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A ton of cool new stuff added to the store over the past few weeks, plus there is still a pretty nice sale running through the weekend, so here's info on all of that …

Additional 15% off all previously Marked Down titles / 20% off almost every Grave Mistake Release!

Haven't done a sale in a little while so here's one for you - last year for Black Friday several hundred titles in the store were marked down to some pretty good, low prices - and now we're offering an additional 15% on top of that already discounted price.

If you use the discount code at checkout: GM_SpringDistroSale15 you'll get an extra 15% off any sale items you order. You can see all of the eligible titles HERE, and if you use the drop down menu at the top of the page you'll be able to sort them by format as well.

In addition to this discount, also offering 20% off any Grave Mistake or Vinyl Conflict Release from 2014 or earlier with the discount code: GM_SpringLabelSale15

You can see all of those eligible Grave Mistake titles HERE; the sale covers pretty much everything except this year's releases (Red Death, Tenement). The discount code ALSO applies to any package deals as well, so you could save a decent amount of cash on some of the label's releases!

Please note that you can only use one code per order, so if you want to take advantage of both codes you can either do separate orders or email me and we will get it all sorted onto one order.

As I mentioned in yesterday's update, I've put up a ton of GOVERNMENT WARNING T-shirts that were left over from Damaged City Fest last month. Also added a bunch of GW 1" and 2.25" pins and GW mesh shorts. There are still a ton of different styles, colors, and sizes available so have at it! I also put up some COKE BUST and RED DEATH t-shirt as well.

You can check out all of the shirts and pins HERE.


 With their new EP out this past week on Katorga Works / Quality Control, figured this would be a good time to let you know that we've got the 2nd Pressing of PURE DISGUST's debut 7" on ltd. Gold Vinyl.  Released last year on Flophouse Records, the first pressing sold out pretty quickly.  Now back in print, I've managed to get my hands on the remainder of the second pressing to distribute.  There were 200 pressed up on Clear Gold vinyl, and aside from a few select distros (Katorga Works, QCHQ, Triple B to name a few), we've got all the color copies here at GMHQ! So, if you still need to pick this slab up (or need another copy), have at it!


You can see all of the latest webstore additions and New Arrivals here:
What webstore update would be complete without a ton of sick new distro titles? Unfortunately a few bangers have already come and gone since the last update, but there is still some great stuff just waiting to be bought here! Also restocked on a ton of hits as well from rad labels like 540, Deep Six, Dischord, Sub Pop, 1234Go, and more! I've already spoken too much in this update, so I'll let the list below speak for itself ...

Thanks for reading!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records


LOS CRUDOS "Discograpafia" 2xLP (Maximumrocknroll Records)
This double LP is a benefit for Maximum Rock’n’roll magazine, and is limited to 2,000 copies.  It features 66 Los Crudos songs in total! It also comes with a newsprint poster, and a 40 page booklet filled with Crudos lyrics, photos and flyers!  Crudos was one of the most intelligent and powerful hardcore bands from the 1990s, and this double LP is a fine tribute to their amazing output, plus by getting this great discography you are also helping to support Maximum Rock’n’Rolls ongoing mission to document the hardcore/punk scene!

VAASKA "Todos Contra Todos" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
Since the earliest days of hardcore punk, the city of Austin, TX has been known for producing some of the best in the genre. The notoriety of this particular scene has grown exponentially over the past few years with a deluge of stellar bands coming out and capturing the adoration of those in search of “that good shit.” Out of them all, VAASKA would have to be the longest running and most abrasive of the bunch. After a five year break from the format the boys have delivered yet another 12” platter of the raging D-Beat that they initially made themselves known for and have been perfecting over the years. And the aforementioned half a decade break between the 12”s was in no way an indication of them slowing down, seeing the release of a 7” on Germany’s Heart First Records and the recording of a session with their latest and greatest lineup (featuring the addition of Chris Ulsh on the kit) that yielded a split 7” with fellow ATX goons THE IMPALERS and another with Japan’s SKIZOPHRENIA on Beach Impediment and 540 / Todo Destruido respectively. “TODOS CONTRA TODOS” features 11 tracks of blown out hard punk pounders that will continue to capture the attention of those who admire the art of crafting urgent and seething songs.

