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Here's a nice rundown of what's been added to the webstore over the past week …


First off we've got the newest release on Vinyl Conflict, the debut 7" from Richmond, VA's CRETINS … a great way to get your weekly dose of mean no-frills USHC in, stoked to have this one out finally. We also have the brand new 7" EP from WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? on Richmond's own Headcount Records; grabbed some new singles from PROXY (ltd. west coast tour single), ALTERED BOYS, PAGAN RITUALS, the Toxic State pressing of the 4th PERDITION 7" (along with restocks on a handful of Toxic State releases like the Hank Wood LP, Dawn of Humans "Blurst of the Birdfish" 7", La Misma 7", and Murderer demo).

Stocked up on the incredible SHIVVERS reissue LP on Sing Sing Records (you should know what kind of quality to expect from Sing Sing by now - this release is top notch); picked up a couple of newish Hardly Art LPs like the TACOCAT "NVM" LP and the latest LA SERA LP (both of these LPs have been on heavy rotation here at GMHQ); grabbed the latest DUM DUM GIRLS LP from Sub Pop along with a restock of a few classics from NIRVANA and MUDHONEY.  Picked up some copies of the ABSOLUT LP and new tapes/demos from NY's PLEASURE INDUSTRY and CA's PRISON SCARE. And finally, restocked on the awesome FLESH WORLD 12" - I've been having trouble keeping this one in stock (and for good reason) so if you haven't checked that out yet do yourself a favor and head over to the La Vida Es Un Mus bandcamp page and give it a listen (along with some other great releases on LVEUM).

I also added a couple of new VINYL CONFLICT LABEL package deals in the webstore if you were missing some of the label's earlier releases and wanted to grab em along with the new CRETINS EP and save a couple of bucks in the process (or if you pick up all 4, you basically get one of the 7"s for free). You can check those out here:

That's all for now, expect some new Grave Mistake releases and announcements very soon! EARTH GIRLS 7" and SUPERCRUSH 7" will be out June 17th!


New in the Webstore for 6/4/14:

CRETINS "S/T" 7" (Vinyl Conflict Label)
Ah, CRETINS...the runts of the litter, one of Richmond's few remaining hardcorepunk bands in 2014.  After unleashing a pummeling demo tape, CRETINS return with this six song EP – a barrage of rough, uncompromising HC punk drawing from the no-frills approach and raw power of golden era American hardcore.  CRETINS are tight as nails on this EP, a wrecking machine fronted by a singer who's clearly mad at the fucking world.  Throw this record on, drop out, and tune in to CRETINS.  Artwork by Yecatl Peña of INSERVIBLES. Blood Red Vinyl ltd. to 100 available for mailorder.

WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? "Beerstorm Trooper" 7" (Headcount Records)
Boston's WKSJ returns for a follow up to their debut LP. Back with 3 originals, a re-recording of a favorite and all the beer, leather and adhesive as you would expect. Street punk revival? Don't insult them, spikey jacket is a way of life.

SHIVVERS, THE "S/T" LP (Sing Sing Records)
To those that know, saying Milwaukee's punk and new wave scene in the late 70s and early 80s punched well above its weight than larger Midwestern cities is a gross understatement. Though only one half million strong, Milwaukee put together a flurry of such great bands and singles, yet even in this remarkable environment, no band burned brighter or more intensely with white-hot, pure-pop than the arc-light of The Shivvers.  Classic pop in an age of plastic fops, it's taken over thirty years, but 'Now People' around the world may finally be ready for the three-minute magic of The Shivvers.  Jill Kossoris: "This is it!  All the songs were written between '79 and '81 and most were intended as singles.  This would have been The Shivvers first album."  Deluxe packaging! Gatefold LP with extensive liners, printed inner sleeve and foldout poster!

PROXY "West Coast Tour" 7" (Discos MMM Records)
Two new songs from Montreal's Proxy. These are the remaining copies from Proxy's recent West Coast tour ending in Tijuana at the Burnouts En Baja Fest. 300 pressed with stamped covers and labels, and "fine wine" stain unique to each record.

ALTERED BOYS "Left Behind" 7" (Mad at the World Records)
In the spring of 2013, New Jersey's Altered Boys quickly followed up their debut 7"s on Katorga Works and Deranged with a two-song cassette on NJ cassette label Bleeding Edges. It was limited to 250 copies and sold out quickly. But damn was this a good package: incredible artwork and two bona-fide ragers-- a mid paced stomper on side A and a fast thrasher on side B. It begged to be released on vinyl-- or at least we thought so. We're happy to give it the vinyl treatment with a one time pressing of 500 copies. If you're not already familiar with Altered Boys, they play a raw and vigorous style of hardcore that recalls the period of the early 2000's when the likes of Tear it Up and Shark Attack sped things up and reinjected a healthy dose of punk into your hardcore.

PAGAN RITUALS "Hallowed Ground" 7" (Mad at the World Records)
Made up of ex-members of early 00's hardcore punk luminaries like Tear it Up, Dead Nation (three-quarters of P.R. played on the now-classic "Dead End" LP, for those who pay attention to these things), and Splitting Headache, Pagan Rituals dial up the reverb and feedback on their debut 7". The result is noisy and cavernous punk, drawing on the likes of Rudimentary Peni, Amebix, Rikk Agnew's guitar work in Christian Death, and Killing Joke. It's dark and distorted, goth-y but aggressive, and the opening salvo in a slew of music we'll be hearing from these folks.

