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It's crazy to think that 2016 is halfway over, but here we are! To kick July off right, decided to hit you with a nice webstore update and bring you up to speed with some rad new titles that hit the distro recently. Not to mention, things are picking up pretty nicely over here at GMHQ on the label front, so let's do a quick recap of some Grave Mistake happenings first …

First off, the long awaited debut LP from Chicago's Earth Girls, Wanderlust, will finally be hitting the streets August 12th and we have a Preorder up in the Webstore now along with the first track stream from the record, "Say Goodnight," over at A.V. Club! Grave Mistake jumped at the chance to work with Earth Girls in 2014, releasing their debut 7" EP, Wrong Side of History, and it is an honor to now be handling the release of their first full length as well.

There are 200 copies pressed up on Red Vinyl for our mailorder friends, and we'll have some more news on the release, along with another track or two, in a few weeks - for now head over and listen to "Say Goodnight," it's an incredibly catchy tune that you're sure to love!

Second bit of quick news - we just received the 2nd Pressing of the Iron Boots Complete Discography LP that was released fall of last year. This time around we did a few on some rad looking Green Vinyl with slick looking blue and silver labels. Same killer packaging as the first pressing (printed inner sleeve with huge poster insert), so if you slacked on grabbing a copy until now, here's a good excuse to make up for it! To coincide with this new pressing, all Iron Boots T-shirts in the Grave Mistake webstore are currently on sale for $10 each!

Finally, Grave Mistake will be releasing a new 7" EP for San Francisco's Primal Rite this fall. The 7" will be out this October, coinciding with a quick Primal Rite / Barge East Coast outing and stop off at Not Dead Yet 2016, and our friends at Pop Wig will be handling a cassette version of the EP as well. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Primal Rite's debut 7" - we have a few copies available in the webstore.
Primal Rite just kicked off a 10 day West Coast Tour yesterday, so head over to the tour Event Page to check out the info on those shows.

Anyways, that's it for this week in label news.  The summer fun is just getting started over here so stay tuned, and be sure to check out Red Death and Angel Du$t on the LIFE AND DEATH TOUR 2016 (w/ Terror, Power Trip, Harms Way and Fury), which kicks off next Wednesday, July 6th, in Chicago!!!

Now (if you're still with me), on to the webstore update …
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Nice little update this week to kick the second half of 2016 into gear! We've got two new releases from Katorga Works - debut 7"s from JJ DOLL and KALEIDOSCOPE; the debut 7" from PRIMAL RITE: the latest EP from IN SCHOOL; the latest offering from Japanese hardcore legends FRAMTID; the second EP from NJ's RAZORHEADS; and a couple of cool reissues from DER STAB (Socal '82, members of Adolescents) and REVENGE 88 (killer Belgian punk circa '81-82)
Got a nice big box of releases from Lumpy Records this past week. In that haul I was able to restock the brand new LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Huff My Sack" LP (US Pressing), pick up the new 12" from BLACK PANTIES (a vinyl treatment of their 2013 "Dead and Gone" tape), plus restock on a TON of 7"s, including EPs and singles from UROCHROMES, CAL AND THE CALORIES, MYSTIC INANE, MUFF DIVERS, BLACK PANTIES, GLITTER, RUZ, and Q!
I also got a nice box of reissue restocks this past week as well! In that haul included a recent fanclub pressing of the classic THE SUBHUMANS "Death to the Sickoids" 7" single as well as restocks on some killer fanclub singles and more legitimate reissues from DEATH SIDE, THE AUTHORITIES, THE AVENGERS, BLACK FLAG, FEAR, THE MISFITS, NIRVANA, RAMONES, BLACK RANDY, CONFUSE, THE VICTIMS, WEIRDOS, and ZERO BOYS, not to mention restocks on almost ALL of the Killed By Death compilations that are currently available! All restocks are listed below!
That's all for now, thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake
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New in the Webstore for July 1, 2016:

JJ DOLL "S/T" 7" (Katorga Works Records)
Rising from the ashes of Ivy, NYC’s JJ Doll has taken the already-excellent cult 80s USHC formula of their progenitor and distilled it into the perfect hardcore punk sound. With sibling band Kaleidoscope highlighting his most freaky playing, guitarist Shiva provides the Doll with his most catchy and, dare I say, pleasing guitar work to-date. As such, JJ Doll has proven themselves to be one of the best new American punk bands.