VEXX "Give and Take" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Vexx's debut 12" on Grazer/M'Ladys was one of our favorite releases of 2013, so we're endlessly excited to present their newest 7", Give And Take. Hailing from Olympia, Vexx is heavily indebted to late 70s American punk with a sound akin to bands like Legal Weapon or the Avengers, but with even more of a rock 'n' roll edge than those bands and a vocalist just as soulful and powerful.

ULTRA-VIOLENT "Crime for Revenge" 7" (Video Disease Records)
Originally released on Riot City and quickly becoming the label's most highly sought after release, Ultra-Violent recorded one single before breaking up where vocalist Adie went on to front the Metal incarnation of the English Dogs. Three songs of blistering UK82, quite possibly the best record in the genre. Finally reissued after fetching prices of over $100 now including never before seen photos and deluxe packaging. Officially licensed and sanctioned by the band and label and cut from the original master tapes, an excruciating amount of thought and love has been poured into this release to make it the best reissue it could be.

SIMFUCKERS "Fucker" 7" (Video Disease Records)
Following two lauded and highly publicized demo tapes, Australia's SIMFUCKERS finally unleash their debut 7" upon the world and what an ungodly racket it is. Originally to be released on a German label, Video Disease rescued this record from the pit of obscurity it was bound to drop in to so it would reach a much more receptive and rabid audience.  Seven songs of snotty, nasty punk that seethes angst and frustration. Blown out, ugly, and downright idiotic songs that could only come from some of the master minds that helped make Vaginors and Bloodclot Faggots so special. HAIL THE NEW DAWN OF AUSTRALIAN PUNK!!!

(Video Disease Records)
Finally after months and months of waiting the Stupid Life 7" is being unleashed upon the world. Stupid Life has been playing around the Los Angeles area for over a year honing their skills and becoming a staple of the LA punk scene with their charismatic live shows and infectiously catchy songs. As demonstrated by their name they take cues from classic Kyushu noise punk a la Confuse and Gai but have an underlying Swankys groove that propels the songs into Japanese pop madness filled with guitar leads, outrageous solos, blasts of noise, and some of the downright most memorable songs in modern punk. Quite possibly the best noise punk band that isn't a noise punk band, Stupid Life are all incredibly talented musicians who do not hide behind a wall of noise and distortion to disguise their inability to play; instead contorting and manipulating the noise to suit their needs. Hands down one of the best releases I have ever worked on and I am incredibly proud to bring the world Stupid Life.

(Video Disease Records)
Koma Kids have been lost in a cloud of drug fueled death and mayhem for nearly a decade and Video Disease has finally resurrected the auspicious debut from this Los Angeles based quartet. Lost in obscurity due to the untimely passing of one of it's members, Video Disease is incredibly proud to bring to you one of the best testaments of the LA punk scene of the past 15 years. Three songs of ripping punk created by some of the key members of the LA punk scene. Due to the bands wishes I will not be revealing the identities of those involved, but for those of you who have been keeping tabs on the various projects of LA based artists and performers you will not be disappointed.

(Media Schlitz Records)
Combining the self-destructive vitriol of ‘90s Clevo hardcore like H-100s with the uncompromising leads of the DEAD BOYS, Mongoloid are the perfect synthesis of the rust belt’s seedy rock n’ roll underbelly. Valedictorians in the school of recklessness, these seasoned vets of Midwestern misanthropy have done time in bands like SWEET TOOTH, PIGSTICKER, and ORGANIZED SPORTS, continuing their pentatonic violence into the oh-so-promising future, this time around incorporating more rough-and-tumble east coast elements (I hear some “United Blood” getting donated by unsuspecting audience members) and perhaps some ‘80s DC-caliber explosiveness. Steamy sax solo too. Kick it.

