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BREAKOUT SUMMER TOUR 2015 - West Coast / Canada / Midwest

Austin, TX's BREAKOUT are kicking off their Summer tour this Saturday; they will be hitting the West Coast, Canada, and the Midwest.  The full dates are below so check em out if they hit your town.

Breakout just recorded five new songs that they've posted to their Bandcamp, and they will have copies on this tour as well.

Their second 7", True Crime, was released last year on Grave Mistake and you can check that release out here, and we've posted some reviews below as well.
Both releases are available for free download.
*Photo by Angela Owens

5/23 - Austin, TX @ Mohawk (tour kickoff) -
5/26 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Boing! -
5/27 - Los Angeles, CA @ East 7th
5/28 - Merced, CA @ T&D Records -
5/29 - Oakland, CA @ Eli's -
5/30 - San Francisco, CA -
5/31 - Santa Rosa, CA -
6/2 - Portland, OR -
6/3 - Olympia, WA -
6/4 - Vancouver, BC @ Blacklab -
6/6-6/7 - Garbage Daze III, Calgary, AB -
6/8 - Edmonton, AB @ DV8 -
6/9 - Saskatoon, SK @ Vangelis Tavern -
6/10 - Winnipeg, MB @ H. Daughter -
6/12 - Toronto, ON @ S.H.I.B.G.B's -
6/13 - Chicago, IL @ Rancho -
6/14 - Indianapolis, IN -
6/15 - St. Louis, MO @ St. L Skatium -
6/16 - Kansas City, @ MO TBA
6/17 - DFW, TX @ TBA
Here are some reviews of True Crime:
"This record is a gem, pure and simple. How a band manages to make me think of so many different artists on only five songs is quite a feat. It starts with a rhythmic and gritty post-punk / UK82 blend on the opening track “True Crime,” a song that seems to cut out far too soon. The next three tracks display more notable nods towards that UK82 sound with “All’s Quiet” having a verses that are reminiscent of Red Alert’s “In Britain” whilst on “No Sooner Said Than Done” and “Fill Your Boots,” the vocals could easily be Carl from Blitz. The record ends with “Retaliate,” a track that brings things a bit more up to date by having the quality of an early Fucked Up track, complete with vocals that match those of the behemothic Damian Abraham. Throughout the single, the bass booms with an air of menace, whilst the guitar sounds switches back and forth from razor sharp to almost clean, lacking any effects, helping create quite an expansive sound. It’s a sound that causes my body to shift, twirl, and shake each time I listen to it; such is the inherent sense of movement emanating from the songs. Breakout does a damn good job of making the UK82 sound—which, on reflection, has not stood the test of time for many of those original bands—come across as fresh, vibrant, and intriguing."  –Rich Cocksedge / Razorcake
"In a lot of ways, hardcore has become as entrenched a style as disco—form over substance, quality, or innovation—and the response from its staunchest proponents is often to hurl abuse and contempt at any band that has the temerity to fuck with the formula. Some of the swellest stuff to come out of that scene, however—Black Flag, Die Kreuzen, Big Black, Criminal Code, Butthole Surfers, Bill Bondsmen, Fugazi, and so on—liberally pissed in the gene pool with often stunning results. That said, there’s some nice thinking outside the box going on here. Although firmly within the hardcore camp, Breakout amalgamates the mid-tempo, primal yet oddly accessible qualities of Europe’s punk/hardcore tradition with Midwestern U.S. sensibilities and a gruff howl reminiscent of Out Cold’s Mark Sheehan into five potent, succinct blasts. Derivative? Sure, but the way they mix things up, and the way they own the sound makes ‘em stand out from the pack."  – Jimmy Alvarado / Razorcake
"Not your average hardcore record!" Not sure if these are rock anathemas or face spitting frustration jams. Either way, I'm Rock'n'rolling this shit at full blast on the stereo, can't do it any other way.  Taking a page from the LUMPY playbook, BREAKOUT have a strange appeal as more than just a punk band with a punk sound.  This record takes tone, song structure and vocals from all over the spectrum and makes it work.  So stoked, can't wait for more!" - Ryan Murphy / Maximum Rocknroll

"2nd EP (the first one was self-released) from this Texas band. For some reason I was thinking that a band called Breakout was going to sound like NYHC or something, but this EP is really incredible, and sounds nothing like that at all... there's definitely a hardcore element (as you might expect from Grave Mistake), but there's a lot of stranger stuff happening as well. There's a lot of interesting interplay between the instruments that kind of reminds me of their fellow Texans Institute, but much harder, denser, and more intense. The label description actually mentions the Ruts (one of my favorite bands), and I can totally hear that on the standout track, "All's Quiet," which sounds kind of like a combination of the Ruts and Zounds. It's really refreshing to hear a band incorporate those influences without sounding like a total tribute band (which Institute are occasionally guilty of), and at the end of the day I can't really think of another band that Breakout sound like, and in my book there's really no higher compliment for a hardcore punk record." - Daniel Lupton / Sorry State Records

"Gorgeous, wonderful hardcore, where pummeling downbeats meet vaguely positive guitar upstrokes. I had Breakout pitched to me as “Bad Brains meet the Ruts,” and it’s as accurate as anything I can come up with. There’s a sense of 4/4 time, without anything ever being explicitly ska-punk — listen to “All’s Quiet” for a perfect example of that. However, there’s also the stomping progression of “No Sooner Said Than Done,” which comes in, walks into the room, punches you in the face, and clomps back out. However, there’s “Fill Your Boots,” which might just be the most perfect blend of punk rock’s melody with hardcore’s energy I’ve heard yet this year. It’s a song that again, hearkens to something (I’m going to say Cocksparrer) without explicitly being a streetpunk song. The energy on this release had me chomping at the bit to put it on my turntable over and over since True Crime came in the mail. There’s just something about the way the low end powerfully annihilates while at the same time the guitar manages to keep everything musically positive. With lyrics like “I stand accused/ Without a voice” from “No Sooner Said Than Done,” this could’ve been a real downer of a record, but Breakout manages to latch onto a sense of getting something accomplished, whether by tooth or claw, and it comes through in each and every note.Breakout’s True Crime 7-inch isn’t Heartless, but neither is it New Bomb Turks. This quartet reminds me of nothing so much as the harder-edged version of Night Birds, who are pretty much the last band whom I heard and absolutely had to spin their single over and over and over again. Not coincidentally, that release was also on Grave Mistake, from whom you should buy this record." - Nick Spacek / Rock Star Journalist

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