KALEIDOSCOPE "Vol. 2 No. 1" 7"
(Katorga Works Records)
Kaleidoscope has quickly become one of the most fresh and exciting bands in the new NYC hardcore punk scene, quickly establishing its own sound that is both of its locale, yet uniquely “Kaleidoscope.” Touches of psychedelia and mind-melting guitar work are laid over a foundation of raw hardcore punk, coming off as the logical continuation of their previous work in Deformity, meaning limits of the genre are pushed in the most fascinating of ways.
PRIMAL RITE "Pestilent Clutch" 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
PRIMAL RITE is a resurrection to the still-warm corpse of San Francisco's SCALPED. Their path is a similar one, but with a new vocalist and a slight rebirth comes a burly hardcore titan that's harder, heavier, and more hessian in approach. Crushing and brutal.
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS "Huff my Sack" LP (Lumpy Records)
St Louis Lumpy and the Dumpers delivers their first mini album, after a string of seven inches and tapes which gained them worldwide recognition among the hordes of misfits lovers of slimy bad punk musik. Nine tracks of snotty punk driven by one of the crudest guitars tones heard by these ears in a long time. The songs flow seamlessly, the lyrics are sharp and full of vile and stick in your brain like any classic punk should. The album includes their own classic take on 'Loony' the B-Side of the 1978 by Slime from London which feels both a statement and a re-appropiation of a song which could have easily being written by the Dumpers if it hadn't existed. In fewer words this is a magnificent gross record. The record comes housed in a sleeve designed by Lumpy himself carrying their signature aesthetic. US PRESSING on Lumpy Records.

BLACK PANTIES "Dead and Gone" LP
(Lumpy Records)
Magnum opus from the man in black. Released in 2013 on poorly duplicated cassettes, now given the proper wax treatment. 10 trax of raw rnr, ungrateful and distorted. You will want these songs out of your head but they won't go.

IN SCHOOL "Cement Fucker" 7"
(Thrilling Living Records)
Second EP from NY's IN SCHOOL.

FRAMTID "The Horrific Visions" 7" (Brain Solvent Propaganda)
4 Devastating new tracks from OSAKA crust legends FRAMTID!

RAZORHEADS "Black Blade" 7" (Electric Assault Records)
Black Blade is the 2nd 7" from this New Jersey punks RAZORHEADS.  This new EP features 6 cuts of sonic destruction, with the band building upon the noisy, d-beat foundation that they laid down on the 1st 7" from 2014. The results are a tighter, more aggressive, yet catchier formula that most of their contemporaries lack and what this music needs.

DER STAB "Tracers" 7" (Negative Jazz Records)
Unreleased 1982 single from Southern California punk band DER STAB, produced by Mike Patton of The Middle Class and features Keith Walsh (later of Primal Danse & Christian Death) on vocals, Frank Agnew on bass and Rikk Agnew (Adolescents, Christian Death) on guitar. Master tapes are long gone so this 7" was mastered from the best surviving source.Limited to 700 copies with silkscreened covers, liner notes by Keith Walsh, Mike Patton and Rikk Agnew.

REVENGE 88 "Neon Light" LP (Belgian Waffles Records)
It's here and it's a beautiful new release from Belgian Waffles Records, following the Stagebeast 7" out a few month ago, we continue the "north coast" punk history with a 12" from Revenge 88. In fact this is the band which followed Stagebeast, nearly same line-up, fronted by Frank Dubbe, who's still singing in a more rock'n'roll version of Revenge 88 today. On this 12" you'll find the "A" and "B" sides of both ( and only ) 7's from the band, both out on J.D.M. in '81 and '82, two collectors 7's today, try to find one! In addition to those 4 songs we added an unreleased cut found on the master. In fact , we were hopefully surprised to find the original master when we were searching for band photos and archives, which is more than rare in belgian punk investigations, so aside the punk/wave hit "Neonlight" , "Alone" , "Thousand years from you" and "Unwanted son" you can hear for the first time in 35 years the song "Babylon" from the same session than "Neonlight" , just another killer recording, no more !! The record is filled with a double sided color insert with cool photos and other memorabilia, a text by Stephaan Delarue, a close band fan and friend from the early hour. Now it's just time to get a copy and play it loud and louder on 45 rpm, cheers !!!

BETON COMBO "High on War" 7" (Static Age Records)
A mandatory reissue of three of the finest tracks West-Berlin Hardcore Punk had to offer in 1983. It is about time this gem of a 7” was finally reissued. Uncompromising HC Punk with a killer production that is raw yet powerful! “High on War” has got to be one of the best songs by any German Punk band in the 80s, but the other two songs are great, too. The packaging on this one is pretty deluxe and really does the music justice: The EP comes with liner-notes by Tom Schwoll (Zerstörte Jugend etc.). Here is your chance to pick this one up at a normal price 31 years after it originally came out!