(540 Records)
Kyoto Japan's Warhead return with another chapter of rabid law-breaking insanity, and their first full-length album in over 20 years. Expect nothing less than a marriage of the best aspects if Japan's traditions of unrelenting thrashing hardcore and anthemic powerful punk. A wall of distortion, and unbridled energy collide with the inimitable howls and screams of Jun Kato, one of Japan's most distinct punk vocalists. This album also sees the return of original guitarist Ebuchi who played in the band from 1990-2001, bringing the early years of the band full circle with the present day.

SPLITS, THE "II" LP (Dirtnap Records)
The Splits, as legend or old one sheet tell us, took their name by combining their two favorite bands, The Slits and The Spits. Expressing such love for two of the titans of punk, postpunk, and garage is a hell of a thing to live up to, but The Splits, in their short career so far, have managed to do so with aplomb. The first self-titled album by the Helsinki band (released on Germany’s singular and aptly named P Trash label and criminally neglected in the USA) was Pacific Northwest-style sorrow rock at its finest, as emotionally devastating of an exercise in garage primitivism as the first White Stripes album. Now The Splits are back with a collection of streamlined ragers torn straight from the Murder City/Dead Moon/Wipers songbook; these songs are perfect for dumping everyone you’ve ever met. Your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your friends and family—they all have got to go. And here’s the soundtrack. - Noisey

AUSMUTEANTS / HOUSEWIVES Split 7" (Total Punk Records)
We are back with a second single from Ausmuteants, and this time you get the added bonus of the Housewives.  Two of the best Australian bands going, on one piece of wax. I don't expect this one to be long for the world and with good reason. This thing rules.  Plus its a Total Punk first.  This thing has four tracks on it!  Hurry up and buy this thing!

SEVERE "Distorted Views" LP
(Toxic Mosh Records)
Debut LP from this brand new Toronto band. "Connecting someplace in the soup of hardcore in the 21st where the cult of cynicism and the discipline of ego collide and divide. Severe come at a sharp angle. An ep filled with the kind of disgust reserved for personal turmoil, the self doubt and humility of monks, and it sounds good on wax too." - J. Falco

BEACH SLANG "Cheap Thrills on a Dead End Street" 7"
(Tiny Engins Records)
New! Philadelphia, PA's Beach Slang have been the talk of the scene this year making a big splash with their powerful debut EP, Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?. A supergroup of sorts, featuring James Snyder of Weston, JP Flexner of Ex-Friends and Ed McNulty, formerly of Nona, currently of Crybaby, Beach Slang's seamless mix of indie, emo and pop/punk is the perfect punk rock soundtrack.

FLEABITE "T.T.Y.L." 7" (Puzzle Pieces Records)
Fleabite are Boston’s best DGAF pop band, and TTYL is their debut 7” from Puzzle Pieces Records. Listening to these four fuzz-laden punk songs, you’ll want to say “LYLAS” to your new BFFs in this band.  Fleabite strike the perfect balance between anger, apathy, and feelings common among today’s feminist punk bands. Above all else, TTYL is propelled by hooks, with four songs clocking in at under eight minutes. The guitars are big and powerful, but the vocals are soft, melodic, and drenched in reverb. For fans of Swearin, Colleen Green, and Henry’s Dress.

CHASTITY BELT "Time to Go Home" LP (Sub Pop Records)
Nostalgia for the ‘90s isn’t exactly hard to come by in today’s musical climate, but few groups are as devoted to that time period as the all-female grunge act Chastity Belt, a group whose records sound so much like the early ‘90s that one half-expects to find out that they arrived in the present day after hitting 88 MPH in a Delorean back in 1993. It’s little surprise that they ended up on Sub Pop, as the possible time travelers would have been right at home on an early Singles Club release—possibly what they were on their way to record when lightning hit a clock tower at just the right time and sent them forward two decades. Although their previous album, the cheekily misspelled No Regerts, was released through indie label Help Yourself, their new home on Sub Pop’s Hardly Art imprint suits them much better. In fact, with the help of some pitch-perfect throwback production, the group’s Hardly Art debut Time to Go Home sounds more like it came out of the ‘90s than any of Sub Pop’s still-active groups that were putting out records back then.

