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EARTH GIRLS "Wrong Side of History" 7" and SUPERCRUSH "Lifted" 7" out June 17th - PREORDER NOW!

EARTH GIRLS "Wrong Side of History" 7" and SUPERCRUSH "Lifted" 7" out June 17th - PREORDER NOW!

EARTH GIRLS track "Drag it Out" streaming now over at BROOKLYN VEGAN

Two new releases out next week! We've got the debut 7" EP from Chicago's EARTH GIRLS, and a US pressing of the SUPERCRUSH 7" single that came out last year on Canada's Bedside Records. Two of the label's catchiest (and most colorful) EPs to date, very excited to have these out on June 17th.

You can head on over to Brooklyn Vegan and give a listen to the track "Drag it Out" from "Wrong Side of History," and you can stream the Supercrush single on the Grave Mistake Bandcamp.

Both releases have limited color vinyl available for mailorder, which you can preorder in the Grave Mistake webstore. The releases will begin shipping on Monday, June 16th (we've got everything in hand and ready to roll) and should hit your favorite stores and distros later in the month.

EARTH GIRLS "Wrong Side of History" 7" (GRAVE070)

The Chicago-based band Earth Girls featuring Liz Panella- guitar/vocals (Libyans, Siamese Twins, Broken Prayer), Jeff Rice- drums (Daylight Robbery), and Joey Kappel- bass (Broken Prayer, Boilerman), began in early 2013. Bonding over a shared love for both hook-laden garage / pop-punk and energy drinks, Liz and Jeff began practicing incessantly that summer, writing both new material as well as refining songs that had made it through the ranks of the two previous bands.

Along with Joey (who had logged time in Embarrassed Teens), Earth Girls finished up writing the songs that would make up their demo that summer.  Their first recording session consisted of nine songs, including the five song demo which was released in January, and four songs that would go on to make up their debut EP, "Wrong Side of History."

"Wrong Side of History" will be released on June 17th on Grave Mistake Records with a UK pressing on Drunken Sailor Records.

Light Green vinyl available for mailorder HERE

Earth Girls will be playing June 20th at the Empty Bottle in Chicago with RADIOACTIVITY and BAD SPORTS, as well as several shows in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Richmond during the month of July. Full info is posted below.


SUPERCRUSH "Lifted b/w Melt Into You (Drift Away)" 7" (GRAVE068)

Although best known for playing in a long lineage of hardcore, punk, and metal bands, MARK PALM's focus has always been song- craft and pop sensibility. After finally embracing all that is sweet and sublime as the primary songwriter of San Francisco's shoegaze darlings MODERN CHARMS, Palm continues to explore the saccharine side of things with this latest project, SUPERCRUSH.

While not a carbon copy of any one band or scene, the sounds of Supercrush will likely appeal to those with a taste for much of the "alternative" music of the early 1990's, from both North America and the UK. From Brits Swervedriver and Teenage Fanclub, to American counterparts like Sugar and Smashing Pumpkins, and even often overlooked Canadians like The Doughboys and Sloan, the common denominator is meticulously crafted pop gems, something that Supercrush also strives to achieve.  Two blissful, hook-filled, syrupy-fuzz-pop anthems; so classically '90s, yet so now.

Originally pressed in a small run of 300 copies on Bedside Records out of Canada, "Lifted b/w Melt Into You (Drift Away)" has been repressed on Grave Mistake because these two tracks are too great to go out of print anytime soon.

Dark Purple vinyl available for mailorder HERE

Upcoming EARTH GIRLS shows:

June 20 - Empty Bottle (Chicago) w/ Radioactivity, Bad Sports, Negative Scanner

July 6 - Township (Chicago) w/ Night Birds, Neighborhood Brats, Culo

July 13 - Philadelphia (venue TBA) w/ Dark Thoughts, Wild Flowers of America

July 14 - Strange Matter (Richmond) w/ Spraynard, Timeshares, Cross Eyed

July 27 - Township (Chicago) w/ Daylight Robbery, Endless Column, Split Feet, Udusic


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