listing is in more or less chronological order (although Surfer Rosa's "Where Is My Mind?" pops up in the middle of the album, after a string of Doolittle tracks), which helps the flow of the collection; since each of the Pixies' albums had its own distinctive feel, the cut'n'paste approach of the previous best-of didn't always serve the songs it collected. More importantly, Wave of Mutilation boasts twenty-three songs, as opposed to the seventeen on the best-of disc on Death to the Pixies . . . In some ways, for die-hard Pixies fans it's easier to miss what isn't here than to appreciate what is; then again, fans can (and probably have) made their own master mixes of what they consider the Pixies' greatest hits. Even though the best way to experience the band is still devouring each of their albums, Wave of Mutilation: The Best of the Pixies is intended as a primer to their work, and - fannish nitpicking aside - it's a far better overview than what was available before.' - Heather Phares / All Music Guide

BLACK RANDY AND HIS ELITE METRO SQUAD "Idi Amin" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub press of this Dangerhouse single from 1978.

BLACK RANDY AND THE METRO SQUAD "Trouble at the Cup" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub press of this Dangerhouse single from 1977.

MISFITS "3 Hits from Hell" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
3 Hits from Hell was the sixth release from the Lodi, New Jersey horror punk band The Misfits. The 7" EP was released in April 1981 as Plan 9 Records number PL1013. While there was no actual insert, some of the first pressing included a Misfits Fiend Club ad.  All three songs were recorded on 2" 16-track tape at Master Sound Productions in Franklin Square, New York on August 7, 1980 with Bobby Steele on guitar, and mixed with additional guitar tracks by producer Robbie Alter and Jerry Only's younger brother, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Paul Caiafa), on September 5, 1980, following Bobby's departure. After this session, but prior to the release, Doyle officially joined the band as Bobby's replacement.  While none of the other ten songs from this session were released until 1985, after the band had broken up, all 13 tracks were later remixed for the 12 Hits From Hell release.

MISFITS "Beware" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Beware was the fifth release from the Lodi, New Jersey horror punk band The Misfits. Since it was originally intended to be available for the group's 1979 UK tour, it combined two earlier, out of print releases, with the substitution of one new track.

MISFITS "Halloween" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Halloween is the fifth single by the horror punk band the Misfits. It was released on October 31, 1981 on singer Glenn Danzig's label Plan 9 Records. 5,000 copies of the single were pressed on black 7" vinyl, some of which included a lyrics sheet.[1][2] This was the first Misfits release to use their Famous Monsters of Filmland-inspired logo.  The "Halloween" single was the last Misfits release to include guitarist Bobby Steele. Both songs on the single had been recorded in August 1980 for a planned album. During the sessions bassist Jerry Only was grooming his younger brother Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein to join the band, and Doyle recorded his own guitar tracks and overdubs separately in addition to Steele's. The tracks were mixed in September, but in October Steele was ejected from the band in favor of Doyle and the planned album was scrapped. Five of the songs were released as the 3 Hits from Hell EP, while "Halloween" and "Halloween II" were released as a single. In 2001 Caroline Records announced attempted to release the complete sessions as 12 Hits From Hell, but production was called off after Danzig and Only expressed concerns with the album's layout, packaging, liner notes, mixing, and mastering.

MISFITS "Night of the Living Dead" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Night of the Living Dead is the fourth single by the horror punk band the Misfits. It was released on October 31, 1979 on singer Glenn Danzig's label Plan 9 Records. 2,000 copies of the single were pressed on black 7" vinyl.  The night of its release the band performed at Irving Plaza in New York City and sold the single at the door.  "Night of the Living Dead" is titled after the 1968 horror film of the same name, and the song's lyrics address the zombie plot of the film: "You think you're a zombie, you think it's a scene/from some monster magazine/Open your eyes too late/This ain't no fantasy boy".  "Where Eagles Dare" shares its title with a 1968 World War II spy film. "Rat Fink" is a cover of a song by Allan Sherman from his 1963 album My Son, the Nut, which itself is a parody of "Rag Mop". It was the only cover song that the Misfits recorded during their early era, though it was credited on the single itself, and on later releases, to Danzig.

X "Adult Books" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub press of this Dangerhouse single from 1978.

NARCOMAN Demo Tape (Sorry State Records)
When Raleigh’s Cross Laws broke up in 2007, Matt and Daniel went on to form Devour, but Dennis (bass and vocals) took an entirely different path, serving two years as part of the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan and then returning to North Carolina to be a high school teacher in Asheville. While he wasn’t actively playing in any bands, Dennis had his guitar with him through this entire period, crafting and refining a huge backlog on songs. In the summer of 2013 Dennis got together with fellow Cross Laws alumnus Daniel as well as Cameron Craig (Logic Problem, Double Negative, Skemäta) on drums to make raw 4-track recordings of 4 of these songs. The results are quite a bit different from Cross Laws… more complex, refined, melodic, and subtle, Narcoman recalls the best of ambitious, catchy 80s hardcore like Articles of Faith, early Husker Du, and Upright Citizens. This release is limited to 150 copies with a screen-printed j-card, pro-duplicate tapes and download code.

SUNSHINE WARD Demo Tape (Demo Tape)
Over the last couple years, Boston has seen an influx of new hardcore bands, featuring old and new blood alike. Sunshine Ward, featuring members of Brain Killer, stands a cut above the rest and finally released their demo for public consumption. While a much different band than Brain Killer, Japanese hardcore influences can still be heard. The track Progress, for example, brings to mind Burning Spirits. Regardless of influence, Sunshine Ward is writing quality songs, and songs that should get you into the pit. The demo is available for free download from their bandcamp and physical copies should be available in this week. A track was also contributed to the Cream Of The Crop compilation released earlier this year by Best Before 84.