KENT STATE "Samsara" 7" (Debt Offensive Records)
Kent State, aka Nicholas Vance (Deep Sleep, Suspect) returns with two new tracks of psychedelic death pop. This is the first-ever vinyl release of new Kent State material, following up a series of sold out cassettes (compiled last year on the “Wrong Side of History” LP), and the musical growth displayed here is beyond evident. While staying true to the original roots of Kent State’s “Brainbombs meets Oasis” sound, these new songs are catchier, more driving, and dare I say the best songs Vance has ever written.

TOMBOY "Sweetie" LP
(Ride the Snake Records)
If you've been searching for the perfect soundtrack for stuffing boys in lockers, your prayers have been answered. Tomboy's unique flavor of pissed-off bubblegum is sure to suit your needs. Hailing from Boston, Tomboy is a refreshing and vital collision of revenge-fueled doo wop and sugar-coated punk fury — leveling all in their path and in the process creating a feminist dance party for the ages. Being angry has never been so much fun. Following a well-received demo, Tomboy has assembled a mighty 12" EP called "Sweetie" for Ride the Snake records featuring their anthem "I'm in the Fucking Band" and six other new jams. Get with it or get out of the way.

ANCIENT HEADS "Both Demos" 7" (Climin' Aboard Records)
Ancient Heads formed in Toronto in 2012 with a simple but ambitious goal: to play straight-edge hardcore that’s as direct as Floorpunch, as ineffably powerful as Chain of Strength, and as timeless and durable as both bands.

(SPHC Records)
Newest release from 4490 Records, distributed in North America by SPHC, so bring on your wholesale and trades too. Second EP by Snaggletooth, southeast Asia's finest purveyors of "Motorcharge", "crust-and-roll", whatever you want to call it, it fucking ROCKS. High-charge rock-and-roll hardcore, gruff vocals, riffs for miles, solos that beg for air guitar, memorable songs, powerful production, tons of velocity, basically a perfect record for this style. The Motorhead influence is obvious, I know for example that this will be the new soundtrack of my local crusty crew, but I think this will also appeal to anyone that's typically into Japanese hardcore. Honestly, this is the best record in this style since AGE released their classic records in 2001/2002.

(SPHC Records)
Scotland's premier hardcore unit drops their first LP across a consortium of UK labels, and of course SPHC is happy to help make this easily available in our swath of the world. For me, the obvious reference point is Nine Shocks Terror (and Clevo-style USHC in general). Brutal, throat-wrecked vocals howling over high-charge, riff-tastic hardcore punk, with just the right amounts of mid-tempo rocking and just the right flashes of guitar lead. Memorable songs captured with a heavy production, a perfect execution of "hardcore punk". We've always made it a point to distribute this band's records here in the USA because they're just so damn good, the records are consistently excellent and they're a fucking fantastic live unit, and it's with a little bit of pride that we can provide the same service for what is easily, by far, their best record yet. All hail the new kings. USA tour coming in the fall.

GAS CHAMBER "Stained Hand" 7"
(SPHC Records)
Newest EP by one of the most exciting hardcore bands on the planet. Emerging from the remains of the trailblazing Running For Cover to continue on a path of refining and purifying a unique style of hardcore, Gas Chamber fits nicely into the community of bands (Column of Heaven, Suffering Luna, Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, etc) taking "power violence" hardcore punk into exciting new directions.  This particular EP contains two epic and dynamic hardcore ragers and one heavy and dreamy instrumental track. They fit nicely in line with the band's modern classic LP on Iron Lung Records as a powerful artistic statement that combines power violence, G-Anx, prog, experimental music, soundscape, musicianship, and artistic genius into one cohesive sonic expression. Arguably the best band in punk today

TERVEET KADET "Lapin Helvetti" LP (SPHC Records)
The last record by one of the greatest punk bands of all time. It's an honor to help make this record easily available for cheap here in my stupid asshole country. Since 1979, Terveet Kadet has been "one of the best punk bands in the world". Tons of classic records, and like all true champions, they're leaving on a high note. This final (?) LP is a textbook example of the short-songs blazing-fast demented-and-vicious hardcore punk that Terveet Kadet stylized and popularized (yet nobody else has come close in copying). True masters. Stick a candle up your butt and pay your respects to the Black Gods of Noise.