SPERMA "Zuri Punx" 7" (Static Age Records)
1979 appeared on Urs Steiger label Another Swiss Label the punk anthem "Züri Punx" ("Zyt from flower power ish verbii / Woodstock ish shit GSII ...") by the group Sperma. This song expressed with his musical directness and their slogans like lyrics ("They träumed vo Punk and Anarchy") very nicely the fierce determination of the first round. The following year, the song reappeared again with a new B- side (Sinnlos insteed of Bombs). Today, 35 years later Static Age Musik from Berlin did release for the first time all 3 songs on a single in an edition of 500 copies with the two original covers and some liner notes.

LIFE FUCKER "S/T" 7" (Static Age Records)
Do you remember the good old days of Berlin hardcore? Neither do Life Fucker and THANK FUCK! The new wave of raw Berlin hardcore is here and alongside fellow labelmates/push moshers PISS, LF are holding a match to the firecracker set to explode under the asses of all the would-be artists, internet activists and party people currently scourging the German capital. Not everything in Berlin used to be better, people and Life Fucker are a response to the long unanswered question of where to pit this Friday. For Fans of PiSS, S.H.I.T, Destino Final etc. !!! Feat. members of Diät, Blank Pages, Modern Pets and others. Artwork by Alexander Heir.

TRAU "Doblers" 7" (Static Age Records)
Trau are from Mallorca and deliver on their first 7“ 12 Tracks of raw mid eighties Euro Hardcore. In the spirit of BGK, Anti DogmatikSS and even a bit Totalitär. With members of Orden Mundial. Thick Silckscreened Cardboard Sleeve with Artwork from the almighty Bernard Mundial.

PISS "S/T" 7" (Static Age Records)
The great STATIC AGE label is on a roll these days: Last month they brought us a SPERMA 7", now it's time for a PISS 7". So the PISS trio from Berlin finally got its SHIT together and put out an EP, about time! Their great demo from 2013 is already a little worn out. I used to say that they were the best recent Hardcore Punk band from Berlin that was not on the "Berlin Tristesse" compilation. But that does not really matter now, as there are so many good new bands in town, most of which don't sing in Swedish. What I also love about PISS is that they are touring like crazy. Unless you have an ocean between yourself and Berlin it's likely that they will play your shitty burg soon -- or played there last week without you noticing. For some reason the band is also hip with folks who have never seen them, even people from Texas and the notorious CVNTNATION. And when they play locally, they get a strange mix of folks out. Maybe this is because of Robins (vox & git) exquisite dress sense? But back to the music on this platter: I think they recorded around 15 songs and only picked the best 5 for this EP. Then went back to record another EP. Judging by what I hear on this platter, the next best 5 songs from the same session would probably make most other bands proud, but we might never hear them. Esp. "Spränga Allt" is a sure hit and recycled here from the demo. This is totally unhip sounding, straight-up hardcore punk the way it should be played. On the perfect vinyl format for this sound. Do yourself a favour and buy this before the masses discover this band and maybe ruin the fun for us.

KORROSIVE "Syovyttava Laji" 7" (Distort Reality Records)
Finland '83 inspired hardcore punk band from Oakland, CA

WHATS GOOD "Steppin Outta Line" 7" (Video Disease Records)
The most controversial demo of '14 available on vinyl. Taking influences from Outburst and Breakdown that takes you through a spiritual journey into the life of Andrew Baker and the IE/OC brotherhood. Members of Soul Search Violent Situation New Brigade Twitching Tongues Forced Order Fury Minority Unit Disgrace Pocketknife Enough Said Skinfather Creatures SOS Booking

SUBHUMANS "Death to the Sickoids" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Killer fanclub repro of the first single from Canada's THE SUBHUMANS. Subhumans and DOA were the two pillars of the Vancouver, BC, Canada punk scene who caught Jello Biafra's attention and were spotlighted in the landmark Alternative Tentacles compilation Let Them Eat Jellybeans. The Subhumans, first active between 1978 and 1982, were the more elusive of the two, with many out-of-print releases fetching bank on eBay and making it difficult for present-day fans to connect the dots.

AUTHORITIES "Puppy Love" LP (Get Hip Recordings)
The Authorities explode with 14 fast, short ones on this album. Recorded in 1982 –1983 and sounding a bit like early Descendents without the juvenile or pop sensibilities, this Stockton, CA band falls into the punk rock vein as opposed to hardcore. Remastered reissue of the Get Hip-EV 1996 release with high-quality lyric booklet!