ABSOLUT "Punk Survival" LP (Electric Assault Records)
Absolutely insane punk in the vein of Swedish and Japanese legends such as Anti-Cimex and Gauze! Everything about this new Toronto four-piece is over the top, from the loudspeaker vocals, to the completely chaotic drumming and the incomprehensible guitar work from the one and only Northern Intruder of Black Rock 'n' Rollers Midnight. With an extremely well-received demo tape out earlier this year, the band made sure to pull out all the stops to go even more out of control with its debut vinyl release, 'Punk Survival,' and do not disappoint one bit! Along with Kromosom, Nomad and Glam, ABSOLUT is out to keep punk as urgent as ever.

PERDITION "4th EP" 7" (Toxic State Records)
This is the U.S. pressing of the final (and best?) Perdition record that was released by Hardcore Survives in conjunction with their Japanese tour. This particular pressing has a beautiful Toxic State layout and, more importantly, has been remastered by Josh Bonati and sounds miles ahead of the Japanese pressing.

LA SERA "Hour of the Dawn" LP (Hardly Art Records)
In the summer of 2013, La Sera decamped to a sweltering studio in East Los Angeles with engineer Joel Jerome and banged out the ten songs that would become Hour of the Dawn—an album that never walks, but runs; a collision of unleashed punk and ‘80s power-pop. Hour of the Dawn, as its title suggests, heralds the beginning of a radiant and energetic new chapter in the evolution of La Sera.

TACOCAT "NVM" LP (Hardly Art Records)
Like a fluorescent-lit snack-aisle oasis in some desolate interstate road stop, brimming with Skittles and limited-edition Sno Balls, Tacocat's Easter-egg-hued pop-punk-pop is bubblegum-sticky with hooks, bound to brighten up the most drab stretch of bummer backroad. Recorded at Egg Studios in Seattle, NVM is the whippet-smart latest album from the world's favorite palindromic band. Text a friend.

TACOCAT "Take Me to Your Dealer" 7" (Hardly Art Records)
Everyone's favorite palindrome band, TacocaT, is back with four new songs, collected here on a new 7". The Take Me to Your Dealer EP crams all of the charming, Seattle-centric punk hits onto this little slab, which covers lyrical ground from everyone's least favorite bus route, to a renowened cat magazine, to vaporizers, and more. So much more.

DUM DUM GIRLS "Too True" LP (Sub Pop Records)
"Dum Dum Girls mastermind Dee Dee has been flirting with, and stepping tentatively back from, full-fledged stardom ever since she introduced herself to us. She has songwriting chops and charisma that dwarf her indie-pop Class of 09-10 peers, and when it all locks together she is capable of stopping time: "Lord Knows", from her 2012 EP End of Daze was dramatic enough to make a stroll to the kitchen feel like riding a burning motorcycle off a cliff, and her cover of Strawberry Switchblade's "Trees and Flowers" was the sultriest that crippling agoraphobia has ever sounded … Her new album, Too True, is well-crafted, well-written, and immaculate-sounding … exploring some of the same starry skies that Frankie Rose's last two LPs flitted about in. The songs that let her dip into her dusky lower register raise the biggest goosebumps—mid-tempo ballads like "Are You Okay", "Too True", "Trouble Is My Name". At this level, she can settle into the unfurling, golden lines of melancholy and ache she specializes in, the kind that don't depend on lyrics or context to communicate themselves to you. Dee Dee's greatest gifts are in sound; her voice, her understanding of how classic pop-rock feels. "What a vivid sound/ What a vivid sound" goes the chorus to "Little Minx". She sings about "a lavender haze" on "Are You Okay", which is an apt enough description of her records. Too True, at least obliquely, is a record about sound itself, and the record is sparkling and beautiful, a glittering glaze of guitars and keyboards."

NO PROBLEM "Already Dead" LP (Deranged Records)
New album from Edmonton’s NO PROBLEM. After their stellar debut they deliver a sophomore full-length that takes their frustrated and paranoid hardcore-punk to a new level.  Still taking cues from BLACK FLAG, D.O.A. or TSOL, they add darker and more melodic elements to the mix.  This is music for maladjusted adults who are too old to be able to relate to teenage problems, but whose feelings of alienation have in no way withered with age, and are looking for something that musically and lyrically captures the frustration of adult punk life.  NO PROBLEM effectively fusing hardcore with catchy yet aggressive or paranoid melody.

DAMAGES "Reality Disease" 7" (Damaging Noise Records)
Debut EP from Santa Ana punks Damages is here after a demo on Silenzio Statico last year and recent tours across the West and East Coast. 5 tracks of fast catchy punk with hints of 80's Southern California HC/Punk and UK82.  One time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl with stamped center labels, insert and housed in thick glue pocket covers.

Pleasure Industry releases this new cassette EP (it's different than a demo!) of superior material to their first demo of riffy hardcore punk. This was also a New York's Alright 2014 release, where they killed it at ABC No Rio. This band just keeps getting better and better.

Knuckle-dragging punk from Northern California. Five drug-addled stomps for meatheads and slammers … NORMIES STAY HOME.

Restocks for the week of 6/4/14:

DAWN OF HUMANS "Blurst of the Birdfish" 7"
GAS RAG "6 Song EP" 7"
MUDHONEY "Touch Me I'm Sick" 7"
NIRVANA "Sliver" 7"

NIRVANA "Bleach" LP (Sub Pop Records)


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