SICK THOUGHTS "Beat on Beat" 7" (Goner Records)
Sick Thoughts is a Baltimore-based band consisting of the teenaged Drew Owen and assorted neighborhood louts. But usually just Drew. Although his early music began in the Reatards / Dead Boys / Carbonas classic punk rock, crash-and-burn aesthetic, on recent releases he has progressed into less-obvious yet thorny and personal DIY / KBD territory. A relentless recording machine, he has released many singles and LPs on many labels. This is by far the best yet.

SICK THOUGHTS "I Got Hands" 7" (Hidden Volume Records)
Baltimore’s finest continue their violent string of scrappy, blown-out Punk Rock hits. If you like Punk, or dirty Garage Rock then Sick Thoughts are right up your alley. The music is seething with anger and loathing for pretty much everything. Title cut “I’ve Got Hands” features a shredding Garage Punk riff played fast and hard and nailed by Owen’s grainy pissed off screamin to make for one of the best Sick Thoughts tracks ever relcorded. On the flip “I’m Tired Of You” is led by a wave of bass throbs, revealing layers upon layers of shredded, mangled guitar chords that’s become the ethos of the Sick Thoughts sound. This is what Punk music is meant to be.

SICK THOUGHTS "Moral Sickness" 7" (Blast of Silence Records)
Finnish hate. Clean jangly hardcore shit. Lots of gauze influence on here

SICK THOUGHTS "Stabbed in My Back" 7"
(Episode Sounds)
Punk from Baltimore. Sound like early Reatards, Persuaders!

SICK THOUGHTS "You Won't Get Through" 7" (Fuck CDs Records)
Latest platter from this prolific Baltimore outfit. Again, Drew on every instrument. A-side is a dramatic and angsty mid-tempo freak out. Teenage rebellion never sounded so well-written and never had such lovely guitar licks. B-side is two quicker, harder, more punk numbers. Doesn't sound too far removed from classic KBD style in its garagey tunefulness and raw production. And again, you never knew a teenager could do guitar licks like that!

DRUG CONTROL "S/T" 7" (Coin Toss Records)
SXE Hardcore from San Diego,CA, Fast hardcore, FFO of Youth of Today,SSD and Agnostic front.

SICK SYMPTOM "Demo" 7" (Coin Toss Records)
Members of Wrong Answer and Modern Pain playing 4 tracks of fast, raw hardcore in the vein of Wasted Time, Government Warning,No Justice, ect..

CONCRETE SOX "Your Turn Next" LP (Boss Tuneage Records)
CONCRETE SOX hailed from Nottingham and were one of the pioneers of the whole UK Hardcore punk/thrash scene in the mid 80s. Now their debut album “Your Turn Next” is made available again in conjunction with the bands own Soxcore label.

ACCUSED, THE "Martha Splatterhead" 12"
(Unrest Records)
Back on wax!! Here is the re-release of the five song masterpiece from the Kings of Splatter released in 1985 by CONDAR. This legendary release has been insanely hard to find and exorbitantly priced. Martha is back on black!! Includes nice, clean revised packaging with original hand drawn lyric sheet and extensive thanks list courtesy of Tommy Niemeyer, the original Splatterhead himself!! If it doesn't splatter, it doesn't matter!!

MONGREL Demo Tape (Video Disease Records)
Mongrel come crashing out of the gate with 5 songs of aggressive hardcore. Compromised of members of Gag and Stoic Violence, Mongrel takes cues from early USHC while stripping everything down to it's most rudimentary and caveman like elements. Short, fast, and hard as nails Mongrel are here to take over.