WEIRDOS "It Means Nothing / Neutron Bomb" 7"
(Fanclub Pressing)
First demo session - Recorded In Hollywood In 1977

MISFITS "Back with a Bang" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Limited edition fan club 7" pressing of the Misfits "back with a bang" 7 45. Side B is recorded live. The rear sleeve credits the live gig as having been on 31st February 1983 at D.C Space although this date is impossible and the band never actually played a gig at D.C Space. Tracks B1 to B4 are actually recorded live at Michigan Union Ballroom, Ann Arbor, MI on April 23, 1983. Part live recording of Nike A Go-Go also included on recording, but not listed on jacket sleeve.  Tracklist: Last Caress (Studio Mix) / Who Killed Marilyn / Nike A Go-Go (Part Recording - Not Listed On Jacket) / Devil Lock / Devils Whorehouse

ANGEL DUST "Rock the Fuck on Forever" Tape (Run For Cover Records)
Cassette version of the brand new LP from Angel Du$t! Rock The Fuck On Forever isn’t just the name of their new LP, it’s a fucking command. If you want nothing more in life than to rock your stupid ass off, then do yourself a favor and pick this shit up straight from POP WIG records. The band also has some other records but this one is way better than that old bull- shit. This record was recorded and produced by Will Yip, who did Title Fight, Citizen, and Circa Survive. I bet he sang on it too or something. He also did the Turnover record that I know you all fuck with. This shit rocks hard as fuck. If you’re still a virgin this record will make you not one.

Get ready for Maximum Rocknroll #398, the July 2016 issue and the second edition of our Ex-Yugo retrospective special! This one features Croatian bands including the wild synth-punk of KAOS, Rijeka’s PARAF as well as KUD IDIJOTI and BESPOSLI_ARI from the small yet bustling scene of Pula, plus some classic Slovenian groups such as BULDO_ER, LUBLANSKI PSI, and Ljubljana’s NIET. We also got a chance to get in some of the latest and greatest in North American hardcore, interviewing the globetrotting Bay Area straightedge outfit TØRSÖ and Toronto teenage maniacs MOLLOT. The UK’s DOMESTICS talk about their unrelenting dedication to punk in East Anglia, and RED RED KROVVY also sit down for their first MRR interview ten years after their formation as a high school punk band on Australia’s isolated north coast. Also featured: an article on Mabel Valdiviezo, whose upcoming documentary Prodigal Daughter tells her story as a punk woman in the DIY subterráneo scene in Lima in the ‘80s, coming to the US as an undocumented immigrant in the ‘90s, and her subsequent return home. This issue also includes an Iowa City scene report, a photo spread from Nothing Nice To Say fest, hundreds of reviews (records, demos, books, films; you name it), another fix of your favorite columnists; in short, another high stakes, buy-or-die edition of MRR.

Restocks for July 1, 2016:

Restocks from Lumpy Records:
MUFF DIVERS "No Muff Too Tuff" 7"
MYSTIC INANE "Eggs on a Plate" 7"
Q "S/T" 7"
RUZ "S/T" 7"

Restocked Reissue and Fanclub Titles:
ALLEY CATS "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" 7"
AUTHORITIES "Soundtrack for Trouble" 7"
AVENGERS "We are the One" 7"
BLACK FLAG "The Unheard 1983 Demos" 7"
CONFUSE "Nuclear Addicts" 7"
DEATH SIDE "Wasted Dream" LP
DINOSAUR JR. "You're Living All Over Me" LP
FEAR "Fuck Christmas / I Love Livin' in the City " 7"
FIX, THE "At the Speed of Twisted Thought" LP
LSD "Destroy" 7"
MISFITS "3 Hits from Hell" 7"
MISFITS "Beware" 7"
MISFITS "Evilive" 7"
NIRVANA " ...and the Rest - BBC Sessions" 7"
NIRVANA "A Tribute to the Vaselines" 7"
NIRVANA "Beauty and Power E.P." 7"
PART 1 "Funeral Parade" LP
RAMONES "Carbona Not Glue" 7"
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 1 V/A "Rare Punk 77-82" LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 10 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 12 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 2 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 3 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 4 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 5 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 7 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 8.5 Compilation LP
V/A - KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 9 Compilation LP
VICTIMS, THE "Television Addict / Flipped Out Over You" 7"
ZERO BOYS "Vicious Circle" LP

Other Assorted Restocks:
ABSOLUT / PARANOID "Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation" Split LP
BLOOD PRESSURE "Need to Control" LP
GLUE "S/T" 7"

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