HYSTERICS European Tour Tape
European tape that includes both 7" singles from this awesome NW band.

RAZORHEADS "S/T" Tape (Bleeding Edges Records)
After an incredible demo, Razorheads went back to the studio to record for a 7". They had made 50 promo tapes for New York's Alright Fest, which sold out. The songs were too good to be missed, and the 7" is not on the immediate horizon, so this is a re-press in cassingle format with updated artwork. Razorheads play Japanese influenced D-beat, with lots of distortion and reverb. Contains current members of Suburban Scum and Ugly Parts.

TANK 2006 Demo Tape (Black Dots Records)
Until now, one would be hard-pressed to find much evidence of TANK's existence in the physical world. A small handful of CD-R demos were exchanged amongst friends in the Buffalo punk scene nearly a decade ago. TANK was a band whose life spanned a couple dozen shows in less than two year's time and while members would continue on divergent paths across the hardcore, punk, “extreme music” spectrum, this recording stands time's test as some of their most memorable output. A stylistically unique collection of bleak sounds, owing as much to predecessors NAPALM DEATH or INFEST as it does to the frigid hopelessness of Western New York life. A powerful, hard-hitting document of local hardcore that we're proud to unearth for an unsuspecting public.

TIED DOWN Demo Tape (Black Dots Records)
Buffalo's premier youth crew hardcore and the standout act emanating from the Upstate and Western New York straightedge scene. Comprised of members of the late OUR TIMES, 1988 becomes 2003 becomes 2014 and beyond. YOUTH OF TODAY, WARZONE, SIDE BY SIDE, letterman jackets, and X swatches—a familiar sound, aesthetic and vibe, for a new generation of seekers and believers. Hardcore remains a youth rebellion, relevant and genuine, simply because of bands like TIED DOWN. This is a reissue of the demonstration tape released in 2012 as well as two additional tracks the band recorded, yet never released physically, the following year.

UGLY PARTS "Wet" Tape (Bleeding Edges Records)
Ugly Parts from New Brunswick, NJ released a demo and 7" previously. They took some time to focus on this new EP, and it is worth the wait. "Wet" perfectly captures their sound like My War era Rollins joined Negative Approach, did drugs, then moved to Japan and X-claim released the end result. The production is raw, and contains samples and feedback to flow the whole thing together. Members also currently play in Razorheads.

DEATH INJECTION "Don't Care" Tape (Failure Recordings)
New 3 song cassette from Boston’s Death Injection. They continue putting their own spin on the classic Boston ‘82 sound with their best material to date. Raw, uncompromising straight edge hardcore punk.

Newest issue of this awesome European zine. 44 pages of cut and pasted hardcore, tons of reviews, columns, photos, and interviews with CORNERED, STICK TOGETHER, TRUE BLUE, DIE, NO WARNING, REDEMPTION DENIED, and INTEGRITY.

What’s up Maxi Rockers?! Having fun in the sun? Well, while most of you were raging in the pit at the fests, or bombing the pool at Punk Bowling, we were hard at work on another killer issue of Maximum Rocknroll! This month, in MRR #374 — the July 2014 issue, we have interviews with Bay Area grungy punkettes the QUAALUDES and jazzy hardcore noise rockers NO BABIES, Slovenian punk savant Igor Vidmar on Ex-Yugo punk history, Australian mutant punk rockers AUSMUTEANTS, and Peru’s bellowing D-beat punks WAÑUY! Also featured in this issue, you’ll find Canadian melancholic Oi! lads BISHOPS GREEN, activist balaclava punks GULAG BEACH, Poland’s cold wavers 1984, and UK’s D-beat ragers ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS. Also! Wales hardcore peace punks GRAND COLLAPSE, Brazil’s dark chaotic D-beat FEAR OF THE FUTURE, Seattle heavy melodic crust punks COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, a beautiful Colombian scene report, two photo spreads  — from DC and TX — Shitworker of the Month, book, demo and movie reviews (phew!) and of course, let’s not forget, the most extensive reviews section in punk print! Find it all in this new exciting issue of Maximum Rocknroll!

Restocks for 07.02.2014:

ANGEL DU$T "Xtra Raw" 7"
BAT "Primitive Age" Tape
BLACK FLAG "Licorice Pizza and More" 7"
BLACK FLAG "The Unheard 1983 Demos" 7"
CONFUSE "Spending Loud Night" 7"
E.A.T.E.R. "Doomsday Troops" 7"
FUCKED UP "Couple Tracks" 7"
FUCKED UP "No Epiphany" 7"
GERMS, THE "Lexicon Devil" 7"
SOA "First Demo 12/29/80" 7"
THE #1S "Sharon" 7"
VACCINE "Dead Inside" 7"

BASTARD "Wind of Pain" LP
DIRECT CONTROL "Bucktown Hardcore" LP
FUCKED UP "The Chemistry of Common Life" 2xLP
GHOUL "Maniaxe" LP
GHOUL "Splatterthrash" LP
JAY REATARD "Matador Singles '08" LP
JAY REATARD "Watch Me Fall" LP
KILLED BY DEATH VOL. 1 V/A "Rare Punk 77-82" LP
MILK MUSIC "Cruise Your Illusion" LP
PIXIES "Doolittle" LP
PIXIES "Surfer Rosa" LP

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