SLUR 2015 Demo Tape (Quality Control Records)
New UK band channels Early Swedish Kängpunk, Finnish and Polish hardcore punk ala Destruktions, Siekiera with a touch of Mob 47. Members of Detergents, No, Good Throb, Arms Race, Obstruct, and The Flex wanted to create politically infused anti-war songs to pogo to complete with phaser pedal and stomping drums to smash the state to.

Fantastic zine put together by Liz Hoepp and Laura Fox with pieces by/interviews with: Richard Sandler, Angela Owens, Allison Farn, Anasazi, Jasmine Watson, Nicktape, Luiso Ponce, Rachel Atcheson, Kevin Annand, Sammantha Garcia, and Trey White.

It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #385, the June 2015 issue! Victoria and Joey from Providence’s DOWNTOWN BOYS discuss their new record Full Communism and how their politics intersect with their brand of sax-punk and their electrifying live shows, UK anarcho legends PART 1 discuss the reissue of their long out-of-print catalogue and their return to performing, and Germany’s HYSTERESE clue us into the band dynamics in advance of their US tour. Plus, Toronto’s COLUMN OF HEAVEN‘s bassist Andrew Nolan provides a window into the changing landscape of Toronto, the team behind BAD DADDIES interviews Nottingham, UK’s SLEAFORD MODS, Russia’s MINEFIELD talk making music in the shadow of a famous arms factory, and the deep friendship that Olympia, WA’s SHARKPACT is built on is made abundantly clear. We’ve also got a reflection on the Loud! Fast! Philly! oral history project—dozens of interviews with Philly punks of all ages and stripes, and growing—accompanied by amazing portraits from Karen Kirchhoff. Farrah Skeiky takes our cover photo and documented DC’s Damaged City Fest for a photo spread, while Ochi Reyes brings us a photographic dispatch from London’s Bentfest. And, of course, we’ve got all the columns you’ve come to expect—including guest columns from Darryl Andrew Reid of Montreal and Sadie Switchblade of G.L.O.S.S. about their experiences as trans women in punk—and the largest record reviews section in punk print. Pick up your copy today!


ACHTUNGS, THE "Full of Hate" 7"
BAD BANANA "Cry About It" 7"
BREAKDOWN "Runnin' Scared" LP
CRO-MAGS "Age of Quarrel" LP
DICKS "Hate the Police" 7"
DISCHORD RECORDS "Four Old 7"s on a 12"" Comp. LP
DWARVES  "Blood, Guts, and Pussy" LP
EXTORTION "Degenerate" LP
FORWARD  "War Nuke and Death Sentence" LP
FUGAZI "First Demo" LP
GAS RAG "Beats Off" LP
GLUE "S/T" 7"
GOVERNMENT ISSUE "Make an Effort" 7"
HARD SKIN "We are the Wankers" 7"
IMPALERS "Psychedelic Snutskallar" 12"
LA SERA "Hour of the Dawn" LP
LADIES, THE "Trashed" 7"
LOW THREAT PROFILE "Product Number 1" 7"
LOW THREAT PROFILE "Product Number 3" 7"
MINOR THREAT  "Out of Step" 12"
MINOR THREAT "Salad Days" 7"
NO COMMENT "Common Senseless" 7"
NO COMMENT "Downsided" 7"
OMEGAS "Blasts of Lunacy (US Version)" LP
PISSED JEANS  "King of Jeans" LP
PISSED JEANS "Hope for Men" LP
PRIESTS "Tape Two" Tape
QUEERS, THE  "Love Songs for the Retarded" LP
RAKTA "S/T" 7"
RED DONS "Auslander" 7"
REPLICA "Beast" 7"
SIEGE "Drop Dead" LP
SPERMBIRDS "Something to Prove" LP
TANK 2006 Demo Tape
TRAGEDY "Nerve Damage LP
TRAGEDY "Vengance" LP
V/A "Across the Pond" UKHC Compilation Tape
ZERO BOYS "Livin' in the 80's" 7"

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