Thursday, June 30, 2016

EARTH GIRLS "Wanderlust" LP Out Aug 12th! Preorder Up and New Song Streaming Now!

EARTH GIRLS "Wanderlust" LP out August 12th - Preorder Up Now!
Stream "Say Goodnight" over at A.V. Club

"Earth Girls play power pop with an emphasis on 'power.' Spearheaded by guitarist/vocalist, Liz Panella, the Chicago-based band write songs that are bursting with breezy earworms but still pack an undeniably urgent punch. This precarious and exciting balance between infectiousness and grit propels the band’s debut full length, Wanderlust."

Thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated debut full length from Chicago's Earth Girls will finally see the light of day August 12thWanderlust is the impeccable follow-up to the band's previous EPs and is once again jam packed with the infectious melodies and driving rhythms that you've come to expect and love - guaranteed to quell your thirst for that perfect summertime soundtrack.

We have the first song from Wanderlust streaming over at A.V. Club, so head on over and give a listen to "Say Goodnight," a catchy 2-minute blast that you might just find yourself humming for the rest of the weekend (don't worry, that's a good thing).

Preorders for Wanderlust are up in the Grave Mistake Webstore now as well. We've pressed up some nice limited Red Vinyl for all of you mailorder lovers, so pick yourself up a copy!
We'll have some more news on the LP in the coming month, so stay tuned!

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